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15th December 2002
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17 November 2002
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27 October 2002
20 October 2002
13 October 2002
5 October 2002
  • Added an interview with Rüdiger from Apoptose and new reviews. Added a few links too.
  • Eternal Soul Records:
    after a long time the first release is out
    ES 03 | Stahlwerk 9 - Finis Germaniae - 7"
    heavy, dark blue/transparent vinyl - lim. 333
  • HauRucK!:
    new releases to be delivered early next week:
    HR! 23: SalikaPALIKA - 7"
    HR! 34: Bercana 7"
    HR! 36: PlagiarismisArt 7"
    HR! 37: Inner Glory 7"
    HR! 38 - Fragola Nera 7" pict.
30 September 2002
  • Added two reviews and the English version of the interview with the French apocalyptic painter Jean Marc Dauvergne. Added a few links too.
  • Thanks to the team, you can see some photos and video excerpts of the Gaë Bolg concert of the 25th September at La Locomotive in Paris:
  • Allerseelen will release in november/december a 7" with some brand-new songs - knistern/löwin
  • HauRuck!:
    Changes - Fire of Life, CD/LP
    release date: end of October.
    vinyl is ltd.750. (HauRuck) HR22
    Mushroom`s Patience - From the mountain, CD/LP
    release date: end of October
    ltd.1000 The LP contains totally different songs, therefore the CD and LP will only be available together as package. (HauRuck) HR33
  • New White Rabbit Records:
    Jack or Jive - Towards The Event Horizon, CD boxset
    Release date: end of October
    Limited to 999 copies
    Slogun - How it ends, picture 10"
    release date: end oct
    Limited to 499 copies.
  • La Cadera - Cauldron Music:
    "Tout disparaîtra", the second album of Fin de Siècle is now available and is limited to 50 copies.
  • Palace of Worms:
    "Storm & Defend" act I/V double cd including Storm & Defend the Palace
    Limited edition 200 copies special package hand numbered sealed by wax.
  • Bragagild:
    Steve Stapleton will be presented at Charlottenborg Autumn Exhibition 2002 at Charlottenborg castle in Copenhagen, 28th September - 10th October 2002, more info at
    BRAG004 Lp "Chance Meeting of Nurse With Wound and Unveiled on Charlottenborg"
    release date: 3rd October
    limited to 500 copies info:
  • Various Artists - Suffer / Enjoy, cd - digipack
    in order of appearance: Francisco Lopez, PG-13, Zbigniew Karkowski, Coti, Utah Kawasaki, Ilios, as11, Philip Samartzis, Ami Yoshida, Jason Kahn, Kim Cascone,
19 September 2002
  • Cold Meat Industry:
    New release: Archon Satani DCD cmi118
    comes in an 8 panel embossed digipak
    Release date: 23rd September
    Upcoming releases:
    Moljebkva Pvlse - Sadalmelik CD, cmi113 (lim. 1000 copies)
    Shinjuku Thief - The Witch Haven LP (lim. 1000 copies)
    IRM - Four studies for crucifixion, cmi119 10"
    NOD - The Story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf CD (cmi120) - October
    Arcana - Inner Pale Sun CD cmi121 - November
    Gothica - The Cliff of Suicide CD (BC-009) - November
  • A Challenge of Honour & Land
    will work together for the music of the French short-film "Play the Game". The movie is a 15 minute epic world war one movie. The music will be released by Divine Comedy on a 7" single, limited to 555 copies.
  • The Ajna Offensive:
    Out now: Infernal Proteus 4 CD/Hardback book with
    Apoptose, Wolfskin, Inade, Endvra, Alio Die, Aube, Lotus Eaters, etc...
    Available in Europe through State Art.
  • Mute:
    24 Hours Of Throbbing Gristle
    24 CD box set in a hand-made case
    Release date: 23rd December 2002
Late Summer 2002
  • After taking a long break to refresh our minds, we are back with interviews of Lux Interna and J.M. Dauvergne, a live report of the Spiritual Front concert in Lausanne and some reviews...
  • Reutoff:
    Ewers Tonkunst have just released the brand new album called "Unseen Rituals".
  • Oraison:
    "Au commencement..." has been released by VAWS.
    It features their 1999 demo "Life+Death=Love=Burden" (originally released by OPN) plus bonus material (two demo tracks from 1996 and two live tracks from the 2000 concert in Marseilles as support for Wakeford/Howden and Ostara).
  • Sol Invictus:
    "The giddy whirl of centuries" has been released through World Serpent. It is a double CD spanning Sol's work from Against The Modern World up until Thrones.
    In October Tursa will release another CD in the archive series. It will be of a Tony Wakeford acoustic concert in Paris recorded in 1994. This edition will be a pressing of 1,000. Tursa will have 250 copies signed and numbered by Tony. These will only be available via Below is a link to the archive offer.
    Tursa shop
  • Cynferdd:
    The release of While Angels Watch debut album "Dark Age" and the new Karnnos album "Dun Scaith" have been pushed back to the 31 October. The new Regard Extrême album "Utopia" will be released sometime in November.
  • Sin Organisation:
    V.A. "Tal Mont De Lune" 2XCD a new limited edition compilation 2XCD will be relesed in October 2002. It will feature tracks from Argine, Sally Doherty, Camerata Mediolanense, Opera Multi Steel, A.I-Audax Italiano, Inner Glory, Knifeladder, Northgate, Foresta Di Ferro, Manifesto, Shining Vril, One For Jude, Baradelan, Neither Nor, Iliam, All My Faith Lost, Lupercalia.
  • Kaos Kontrol:
    The second issue of Degenerate magazine is available via both Kaos Kontrol and Freak Animal Records. This issue features interviews with Black Leather Jesus, Control, Deathpile, Deutsch Nepal, Facialmess, Folkstorm, Government Alpha, Incapacitants, IRM, Karjalan Sissit, Malpa, Noisebitch, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Prurient/Hospital Productions, Rotten Piece, Stimbox and Ze'r0-sum.
  • Tesco Organisation Germany:
    New Tesco release : Galerie Schallschutz - HAARP CD
    Format: Jewel DVD Box
    release date: out right now!
    New Tesco release : Isomer - Serpent age CD
    release date: autumn 2002
    New Storm release : Factrix - Artifakt DCD
    set in special gatefold with 24 page booklet
    release date: autumn 2002
May 2002
  • Saturday 4th May 2002
    Hinoeuma Malediction present :
    SLIMELIGHT London - UK
    Death in June + NON
    ground floor will be Hinoeuma till 7.30 am!
    contact :
    tel: 07940079615
  • Saturday 4th May 2002
    Alte Spinnerei, Glauchau (Sachsen)- Germany
    Genocide Organ
    Grey Wolves
    Dagda Mor
    info : +49 (0)3763- 15 3 16
  • Saturday 4th May 2002
    Vienna - The Monastery:
    landstrasser Hauptstrasse 38, 1o3o Wien
    Deutsch Nepal + Mushroom`s Patience
    There are rumours about Novy Svet being part of Mushroom`s Patience. So expect something weird.
    After the concert there will be a party where Albin Julius and some friends will DJ.
    info :
  • Saturday 11th May 2002
    LAB - Vesterbrogade 107B - Copenhagen - Denmark
    Bragaguild presents:
    Of The Wand And The Moon + Forseti + Sonne Hagal
  • Nearest Reutoff gig:
    Sunday 12 May 2002
    B2 club - Moscow - Russia
    International dark music festival "Molot I Grom"
    Reutoff + Neutral + Der Blutharsch (Austria).
  • Fields Of Sunset - 06.07.2002
    Kulturgüterbahnhof/Stellwerk Bahnhofsstr. 11 Rostock
    + Gothic, Neofolk, Industrial, 80s, ... party
  • Festival Sol Vertias Lux II
    3 & 4 August - L'Usine - Geneva - Switzerland
    Neither Neither World (+Surprise Guest), Inade, PPF, Scivias et Waldteufel
    + Neofolk, Industrial, Gothic,... parties
    This will be the last edition of this festival organised by Abstract.
  • Cynfeirdd
    11 minutes of music dedicated to Notre-Dame of CHARTRES. hermétism and companionship. Numbered CCXCVII limited edition picture 7" ( 33 rpm ) coming along with its CD version, in deluxe packaging, including XLI ultra limited copies handmade by ARS MAGNA 1118+ !!!
    Available on XXI . IV . MMII.
  • Eis & Licht
    New records are available!
    OSTARA CD Kingdom Gone CD
    LUX INTERNA CD "absence and plenum" CD
    LAND 10" "idi i smotri"
  • "HERMANN HENDRICH" is a tribute album to the German painter HERMANN HENDRICH (1854 - 1931).
    The CD comes with a 16 page booklet and contains exclusive tracks from:
    Belborn, The Sword Volcano Complex, Shining Vril, Von Thronstahl, Waldteuffel,...
  • Taâlem
    Two new releases:
    INTERNAL FUSION "NedenBahe" 3" cd-r
    LECANORA "krack" 3" cd-r
    contact :
  • Divine Comedy Records
    A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR "Angelic Torment" 10"
    First part of "Trilogy of the Human Madness"
    limited to 500 copies ...
    contact :
March 2002
  • At lot of changes at Heimdallr these last few months. A new address, a new presentation and a new webmaster to bring a continuous change…
    To stay informed of the future evolutions of the site, don't forget to join our new mailing list.
    This month will be able to read two interviews with Richard Leviathan (Ostara) and the Russian project Reutoff, a live report of the Der Blutharsch, LJDLP, Tribe of Circle and Death in June in Brussels and some new reviews...
  • Death in June and NON will be touring Europe in April. For the moment only the following dates have been confirmed: Brest the 10th, Milan (I) the 19th, Prato (I) the 20th, Rome (I) the 21st, Vicenza (I) the 24th and somewhere in Germany the 27th. Other dates will be confirmed soon.
  • Reutoff
    The band have launched their official site:
    Their new EP "The Fourth Face" will be released on Hau Ruck! the 25 march, but you can already listen to some extracts on their site:
  • Cauldron
    After a few technical problems, the two unreleased tracks available on the Fin de Siecle site are last available in full length.
    The site of Darkly Pale who will soon be released on Cauldron Music is online:
  • Sieben will play a few live dates in Portugal on the 14th, 15th and 16th March (with Aranos) and in Belgium (with This Morn' Omnia + Pilori + Empusae) on the 24th March. More information on Matt Howden's official site.
  • While Angels Watch have launched their new site:
  • Cynfeirdd
    The new Wolfskin album will be released in a few days now. It will come in a limited edition of 406 copies in a deluxe booklike digipack with booklet. There will also be an edition available in handmade leather packaging that will be limited to 81 copies (40 from Cynfeirdd, 41 from the band).
  • Gaë Bolg
    Although Gaë Bolg is feeling better, he is still very tired which will once again delay the release of "L"appel de l'Ankou". The master tapes should be sent to the factory this month so the subscribers will have to wait an extra few weeks before receiving their copy.
    Seven Pines will be playing live at the Cabaret Voltaire in Biniche (Belgium) on the 23rd March with Pilori as opening act. For more information contact Altra Musica : tel (0032) (0) 64 340 370 - email:
  • Ostara
    The new Ostara album will be called "Kingdom Gone" This 12 track CD will be released at the end of March on Eis & Licht.
    The first album will be re-issued with a new The first Ostara album will be repackaged with new artwork and an extra track later next year.
  • Abstract
    The site is now the new official address of the Swiss mail-order and concet promoter.
    The Sol Veritas Lux 2 festival is still on the agenda. It will take place on the Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August 2002 at L'Usine in Geneva. The festival will be held on two floors with stalls (books, clothes, records,…), an exhibition, two neofolk / industrial / minimal / gothic / … parties and five concerts (or more…). The line-up will be Neither/Neither World, Scivias, Inade, PPF and Gaë Bolg & the Church of Fand (to be confirmed).
  • After several auto productions, the American neofolk band Harvest Rain will release their debut MCD on the Marseille based label OPN at the end of March. You can already download the track Southern Cross on the label's website:
  • m-tronic
    (-) Mlada Fronta : Oxydes
    The new double cd album of Mlada Fronta 'Oxydes' limited to 999 copies hand numbered will feature 4 remixes by:
    Tarmvred (Sweden/Ad Noiseam) - Mimetic (Switzerland/M-tronic) -
    Dataraper (France/Brume Records) - Miligramme (France)
    You can pre-order this release, be fast because there is a high probability that it will be sold-out before the offcial release date.
    (-) Mimetic forthcoming releases on M-tronic
    As you maybe know Mimetic has recently signed on M-tronic and you can expect 3 releases in the forthcoming months:
    * A vynil release limited to 500 copies entitled "Sound a" will see the day of light at the beginning fo february under the name Mimetic
    Be<->At. (Reference: Be4)
    * A new full-time album called "Sensitive" will be out in april under the name Mimetic Data. (Reference: O8)
    * A split live album with Mlada Fronta from their recent north-american tour. (Reference: Ne10)
    (-) Kaltesglas' debut album
    Coming out in february is the debut album by the fantastic darkbeat / drum & bass project Kaltesglas from Philadelphia (USA). "Repetition and texture" is the name of the album, it will bring fast drum and bass rhythms, abstract IDM breaks and fields of dark ambience. (Reference: Li3)
    (-) Dither "Urei"
    The french master of dark electronica is back next month with his 4th album and best effort to date. Often compared as a hybrid of Scorn and Autechre, Dither proves once again that he is the one of the most talented french musician. (Reference: He2)
  • The Lyon based association T.O.P.I. have launched their website:
  • Pagan Muzak is a new neofolk/industrial radio program based in Turin. They broadcast their eclectic set every Thursday from 14.00 to 15.30 on Radio Blackout 105.25 FM.