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In this section will appear artists from different horizons : painters, photographs, sculptors, writers... and also History, philosophy, discussions...

Victor Brauner : an important Surrealist painter (1903-1966)
Antonin Artaud : genious poet, writer, actor, philosopher.... that we all know and respect !
Edvard Munch : excellent Norwegian painter, a pioneer in the Expressionist movement.
Bauhaus :  a new art school created in Post World War One Germany, with basic ideologies to move towards the better integration of art and technology.
Jean Genet : Jean Genet is a great poet. Genet's morality is severe and inflexible, and he never departs from it.(1910-1986).
Louis-Ferdinand Céline : French writer with innovative, chaotic, and antiheroic visions of human suffering.
Erik Satie : a talented French composer who had great influence on Debussy, Ravel and Poulenc. (1866-1925)
Pictures of the memorial in Münich of the resistance group "Weisse Rose".