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This page offers you interesting interviews we realized with artists we greatly respect. Just click on the names below to read them.

Sangre Cavallum: Interview with B. Ardo, the spokesman of this mysterious traditionnal Callaecian folk project. Spring 2006

Kriegsfall-U: Interview with the Hungarian sacral post-industrial act.
Winter 2005
Nebelung: Interview with this new German neofolk act who released an impressive debut mini-album earlier this year. Summer 2005
D.B.P.I.T.: Interview with Flavio, the famous post-industrial trumpeter from Rome. Summer 2005

AIT! : Interview with Tairy, the eccentric mastermind behind AIT! and Punch Productions. Summer 2004

Totenlieder/Sweet Farewell: Sebastien, presents his musical project Totenlieder (ex Sorgeist) and the label he runs with his spouse. Autumn 2003
Wutanes Heer: Interview with Luca, the instigator of this longstanding Italian industrial project. Autumn 2003
Ô Paradis: Interview with Demian, the mind behind this unique Catalan project... Spring 2003
Land: Interview with Marc, the instigator of this discreet and talented French project. Winter 2003

Siderartica: Elena guides us through the icy world of Siderartica... October 2002
Decadence: Interview with Petros, the leader of this martial neoclassic project from Hellas. October 2002
Apoptose: Rüdiger talks in detail about the Calanda Celebration, the theme of his latest release, the magnificent album "Blutopfer"... October 2002
J.M. Dauvergne: Interview done at the exposition in Callians on the 17th august 2002.
August 2002
Lux Interna: Joshua and Kathryn talk about music, travelling to Eastern Europe and future projects...
July 2002
Camerata Mediolanense: Interview done after the band's concert in La Sarraz, July 2001. March 2002
Reutoff: Exclusive interview with this excellent Russian project
. February 2002
Ostara: Richards talks about the new album "Kingdom Gone"
January 2002
Darkwood: a small interview with Henryk about his latest album "Flammende Welt".
January 2002

While Angels Watch: Dev talks about his project, and his come-back to music.
December 2001
Reaping Horde: an exclusive interview with J.A. (Karnnos, Wolfskin, Reaping Horde).
December 2001
Fire + Ice: an interview with Ian Read, after the shows in Portugal. November 2001
Northgate: Trevor of Camerata Mediolanense talks about his project Northgate. October 2001
Tribe of Circle: Jean-Paul talks about his project and his beliefs (in French). October 2001
Death In June:  Douglas Pearce talks about his last album and his life in general. July 2001
Neutral: a very talented neofolk band from Russia, talking about music and their country. May 2001
Hagalaz' Runedance: an interview just after she released her book “The Ancient Fires of Midgard”. April 2001
Ostara: an interview with Richard Leviathan, about past, present and future. March 2001
Ordo Rosario Equilibrius: Swedish industrial ritual folk band from the CMI "family". March 2001
Whitehouse: 20 years of career in the industrial noise music, William Bennet talks about it. February 2001
Regard Extrême: superbe musical French project on WSD, very romantic. September 2000
Sol Invictus: a small interview with Tony and his inimitable sense of humour. May 2000
Der Blutharsch : Albin talks about TMLHBAC, DiJ and of course DB. May 2000
Matt Howden: fabulous composer and musician. member of Sol Invictus. April 2000

Darkwood: excellent neo-folk band from Germany. Remember that name !!!! December 1999