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27th December 2004
17th December 2004
  • Durtro
    Dear All and thank you, at the end of the worst year I have ever had to date. Panta Rhei. Thanks be to PANTOCRATOR. Whatever will be, will be, beloved Doris Day.
    * The new current album: special advance subscribers' edition of 'Black Ships Ate the Sky'
    The new album by CURRENT is called BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY. It features vocals by special guests Marc Almond, Antony and Cosey Fanni Tutti, as well as other friends, as well as David Tibet and Michael Cashmore.
    With the suicide/autophagy of World Serpent, and the large amount of money left owing to myself and Steven Stapleton (as well as many other artists), we have run out of funds to finish off the album. Consequently, we have decided to offer a subscribers' edition for those purchasing the album in advance. On the release of the album, everyone who has subscribed will receive a copy of the CD edition of the album, as well as another CD of alternate material and mixes from the recording sessions, and a little something extra too. Each subscriber will be thanked by name on the album sleeve. Thanks for your support over the years whether you purchase this or not! This is, for me, the most important Current album so far and is a distillation of what I have come to see and believe. This subscribers' edition costs £50. It will be released as soon as it is finished, but we are hoping to finalise it in April 2005.
    * 'Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods' lyric book
    Still working on this! Still!
    * Moving out of Slumdon: Good bye to all this
    David and Andria and Durtro are leaving London Slumdon in the very near future. We will try to keep the shop open during the move, as well as the Christ Mass and New Year holidays, but it will mean we may not be as swift in replying/posting as usual. Please be patient. Thank you always.
    * Current 93 and our friends live in Athens, Greece, 9 April 2005
    Current 93 and their special guests and friends ANTONY, BABY DEE, SIMON FINN and SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE will play RODON LIVE CLUB, Marnis 24, Athens on Saturday 9 April 2005 in a concert organised by NEW INDUSTRY PROMOTION. For more details, and to purchase tickets, please contact George Houliaras at
    * Current 93 and our friends live in Toronto, Canada, 2, 3 & 4 June 2005
    Current 93 and their special guests and friends ANTONY, BABY DEE, SIMON FINN and SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE will play two nights at THE MUSIC GALLERY, TORONTO on Thursday 2, Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June 2005 in a concert organised by MARK LOGAN of JNANA RECORDS. Each night will feature different material. For more details, and to purchase tickets, please contact him at
    * 'Death' rites for Jhonn Balance
    Following the 'death' of our dear friend Jhonn the following religious events have been organised by David and Andria Tibet with the assistance of William Christopher Hoag and Gelong Tenzin Jamchen.
    1) Tridentine Catholic Masses:
    A Tridentine (traditional Latin) Catholic Mass will be offered at Saint Rose of Lima Church in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on 10 May, 2005 for Jhonn's soul, and a Requiem Mass will be held on 8 November, 2005 for the repose of his soul in CHRIST. This has been arranged at the Tibets' request by their friend William Christopher Hoag. Thank you, Wm. These are the specific details. Those who wish to attend are invited to do so:
    Tuesday, 10 May 2005, Feast of Saint Antoninus: Mass offered for Jhonn Balance
    Tuesday, 8 November 2005, Ferial Day: Requiem Mass for Jhonn Balance on Anniversary of Death
    Both services are at 5:30pm.
    Saint Rose of Lima Church, 11411 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102, USA
    2) Tibetan Bardo/Intermediate State Practices:
    At the request of David and Andria Tibet, the Bardo Zhi-Tro ritual (Tibetan Book of the Dead) is performed in Kathmandu, Nepal by our old and dear friend Gelong Tenzin Jamchen. A divination has been performed for Jhonn's essence by his Lama, Trulshik Rinpoche, and various mantras and pujas, as specified by Rinpoche to aid his journey, will be performed for a period up to 49 days after Balance's 'death'.
    Furthermore 4000 prayers to Guru Rinpoche (Clearing Obstacles on the Path and Spontaneous Fulfillment of all Wishes), 4000 recitations of the White Umbrella Deity (Obstacle Removing Practice) as well as the 12,000 21 fold homage to Tara were recited on Jhonn's behalf. The prophecies of Guru Rinpoche will also be read asa Puja around the 49th day.
    * Obituary by David Tibet for Jhonn in Terrorizer magazine
    A two page obituary by David, as well as reminiscences by Balance's friends Miss Kat of Durtro Press and Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor, appears in the January 2005 issue of (the English) Terrorizer magazine, published on 30 December. This centrefold piece also has several previously unpublished photographs. The magazine's website is at
    * Rose McDowall: please and thank you
    Our beloved friend Rose has been particularly badly hit by Jhonn's 'death' and myself and Andria ask you, of your kindness, to keep her in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time for her. Send her Strawberry Hearts from your own Strawberry Hearts. Rose and her other faces and places have big plans forthcoming, including shows in 2005. Watch for details. Endless streams of LOVE send please! Godislove.
    * The Nodding God comic/CD
    The delayed CD has finally arrived and been introduced to the comic and all copies have been sent out. Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience. As always.
    * Bill Fay Group: Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow
    We are delighted to announce that this wonderful album, Bill's previously unheard and classic third album (and his first with Bill Fay Group), as well as being the long awaited follow-up to TIME OF THE LAST PERSECUTION is released on 15 January 2005 on Durtro Jnana. We are now taking orders for this album, which will be sent on release. Full colour digipak with many photos printed for the first time and eight page booklet with notes by Bill Fay and Bill Fay Group. Below are the details that were given in the advertising sheet sent out by distributors:
    With the renewed interest in BILL FAY's past work, the reissue of his back catalogue and even his recently made available pre-Decca demos (FROM THE BOTTOM OF AN OLD GRANDFATHER CLOCK), it's surprising to discover that 20 new songs (which combine the best elements of his 2 Decca albums-careful exploratory arrangements of Bill Fay's songs played with passion) should have remained unreleased for over 20 years.
    Bill Fay has been portrayed as a mysterious figure who somehow created two brilliant albums and then vanished. But, as Bill himself has said, "It wasn't me who left the music, it was the music business that left me." Despite having no contract or record company support, he continued to write, rehearse and play occasional shows, which is where he met, in 1977, the improvising trio THE ACME QUARTET. A mutual interest in, and respect for, each other's work led to the decision to collaborate as the BILL FAY GROUP.
    TOMORROW, TOMORROW AND TOMORROW shows Bill continuing to write thoughtful, life-affirming songs that, this time, have benefited from extended studio sessions and input from three equally committed musicians. This CD does not consist of demos, out-takes or 'alternative' versions of previously recorded songs. It was planned, and recorded, as Bill's follow up to TIME OF THE LAST PERSECUTION. It is his third LP.
    Full tracklist: Strange Stairway 1 o Spiritual Mansions o Planet Earth Daytime o Stan o Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow o Just a Moon o To Be A Part o Sam o Lamp Shining o Turning the Pages o Love is the Tune o After the Revolution o Jericho Road o Strange Stairway 2 o Life o Hypocrite o Man o Cosmic Boxer o We Are Raised o Isles of Sleep
    Total time: 54'59"
    ALL WORDS AND MUSIC BILL FAY, EXCEPT 'OUR WORLD'-MUSIC BY GARY SMITH. ARRANGED BY BILL FAY GROUP. Bill Fay: voices and keyboards; Gary Smith: guitars; Rauf Galip: electric and bowed bass; Bill Stratton: drums.
    Durtro Jnana Records is a label of and by David Tibet and Mark Logan. See and
    * The 'living' musicians I particularly love and listen to at the moment are:
    Ben Chasny; Will Oldham with all his faces; Nurse With Wound; Devendra Banhart; Tom Rapp and Pearls Before Swine; Bob Dylan; Rose McDowall; Peter Christopherson; Pantaleimon.
    * Manifestations of Antichrist
    All these I consider to be some of the entities in which Antichrist is now making his antiprescence known in the world. This list will be added to and is of course alas incomplete.
    Happychicken fastfood liars with death in their pockets and thus hearts. Genetically Modified Satanic Companies: liars and deceivers. Auschwitz Farms that test on animals and humans. Advertisements featuring demons/devils/skullular/skeletal forms whose infect is to inure people to satanic infiltration of the world prior to Armageddon; when you see adverts and film trailers they are stuffed with life- and soul-denying imagery BEWARE: they are cursed. All institutions which manufacture or sell weapons of any sort. All institutions involved in battery farming of animals and/or humans. Companies that manufacture or sell feminine "hygiene" products which deny and chemically kill the beauty of the body internally and externally; also creator killers of toxic shock "sanitary" protection. All organisations that call for death/kill of those unfitting: they are NIHIL. These are all cursed too: Spammers who waste time and kindnesses and take advantage of human generosity. Especial loath of this moment: companies who claim to be doorstep-collecting items for charity but are really gathering them to sell to unfortunate poors. Also: companies that manufacture inverted crucifixes and satanic pendants. All forms of hatred including mine.
    When I wished upon a star
    I mistook the night for tar
    And so I was blind
    But no longer blind
    I saw I am a passing breath
    And know now why Caesar is burning
    I really felt a stranger in the world always, except when a child in Malaysia where I pray I go to die as I was born. I seemed these many past years often to be living in a state of panic and anxiety, waiting for unlikely Hells to manifest in the most mundane situations possible. Sometimes we wake up and see a stranger to ourselves inhabiting the same eyes. We look out at collapse. There is a huge wave of incomprehension living in so many of our heads and hearts for such a long time. What makes us real? Only thing important; what can make us real? My dear friend and a man I admire beyond words Charlemagne Palestine once said that "[he] was not a very 'reality' person". I understand him totally. I want clarity, and I want to leave reality in the street with the discarded masks and faces, and the Christmas tat, and the poppy-red blood-red banners that are waving lies and stupidity in our faces. Reality is an other "another" construct that clarity burns savagely and transforms. Are we alone in the middle of starlessness as conceptualised? I am waiting for such beauty and such love yet like you all I can see and hear the bloodbells all around me. I have seen real, and I know real's name now. It is time. I have seen the craters waiting and the slide shute shoot nothing. So I am reading St. Augustine at the moment only alongside Gospels and Saint Paul. Today I saw such sunset. The kingdom of heaven is within you, I read. I believe it is true but I know many of us will undergo some sort of desolation. But IT PASSES AND IS UNREAL: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU!
    Thank you and Happy Christ Mass to you all
    David Michael godislove +++
    17 December 2004
8th December 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Changes
    * 'Hero Takes His Stand' 2xLP (Live recording of the Changes concert at the 4th Flammenzauber Festival, March 2004) out now.
    Info: or
    * Orphan in the Storm' CD out now on HR!. Vinyl version should be available soon.
  • D.B.P.I.T.
    out now!
    white rabbit
    christmas special 2004
    7" vinyl split
    available from:
    see also:
  • Divine Comedy Records
    Out now:
    DC 035 - Lambwool "Fading Landscapes" (CD + Book by Peter Bengsten) 500 copies.
    DC 036 - Der Arbeiter "Reflejos del Sol" (CD) 1000 copies.
    Undeviginti Records will release Der Arbeiter's first album on a very limited LP edition (200 copies) soon.
    More info:
  • Eis & Licht / Leger des Heils
    Leger des Heils 'Himmlische Feuer' CD out now.
  • MozgaloM Records
    * MozgaloM Records from Hungary have released a split 7" with Wappenbund and Kriegsfall-U. It contains an exclusive long song by each band.
    Wappenbund has finished their briliant work in the scene, so this is a really unique release, with an exclusive song.
    Hand numbered, limited to 200 copies, hard cover with a hard inner sleeve, on grey-silver coloured vinyl.
    Contact, order:
    Kriegsfall-U debut album will be avaible at Coldspring Records this autumn.
8th December 2004
  • Antony and the Johnsons
    Antony and the Johnsons "I Am A Bird Now" CD/LP will be released on label Secretly Canadian on February 1st.
    New piano/voice demo of an unreleased track called "Frankenstein" available here:
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    * Release Updates: The Nurse With Wound LPs and CDs will start shipping out as of Dec. 8th. We have about 600 orders so Heather and I are working as fast as we can. We have new NWW shirts and posters available to order now. Also, have copies of the Nurse With Wound 'Shipwreck Radio Vol. 1' 2CD for $20 (we have no special editions). Just email us to order. Coil 'All the Pretty Little Horses' 7" is still planned for a release around Feb. 05. Current 93 DLP will be out in about 3-4 weeks.
    See Beyond the Music artwork on the website now. Follow the BLURR link on our website. Thighpaulsandra's "Double Vulgar 2" CD is delayed. World Serpent 'lost' the artwork and Peter Christopherson was redoing it. He was almost done when John Balance suddley passed on. Will be out in Feb. 05.
    * Projects Forthcoming: Record are not for Baking, Coil, Romulus/Remus, Waldteufel, Cyclobe,..
  • Chaos.Pro
    New release: Leger des Heils - Sub Specie Aeternitatis(CD)
    Chaos.Pro is pround to announce the release of Leger des Heils CD titled "Sub Specie Aeternitatis", it contains special rare tracks and unreleased songs,include compilation of vinyl records from 2000-2002. Electronic taste of neo-folk, with classical layers of synth and martial drums.These effective songs come in a nice deluxe Digipak.
    Upcoming in the next month:
    The Well of Sadness:"I'm Uprooted From It"
    As All Die: "On the Front Line"
    More information:
  • Cyclic Law
    Nordvargr/Drakh "Infintas In Aeternum" CD out now.
    "After several years of perfectioning, this acclaimed duo have expanded on the highly appreciated concept of the predecessor, Cold Void of Nothing, to create an eternaly introspective journey, situated in the cold, dark cellar of your own mind. Once again, the ship is set to sail into darkness forever.
    Edition of 1000 copies in gatefold cd sleeve with booklet." (press release)
    Upcomming: Kammarheit "The Starwheel" CD (12th Cycle)
    Info, mp3 excerpts:
  • Dark Vinyl / Sol Invictus
    New album The Devil's Steed CD.
    Release date: 10.January 2005.
    The first post-World Serpent release from Sol Invictus is a nod back in the direction to a more earthy folk sound.
    On this release, Tony Wakeford (guitar, voice, keyboards) is supported by Eric Roger (aka Seven Pines; trumpet, recorder, vocals), Gary Parsons (guitar, percussion, vocals), Karl Blake (aka Shockheaded Peters; bass), Maria Vellanz (violin), Renée Rosen (violin).
    The title track is a song about suicide. In Russian folklore, suicides become "steeds for the devil".
    As well as the usual happy Tony Wakeford songs, there are two traditional songs getting the Sol Invictus treatment, "Twa Corbies" and "Three Knights Came from the West". Philip Larkin's poem "The North Ship" also becomes the basis for one song. Artwork is by Tor Lundvall.
    The first edition comes as limited 6 page digipack.
  • Dominion Newsletter 12 (2004)
    * This is the twelfth newsletter from Dominion, providing details on recent releases in areas both of publishing (Dominion Press, and other print projects by Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee, as well as their record label Storm) and music (Blood Axis, Alraune, and related recordings of interest), etc. These newsletters are issued sporadically, when we have accumulated a number of items worth reporting on. If you wish to receive a copy of the previous newsletter(s) by email, simply inform us. If you would also like to receive an email list of music-related items available by mail-order, we would be happy to forward this. If you wish to be removed from this recipient list, or change the email address to which it is sent, please inform us.
    * A recent article of note in the SF Weekly on the subject of the Lucifer Rising film and its soundtrack:
    * Rûna in Europa:
    For those in Europe, and using the Euro currency, it may be easiest to order Rûna from the German distributor. Some back issues may be available, please inquire.
    Equinoxe Org.
    Beethovenstrasse 59
    09130 Chemnitz
    * Absinthe Boxset clarification:
    In our last newsletter we mentioned having available a small number of "non deluxe" boxsets for the Absinthe release for $25 postpaid. These include the two 10" picture discs and a few postcards, inside the original printed boxes. As a special offer for those who would like, we will include the "Absinthia Taetra" CD (which contains all the material on the pictures discs) inside the box as well. These versions are $30 postpaid in the USA. Foreign orders will need additional postage, so please contact us before ordering.
    * Waldteufel "Heimliches Deutschland" double LP set:
    This intriguing debut recording of Waldteufel (released on the Ultra label a few years ago) features Markus Wolff with Annabel Lee and special guests B'eirth, Michael Moynihan, David Woodard, and others. It has now been released on a limited edition double LP vinyl pressing of 400 numbered copies on Beta Lactam Ring Records. Two 180 gram vinyl records and full color gatefold sleeve with signed insert. Julian Cope recently wrote " is an elusive and rare work that manages so successfully to both entertain and educate as well as this Waldteufel record does. . Clearly, the poet/drummer is only one unlikely aspect of Markus Wolff many unpredictable incarnations, but from the evidence seen elsewhere in his translations and sculptures, Wolff could well be the kind of polymath whose message only becomes understood through the gradual weight of his ever-building works. For myself, so timeless is HEIMLICHES DEUTSCHLAND that it already feels as though it has been in my record library for many years."
    We have a few copies of this unique edition available for $25 postpaid in the USA. Foreign orders please contact us for additional shipping costs.
    * To order from Dominion:
    Please send list of desired items along with check or money order payable to Dominion. Foreign customers may send either international money orders, checks in US dollars drawn on a US bank, or cash (USD) well hidden in a registered letter. Paypal payments may also be sent to our email address ( Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery--most orders will arrive much sooner. Limited stock items may be reserved by email.
    Dominion/ PO Box 129 / Waterbury Center, VT 05677
  • Eternal Soul / Toroidh
    Toroidh 'Offensiv' CD | ES01CD out now.
    After 3 full-length releases and some limited and presently not available vinyl records, Toroidh are back with their album Offensiv, which contains the presently not available 7- and 10 inches as well as some unreleased material in first-class sound quality.
    Recorded and composed during 2001 - 2003 by H. Nordvargr Björkk.
    The mission of Toroidh is now complete.
  • Shayo
    In My Rosary:
    For years the german band In My Rosary has been creating music directly inherited from the 80s with The Cure and Depeche Mode as well as Death In June for a more avantgardist touch.
    These "Greetings from the Past" compile their two long out of press Eps recorded between 1992 - "Those silent years" - and 1995 - Strange Ep -, including rare tracks, a new version of "The Rose of the World", as well as some new songs ! This release proves the talent of a band that can put together the soul of romanticism with the minimalism of modern pop / new-wave.
    Release date: 8th December 2004
28th November 2004
  • Jhonn Balance / Coil
    The Funeral Celebration for Jhonn took place at 1.30pm on Tuesday November 23rd.
    For obvious reasons Coil cannot continue, and will NOT be appearing in any form on the dates scheduled for December or next year. More info:
    From Tuesday Nov 30th Thresholdhouse website will return to its previous form and our mailorder "General Store" will be open for one remaining week ONLY. If you want to buy ANY past catalog or special items available therein please order during this time - it is unlikely that these items will remain available thereafter… More info:
  • Changes
    "Orphan in the Storm" LP & CD scheduled for release on November 30, 2004!
  • Death In June / Boyd Rice And Friends
    Baptism By Fire - A Celebration of Live Events
    * NEROZ release on the 23rd November a new live double CD/DVD from BOYD RICE AND FRIENDS (DOUGLAS P. & JOHN MURPHY) entitled BAPTISM BY FIRE (NEROZ CD/DVD13)
    The CD was recorded in Los Angeles, U.S.A. and Adelaide, Australia and features:
    The discs come in a foil-blocked gatefold 'softpak' which also includes a double-sided, full colour poster.
    * Live In Italy 1999 DVD
    The DEATH IN JUNE Live In Italy 1999 video will be reissued by NER on 23rd November as a DVD entitled DEATH IN JUNE Live In Italy 1999 'Plus'. Besides the original 20 tracks recorded in Bologna where the DIJ line-up was Douglas P., Albin Julius and John Murphy it now includes the 3 videos shot to accompany the techno tracks recorded in Croatia during the early/mid 1990s.
    Full track listing:
    Future Shock 2001 Team Croatia:
    THE VISION (vox: Douglas P.) / RAVE IMPERIUM (vox: Douglas P. & Occidental Martyr) / RAVE INVADERS (vox: Douglas P. & Occidental Martyr)
    Both VHS PAL and NTSC DVD formats will be available for both the new BOYD RICE AND FRIENDS and DEATH IN JUNE releases. Both will also be the usual price of a single NER/NEROZ album. The Baptism By Fire DVD will also include an archive gallery of rare photos of Boyd and Friends taken over the years.
  • Dominion Newsletter 11 (2004)
    This is the eleventh newsletter from Dominion, providing details on recent releases in areas both of publishing (Dominion Press, and other print projects by Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee, as well as their record label Storm) and music (Blood Axis, Alraune, and related recordings of interest), etc. These newsletters are issued sporadically, when we have accumulated a number of items worth reporting on. If you wish to receive a copy of the previous newsletter(s) by email, simply inform us. If you would also like to receive an email list of music-related items available by mail-order, we would be happy to forward this. If you wish to be removed from this recipient list, or change the email address to which it is sent, please inform us.
    * ROBERT WARD (1968-2004)
    This newsletter begins on a sad note, as we commemorate the life and work of Robert Martin Ward, born 1968, who unexpectedly passed away on 17 September 2004. We first encountered Robert's work in the very early 1990s, with the first issue of his magazine The Fifth Path. At the time there was no other publication like it, although it would be often imitated in later years. Robert covered interesting and cutting-edge music that was generally ignored (and still is!) by the so-called alternative press. Beyond this, however, he included articles on spiritual traditions, speculative history, and other unusual subjects to create a truly unique and inspiring magazine. Its content was not determined by advertising, and often went against prevailing status-quo ideas or political correctness. Undergirding the entire equation was Robert's impressive talent as a graphic designer and artist. After laying The Fifth Path to rest, Robert went on to design and edit Vor Tru, a heathen-oriented magazine published by the Asatru Alliance. Under Robert's influence, this publication was transformed from its rather bland format into a dynamic and full-bodied magazine with national and international distribution and a much wider and diverse readership. Besides his artistic and publishing skills, Robert was a diligent researcher with an uncanny ability to uncover hidden connections between things. His strong and curious intellect led him constantly to new discoveries as well as rediscoveries of important lost or overlooked material. The world is a less rich place without him. Those who respected or were influenced by his work are encouraged to raise a toast in his memory.
    Online obituary from the Sacramento Bee
    * HANS BELLMER: Little Anatomy
    We are proud to make available the second Dominion book, Hans Bellmer's "Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconscious, or The Anatomy of the Image." This has been receiving very positive responses from all who have seen it, including this noteworthy commentary from musician, erotic artist, and exceptional prisoner Bobby Beausoleil, who describes it as a "genuine jewel of a little book." He continues: "All these years I thought I was alone in the world! Encountering what is in this book was totally unexpected. If only I had known other legitimate artists had been involved in psycho-physical explorations of desire and the erotic through eyes focused (and unfocused) on the self-made imageŠ Though more intentionally surreal and stylistically different from my own, the ten (too few!) wonderful illustrations in the book are reminiscent of hundreds of drawings I've done over the years.
    One thing it never occurred to me to do was to write a treatise on the experiential process Š the way Bellmer has done. Amazing stuff, the way he was able to keep his intellect fully engaged during what is essentially a non-intellectual process, and then to be able to record, in at times almost clinical conciseness, a definition and evaluation of his findings. Š This is truly a lovely book, very well executed-and revolution at its best."
    Hans Bellmer's "Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconscious, or The Anatomy of the Image." Translated and introduced by Jon Graham; foreword by Joe Coleman. 88 pages with 10 illustrations by Bellmer. Deluxe hardbound edition printed on heavy vellum paper with textured endpapers, gold-stamped textured cover with cloth spine, and two-color dustjacket. Limited numbered edition of 1,000 copies.
    Ordering information: $26 postpaid in the U.S.A., or $34 airmail postpaid to anywhere else in the world. Checks, money orders, cash (well hidden and at your own risk) may be sent to:
    PO Box 129
    Waterbury Center, VT 05677
    Payments via Paypal may also be made to our email address:
    At present the Bellmer book is available direct from Dominion, from Last Gasp Distribution, and from the New Museum and Ursus Books in NYC. There will also be a very small limited edition of leatherbound copies available in early 2005.
    * LUCIFER RISING soundtrack:
    Speaking of Bobby Beausoleil, we should mention that the long-awaited new edition of his powerful soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's film Lucifer Rising is now available and has been receiving rave reviews both here and in Europe. The double-CD set is packaged in a fold-out digipack with color film stills and a large booklet containing extensive liner notes by Michael Moynihan as well as texts by Anger and Beausoleil and many rare illustrations and photos. This release is not available from Dominion, but we suggest those interested order it from White Dog Music (Beausoleil's own label) who are offering it for a reasonable price, postpaid. More details here:
    This new CD release contains all the material from the 2 x 10" Absinthe boxset which was previously only available on vinyl. Besides alternate versions and additional material from the original Absinthe sessions, the second half of the CD contains the highlights from the only live performance of the Absinthe material which took place in the magical city of Sintra, Portugal three years ago. This CD version is a simple but elegant digipack, released in France on the Athanor label. We have copies for sale for $16 postpaid in the USA, $18 postpaid to the rest of the world.
    A SPECIAL BOXSET OFFER: Although the Absinthe boxset is no longer available from us, being entirely sold out, we do have a small quantity of "non deluxe" sets consisting of the following: both picture disc records inside the original 10" printed box, with two of the original postcards. We are making these available to anyone interested for $25 postpaid in the USA or $32 to the rest of the world. (See Bellmer book entry above for generalordering info.)
    * More acclaim for SANGRE CAVALLUM's "BARBARA CARMINA" CD on the Storm Records label:
    "Released as a beautiful two-panel digipack with bronze metal stampings on Michael Moynihan's Storm label, 'Barbara Carmina' ('Barbarian Hymns') is the debut album by Sangre Cavallum, a gathering of traditional musicians from Northern Portugal and Galicia. For those lucky enough to have attended their live performances in Portugal a few years back or to have at least listened to these recordings, needless to say that this release was long awaited.
    Inspired by their homeland, its traditions, its community of the living and the dead, its vestiges... Sangre Cavallum offer here a unique ethnological-musical document filled with mysteries and memories. They describe their music as "old and new tribute songs to the land of our birth"... and it is definitely what 'Barbara Carmina' is. A tribute to their ancestors whose spectres and souls seem to float under the overall compositions as if they carried on transmitting the oral traditions to the youngest (as the voice of the child singing 'Barbara Carmina' on the first track and also present on the last part suggests). Indeed, this album sounds unlike any other in the neofolk, medieval style. Sangre Cavallum have managed to express in their own particular way, through words and music of their own, their roots and traditions. And from this point of view, this release also appears as refreshing; sounding authentic, sincere because of the true and sincere knowledge and implication of these musicians. A feeling of honoured and respected traditions emanates from the whole album... It's not just tradition as an artifice or a pretext chosen amongst many others to release something.... The using of traditional instruments (tambourine, mandolin, Iberian lute...), mixed with female and male vocals and some fine background sounds create different atmospheres ranging from melancholy ('Luadas' 'Rio Douro' 'Flumen Cavallum') to joy ('Limia, Flumen Oblivionis', 'Sete Punhaladas') as suggested by the cover photos of a musical ritual taken during some old wine fests. It is important to precise that this album was originally composed, arranged, and assembled by Sangre Cavallum on a four-track cassette recorder which have been brilliantly remastered by Robert Ferbrache. The effort done to translate in English each word featuring on the artwork also deserves to be mentioned. It will help the listener to get a better comprehension of the purposes pursued by Sangre Cavallum through this document and to enjoy this strong and very
    recommended release." --Nathalie F., Summer 2004
    Sangre Cavallum's "Barbara Carmina" CD is available for $16 postpaid in the USA from:
    PO BOX 523
    EASTON, PA 18044-0523
    Or order online in the "new arrivals" section at:
    In Europe order from: email:
    * RUNA: Issue 15 available
    The new issue of the English magazine Rûna, "exploring Northern European Myth, Mystery and Magic" is now available. This issue contains Thierry Jolif on "The Cernunnos Mystery," Paul Fosterjohn on "Volsungadrekkr," Michael Moynihan on Fritz Lang's Nibelungen films, Michael Sangster on Tolkien, Simon Collins on the Julleuchter, and interviews with Edred Thorsson and Nigel Pennick (the latter interview done by TYR editor Joshua Buckley). Cover art is by Robert Taylor.
    Price: $8 postpaid in the USA from Dominion
    NOTE: We still have the following back issues available of Rûna: #10, #11, and #14. Single issues are available for $8 postpaid in the USA/Can, two issues for $15 postpaid, or three issues for $21 postpaid. Four issues are $28 postpaid, and five issues are $35 postpaid.
    (Foreign customers should order Rûna directly from Chaos Intl., BM Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX)
    A new bookstore in Philadelphia which carries Dominion titles among their eclectic offerings:
    308 East Girard Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19125
    "New and used books-provocative art"
    More info at
  • Durtro
    Dear all:
    * John Balance who loved the moon too and has rushed in flames to God now:
    On Tuesday 23 November my wife and I, as well as about a hundred others of his close friends and family, attended the funeral ceremony of Geff Rushton/Jhonn Balance at a private ceremony near Bristol. The emotion was overwhelming for us all as we said farewell to his body and "see you on the other side" to a friend who had delighted (and occasionally infuriated!) us for many years, and who had moved so deeply all the many people who knew his work only from albums and shows. He was cremated after the service, ending his body as he lived his life: in a passion of flame and Mercury Rising.
    The event was profoundly powerful and moving, featuring reminiscences and readings by Sleazy, his partner Ian Johnstone, his mother, the poet Jeremy Reed, Geoff Cox and myself. A song was sung by Francois Testory and live music was played by Cliff Stapleton and Mike York; and recordings were played by John Tavener, Coil, Jane Siberry, Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight, Johnny Cash and Henry Mancini. Geff looked very much at peace and everyone who saw him observed a smile on his lips. The service was held in a beautiful space covered with flowers, fruits, vegetables, candles as Geff's earthly body was guarded by goats.
    The pain of his loss will never go away; but its form will change, as will we too after his parting. No doubt Geff has stolen a march on all of us and will greet us with a glass from inside the gates of Paradise. If every man and woman is a star, Geff was one of the brightest. We will not see his like again.
    The poem I wrote for him and read for him is this:

    MOONBIRD for Jhonn

    When I sleep
    I am awake
    When I see your eyes
    Ferocious like a Saint's
    You are a Moonbird
    And have gone to circle those planets
    On which you tried to live on earth
    Always a great joy
    Always a great pain
    I saw in your great soul
    You have taken the time
    To empty time
    While you emptied wine
    Throwing yourself into life and then death
    Your spirit was utter chaotic beauty
    I always saw something
    Terrifyingly immortal in you
    Ready to crash through your body into lights and forests and seas
    You are not the only broken one
    But a break enough to break hearts
    A savage slide
    Beyond the limnal time we all know here
    You have taken the time
    To take our time
    Into you
    One final time
    And you are now translucent
    In the stars

    * Back to mundanity:
    I had intended the majority of the text on this update to go out last week but the shocking and untimely death of our beloved friend BALANCE has skewed everything. The 2LP Current 93 album that is released very soon on Beta-lactam Ring Records was to be entitled HOW I LOVED THE MOON. As a result of his going to God, David Tibet and Steven Stapleton have changed the title of the album to HOW HE LOVED THE MOON and dedicated it to the Great Heart and Great Soul of Jhonn Balance.
    * David Tibet: new website imminent:
    In the next 2 to 3 weeks we will be activating, which has until now been dormant.
    I will be using this website for more personal projects and thoughts. Original artwork by myself-both new as well as earlier material, including images I have created for C93 album covers and so on-will be available for purchase from this site, as well as other specialised musical and literary projects I am starting/presently working on.
    I have also decided to release more of my artwork for purchase and consequently will soon be accepting commissions for Hypnagogic Portraits, showing my Hypnagogic impression of the subject. I will be doing these only of HUMANS and CATS, at least initially. I will also be making available my Hypnagogic Calligraphic Texts. Typically these consist of a particular passage from SCRIPTURE which is written thousands of times hypnagogically and is then sealed as alpha/omega mouth.
    I will also be occasionally posting thoughts on subjects that are coming for me; as with, there will be a facility to automatically receive regular updates.
    * Forthcoming concerts for Current 93 and friends:
    We hope to have more details soon of shows in 2005 for Current 93 and special guests. The below are presently being arranged:
    Athens, Greece: very early April 2005
    Toronto, Canada: 21/22/23 April 2005
    Venice, Italy: whenever the promoters ask me to do it
    London, UK: whenever I am told by the clouds to do it
    Glasgow, UK: autumn/winter 2005
    * Simon Finn live shows in Denmark:
    Friday 10 December at The Lab, Vesterbrogade 107b, Copenhagen. Doors open at 8.30pm. Tickets cost 70 Danish Kroner ( approximately €10/ £7). Support band is yet to be confirmed. For more details email
    Sunday 12 December. A show will take place in Aarhus. We do not yet know the venue; email for details.
    * Baby Dee ready for action and to play more concerts:
    Baby Dee has recently resumed recording and playing shows; as many of you will know, she is fantastic and supreme, as well as the official accordion player and backing singer for Current 93 now and always. She is now very keen to play more shows, especially during the months of November, December, January, February, and into March. People wishing to book her can email her at
    * Marc Almond recovering well:
    I am delighted to say that Marc's condition has improved substantially, and he is now recovering and in contact with friends and family, and has posted a message to his website. More information on his excellent website here:
    * Priscilla Paris: rest in peace:
    On a sadder note, I have just discovered that one of my favourite singers of all time, PRISCILLA PARIS, died this year after a fall in Paris, France where she has been living for many years. She was 59, and went to GOD on the same date as my birthday, March 5. I was introduced to her work by Boyd Rice many years ago and since then have treasured her albums and singles. Her work tends to be scarce, especially her finest solo album PRISCILLA SINGS HERSELF, which features mainly self-written material including "Stone Is Very Cold" which was covered by Spell (Rose McDowall & Boyd Rice), and FROM THE GLASS HOUSE by the Paris Sisters.
    There is an excellent and concise website about her and the Paris Sisters here:
    And the Paris Sisters' beautiful EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN album has been remastered for CD by Eric Records with extensive notes by the remaining Sisters. Click here for more information.
    * Hand-drawn sleeve edition of "The Starres are Marching Sadly Home":
    Another hand-drawn sleeve by Tibet has been added to the Durtro online shop. As with the two previous releases, it comes in a black sleeve with a drawing by him and numbered also by him. There are 31 copies of this item. Orders are processed strictly in the order they are received. Please note: the fact that you have been able to order it online is not a guarantee that you will obtain one, as the number of orders received always exceeds the number of copies, and it is not possible to take it out of the shop as soon as it has sold out. It costs £49 plus postage and packing.
    * Hand-drawn sleeve edition of "Musikalische Kürbs Hütte" test pressing by David Tibet and Steven Stapleton:
    This hand-drawn sleeve has an elaborate drawing by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet and has also been added to the Durtro online shop. It comes in a black sleeve and is numbered and signed on the back by Tibet and Stapleton. There are 16 copies of this item, which is a white label black vinyl (as opposed to the released album, which was clear vinyl) test pressing of the vinyl version of MUSICAL PUMPKIN COTTAGE, which differed dramatically to the CD version. Orders are processed strictly in the order they are received. Please note: the fact that you have been able to order it online is not a guarantee that you will obtain one, as the number of orders received always exceeds the number of copies, and it is not possible to take it out of the shop as soon as it has sold out. It costs £93 plus postage and packing.
    * Time lines/Christ manifests against dragon old serpent head arising/Endsigns/Paradise regained
    I often get emails from people asking me about my beliefs, especially in view of my earlier connections with Aleister Crowley/OTO, Tibetan Nyingma Buddhism, and Christianity.
    Whilst growing up in Malaysia, my interests were Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism (initiated by the bizarre and wonderfully spurious writings of Lobsang Rampa), Aleister Crowley and Christian doctrine, especially the Gospels, Revelation and New Testament apocryphal writings.
    I became interested in the occult and especially Crowley/Thelema around the age of 10 after seeing a copy of the UK Sphere paperback DIARY OF A DRUG FIEND at Kuala Lumpur airport, especially after reading he was "the wickedest man in the world" in the blurb on the back. What pre-pubescent could resist? His face was shells and moons horizoned to the stars.
    I continued to investigate him and other occult teachings from then on, and also loved Dennis Wheatley books. I was also a member of the International Order of Kabbalists, though I don't have the slightest idea why. All of this was between 1970-1973 when I was suffering the usual insanity of the classic English Preparatory School education at Red House School, Moor Monkton, Yorkshire. Unfortunately this was the first time that all my mail was intercepted and opened by the authorities, who objected to "Satanic catalogues" I was receiving from the very respectable Sorcerer's Apprentice shop in Leeds. It gave me a foretaste of having all my mail opened yet again, and police waiting in unmarked cars outside my house, during the anti-PTV/TOPY witch-hunt hysteria over the FIRST TRANSMISSION video. Fun. Fun. Fun.
    I was accepted into an organisation usually referred to as the Typhonian OTO after leaving university at Newcastle-on-Tyne, having commenced my nine-month Probationary Record whilst still there. It consisted of a work on Netzach. I took the name Frater PAVO 93 (Pavo being Latin for a PEACOCK) on the basis of an intense dream I had after my acceptance.
    I left this Order after my increasing unhappiness and disillusionment with much of Thelema. I had also renewed my interest in Tibetan Buddhism, and later helped bring over Chimed Rigdzin Lama Rinpoche from India to give teachings in the UK; he had been, for many years, the teacher of my friend James Low, under whom I was studying Classical Tibetan. I was involved in printing and publishing many practice texts of Rinpoche's Nyingma texts from his Byangter (Northern Treasure) tradition.
    During these periods, my interest in Christian Revelation and Apocalyptic not only remained but became far more intense.
    Eventually I realised that I no longer believed Buddhism to be a system of thought that I felt to be true or meaningful for myself. Some time prior to this, I had come to the conclusion some years before that occult teachings and traditions could be destructive to the soul, often glorifying the ego (as I undoubtedly glorified mine) above all else. I maintain a great deal of respect for Buddhist teachings, and for my departed teacher Chimed Rigdzin Lama Rinpoche. I also became (and have remained) close friends with the head of the OTO, Hymenaeus Beta. I continue to admire his profound knowledge and intuitive glory, and our friendship has deepened, partially as a result of our discussions on religious thought, both exoteric and esoteric, including on the topic of Christian doctrines. I also deeply love sacred Hindu writings such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads; since I was a child I had a great love for the brother deities Ganesh and Subramaniam, the sons of Shiva and Parvati.
    I do believe that Christ was the one and only manifestation of God in the world in the specific sense of being His Son. I believe in the Virgin Birth (though this particular article of dogma's veracity doesn't worry me), the Crucifixion, the Resurrection. I believe we are living in the Last Days, and that many AntiChrists have already arisen and the final is about to appear. I believe in both Hell and Heaven and the Company of the Saints. I try always to remember the FOUR LAST THINGS: Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. And a FIFTH THING: LOVE. I have a particular respect and love for Saints Rita, Lazarus, Padre Pio and Francis. I am a great admirer of John Bradburne, whom I hope to be beatified soon. Outside of the Bible and the Gospel of Thomas, the writers that have influenced me the most are Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Julian of Norwich, TS Eliot, CS Lewis, Pascal, Bede Griffiths, Kierkegaard, and Watchman Nee (whom I was introduced to by my friend James Hunt); but of all of these, Kierkegaard has meant the most to me. At the moment I particularly love reading St. Paul's EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS. I believe most things through faith and not reason and have a particular fondness for Patripassianism, which could briefly be defined as the Father suffered with/as the Son on the Cross. I carry around with me when travelling the Gospel of Thomas-it may be heretical but speaks with a profound beauty-as well as the Bible in both English and New Testament Greek. Around my neck I wear a cross, and three blessed medallions-those of the Sacred Heart, the Miraculous Medallion, and the Holy Shroud of Turin (the first two of which were given to me by my friend William Christopher Hoag), and a dancing Ganesh given to me by my beloved wife Dri. I am Gospel-fixated and Christocentric, Catholic in some things but not all, and quite fundamentally Scriptural in other things. I am a worshipper of icons and stories, and I believe almost everything I am told. I sometimes feel I have wasted most of my life chewing on shadows; but this was all part of a process, that long road which leads to clarity and faith. I have found beauty and wisdom in almost everything I have studied and learnt from, from Crowley's system to the Buddha's. But I have come to believe that a story born in blood and death has led to rebirth. It is more real than the sun and moon, and bigger than the Space that will gobble us up at the end and send us to the Judgement Seat, Throne of Timeless Mercy and Love. Mercy. Love. Joy.
    It is important for me that what I now believe is stated as clearly as I can. And I consider barcodes to be the eyebrows of AntiChrist. Some people think this makes me unbalanced. I think I see the future and I strive to understand what I see approaching. It will lead finally to the building of the Heavenly Jerusalem, after great sorrows and pain, and we all shall know it is time to take off our masks: "All the many faces we have worn/All the many faces we have borne".
    Then there will be no more starless realms, and I and you will see all whom we loved again, including cats, in the Mystery of Christ.
    david michael +++
    14 XI 2004

  • Eis & Licht / Leger des Heils
    Leger des Heils - Himmlische Feuer new CD (Digipak) out on the 21.12.2004.
    More info + mp3:
  • Klanggalerie / Andrew Liles / Mushroom's Patience
    A couple new 7"s before the end of the year:
    gg90 Andrew Liles - The Gazogene Machines 7". Ltd. ed 100 copies only
    A. Liles is probably the most exciting of all drone musicians, not being afraid of meldoy and often using spooky voices. A must!
    gg77 Mushroom´s Patience - Solo Tracks 7". Ltd. ed. 100 copies only. All five core members of this band present exclusive solo tracks on this 7": Raffaele Cerroni, Der bekannte post-industrielle Trompeter, Jürgen Weber and Frl. Tost of Novy Svet and Claudedi of Ain Soph. A wild and exotic mixture of sounds.
  • Nurse With Wound
    * NURSE WITH WOUND 'Shipwreck Radio Volume 1':
    Well, everything didn't go according to plan. The CDs arrived, but there was a fault & they had to be sent back! They were supposed to be back here for Nov 18th... no!... Nov 19th... no again! We are assured they will be delivered on Monday Nov 22nd... please all say a little prayer. Sincere apologies for the delay, but I hope you'll agree it was worth the wait when you finally hear it.
    Other news:
    What: An evening with Nurse With Wound and special guests Colin Potter,, Steven Stapleton
    When: Saturday, Dec. 11th, 2004 - 8PM
    Where: Doug Fir Lounge 830 E. Burnside, Portland, Oregon. Tickets available now from or
    The venue will hold 299 people.
    What: An art exhibit with Steven Stapleton for 75 handpainted covers for the albums "Angry Electric Finger"
    When: Sunday, Dec. 12th, 2004 - 7-9 PM
    Where: Optic Nerve Arts 1829 NE Alberta, Portland, OR. One night only.
    To properly ring in Nurse With Wound's simultaneous release of 3 new collaborative albums (and one mail-order only LP) with Jim O'Rourke, & Cyclobe, each titled "Angry Electric Finger", Beta-lactam Ring Records & Jackpot Records are pleased to bring Steven Stapleton back to the luckiest city in the US: Portland, Oregon. The record release party at Doug Fir Lounge will be for one evening only & will also include an exhibition of 75 of Steven Stapleton's paintings the following night. Also in attendance will be Matt Waldron of and Colin Potter of Nurse With Wound and Ora. The albums on CD & vinyl will be available along with other surprises. Performances by Colin Potter, and a set by dj Stapleton spinning some of his favourite wax. Phone 503.827.4142 for more details. For those traveling to Portland, the Doug Fir Lounge is located next to the Jupiter Hotel. Please visit or phone 1-877-800-0004. Rates are $89 double/79$ single and we highly encourage you to book now as there are many events happening this time of year. Great prices for so close to downtown. Please mention you are attending the Doug Fir for rates.
    Colin & will also perform at the Electric Heavyland, 252 NE 45th, Seattle, WA 98105 (206.545.2800) on Friday,December 10th.
  • Objekt/Urian - Zone de Confusion
    Objekt/Urian: "Tonfragmente II"- CD (Z.D.C 01)
    "First CD on Zone de Confusion, a subdivision of Nuit et Brouillard aiming at reissuing sold-out tapes, CD-R or vinyls previously released on limited editions. Objekt/Urian is a german duo working with selfmade instruments and old electronics. Their music is a great mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes and power-electronics with a strong old-school industrial touch at one and the same time original, melodic and powerful ...
    Tonfragmente II includes selected sound fragments from their self-released debut tape and debut CD-R plus some bonus material. Their universe is cold, but never a depressing one and handled themes such as control and manipulation, information treatment, or some reflections on history -and even on own country history- have the ability to let feelings and thoughts arouse and to get matters reconsidered...
    The reputation of their live performances -combining music, theatrical elements and installations- went over the frontiers and the band was programmed at the fifth Deadly Actions festival in november 2002.
    Totally remastered sound from original recordings by Hermétique. Comes in special nice digipack with new artwork and selected varnished parts. Don't miss it ..." (press release)
    More info, flyer, mp3 extracts:
  • Shayo
    * In My Rosary: "Greetings from the past", the retrospective album of In My Rosary is unfortunately still at the factory... we hope to have it before the end of the month, even it could be longer, sorry. By the way, there is a review of the album in the french goth/alternative magazine D-Side !!!
    * Martyn Bates: Shayo is proud to welcome Martyn Bates, founder of Eyeless in Gaza in the early 80s. We'll re-issue - with new artwork and probably some bonus tracks - his fantastic and ambitious album "Mystery Seas", next year. This album counts as one of the best of Martyn Bates, and we are also hoping to do more releases with him in the future.
    * Evpatoria Report: Shayo is also very happy to welcome a swiss band !!! yes, finally... Evpatoria Report is a promising band from our country that makes music in the like of Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and we will release their first new album in the early months of the coming new year !!
  • T.O.P.I. / Count Eric Stenbock
    A few texts by Count Eric Stenbock have been added to the webzine:
  • Tosom
    * Nullkommajosefh - Infidel! TOSOM 015
    Audio-cdr, 2 tracks with 27 minutes running time - comes in a cardboard sleeve - limited and numbered edition of 150 copies.
    After the collaboration with Tscheljabinsk65 on the fabulous "Der Baum Der Wünsche Erfüllt" (TOSOM 011), here is again a work on Tosom by Nullkommajosefh. A german project with a mcd with two long tracks. Electronic atmospheric soundscapes... play loud and enjoy this journey. Price: 5,50 EUR
    * Stillstand - Kreuzung TOSOM 014
    Audio-cdr, 3 tracks with 62 minutes running time - comes in a long cardboard sleeve with 6 inlays - limited and numbered edition of 100 copies.
    On "Kreuzung" Stillstand uses as source material the traffic sound from one crossroads.
    It's not very easy to listen to this work, but it's a trip...the combination of the traffic sound with soundscapes and the ideology of Stillstand to this daily noises that everybody knows. Price: 10,00 EUR
    Trades are welcome
    TOSOM - c/o Antonio Amoroso, Sudetenstr. 12, 87700 Memmingen, Germany
  • Vagina Dentata Organ
14th November 2004
  • We've written some new reviews and added a few links.
  • Nurse With Wound
    * NWW Drunk With the Old Man CD release
    United Jnana is pleased to announce the first cd issue of the NWW LP 'Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains'. Heretofore only available on small run LP editions, this release is taken from the recently discovered master tapes and comes in a 6 panel digipack. There will be a bit of bonus material as well. Preorders are being taken at, to be shipped mid/late December. Otherwise it will be available in shops worldwide mid/late January.
    * Steven Stapleton is currently working on an album with Ben Chasny and John Contreras. The CD reissue of "Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains" will have an extended remix of one of the tracks. It will also have new artwork. "Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains " and "Insect and Individual Silenced" are the most demanded NWW albums among people for CD reissue.
  • Ure Thrall
    This is the new list of releases! All 8 bucks each. Send money order or concealed cash to: Gregory Logsdon / 1574 Church St. #5 / San Francisco, CA, 94131
    Howdy Pardners, I've spent the better part of the last year working 5-8 hours a day on completing a host of releases for your consumption- both from the past as well as the somewhat scary Present. First off 3 Brand New Ure Thrall releases: Ure Thrall and the Sonic Insurgency: "Arabian Knightmares" featuring the Track from the 2003 Drone Records Single "Premonition9/11" (now out of print) as well as 70 additional minutes of Arabian / American Conflict from around the world. Lush desert harmonics and arabian industrial rythyms intertwine with a subtle array of real recordings taken from the current conflicts across the Arabian battleground. This is all given the patented '\"Ure Thrall Treatment" of course. With The Fruitless Hand, Ferrara Pan, and Scott Sterling as "the Sonic Insurgency"
    * Ure Thrall: The Bone Tree Soundtracks part 2: Very Thick and Rich rhapsodic guitar flourishes emanate through a chasm of a deep harmonic abyss creating a depth of space music heretofore never conjured. Starting with an extended version of "theTraveler" (previously appearing as the B side of the sold out Drone Records 7") the next 79 minutes takes the listener on an epic journey through space and time with a music that interweaves a chaotic array of sounds ranging from Volcanic activity, foghorns, choirs, to a miked metal sculpture and two 100 yard long metal barges (to name just a few comparisons). Musical Alchemy in its newest form.
    * Ure Thrall "ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS FROM THE HUMAN BODY" The human body is still a mystery to most of us. Its inner workings are as alien as a shaking hands with a jellyfish. And so are the sounds it makes. Using a microphone of utmost power and efficiency, an amazing alien world of stunning complexity is revealed. But the actual sounds themselves are too alien for even human ears to consider! So this is a TRANSLATION of what goes on inside the Human Body. And these are VERY ALIEN soundtracks. Featuring recordings of The Heart, Lungs, Yoni, Lingam, Belly. Anus and the Brain, this journey all throughout our alien landscape is both startling and richly beautiful.
    * NEXT we have some new release and re- releases from the time when Ure Thrall was working in Houston with the members of ASIANOVA as well as recordings from the live shows as TERMINUS and URE THRALL;
    ASIANOVA 6 Cd Series "Turning the Black Skies Blue Again" Compiling not only all the material previously released on the extremely limited Discorporeality Cassettes in 1995, but at least half of the music in this set has never before been released. All the pieces flow seamlesly from one piece to the next much like the popular 1st Asianava Cd "Burning the Black Skies Blue". Many of the pieces have also been reworked and all the tracks have been remastered to give thick full sound for your listening pleasure. The titles are
    1: "Love like a Veiled Threat" 79:57
    2. "Nether- Nether Land" 79:57
    3. "Tripped Itch" 79:57
    4. "Suite Dreams" 79:57
    5. "Deja Voodoo" 79:57
    6. "Terminal Ferocity" 79:57
    Twin Female Vocalists shine against a dense backdrop of darkly beautiful surroundings- really this material is beyond words. Asianova listeners already know, you'll want every single volume.
    II. Terminus (with Ure Thrall and Pam Passmore)
    1. Nine Winks to Neptune
    2. Every Laugh Has A Shadow
    Brand new Rerelease oi the two classic 1995. Discorporeality releases. Much of this material was recorded while onstage direct fom the mixing board and all of it was recorded live. Surprisingly slick and oftimes richly moving pieces ranging from the spurious to the downright frightening. Dark female vocals against a stark but melodic industrial background.
    III. Cruor: "Screech of Elvis" (Studio)
    "Red Metal" (Studio)
    "Mass" (Live 1988) with Bonnie, Tim and other special guests
    "Black Harvest" (Live 1990) With Bonnie Mc Nairn and Paul Valsecchi
    ......Before Voice of Eye, before Esoterica Landscapes Seven, and before Asianova, Ure Thrall and Jim Wilson, followed by Bonnie Mc Nairn and finally Tim Sternat, performed numerous live shows in the "underground Houston Industrial Music Scene" (Ha!). Descending on such local dives as the "Pik 'n' Pak" and "The Axiom" or the infamous "Commerce Street Artists Warehouse" and even sneaking themselves into the now Defunct downtown nightclub "Power Tools", Cruor foisted their industrial mayhem on many an unsuspecting "Free Bird" demanding crowd way back in 1988. The music sometimes consists of an assortment of mesmerizing harmonic melees created with squelching echoing guitars and bass with smooth rich keys and rythym supplanting the structure from time to time. Space reigns supreme on these Cruor releases except for MASS which documents the first ever collaboration between all four of the groups final roster and also recounts the most BRUTAL improvistaional piece they would ever record.
    IV URE THRALL: "Shauerroman" (1995) / "The Ure Thrall Experience" (1991)
    What we have hear are two dramatically opposite examples of Ure Thrall in the mid 90's. While "Shauerroman" is mostly sweet and serene studio recordings. "the Ure Thrall experience" is a puling pounding amalgamation of Banshee vocals, uncontrollable rythyms, scathing guitar and deep bottomed keyboards and drums. "Shauerroman" begins with an extremely long version of Asianova's "Chaotic Vision" and continues with a deep ritualistic drumming / pounding amidst a sailing e-bowed guitar intertwining with the powerful voice of Mr.Chad Salvata. Next is "Downward God" a live recording from a performance at Commerce Street Artists Warehouse in 1994 which sets the tone for the remaining tracks on the CD which is one of both deep brooding contemplation of things both puzzlingly dark and intricately beautiful.
    In complete contrast, the Ure Thrall Experience calls on the talents of chanteuse Treva and Sonic Alchemist Kelly Thistle (once upon a time collectively known as "Mauve Sideshow") to create a morass of emotional and technological misanthropy that will make your dog howl and your duck quack! One side Recorde live on KPFT Houston Radio and the other performed live at that den of iniquity "Power Tools".
    You can expect more releases from the Discorporeality Backcatalogue to be re-released in the coming months: More Ure Thrall, Cruor and such. And don't forget our previous Releases on the label!
    Go to www.radiantlabs or for more info on those releases and free MP3s.
10th November 2004
  • We're back...
  • Antony and The Johnsons / Secretly Canadian
    Antony and The Johnsons "The Lake" CDEP / 12" out now.
    Conceived as an introduction to Antony & the Johnsons' new full-length I Am A Bird Now (due February 1, 2005 on Secretly Canadian), The Lake consists of three songs, including the lead-off single to I Am A Bird Now, "Fistful of Love". Perhaps Antony & the Johnsons' finest work to date, the song features a scorching horn section and subcultural icon Lou Reed on vocals and searing lead guitar. In the tradition of subversive soul classics The Crystals' "He Hit me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)" and Millie Jackson's "Hurts So Good", Antony sings this ode to getting the shit kicked out of you and learning to love every minute of it. Could this be the overlooked theme song to J.T. Leroy's modern masterpiece "The Heart is Deceitful"? The complex emotional undertow of this track reaches a cathartic roar by the song's finale. Antony shifts from a tremble to a wail - a tempest of emotion - while Lou makes that crucial Berlin connection.
    Antony and Lou Reed are no strangers to one another. As a member of Reed's band, Antony accompanied him on his 2003 world tour as a vocalist. There Antony sang lead on the Velvet Underground classic "Candy Says" as well as on Reed's solo classic "Perfect Day". These performances are documented on Reed's latest double-live album Animal Serenade. Antony also contributed vocals for Reed's most recent album, The Raven.
    "The Lake", the title track of the EP, is an adaption of a poem by Edgar Allen Poe set to original music. Mystical folk hero Devendra Banhart included a live version of Antony's "The Lake" on the critically hailed compilation of new American music "The Golden Apples of the Sun". Pitchfork singled out Antony's track for glowing review, giving it 4.5 stars and calling it "breathtaking" and "powerful". The track features Kevin Barker of Currituck Co. on guitar and Julia Kent on cello, and is more subtle than the live recording; Antony murmurs the lyrics inwardly, communicating at once the onging, comfort, and existential fear evoked by the mythic lake. The EP closes out with a lullaby, The Horror Has Gone, a simple fable with an infectious melody.
    A word should be said about the portrait of Candy Darling on the cover of "The Lake". This immortal close-up, entitled "Candy Darling on her Deathbed" is a never before published portrait of the famed Warhol superstar in hospital shortly before she died in 1974. The picture is one of a series taken by the late underground photographer Peter Hujar, a visionary artist.
    Coming soon: Antony and The Johnsons "I Am A Bird Now" CD/LP
  • Aural Hypnox
    Aural Hypnox will release the debut album from Zoät·Aon entitled 'Star Autopsy' on early 2005. More information concerning this release will be announced later. Visit our website regularly for the latest
  • Cyclic Law
    "After some unexpected delays it is now officially available:
    Sophia "Deconstruction Of The World" Enhanced CD (9th Cycle)
    After the limited edition LP, we can announce the enhanced CD version of Sophia's 7th opus. This CD features an additional, previously unreleased track "Depravity" along with a video clip to accompany this track. For this album Peter Bjärgö has this time joined forces with long time friend and Arcana collaborateur Stefan Eriksson to deliver an outstanding piece of sonic grandeur. Keeping with the latest elements of the Sophia sound and bringing back some of the early martial elements with predominant drumming and the addition of commanding vocal parts, this album is definitely one step above it's predecessors and reconfirms Sophia's uniqueness. Be prepared for an intense journey!
    First edition of 2000 copies come in an oversized fold out cover (A5).
    11 Tracks. Running time: 41:28
    Enhanced CD, includes a video of the bonus track "Depravity". (press release)
  • Cynfeirdd
    November is coming, let's move close to the fireplace and listen to the stories of Wolfsblood, Urdraum and Herr... myths, legends, forests and ghosts will be our comrades.
    * Wolfsblood "Twilight of the World" Cyn 034 CD - 16 tracks - digifile with 8 pages booklet
    Hand numbered edition of 472 copies. Special edition 47 copies in cloth pouch with insert.
    The twilight of the world, this title describe perfectly this Russian band album, dark, torn apart, raised by the sap of forests crossed by howling wolves, rocked by nordic mythologies and pagan rites. Imagine Waldteufel inviting Nebelhexe during a Samhaim night... A rough diamond to wear by the heart!
    * Urdraum "A Lair of Labyrinths" Feirdd 011 - 9 tracks
    Hand numbered edition of 141 copies
    This new volume of the E4E series is the way to discover a new side-project of Karnnos/Wolfskin through 9 tracks both close to the J. Aernus universe but also very soft, with texts in French, English and Portuguese...
    * HERR "The Winter of Constantinople" Feirdd 012 - 8 tracks
    Hand numbered edition of 141 copies
    Winter, its severity, its fatal beauty, the far Constantinople, its richness, its aura... go to the east, at legion's step, listen to the clamour of fights et see the pearl in its winter jewelcase!
    More info:
  • Durtro
    * Nurse With Wound: Shipwreck Radio
    Nurse With Wound: Shipwreck Radio 2CD (ICR 41)
    Release date 15 November. Pre-orders are now being taken by ICR for the special edition only. This will be an issue of 150 copies which will come with an additional CDR of unreleased broadcasts from the Shipwrecked Radio project by Nurse With Wound (Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter). Price for the limited edition is £30. Standard edition price: £16. Go to the shop at to order. Please note that this is limited to one copy per customer.
    Please note: This release is NOT available from!
    * Simon Finn: Live in Nice, France, 20 November and live in Denmark on 10, 11, 12 November
    Autre Que presents:
    Saturday 20 November 21h30
    Nice, Le Staccato (4, rue du pont vieux)
    Entrance: 5€
    Simon Finn is also playing 2 shows in Denmark. One is in Aarhus on 12 November, and the other will be in Copenhagen on either the 10 or 11 November. For more details contact Mads Lau Pederson:
    * William Basinski: Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive
    I am delighted to announce that this beautiful 2CD digifile set by Basinski, a joint release by Durtro/Die Stadt, is now available from the shop at £12.
    * Bill Fay Group: Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow
    The release of this wonderful album has been put back to February 2005 as we are still working on the colour of the sleeve and the card to be used. I recently met Bill Fay for a drink and some bags of crisps (potato chips in USA) in a pub near a small blue river and he was in a state of excitement and happiness about the release of this album and several other projects by him in various spheres that we have been discussing for some time. It really appears that his time has finally arrived, and I would like to thank Jim O'Rourke once more for suggesting I listen to his work, as well as Gary Smith, Bill Stratton and Rauf Galip of Bill Fay Group for all their help.
    * Richard Moult (Current 93 collaborator)
    I am a great admirer of my friend Richard's work. Here are some details of upcoming work from him.
    'There are Four Sides to the Night' live EP: This CD is available as a free download on his website and comprises songs written by Richard to poems by the Shropshire author Mary Webb (1881-1927) set for voice and piano, and recorded at two concerts in 2003 and 2004. Performers include members of the Birmingham Conservatoire.
    Battersea Contemporary Arts Fair: Richard Moult will be exhibiting at the forthcoming BCAF during 19-21 November 2004. The exhibition will include several works inspired by Current 93.
    For further information, please visit
    * In 1986 I thought the world was not turning
    I would often see the front rows of seats in cinemas chock-full of corpses and skeletons and sheets of panic would rush through my body. Even today sometimes when I see a Hallowe'en mask/costume/make-up I sometimes think it is a devil; it may be mistaken identity sometimes on my part but sometimes I know it is in reality a satanic force. Just so as I once met Christ As Child being carried by St. Christopher down a street behind Warren Street tube station in London; this was after I had returned from the Japanese concerts in the late 1980s. I forget the exact date but it has always remained with me. I have seen various occult entities several times in my life. But I only saw GOD MANIFEST that once (so far).
    * More news soon if time/times
    I am presently working on some things I am very excited about and will be letting you know what they are in my next update, Godwilling.
    My favourite album of this month is ISAIAH OWENS, 'LET HIM WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE' (CASE 102) released by Aum Fidelity/Case Quarter.
    This is a really magical album of loud, dissonant guitar evangelist gospel; I have many, many albums of this nature and I have to say this is easily one of the most beautiful and powerful of this type I have EVER heard. I recommend it to everyone who has a SOUL. The initial copies have 4 extra tracks.
    To get this CD, please go to
    I am also listening to a lot of music by Masayoshi Urabe. And 'Four Times Sound Razing' by Silberbart. I am reading Tolstoy. I am looking at Louis Wain paintings. Tonight I will go to see Antony in London; soon he will be a major star.
    I have not seen films for longtime. I wanted to see the METALLICA documentary, but have not had TIME. I am very excited about the new BRIDGET JONES movie as I loved the first one so much.
    I have so little TIME now; I wake up at 5am and work till too late; cannot sleep. So dominate time unsound.
    david michael
    london 2.XI.2004
  • Genocide Organ / Tesco
    Genocide Organ : In - Konflikt : CD and LP (Tesco 060) out now.
  • Heidenvolk
    Darkwood/Chaos as Shelter "Lapis" CD
    HV08, 8 tracks, 49 minutes, Digifile
    After the Darkwood studio album entitled "Herbstgewölk", another Heidenvolk release has now been published. "Lapis" is a collaborative album directly resulting from the activities on the Heidenvolk collaboration "Secret Lords". This collaboration of Darkwood and the mastermind of Chaos as Shelter is dedicated to Alchemy. The music is a fusion of traditional folk instruments and natural soundscapes, perfectly completed by Russian and German vocals. The CD comes in a Digifile including 12pages booklet with poems and paintings.
    For further information, please see
  • Novy Svet
    * Title of upcoming mcd: it is most likely that the second part of the ongoing MCD-series will be called SIDÉRANT - A BEAT MONKEY MEDITATION, this is what j. weber told me on the phone. also he mentioned planned oversea gigs for 2005, featuring Demian of O PARADIS in the groups line-up. he also explained that the new collaboration-album with O PARADIS is fully recorded and mixed, but that neither a title, nor a final track order has been fixed.
    more information is hopefully to come soon!
    * Recommended release: D.B.P.I.T. (DER BEKANNTE POST-INDUSTRIELLE TROMPETER) THE OUTSTANDING STORY OF MR. MALLORY, CD sweet farewell, sf003, canada
    The first properly produced CD by Flavio Rivabella aka D.B.P.I.T., trumpet player with NOVY SVET and MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE, shook our world. when listening to it for the first time we were just stunned by ghostly aura of the whole concept-album turning around the surreal story of Mr.Mallory. this masterpiece is overhelming in its intensity and can only be compared to the very best late 80s/early 90s-releases by NURSE WITH WOUND. massive trumpet drones, outta space voices, sheer psychedelia - think of WHO CAN I TURN TO STEREO meets C93's IN A FOREIGN TOWN, IN A FOREIGN LAND. a ghost of an album & fuckin' beautiful! HIGHLY recommended! go to for more information.
    * other RELATED PRODUCTS: whilest O PARADIS and MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE are finalizing their new albums, HIS DIVINE GRACE have just released their latest CD through DARK VINYL. WERMUT & O PARADIS also offer new limited vinyl releases. a NOVY SVET concert date in japan has officially been confirmed by the group for april 2005. more infos to be posted asap.
  • John Peel
  • While Angels Watch
    At summer's end and winter's start, While Angels Watch offers a blessing in the form of a new mp3 section to their website: The four songs currently uploaded are unreleased, radically alternative mixes from their repertoire.
    The forthcoming album 'Treasures of Treachery' will now be released during the first half of 2005, not this winter as originally proposed. In the meantime the band will appear on compilations from Heimdallr, Cynfeirdd & Horus. Singer/songwriter, Dev will also play the Archangel Uriel in the impending H.E.R.R. release of 'Vondel's Lucifer' for more details regarding this visit:
    More info:
18th October 2004
  • Divine Comedy / Das Reut
    DC 037 "Arte de Ben Morire" (MCD)
    2004 (500 copies)
    "Das Reut is a side project of russian dark industrial's leading combo, the mighty Reutoff... Here, we present its very first release : a 4 tracks MCD. The music is a very weird affair... Mid tempo rythmics flirting with dark-electronica (and even ebm), enhanced by some desperate and aggressive vocals, but without any intention of dance floor's conquest.
    There's also an 80's touch all around but the Reutoff's tragical and frozen atmosphere still remains... Let's add the artwork is composed of amazingly strange drawnings in a cool packaging ! (press release)
  • Durtro
    22 October 2004
    * The passing to CatGlory of Yip Liqourice Legs: Thanks to all of those who sent such kind words in to me and my wife. We were really moved and touched. Thank you and we won't forget such kindnesses.
    * Marc Almond critically ill: I am sure you have all read of the terrible accident that Marc and his friend suffered last weekend. He is still critically ill. I beg you to remember him in your thoughts and prayers.
    I last met him about three weeks ago for lunch, when he also gave me the track he has done for our forthcoming HIV/AIDS compilation, a stunning cover of Maurice Chevalier's 'Our Love, My Love', which, to me, sounded one of the most powerful pieces he has ever recorded.
    He is really one of the kindest, most modest and sweet-hearted people I have ever met, and also one of the most talented. I know you will all wish him, as I do, a speedy recovery to full health and full voice so he can continue to excel in his art.
    * Durtro shop reopens/The coming of VAT (sales tax) alas: We are pleased to say that the Durtro shop is once again open. However, it will close again on 31 October, to reopen on 1 November. From 1 November, all items purchased (except books) by people in the EU will be liable to VAT (sales tax) of 17.5%. We are really sorry to do this but are legally bound to implement it and we can no longer swallow such costs ourselves. As you may know, this tax goes directly to the government and has no financial gain for ourselves.
    Consequently, nearly ever item in the shop will be slightly more expensive after 1 November, so if you live in the EU, it makes sense to buy any item that you want now.
    * Durtro sale: As we are still thinning out stock prior to our move, we have decided to reduce the prices of a few items.
    * Pantaleimon: 'Trees Hold Time' and 'Change My World' are now available to be bought as a set, the two CDs for £10. 'Change My World' has been reduced to £5 and is also available separately.
    * Tiny Tim: 'Live In London' and 'Christmas Album' are now £5 each.
    * Arthur Doyle: 'The Basement Tapes' is now £6.
    * David Tibet hand-drawn cover edition: David Tibet has once again adorned a small edition of black sleeves with an original hand-drawn piece by him, which comes with a mint vinyl record inserted into it. This edition is of the 'Tamlin'/'How the Great Satanic Glory Faded' 12" EP. There are 32 numbered, hand-drawn covers only. These are now available in the shop. As with 'All the Pretty Little Horses', each cover is different so no image is shown in the shop. As the last edition sold out immediately, you will be informed by email if you have been successful in obtaining one. £49 each plus postage and packing.
    Two further editions are planned and we will notify you of these titles when they are ready.
    * Instal festival at the Arches, Glasgow: I and all of Current 93 would like to thank everyone involved in this wonderful event--those who organised it, and those who attended. I wish especially to thank BARRY ESSON, the amazingly efficient and lovely promoter, and his wonderful partner, BRYONY McINTYRE. They are two of the loveliest people we have met, and the way they arranged everything was stunning. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
    It was wonderful in every way. We very much delighted in seeing so many old friends, such as Charlemagne Palestine, Billy Basinki, José Pacheco, Carlos Ornelas, Nidge Ince, William James Hindle and many others, and making new friends such as Richard Youngs and Keiji Haino. Every artist I saw was exceptional, and of course the sets by C93 members Baby Dee and Ben Chasny were as powerful and moving as I had expected, as was Simon Finn's instore appearance at Glasgow's Monorail record shop.
    Current 93 were: Joe Budenholzer, Ben Chasny, John Contreras, Baby Dee, Maja Elliott, Simon Finn, David Tibet, Joolie Wood.
    It was of course also the occasion of the first ever show--in fact, first ever appearance--of legendary loner Texan genius JANDEK, whom I have admired for many years. He--if it was Jandek, though it was insisted the gentleman was merely a representative of Jandek's label Corwood Industries--made an unannounced and secret appearance at 5pm on Sunday afternoon, as the first act, with Richard Youngs on bass and Alex Neilson on drums. All three were superb and Richard and Alex complemented Jandek perfectly. It was a real coup for promoter Esson to enable a representative from Corwood Industries to be there at the festival.
    Once again: THANK YOU ALL
    More news soon.
    david michael 22/X/2004
    Review/photos of the last C93 concert in Glasgow available here
  • EETapes
    Out now (9/2004):
    * ET85 The Oratory Of Divine Love, CD-r (100 copies)
    "The first release for this brandnew project from John Gore of Cohort Records (USA), following 'kirchenkampf'. All music was recorded in real time direct to DAT using only radio sounds for source material! The result is both spacey ànd alien with an overall hallucinating feel, to taste!! Full colour cover in CD-size plastic bag. 5 tracks - 65'40" (press release)
    * EE05 'The Walls Are Whispering…' Volume II, CD (525 copies)
    Part 2 of this compilation trilogy featuring : Ah Cama-Sotz (BE), Brainquake (BE), Eric La Casa (FR), Lasse Marhaug (NO), Ian Robert Mckenzie (US, 2 tracks), Radboud Mens (NL), Reutoff (RU), The [Law-Rah] Collective (NL), Vance Orchestra (NL, 2 tracks), Y Create (NL)
    Offset-printed 7" sleeve with silver/blue print on old blue Havana cardboard. Cover art by . 12 tracks - 74'35
    * Coming next:
    ET86 Shifts (NL) 'Vertonen 16', CD-r 100 copies, Another lengthy ambient track (33') for this side-project of Frans de Waard, member of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem and more.
    EE04 Y Create (NL) 'Madadayo', CD 300 copies, After years of silence, Hessel Veldman, main person behind the legendary 70-80ies label Exart from Holland returns with astonishing new solo work!
  • Essence Music / Merzbow
    Merzbow - Sha Mo 3000 (Essence Music \ ESS003) - CD
    "The Japanese master of noise in his first South American incursion! Pulses, piercing beats and fuzzed out guitars colliding with trance-inducing walls of densely structured noise. One of the most dynamic albums from Masami Akita's invigorating post-analog era and a heading towards new influences and ideas!
    "Sha Mo 3000" comes housed in a luxurious custom heavy gatefold mini LP repro packaging with psychedelic-tinged artwork by Mr. Akita himself! Limited edition of 900 copies.
    || Also available in a handmade box set containing the standard edition, a hanging scroll to decorate your wall, a set of professionally printed cards, sticker, page marker and a 3" CDR with exclusive extra tracks. Strictly limited to 99 copies." (press release)
    More info, images and audio samples:
  • Tursa
    * New online shop: Tursa proudly presents its new online shop, Ye Olde Tursa Shoppe: We hope you will find the new shop both easier on the eye and easier to use.
    * News:
    Sol Invictus: Sol Invictus will be touring in late January to coincide with their new CD 'The Devil's Steed', which will be a joint Tursa/Dark Vinyl release.
    HaWthorn: HaWthorn's new CD 'Murky Brine' on Trisol has been critically acclaimed and is already being repressed. HaWthorn have dates in Poland (November) and Italy (December).
    The Triple Tree: In early December Tony Wakeford, Eric Roger and Renée Rosen will play two nights in Avignon France. This will include the first faltering steps of a new Tony Wakeford project called The Triple Tree, followed by a more traditional set of the Wakeford repetoir.
18th October 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • 47 Ashes
  • Backworld
    'All That Remains' 5 song 12" EP is the first new release from Joseph Budenholzer and Co. since last year's 'Seeds of Love' CD EP. It is a collection of previously unreleased material some of which was recorded at the same time as 'Seeds of Love' with Julia Kent and Todd Cohen from Antony and the Johnsons, as well as Laura Rogers from the Rogers Sisters. It also includes songs recently recorded in Scotland featuring Highland violinist Anissa Tonberg. These are songs of sin and redemption, love and joy, or just skulking predator and unassuming victim depending on your perspective.
    Cover art, an MP3 sample of the title track and ordering instructions:
  • Durtro
    To Our Beloved Cat YIP LIQUORICE LEGS; I wrote this when drunk on the night of Thursday 7 October 2004 in Glasgow
    * Baby Dee: Two shows in Italy
    31/10/2004, Gender Bender Festival @ Cineteca Lumiere, Bologna, Italy
    1/11/2004, Cafè Procope, Torino, Italy + Maja Elliott (of Current 93)
    Baby Dee was born in Cleveland Ohio. Her father was a fire chief. She loved to play the piano as a child and began her 'professional career' as a bear in Central Park playing the harp. At that time she did not know how to play a harp but people tend to be less critical of bears than they are of other people so the bear made money and Baby Dee could drink beer. The bear went to Paris because that is what a young American bear must do if she wants to become a princess and be cultured and have strange and exotic men and women lavish money and affection on her. There she met the wonderful people who called themselves 'The Shanghai Bureau' and played the harp with them in very beautiful places.
    She came back to New York (The bear stayed in Paris--proof positive that bears are smarter than people) and began the dark descent into the ignominious and shameful world of serious music. Having recovered her senses some fifteen years later she became an accordion playing cat (some would say a very sexy accordion playing cat) and commissioned a very talented man named George Bliss to create for her a high rise tricycle so she could ride in style with her concert harp and rule the streets of lower Manhattan. (No humble bear ever had it so good.) She worked at the Coney Island Sideshow and toured with the Bindlestif Circus. She met Antony of Antony and the Johnsons and did shows and recorded the harp parts on that wonderful first album.
    Then she went back to Europe and travelled to Scotland where she met John Kamikaze--The Prince of Pain and benevolent despot of The Kamikaze Freak Show. Then something mysterious happened and she left everything (lots of very heavy and expensive things) in Ghent and came back to Cleveland Ohio where she became a tree climber. While in Cleveland she wrote songs and recorded two albums 'Little Window' and 'Love's Small Song'. David Tibet of Current 93 befriended her and released them on his Durtro label.
    Her latest work is being presented not as an album but as a book which comes with a CD. It's called 'A Book of Songs for Anne Marie' and is available from the Durtro online shop.
    Info and booking: -
    * Current 93: Turin show posters available to buy online:
    A beautiful golden limited edition poster was made for this show, and some few copies remain to be purchased from the promoters. Go to the below to buy. Tnk U.
    * Current 93 vinyl reissue series:
    Durtro Jnana will soon be commencing the facsimile reissue of all the C93 albums on vinyl. The first release will be NATURE UNVEILED; also included will be the NWW/C93 7" that came with the first 1000 pressings of the album and reproductions of the original A4 insert and the NO HIDING FROM THE BLACKBIRD promotional poster that was given away to record shops when the album came out. We are hoping for a February release for this album, which will then be followed by DOGS BLOOD RISING.
    * Halo by Current 93:
    This will be received by Durtro Jnana on Tuesday 12 October and copies will then be sent out to all of those who have ordered them.
    Thank you all. I am still very sad at GOD taking YIP but the LORD GIVES and the LORD TAKES AWAY and what can we do but accept HIS WILL.
    david michael st.francis tibet glasgow 10 october 2004
  • Richard Moult / Gaze Tree
    There are Four Sides to the Night' live EP.
    As work continues on a CD release of my songs, I have decided in the interim to make available a live EP on this website as a free download. The EP comprises of four songs: A Hawthorn Berry; A Night Sky (from the Presences collection); Like a Poppy on a Tower; The Spirit of Earth (from In Dark Weather). All four are settings of poems by the Shropshire poet, author and mystic Mary Webb (1881-1927).
    The EP can be found on the new Downloads page, which also includes 'The Wood' and 'Seven Icons of Sleep'. The cover features a detail from a painting hitherto unseen on this site, entitled 'Memor'.
    More news/updates:
  • OPN
    Always available via OPN, the last copies of the Harvest Rain "Evening and Devotion" 7"ep, edition strictly limited to 300 copies. You can get a copy of this amazing piece of samhain folk for 10 € postpaid, so act fast before total sold out !!!
    "(...) Evening and Devotion contains four songs of rich neofolk compositions which whisper with references to ghosts, dawn, rain clouds, and nature inspired spirituality (...)"
    -Heathen Harvest -
    Our apocalyptical shelters: or
  • Shayo
    * In My Rosary: The Date of release of "Greetings from the past" is the 10th of November !!! A retrospective album with cult songs such as "Winter", "Wahre Freundschaft", "Why we cried" or "Twilight of the gods", as well as some exclusive and rare tracks and a new version of "The Rose of the World" - an beautifull album of romantic and minimal folk music that will find his home by the lovers of Death In June ("But what ends..."-era) ...
    * Cynfeirdd: Our french friends of Cynfeirdd are now our official representative in France. In the future we will also deal some of Cynfeirdd-artists in Switzerland via our friends and collaborator of Totenlicht; at this point we are also very happy to welcome Iconae, an italian band of the Cynfeirdd family, who'll play next Friday - 15th October - at the Usine of Geneva, with the wellknow GOR,a music project also from Italy by a member of Ataraxia. More infos directly by and for the concert organisation.
10th October 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    * Release Updates: Greetings all! See Beyond the Music - Sept. 30th - Oct. 27th at 1829 NE Alberta St. #11, Portland, Oregon. Thanks to all who attended the opening night with us. It was far more successful than we could have ever imagined. A special thanks to Jackpot Records, Optic Nerve Arts, Phantom Chicken and of course the artists who all sent in artwork. We have some of the gallery 10" records still available and will have images from the exhibit up in a few days here: All artwork not sold at the exhibit will be available from us (whew, ton of emails asking about this.)
    -- The Nurse With Wound 'Angry Eelectric Finger' LP's are almost sold out from us on preorders and we are not doing any repress on the vinyl. The CD editions are now available for preorder and will be available in early December. The handpainted covers by Stapleton will be available at the same time as the regular LP's and are available for preorder on our website now. A special 2 day exhibit will occur to display these works of art before they are mailed out to you record nerds.
    -- The Current 93 'How I Loved the Moon' DLP+7" special ed. is very close selling out. Both editions will be out in December. Special is 200 copies on colored vinyl, special insert, bonus pix disk 7" and housed in a silkscreened blood red cloth bag.
    -- Thighpaulsandra's 'Double Vulgar 2' CD is available for preorder but the 3LP set will not be released until Feb. 2005. The vinyl version is currently being completely remixed/reconstructed by Thighp and will include a very special bonus 6th side of music. (Hi Thighp!)
    !As always, thank you for your label/artist support! -chris, Heather, Pia & Else.
    We are currently in the works for the following albums and taking preorders now. Please visit our website to order.
    -- mt084 Beequeen 'Aughton - The Patient Books' LP
    Ed. of 300 numbered and signed copies on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. All mailorder copies will receive an 11" X 11" (28cm X 28cm) photo insert of the front cover artwork and a signed insert by Beequeen. Shipping out Oct. 30th.
    -- mt085a Nurse With Wound/Jim O'Rourke 'Angry Eelectric Finger 1' LP/CD
    Thou had best be ready when the angry electric finger points to YOU! LP edition available late November. CD edition available early December. CD ed. now available for preorder.
    -- mt086a Nurse With Wound/Cyclobe 'Angry Eelectric Finger' LP/CD 2
    On the other hand, NWW + Cyclobe = free form freakout! LP edition available late November. CD edition available early December. CD ed. now available for preorder.
    -- mt087a Nurse With Wound/Irr.App.(Ext.) 'Angry Eelectric Finger' LP/CD 3
    As the final finger in the fist, Irr.App(Ext.) de.emp.has.(ize) the musical aspect of the source material. LP edition available late November. CD edition available early December. CD ed. now available for preorder.
    -- mt088 Nurse With Wound bonus 'Angry Eelectric Finger 1-3' + 'Raw Material' 3LP+12"
    Although you, as collectors and completists, will want all three fingers thrust deeply into your life, you, nonetheless, have a choice, as these 3 albums are being released separately. Bonus 12" is limited to 300 copies and will not be reissued on CD.
    -- mt093 Current 93 'How I Loved the Moon' DLP + 7"
    Special edition of 200 numbered copies with a bonus 7" pix disk and the DLP all in a printed blood red cloth bag. It consists of new mixes of the IN MENSTRUAL NIGHT album done by Steven Stapleton and produced by David Tibet; only one of the mixes has been previously released (on the Anomalous A LITTLE MENSTRUAL NIGHT MUSIC CD in 2003). Available December.
    -- mt093 Current 93 'How I Loved the Moon' DLP
    Regular ed. of 800 copies in a full-colour gatefold sleeve and 2-180 gram audiophile LP's. We will also have shirts and limited prints available at the time of this release. Available December.
    -- mt089 Thighpaulsandra 'Double Vulgar 2' CD/3LP
    Solo album from this Coil/Spiritualized/Julian Cope member. It is a mesmerizing blend of krautrock, 60's exotica lounge, musique concrete, rock out/drone rock/70's stadium rock blended with a squeeze of catchy melodies that just stay in your head resulting in this disk playing on repeat for three weeks straight. CD soon, vinyl later. Available December.
    -- mt089 Kemialliset Ystävät 'Kellari Juniversumi' LP+7"
    Ala fellow "trippers" Ghost and Magic Lantern Cycle, KY display a natural knack for creating organic and moving musics out of what could by all rights be a pile of instrumental compost. The wide use of arcane instruments (toy pianos, shakers,flutes, mumbled voices, crumhorns?) at times approaches The Portsmouth Symphonia were it conducted by David Munrow (well, we enjoyed that reference at any rate). Ed. of 300 copies on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. All mailorder copies will contain a bonus 7".
    --mt047 La STPO 'Le Combat Occulté' LP
    Ed. of 200 numbered and signed copies on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. It's strange to think that a score of years ago the world was just emerging from the last of its new wave haze, only to enter a brave new era of over produced, digitally recorded schlock. La STPO was borne into this miasma of mediocrity with knives out. They have remained bastions of outré ever since their bloodied birth. Vive La STPO! To celebrate two decades of one of the finest, most fractured and indefatigable European avant post punk bands, BlRR has nailed together this 11 track retrospective of 7300 days in the life of La STPO. And rather than trying to shape this into some sort of "best of" or "greatest hits," BlRR and La STPO have done the reverse by leaning more heavily in on the group's more exploratory moments.
    -- mt064 Legendary Pink Dots 'Poppy Variations' DLP
    Songs wander out into the witch-filled wardrobe and then return for an outro. Not a day in the life should go by without a tiptoe through the poppies... Ed. of 400 copies in a full color sleeve and 2 180 gram double LP's. Bonus 4th side music exclusive to the vinyl edition.
    MP3s extracts available on the site.
    * Projects Forthcoming:
    mt065 Coil 'All the Pretty Little Horses' pix disk 7" and subedition set. "All The Pretty Little Horses" c/w "Oh Rose Thou Art Sick" We will have more details soon for this release. Plus releases with Waldteufel, Edward Ka-Spel, Larsen, Felix Kubin, Brunnen, Romulus/Remus, Volcano the Bear ......
    More info:
  • Death In June
    According to the news posted on the DIJ Yahoo group, "The Live In Italy DVD should be out before Yuletide. That's all I can say at the moment. It'll feature as extras the 3 videos done for the Croatian techno group I and other associates were involved in during the mid-1990s. More news about that closer to the date of issue." (Douglas P.)
  • Durtro
    Dear All:
    This will be the final update for a couple of weeks.
    * Durtro shop closure for holidays/Satanic authorities force us into VAT (sales tax) bondage once more: The Durtro shop is now closed for the month of October, and we will be replying to emails less swiftly from now until the end of October. When we re-open at the end of October we will unfortunately again be adding VAT (sales tax) to all orders from the UK and European Union (EU). This is due to EU legislation made by AntiChrist in the heart of the BEAST. This does NOT affect customers outside of the UK/EU, but those living in this zone can look forward to a 17.5% surcharge on their orders, unless the orders are for books, which are exempt from VAT/sales tax. Sorry, but we can no longer absorb the extra costs of these iniquitous sales taxes.
    On reopening we will also be posting news of 3 more editions of records with hand-drawn sleeves by Tibet, as well as some other rarities.
    * Nodding Folk God Apocalypse comic:
    There were problems with the CD we manufactured for this edition, so they have all been returned to the pressing plant. This means that the comic/CD will not now be sent out until mid November. If you have ordered ONLY the comic/CD, we will process your order when the shop reopens. If you have ordered other items, we have processed your order and the other item(s) have already been sent. If you have ordered HALO, it will be sent when it comes out in 2 to 3 weeks time. Sorry and thank you.
    * Simon Finn in-store appearance at Glasgow Monorail, 18 October
    We are happy to announce that the wonderful SIMON FINN, who will be in Glasgow as part of Current 93, will also be making an in-store appearance at the excellent Monorail record shop on Monday 18 October after the C93 show at the Arches INSTAL festival. I look forward to seeing you all there. As many of you know, Simon Finn has been a hero of mine for a few years now after I was sent a copy of his darkly beautiful and magically disturbing PASS THE DISTANCE. I was lucky enough, with the assistance of David Toop, to get in touch with him in Canada where he now lives, and reissue what is absolutely for me one of THE best albums ever made--an album that fits into what is now loosely called 'acid folk', but which is really one of the most unique and moving albums I have EVER heard. I really can't praise FINN's genius too highly, or describe adequately the splendour and strangeness of his profound work. His recent recordings in London for his second album are equally compelling. Simon Finn has been appearing as Current 93's special guest at recent shows, and he is also now a member of Current 93.
    Full details are:
    Monday 18 October; 8:30pm; FREE!
    Monorail Music
    12 Kings Court
    King Street
    G1 5RB
    Tel: +44 (0)141 552 9458
    Also playing are:
    Exias - J (Experimental Improvisers Association of Japan). After their first ever European performance at the Instal festival, Monorail welcomes Masayuki Takanyagi and colleagues for a night of improvisation.
    Kite Flying Club
    DJ set from Hasslehound!
    * Baby Dee Italian shows: Baby Dee will be playing 2 shows in Italy in early November; details are still being finalised and will be added as soon as we have definite information.
    * Thank you Devendra Banhart:
    My friend Devendra just released another beautiful album, entitled NINO ROJO. I am sure many people reading this are familiar with his heartbreaking music, but I particularly wanted to mention this one as I get a thank you, as does PANTALEIMON, in the credits. So thanks to him for boosting my ego. Speaking of beautiful music my wife and I got tickets to the sold-out Scissor Sisters show in Glasgow too. Hooray.
    * Tibetan recommendation:
    I would like to praise the recent CD reissue compiling some of the rare and wonderful recordings of outsider country and western legend MARLIN WALLACE AND THE CORILLIONS. Marlin has been self-releasing some of the most fascinating and strange songs I have ever heard. I have been collecting his material obsessively for several years. And now you can get a CD with 31 of his masterpieces on, as well as his notes about his persecution by communists with lasers and microwaves, and their stealing of his songs and words through mind-reading computers on communist satellites. This album contains such classics as MARK OF THE BEAST, ABOMINABLE SNOW CREATURE, THIS IS WAR, MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO and HEAD-HUNTERS. The man is a VISIONARY. Buy this CD please. It is released on RASSLIN RECORDS (RR1). Their website is still under construction but it can be purchased from Companion Records and there are nice pieces on him here.
    * Tibetan schedule: I have had several emails asking me why the new album is not yet out. Here are some reasons:
    The decline and collapse of World Serpent, as I previously wrote, has caused many problems with income and general cashflow. The new album, featuring the voices of Marc Almond, Antony and Cosey Fanni Tutti amongst others, is half finished, and I believe will be our most powerful yet. I am also working on two other albums at the same time. But the decline of income from WS has meant that I have had to concentrate on other activities until I can afford to resume recording. Added to this, the entire C93 & NWW back-catalogue--a great many titles--is now deleted, and it is taking Steven and I a lot of time to repackage, rationalise and rethink our recorded history, as well as work on new projects.
    Other activities which are also consuming a lot of my already limited time are:
    - Working on my complete edition of Count Stenbock's writings, as well as writing the short biography of him which will form part of the introduction
    - Preparing a facsimile reprint of Stenbock's STUDIES OF DEATH in the same format as the original
    - Finishing off inputting text for the imminent UNDER THE RAIN AND TEETH OF GODS lyric book by myself; also continuing to find more material in archives
    - Writing texts for the forthcoming 6 Organs/Current 93 collaboration
    - Preparing shows for C93 & NWW in San Francisco as well as shows for C93 in Venice in Spring 2005, as well as the imminent show in Glasgow
    - Preparing to leave this house as well as trying to find another one
    - Writing sleevenotes for the forthcoming Abner Jay release on Durtro Jnana
    - Playing with cats
    - Selling boxes of matches on the streets in the snow to stave off starvation
    - Collecting pictures of slugs and seahorses
    - Praying to GOD
    - Preparing the forthcoming Thomas Ligotti volume on Durtro
    - Clearing out my archives
    - Talking to the SUN
    - Working on the forthcoming Bill Fay Group release (still planned for November release)
    - Answering email
    - Babysitting my neighbour's children FINN and THEA
    - Seeing my friend Purtle
    - Studying NT Greek
    - Preparing the forthcoming 2CD retrospective of C93 on the UK Sanctuary label
    - Talking to the MOON
    - Writing my autobiography
    - Burning pictures of the DEVIL/SATAN
    - Lying in bed with beloved Mrs Tibette and eating pistachio nuts at twilight with jasmine halo
    - Writing notes in my books
    - Reading THE BIBLE and counting out FINAL DAYS and praying for the SECOND COMING OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST MESSIAH
    - Goodbye
    * Tibetan wants list:
    Can anyone kindly help me to find these records? As usual, I will pay or exchange:
    - LUCIFER 'EXIT'. LP; Private UK pressing 1972 (LLP 2)
    - LUCIFER: box set containing two 7" singles, private UK pressing 1972. The singles have expletives as the titles which I won't write here, but I still want them in the box set edition they came in.
    - I would also like another copy of GARY HIGGINS 'RED HASH' on the Rufusmoon label. I do have a copy of this record with the lyric insert, but there are also copies with a promotional insert discussing his court case and his songwriting, and I would like to obtain one of those too.
    - Any ephemera/information et cetera on the above-mentioned LUCIFER or my favourite group RAMASES.
    Thank you all as always for your kindness; I am a bullet of blood fired into the HEART OF THE NEW AGE
    david michael 4/X/2004
  • VidnaObmana
    "VidnaObmana's anticipated Legacy CD (Relapse Records) - now available !
    is vidnaObmana's closing chapter in his critically acclaimed but challenging Dante trilogy for the Relapse Records label. While the trilogy plays with the duality of choices, parallel to the epic Dante poem - covering the conflict of opposites, between good and evil, black and white - equals vidnaObmana's personal longing for an artistic and creative change in pace, profile and style. Towards his 20th anniversary as vidnaObmana, his drive to expand the music in style from ambient to a wider fusion of genres intensifies with Legacy. The album marks vidnaObmana's wilful decision not only to expand his oeuvre, upgrade his own experience as a musician but also link and blend his wide interest in different music styles with what he covered musically in the past. Legacy brings forward a fusion of industrial, ambient, fourth world and even some post-rock elements, performed on electric guitars, overtone flutes and an array of electronic devices. This new album also features some unique guestappearances. Local Belgian blues musicians Paul Van Den Berg and Tex deliver recycling sources on electric guitar and bass, and photographer Martina Verhoeven contributes her voice for treatments. Singer/guitarist Steve Von Till from Neurosis and Neurot Recordings portrays the Dante poem with his distinctive deep and pure voice while Steven Wilson, originator and leader of Porcupine Tree, performs a haunting and thematic electric guitar session (and his longest guitarsolo's in years) to conclude the trilogy. The participation and support of Steve Von Till and Steven Wilson solidifies vidna's fascination and constant progress into different musical terrain." (press release)
3rd October 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Allerseelen
    Allerseelen - Edelweiss - Long sleeve shirt - olive green cloth
    XL/L/M/S/140 (children)
    Design: Ajna/Salt/Gerhard
    Available in November/December
    Please pre-order! Euro 20 inclusive postage
    Cash in (registered) letter to: Aorta c/o Petak, Postfach 778, A-1011 Wien
  • Amplexus / Ars Benevola Mater
    Finally ready!!!!!!
    Thorn Agram - Ar dievu
    10" lim. 497
    "Brilliant Dark-Martial-Folk album with many mediterran elements, a lot of fantastic samples and a great charismatic voice." (press release)
    free mp3 download on
  • Cabaret Voltaire / Mute
    The forthcoming Cabaret Voltaire DVD is available to order now, one week in advance of the UK release date exclusively from Mute Bank priced £9.99 (or £8.50 Non EU).
    Cabaret Voltaire "Double Vision Presents Cabaret Voltaire" DVD (The Grey Area)
    DVD - CABS18DVD (NTSC Region 0)
    Released 4/10/04 (Mute Bank sale date 27/10/04)
    Featuring fourteen visual representations of Cabaret Voltaire tracks including 'Nag Nag Nag', 'Obsession' and 'Diskono'.
  • Cranial Fracture Recordings
    New Cranial Fracture Release out now!
    FRAC05: Sulphur - Der Fluch Des Lebens
    Sulphur is a dark ambient / death industrial project founded at the turn of the milenium to capture both bleak emotions and a value for the sanctity still inherent in life. Hailing from the confused landscapes of Adelaide, South Australia, deep rumbling tones and layers of noise were combined in a search for transcendance in a wall of sound. Influences and inspirations are many, though the aim is to include themes and sounds quite unorthodox to the genre and strive towards a distinct individuality in sound. The recording process for a Sulphur release is driven by an emotion that brings a certain tone to the mind of the creator, this is created using a variety of distorted samples and effects and utilised into a specific appropriate pace into a structured 'song'. The project began with 'Sechzehn Schmerzen' an initial outlet driven by beats and structured compositions, later moving into a purely noise based recording until slowly evolving into darker, deeper and more atmospheric compositions. An hour of experimental dark industrial soundscapes play out over 10 compositions, with stunning digital manipulation of photography added to assist the listener in contemplating the themes presented. Additional samples and information will be soon added to the Sulphur page.
  • Durtro
    * This is 28 IX 2004; I am sick with a cold and drinking Italian chardonnay wine and am delirious. My cats are my HALO. I was reminiscing about how often I went to see Adam and the Ants in their early years and talked with myself a lot about it all. They were amazing. Adam Ant was the best man at the marriage of Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond) as they went to school together; I believe Adam also suggested the name Bevis Frond to Nick. At one point in the late 80s Rose McDowall, Douglas P. and myself were planning a group consisting of us three called STRAWBERRY DEATH CURRENT, which must be one of my favourite names ever... I don't believe any recordings were ever made however. I miss punk rainbow beauty.
    * The Turin concerts: Grazia!
    Thank you so much to everyone involved in, and all of those who came to, these two shows with which we were absolutely delighted. We would especially like to thank: FABRIZIO, PAUL, GIULIO, GIORDANO, CHIARA, FRANCESCA and ELIANA, as well as our friends Nidge, Carlos, Pacheco, Sergi, Massimo and Sabine and many others who came to see us and spend time with us after the concerts. We loved Turin absolutely and all want to live there forever. Thank you from Tibet, Joolie Wood, Simon Finn, Maja Elliott and John Contreras. I also wish to recommend the wonderful music of LARSEN: see To follow our wonderful time in Lisbon with an equally wonderful time in Turin made us very very happy.
    * Blessed Baby Dee will play with C93 at Glasgow Instal show
    We are delighted to announce that BABY DEE will now also be playing on the Saturday night, both as a solo artist and as a member of CURRENT 93. There will also be CDs by her and her recent BOOK OF SONGS FOR ANNE MARIE on sale at the venue, as well as material by C93.
    * Steven Stapleton undead
    Steven is continuing to recover; thanks to all for their messages of wellness to him.
    * More Dispersal93 on eBay
    I will soon be adding more books, records and other items from my personal archives, including more test pressings by C93. Items can be found at this link:
    * New additions to the Durtro shop
    Very limited stocks of the following items have been added to the shop:
    1) WHERE THE LONG SHADOWS FALL VINYL 12" (40 copies). £20 each; mint and unplayed.
    2) AN INTRODUCTION TO SUFFERING VINYL 12" (40 copies). £15 each; mint and unplayed.
    3) SLEEP HAS HIS HOUSE VINYL 12" DOUBLE LP (25 copies). £25 each; mint and unplayed.
    This is the first pressing of this 2CD set. It was missing the small glossy stick-people--souls rising to heaven--that covered the front panels, was the wrong shape, and the flames were incorrectly positioned at the bottom. We have 40 copies only of this, all shrinkwrapped. I ordered them all to be destroyed when I saw them, but whilst clearing out the stock at World Serpent I came across a box of 40 of them which were not returned to the factory for destruction. All these CDs are still shrinkwrapped. Limited to one copy per person/order.
    5) THE NODDING GOD UNVEILED COMIC/CD. I have also found a box of 100 copies of this comic/CD set. The comics are all mint. The CD was not with the comic, so I have made an edition of 100 CDs to go with them with a colour cover. £10
    Also available to order now:
    HALO CD reissue on Durtro Jnana. I am happy that this is available again as it is easily my favourite live album by C93, and WS only pressed 1000 of them when it came out, briefly, early this year, which were all sold immediately. This will be available for shipping in the second week of October. £10
    Thank you for the moment I am over but not OUT
    I am everywhere SPINNING but not BROKEN
    love to all from DAVID TIBET +++
    as the crow flies
  • Eternal Soul Records
    ES 16 | TRIARII - Triumph - 7inch - out now!
    limited edition of 333 copies inkl. Postcard - finest military pop in the way of Arditi, Karjalan Sissit ...
    teaser: [1 min]
  • Klanggalerie
    Three new 7"s singles are here and ready to be ordered:
    * Rapoon - Jane from Whitley Bay picture disc 7"
    Beautifully designed by Robin Storey, this is the band's first ever picture disc. Limited edition of 200 copies.
    * If, Bwana - Bird Brain Bath 7"
    Al Margolis aka If, Bwana is one of the most important composers of modern composition/avant garde. Limited to only 100 numbered copies.
    * Delayer - Could we feel 7"
    New project by Zoviet France ex-member Andrew Eardley.
    Reminds of his earlier bands Horizon 222 or Ingleton Falls. Limited to 100 copies only.
  • Precordings / Sol Invictus - HaWthorn - Sieben
    The 4 track CD 'Writ In Water' is now available. Digipak with 12 page booklet. All tracks previously unreleased.
    Tracklisting: Sol Invictus: Light Me the Candle / HaWthorn: Degenerate Leander / HaWthorn: When the Lamp is Shattered / Sieben: Missolonghi Sky
  • Shayo
    it is time again to get some news from the little label from Switzerland : Shayo ! little but very active as you'll see : Neither/Neither World comes to Switzerland, In My Rosary's CD comes soon out and Backworld comes to Shayo.... and Shayo goes to Namskeio !
    * Neither/Neither World: We are very happy to welcome Wendy and her friends for some exclusive dates through old good Europa : Sa 13 Nov : L'Usine / Geneva (Switzerland) - with japan's Acid Mother Temple. Lu 15 Nov : Vienna (Austria). Sa 20 Nov : Turin (Italy) tbc
    more dates and confirmation to come soon !
    * In My Rosary : October is the month of In My Rosary's "Greetings from the past" digpack.-CD !!! An retrospective album with cult songs such as "Winter", "Wahre Freundschaft", "Why we cried" or "Twilight of the gods", as well as some exclusive and rare tracks and a new version of "The Rose of the World" - an beautifull album of romantic and minimal folk music that will find his home by the lovers of Death In June ("But what ends..."-era) ...
    * Backworld : Yes, Backworld signed by Shayo to re-issue his fantastic and beautifull album "Anthem from the pleasure park" !!! It is an honour for us to give home to one of our favourite band and at the same time to a good old friend - welcome Joe !
    The re-issue will be released very early 2005.
    * Swiss Distribution : Namskeio is the official distribution of Shayo in Switzerland ! In short NNW's "Rewound" will be available by independent record-shops as well as big chains such as Fnac or ExLibris, all around Switzerland - that's a good news, but don't forget that it is also also very easy to get our CDs by our collaborator of !
    For Germany and for Export we are still represented by our old time friends of Tesco Org.
  • Steinklang
    out now:
    * A Challenge Of Honour - Monuments SK30
    LP lim. 500 / first 150 copies come with a bonus 7" in marbled vinyl
    CDR lim. 100
    "brilliant Martial-"Pop" songs followed by strong and heroic Neo-Classical tracks.
    sometimes very folky, sometimes dark hypnotic and ritual. Many tracks with Peters great voice, one totally lovely Folk-Ballad sung by Audrey Beckers and David Westerink and a dark, rural storm-song featuring Sturmpercht. all in all a incredible mixture of everything you ever liked most from ACOH, but in a new, fresh and much more intense way.
    this record is the beginning of a new aera of ACOH and a milestone in Martial-Neoclassic-Folk!!!
    the CDR-version also features the 2 tracks from the bonus 7".
    * Allerseelen - Heimliche Welt / Ahnstern 2 / double LP
    this is the second part of ancient recordings, wich were originally published on early Allerseelen cassettes in 1989. like on ARCHAISCHE ARBEITEN, you find hypnotic shaman music on Heimliche Welt too, but the music here is more filigree and sometimes even playful. Bone-flutes, kettle-drums and violins arranged in dark ritual soundscapes create a shamanic and sometimes even strange atmosphere. a secret soundtrack from a lost world.
    digitally remastered from the original master tapes!
    * Allerseelen - Gefiederte Träume / Ahnstern 0
    Gefiederte Träume contains Allerseelen soundtracks from 1989 and the recording Kuinzige from 2004.
    this LP is a free bonus LP for the subscribers of the 10x DoLP Allerseelen boxset only and it can NOT be bought without the box! A few copies of this beautiful mahagony red birchwood subscription-boxset lim.100 are still available. ask for details!
    * Stahlwerk 9 - 212 / SK7-212 / boxset lim. 212
    wooden box with a printed copper plate on the top containing 12 coloured 7"es and a fold-inlay.
    the theme is about the French Revolution in 1789 and the 7"es are coloured like the french national flag. each 7" stands for one month of the new revolutionary calendar wich started 212 years ago on 22.Sept.1792.
    The music is not unlike the famous Oradour CD/LP release; heroic and dark soundscapes from a dark age, sometimes mixed with fine samples and a few vocals.
    * Thorofon - Freedom / SK7-14 / heavy 7" lim. 180
    their new Industrial-floor killer!!!
    a masterpiece of oldschool Industrial Disco in the vein of early TG, but more aggressive and powerful. the perfect follower to "riotdictator"!!!
27th September 2004
  • Backworld / Eis & Licht
    All That Remains' 12" EP
    This new five song EP from Backworld represents the first work heard from Joseph Budenholzer and company since last year's 'Seeds of Love' EP. Two of the tracks are from the same sessions that produced 'Seeds of Love' as well as the unreleased album 'Good Infection' and feature Todd Cohen and Julia Kent from the Johnsons (Antony and the Johnsons) and Laura Rogers from The Rogers Sisters. The rest are recorded recently in Scotland with Highland folk violinist Anissa Tonberg. This EP will be released through the German label Eis und Licht in connection with the Backworld concert in Halle, September 24.
  • Cynfeirdd
    * Neutral "...of shadow and its dream" CD (Cyn 033)
    Finally here comes the first studio album of the great Russian band.
    After an acclaimed live CD and several great compilations tracks here is finally the first studio album of the Russian band. A fine mixture of neoclassical skillness and dark folk moods, surrounded by the sweet voices of Veronika and Ash. Limited edition of 499 copies in digifile with 8 pages booklet.
    * Eye For Eye Series volume 9 and 10
    - Charlotte's Shadow "Love & Hate / No Tears" CD (Feirdd 009)
    A true goth release! It's been a long time I haven't listen to so old'good damn goth music, back to the essential a guitar, a bass guitar and a synth, with great male and female voices!
    - Ungern Sternberg "Der Trübe Klown" CD (Feirdd 010)
    A concept CD about dictators and tyranny, no need to say then it's industrial music to it's most, stuffed with war samples and historical speeches. No need to argue, you'll like or hate!
  • Durtro
    Dear All:
    5 to midnight. MATTHEW XXV: 6; REVELATION III: 20
    * The Lisbon concerts: obrigado!
    We would like to thank Pacheco and Carlos for their amazing kindness during these shows, which we felt were the best we have played for many years. I was particularly delighted to have Baby Dee, Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Simon Finn playing, both as special guests and as members of Current 93. All three are hereby enrolled in C93. It was also lovely to have our good friends Mark Logan, Stephanie Volkmar and Jeri Kay there from North America; thank you for coming, and thank you for coming to all of those who came from wherever they did. Many thanks to all involved from David Tibet, Maja Elliott, Joolie Wood, Simon Finn, Baby Dee and Ben Chasny.
    * Steven Stapleton septic insect near-death experience
    Steven was recently bitten by an insect in his inner ear in Ireland. The bite went septic, and swelled into a huge boil. The boil burst and, as it was unable to come out through the ear due to the septic blockage, it went inwards, breaking his eardrum. Blood started to pour out of his ear, and the balancing fluid within his eardrum flowed backwards down his throat. The infection then spread to his throat, nose and behind his eye. Having been initially misdiagnosed by a doctor, he was then taken into hospital for massive oral and intravenous doses of antibiotics. The doctor told him if it had been a couple of days later, it would have spread to his brain and possibly killed him. Steven is now out of hospital after many days of awful pain, and is feeling (comparatively) much better, though he will be unable to swim or fly for a couple of months, and still has some problems standing up due to the balancing fluid regenerating slowly.
    Consequently we have started work on an album dedicated to such infections: BRIGHT YELLOW MOON II: EAR ECLIPSE.
    * The Hafler Trio: 'Where Are You' using the voice of David Tibet
    Subsequent to my last posting regarding this release, I am delighted to say that Andrew McKenzie of the Hafler Trio has sent me a copy of the lovely limited edition of this album with a sweet note inside it. I found it very beautiful and moving and it certainly represents what we may well have done together if we had continued our collaboration at the time--a planned meeting between the confused and powerful apocalyptic sound of 'Nature Unveiled' period Current 93 and the Hafler Trio's exquisite mystery, intensity and clarity. Unfortunately Andrew and I then fell out with each other for about 20 years, but I am happy to say that we have been reconciled to each other as a result of the release of the album. I recommend this release unreservedly to anyone with an interest in either the work of C93 or H3O. Mangalam! More details here:
    * Get well soon to Phreeduh
    My friend Freida Abtun, whom I met in Toronto, and who was instrumental in introducing Mark Logan to the work of C93 and thus starting off the Durtro Jnana collaborative label is recovering from emergency surgery. She is recovering rapidly, and I ask you all to send her beams of light through clasped prayer hands. Thank you.
    * San Francisco shows by NWW and C93
    We still have not finalised these dates, though we will still be playing them. The delay in giving out dates is due to our working on the forthcoming US editions of our catalogue through Revolver. We are drowning in things to do.
    * Glasgow instal show by Current 93
    We are delighted to announce William Basinski will now also be playing on Saturday 16th. Go to for more details.
    * Turquoise Eucalyptus
    My cats are all WELL. Except maybe X-RAY'S TEETH?
    My favourite albums at the moment are: RED HASH by GARY HIGGINS--many thanks to Ben Chasny for recommending it, and to Michael Piper of Ace of Discs/The Wild Places for finding it for me. THE ENLIGHTENING BEAM OF AXONDA by BOBBY BROWN--many thanks to Johnathan 23 (alas I have mislaid your surname, Bad Elvis) for recommending it, and the excellent Michael Piper once again for finding it immediately for me as well as Bobby's two other amazing and happy albums. Michael re-released the superb PARALLELOGRAMS album by Linda Perhacs on CD--an absolutely matchless album--and he is amazing at finding scarce records; he has a website and sells records on eBay under the ID 'aceofdiscs'. I am also playing endlessly the new album by SOEUR MARIE KEYROUZ, HYMNS TO HOPE. And SLOW TRAIN COMING, SAVED and SHOT OF LOVE by BOB DYLAN. And the new JANDEK album, THE END OF IT ALL.
    My only reading at the moment is THE BIBLE and I am concentrating on the writings of ST. PAUL. On this topic thanks again to JAMES HUNT for his illuminated writing to me and telling me the story of THE STATUE OF CHRIST DESTROYED BY NERO'S TROOPS that was made by a woman whom CHRIST cured of a BLOOD-CLOT.
    I send my LOVE to everyone, especially my beloved wife MRS TIBETTE who is away on another yoga study course alas as I write this. She now ONLY listens to the SCISSOR SISTERS whom I also love.
    I am now signing things that are green or seablue in small quantities at teatime as long as they are not given to idols.
    * Forthcoming benefit 3CD set for Doctors Without Borders' work for those with AIDS/HIV in Africa
    It looks like this compilation, curated by Mark Logan and myself, will be out very early 2005, I believe. We have recently also received unreleased and fantastic tracks from Marc Almond, Will Oldham, and David Surkamp (previously in Pavlov's Dog, one of my very favourite groups ever, and certainly one of my top 10 male singers of all time); we have also been promised a track by the masterful Arthur Brown, an artist I have greatly admired since I first saw him perform 'FIRE' on Top of the Pops in my innocent, joyous, pre-pubescent years (see ALL THE PRETTY LITTLE HORSES for a picture of me in such a state).
    * Soft Black Stars
    It has now been decided that the first release on UNITED STATES OF DURTRO via REVOLVER will be my personal favourite SOFT BLACK STARS, an album which many people hated on release. The CD will come with the alternate version of CHEWING ON SHADOWS that appeared on the limited vinyl edition, as well as a 3 minute acoustic version of the same track, and the out-takes that appeared on the INTRODUCTION TO SUFFERING album. We are hoping this will be available in November in a 6-panel full colour digipak.
    * Bill Fay Group: Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow
    We are still expecting a November 2004 release of this wonderful album, through Revolver USA.
    * Halo
    The Durtro Jnana reissue of HALO (LIVE AT LONDON'S QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL 2003) will also be out in about 3-4 weeks, and will be added to the shop when it is released.
    * Vinyl remnants and oddities
    We have found very small quantities of the following 12" records: AN INTRODUCTION TO SUFFERING (by C93, Michael Cashmore and Christoph Heemann); WHERE THE LONG SHADOWS FALL; and SLEEP HAS HIS HOUSE 2LP. Also a box of 40 or under copies of the REJECTED AND DESTROYED edition of the C93 live in NYC 2CD, ALL DOLLED UP LIKE CHRIST. This was missing the small glossy stick-people-souls rising to heaven that covered the front panels, and was the wrong shape, and the flames were incorrectly positioned at the bottom. These will all be added to the shop in October as the clear out of dead stock continues.
    Further releases are imminentŠ
    Thank you all. God is Love. godislove. david michael tibet 21/IX/2004
  • Eibon
    3 new releases (2 brand new ones and a much needed repressing....):
    * Blood Box "The iron dream" cd
    6 tracks / Release date: 20.09.2004 / Format: 4 panels digisleeve
    * Navicon Torture Technologies "The arrow and the wound" cd
    12 tracks / Release date: 20.09.2004 / Format: 6 panels digisleeve
    * Esoteric "Metamorphogenesis" cd
    3 tracks / Re-release date: 20.09.2004 / Format: Clear-trayed jewel box
    More detailed information:
  • Eis & Licht
    New version of the website, with English version:
    Backworld - All That Remains EP and Scivias - stong-pa-nyid LP to be released on the 1st October.
  • Infrastition
    We're pleased to introduce you the brand new Infrastition label, dedicated to French 80's bands and its inheritants.
    September 2004 releases:
    * Fin 001: IRRELEVANT "Black Sheep" CD - 13 track, digipack
    Fourteen year's long wait since the Asylum Party "Mére" album to hear again the voice of Phil, singer, guitar player of one of the headlight bands from the Lively Art label.
    * Fin 002: BAROQUE BORDELLO "83-86" CD - 19 track, digisleeve
    "83-86" = Today + Via + Paranoïac Songs finally available on CD
    For the first time on CD, all the Baroque Bordello remasterised tracks "One of the best actual French band" said Lol Tolhurst (The Cure) in 1983.
    * Fin 002/003: BAROQUE BORDELLO "83-86" + "Regards" 2CD - 19+16 track, digisleeve + cartonbox
    "83-86" = Today + Via + Paranoïac Songs finally available on CD
    For the first time on CD, all the Baroque Bordello remasterised tracks as limited edition 500 numbered copies with bonus CD "Regards" includes 15 unrelased tracks from demos and live recordings.
    check for details and online order
  • Stateart
    GENITOR LVMINIS "Virgae" MCD out now!
    Catalog Number: AVANT008
    Format: 3"CD-EP (folding card sleeve)
    Playtime: approx. 20 minutes
    Release Date: 25. September 2004
    With "Virgae" a veteran of the Stateart artist family finally returns after almost five years. Genitor Lvminis is not a musician who releases frequently, he rather stands as a solid entity of careful compositions that ultimately prove themselves to be well worth the wait. The new MCD contains two epic songs and shifts Genitor Lvminis' characteristic sound into a more meditative state. His epic and somber foundations release fragile string arrangements, increasingly weaving into a mantra-like sheet and suddenly appearing as bells to the listener's imagination, underlined by lyre elements. "Virgae" appears lighter than his previous release "Deam Adessa" - drawn into a more introverted spiritual context by focussing on development of inner strength, inspired by the Olympic character of achievement. "Virgae" will inspire a perfectly balanced state of being.
    Available NOW through Stateart or, Sublime music mailorder
    Also available SOON through many fine international distributors
  • Tosom
    New on Tosom
    Richard Ramirez - Civilization Hysteria CDR
    TOSOM XX-001
    AUDIO-CDR, 2 Tracks With 60 minutes running time
    Comes in a cardboard sleeve
    Limited and numbered edition of 200 copies
    First release in the TOSOM XX serie. In the future, this will be the Noise side of TOSOM. The serie starts with one of the US Noise masters: Richard Ramirez don't need big introduction.
    He is active since many years with many releases on various labels. Also wellknown with his projects Black Leather Jesus and Priest In Shit. "Civilization Hysteria", recorded 2004, is best exciting US Noise with some unexpected moments.
    Tosom Label:
    001 STILLSTAND - Symbiosen CDR
    003 CONSCIENTIA PECCATI - Chaos/Magick **sold out** CDR
    004 STILLSTAND - Peace (is the end of all media transmissions) CDR
    005 TSCHELJABINSK65 - titan woods/ancient forest MCDR
    006 V.A. - Erntezeit CDR
    007 CONSCIENTIA PECCATI - Quinque Viae CDR
    008 KADEF - Wir Leben Zwischen Fremden Gesichtern... CDR
    009 XOTOX - Indre Stilhed CDR
    011 TSCHELJABINSK65 & NULLKOMMAJOSEFH - Der Baum der Wünsche erfüllt CDR
    012 ELLENDE - Mathematica CDR
    c/o Antonio Amoroso, Sudetenstr. 12, 87700 Memmingen, Germany
  • Troum
    Release of the new TROUM 7" picture disc on Equation Records.
    It comes in a strictly limited edition of 444 copies that comes with a circular magnetic numbered insert.
    The heavy-vinyl 33rpm pic-disc features two excellent tracks from TROUM (ex Maeror Tri), the masters of dream-like drones and surreal aural textures.
    Tracks: "Un/Mahts" and "Aetas Vetus"
    Short Description:
    "The most archaic and raw Troum can go.
    Hypnotic noise-loop power and archaic droning industrial"
    It features BEAUTIFUL artwork by Jakobi based on sketches by Albrecht Drer.
    This really is a lovely item in every respect (and heavy too).
    The record presents both dreamy and power-enhanced Troum.
19th September 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Allerseelen
    The Ahnstern box containing ten double lps by Allerseelen will also contain a bonus lp which is only available for the Ahnstern box subscribers. Some copies of this beautiful mahagonny box are still available from Ahnstern/Steinklang: This double lp will be published in september. It is called Allerseelen: Gefiederte Träume. It contains the recording Gefiederte Träume from 1989 and the recording Kuinzige from 2004. The artwork will be as beautiful as always.
  • Amplexus / Thorn-Agram
    Thorn-Agram : Ar Dievu 10" ltd.497 copies out on 25th september ( Ars Benevola Mater / Amplexus )
    Limited edition vinyl release in special quality textured paper with inserts & 4 postcards.
    God said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" And he said, "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?" Then God said, "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground!" - Genesis 4:9-10
    In the midst of the Central Cemetary of Riga, the Capitol of Latvia, is the Brethern Cemetary - Bralu Kapi.
    On this Bralu Kapi are the graves of national latvian soldiers and latvian red army soldiers. Here they found their last peace. The one with the national utopia against the one with the red utopia, children of the French Revolution. Father against Son, Brother against Brother. A century of brothers´wars, Europa tearing herself to pieces. Men bitterish succumbing utopias. The mourning mother of Latvia, of Europe, surveys her dead sons. The grave of the latvian officer besides the bolshevik commissar, the peasant besides the kolchosnik, the unknown besides the unknown, brother next to brother. On one tombstone the latvian swastika, on the other the Red Star. Separately they marched, now reunited in their native soil. The battles of the war were the streetbattles of ideologies. Separated in life, united in death - here on the Bralu Kapi.
    More info, preorder: -
  • Bleiburg
    The LJDLP arrangement is removed from the new Bleiburg 4CD! instead we use an other song.
    See detailed info below (news from the 5th September 2004).
  • Coil
    COILANS has arrived!
  • Cold Spring
    * Available now: Merzbow vs Nordvargr - 'Partikel' Cold Spring CSR55CD -
    Collaboration between the noise giants! Shipping out right now!!
    * Available for pre-order now, at special pre-release prices:
    Von Thronstahl - 'E Pluribus Unum' CSR37CD - repressed due to demand!
    Von Thronstahl - 'Imperium Internum' CSR32CD - repressed due to demand!
    Both Von Thronstahl are delayed for 3 weeks due to artwork problems - will be out late September.
    * Next planned releases in Autumn 2004:
    Kreigsfall - U CD
    John Watermann - 'Calcutta Gas Chamber' CD
    Necropolis - 'Necrosphere' CD
    Laibach - 'Neu Konservatiw' CSR38CD - repress due to demand!
  • Death In June / Boyd Rice
    Alarm Agents - LP/CD versions
    The release of the DEATH IN JUNE & BOYD RICE album "Alarm Agents" is now imminent and orders are being accepted. Here is the definite track listing for the LP version which is a limited run of 1,600 copies, half of which will be on coloured vinyl. We plan that all of NER mail order's stock will be on coloured vinyl. The record sleeve will be foil-blocked.
    Side 1: Untouchable / Black Sun Rising / Tears Of The Hunted / You Love The Sun, Don't You? / Storm On The Sea (out beyond land) / Summer Is Gone.
    Side 2: Deeper Than Love / Are You Out There? / Sunwheels Of Your Mind / Get Used To Saying No! / Symbols In Souls / An Ancient Tale Is Told / Boyd's Gift.
    The LP of "Alarm Agents" features the only complete versions of the songs "You Love The Sun, Don't You?" and "An Ancient Tale Is Told". These are otherwise used in cut up form to segue tracks together on the CD. The LP also features completely different mixes, perhaps more nasty and psychedelic in nature, of "Tears Of The Hunted", "Are You Out There?" and "Symbols In Souls".
    Besides the CD version containing these segues and different mixes it also contains the exclusive track "The Man Who Laughs" and the full track order is as follows:
    Untouchable / Black Sun Rising / You Love The Sun / Tears Of The Hunted / You Love The Sun, Don't You? / Storm On The Sea (out beyond land) / You Love The Sun And The Moon / Summer Is Gone / Deeper Than Love / An Ancient Tale Is Told / Are You Out There (Dornier 17 mix) / Sunwheels Of Your Mind / Get Used To Saying No! / Symbols In Souls / An Ancient Tale Is Told Again / The Man Who Laughs / We're All A Little Afraid / Boyd's Gift.
    The CD will, as usual come in a deluxe, foil-blocked, debossed digi-pak.
  • Dies Natalis / Nielozilla
    Dies Natalis - "The Bright And The Pure"
    The brandnew 12" Vinyl!
    Limited to 500 copies!
    Supreme finish with a rough cardboard cover and black inner sleeve.
    Side A: Near Heaven/The Bright And The Pure/The Fortress - The Seventh Seal - Occitanias Knights
    Side B: La Complainte Pour Esclarmonde De Foix - The Upward Spiral - Near Heaven II/The Bright And The Beast/The Stake
    order info at
  • EE Tapes
    Out now:
    ET85 The Oratory Of Divine Love, CD-r (100 copies)
    The first release for this brandnew project from John Gore of Cohort Records (USA), following 'kirchenkampf'. All music was recorded in real time direct to DAT using only radio sounds for source material! The result is both spacey ànd alien with an overall hallucinating feel, to taste!! Full colour cover in CD-size plastic bag. 5 tracks - 65'40 Price: 10 Euro (postpaid)
    EE05 'The Walls are whispering…' Volume II, CD (525 copies)
    Part 2 of this compilation trilogy featuring : Ah Cama-Sotz (BE), Brainquake (BE), Eric La Casa (FR), Lasse Marhaug (NO), Ian Robert Mckenzie (US) with 2 tracks, Radboud Mens (NL), Reutoff (RU), The [Law-Rah] Collective (NL), Vance Orchestra (NL) with 2 tracks, Y Create (NL)
    Offset-printed 7" sleeve with silver/blue print on old blue Havana cardboard. Cover art by . 12 tracks - 74'35 Price: 15 Euro (postpaid)
    Coming next:
    ET86 Shifts (NL) 'Vertonen 16', CD-r 100 copies
    Another lengthy ambient track (33') for this side-project of Frans de Waard, member of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem and more.
    EE04 Y Create (NL) 'Madadayo', CD 300 copies
    After years of silence, Hessel Veldman, main person behind the legendary 70-80ies label Exart from Holland returns with astonishing new solo work!
    More info:
  • Eternal Soul
    fresh wax out on 22.09.2004!
    .ES16 TRIARII - Triumph - 7inch - lim. 333 [276 black, 66 colored vinyl] (amazing new projekt from germany in the way of Arditi, Puissance or some good CMI-acts) [ca. 1 min]
    find some reviews on the website ...
    .DSR03 Genevieve Pasquier - Pulse - 7inch - ltd. 400 [300 black, 100 colored vinyl]
    (3 new songs in the way of the great debut on her own label UMB, Thorofon sideprojekt) [ca. 1 min]
  • Matt Howden
    * New release: Matt Howden: Spurge the Sun The German label Phantasmagoria have just released a 'best of' compilation of Matt's work, which features a mixture of original songs and new recordings/remixes from some of his many albums as Matt Howden, Sieben and with Tony Wakeford, HaWthorn.
    For more information on Spurge the Sun, please choose it from the dropdown menu on the Matt Howden page of his website. For tracklisting, please see the Discography page. To order, please see Mail Order.
    * Raindogs 'Alma' now available via mail order.
    Also available via Matt's mail order page is this recently released Raindogs 'best of', which features Matt on violin.
  • Lux Interna
    A message from Lux Interna:
    "Lux Interna has currently relocated to the city of Bremen in northern Germany, and at this time we are seeking experienced musician(s) to complete a live (and perhaps studio as well) set-up. We are interested especially in the following; cello, violin, fiddle, and accordion. Anyone who is interested please contact us at thank you and may all be well!-joshua."
  • Novy Svet
    New release - Out now
    Novy Svet, 'Là-Bas(S) Communion', CD,-ep, neko14, 7 tr., 16 min.
    the first installment of a new series of mini-cds compiling tracks from the ongoing recording sessions of the group's forthcoming album 'Desde Infernos De Flores' (forseen release date late 2.005). seven brandnew tracks, some of them will stay exclusive to this ep, containing material first performed last summer during the surprising concert in barcelona. novy svet twisting and turning like never before! featuring contributions by Demian (O Paradis), Flavio Rivabella (DBPIT) and Tristan Sasao (Unidad Sasao), as well as a stunning cover painting by the catalan artist Ricard Recio, who has agreed to design all items of this series.
    Available now from Tesco Distribution germany / usa.
    Please note that Novy Svet do no longer run a mailorder - therefore items can no longer be ordered directly from them.
  • Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
    Two is Company, Three remains an Orgy, but Four is Forever....
    A long time has past since our last announcement and it consequently appropriate to use this opportunity to announce a selection of news regarding the past present and future operations of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.
    First of all it seems just to announce that on September 4th, Rose-Marie gave birth to Julius, our firstborn child, a healthy boy of 4140 grams and 52 centimeters.
    Other matters seem quite trivial in comparison, but it may be interesting to know that Cold Meat Industry are about to release a brand new compilation called "Flowers made of Snow" featuring brand new tracks from old and new CMI artists, alongside a new and previously unreleased Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio track called "Yesterday brings but a Serpent of Ash".
    And additionally interesting information for all those of you who like to know what's happening and / or possibly collect everything, is that other "relatively new and more or less unreleased" ORE material will be featured on various compilations over the next weeks / months.
    A "semi unreleased" track titled "4 Life - Iron flames and Phoenix falls" was recently featured on the brand new 3-CD Trisol compilation "Leichenschrei", and another brand new and altogether unreleased track titled "The Miscarriage of Paradise regained" will be featured on the upcoming compilation "Looking for Europe" from Prophecy Productions.
    The material for two brand new and upcoming Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio CD's - "Apocalips - Kisses 4 the End of the World" and "Satyriasis - Somewhere between Equilibrium and Nihilism - Split CD together with Spiritual Front -" are finished but still waiting to be recorded. But as soon as the recordings have been initiated, a prospective release date will be announced.
    Let's wait and see what else the future brings.
  • Werkraum
    Dear Friends.
    Some thoughts of interest concerning our current activities:
    CD "Unsere Feuer brennen !" is album of the month July at Stillborn Magazine (Italy).
    Massive reviews have been sent to us. The latest one can be found at:
    The upcoming issue of Ritual Magazine (Italy) featuring an extended interview of Werkraum.
    An update for including new audio streamings, pics and discography will be finished within the next days.
    Forthcoming releases: Werkraum contributes exclusive material for the following compilations of Steinklang/Ahnstern, Fluttering Dragon, Cold Spring and a few others.
    Work on Werkraum's new album is in progress. It'll include some surpising moments for you.
    More details due to release dates etc. coming soon ...
    "Goe nightly cares the red magick lantern to lit up thee, season, thy ornament is nurse of pride ..."
    Sincerely Your's!
5th September 2004
  • Ataraxia
    Newsletter September MMIV
    Many interesting new releases are scheduled for the coming Autumn!
    * Vittorio Vandelli's first soloist album will be finally available in a very short time. 'A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven' transposes into music the poetical imaginary of 'The rhyme of the ancient mariner', the romantic opus of S.T. Coleridge. The rhyme describes the perillous voyage of a sailorman becoming an odissey through sin, death and re-birth until the achievement of wisdom, a status closely related to pain as we become aware of our tragic human condition. The ability to sublimate all of this into music seems to be the only way to fight the tempest and survive the storming sea. In this album, the music is varied, yet a sense of unity prevails: ambient tunes alternate with timeless ballads; ethereal compositions precede soft-electronic episodes; atmospheric airs introduce moving sonatas. Vittorio plays classic, acoustic, electric and synth guitars together with keyboard pads and rhytmical patterns. He felt the urge to follow the creative processus from the beginning to the end starting from the musical idea, passing through execution and finally reaching recording and mixing. 'A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven' features Francesca Nicoli on vocals.
    'A Day of Warm Rain in Heaven' - format: digipak, 15 songs (total lenght around one hour) - release date: September 20th 2004 by Equilibrium
    * Ataraxia and Ark Records are proud to announce the release of the band first biographic book 'Arcana Eco' foreseen for the coming months. "Everything had its origin in the stone. The stone is a natural element that can be embroidered to create daring architectures or remain massive and impenetrable to the light. Ataraxia have built the foundations of their manor with that rough material to make them stronger and unaffectable by time. The water, symbol of death, eternal rest and regeneration, has become their spiritual guide and has given them the chance to shape and trasform their art throughout the years. Then, the doors of the realm of dreams have opened to allow them to cross deeper dimensions and attain contemplation. Walking through a labyrinth leading to a painful and surprising knowledge of themselves, they achieved a new state of enlightenment. Arcana Eco is a journey from the rocky underworld up to an eden of light." Arcana Eco is a book describing the story of Ataraxia's albums through the images of voyage that inspired them and it's also the travel diary of Ferruccio Filippi, a music journalist who reached the band's place to talk with them about their music. BOOK: six chapters developping through Livio Bedeschi's exclusive photos and band portraits; Ferruccio Filippi's reflections, interview and detailed discography; Francesca Nicoli's writings and the 'Arcana Eco' Cd lyrics. CD: 7 exclusive tracks recorded and mixed between April and July 2004.
    'Arcana Eco' - format: photo digibook, 7 songs (total lenght 36 minutes) - release date: Autumn 2004 by Ark Records.
    * On May 31st 2003, in the church of S. Michele in Rovigo, Ataraxia gave an acoustic concert featuring some of their most beautiful songs in an exclusive version for piano, classic guitar, clarinet, flutes and vocals. Angelo Zanella, creator of the suggestive copper masks put beside each musician, took part to the ritual of the concert lighting the candles hidden inside each sculpted face. He lit up their eyes. And music came. A naked essential sound, deeply evocative in its purity, produced a celestial harmony that involved both musicians and listeners. The performance was called 'Strange Lights'. This live album will be released as a limited edition double Cd, the first one will feature the 12 songs played by Ataraxia that night (among them 'Los Eternos', an unreleased instrumental tune); the second one will feature 12 songs of Autunna at sa Rose, the neo-classical ensemble that played the same night. Odos Eis Ouranon (The way to the heavens) - format: digipak double Cd album, 2000 copies limited edition - release date: November 3rd 2004 by Equilibrium
    More info, images, mp3...:
  • Bleiburg
    New 4CD with Von Thronstahl, Nocturne, Werkraum, LJDLP, ...
    Soon a limited to 100 copies Bleiburg 4CD will be published. Price 19,90 (?)
    Bleiburg - Black Legion tracklisting :
    CD 1: 01. Bleiburg featuring Von Thronstahl - The Great British Betrayal / 02. Bleiburg featuring Obscure Resistance - Teufelsdivision / 03. Bleiburg - ZaAgGrRaEmB / 04. Bleiburg featuring Les Fleurs Du Nuit - Dornen und Steine / 05. Bleiburg featuring Thorn Agram - Oda Poglavniku / 06. Bleiburg - Kamerad (V 2) / 07. Bleiburg - Borodino / 08. Bleiburg featuring Von Thronstahl - Awaking of A Dead Hymn / 09. Bleiburg featuring Belborn - Cut Cete Kada Kriknem / 10. Bleiburg featuring Werkraum - Nachtgesang / 11. Bleiburg featuring Thorn Agram - U Hramu Slobode / 12. Bleiburg featuring Von Thronstahl - Domovino (In Memoriam) / 14. Bleiburg - Vã-Lkerbund
    CD 2: 01. Bleiburg featuring Les Fleurs Du Nuit - Vorwãrts / 02. Bleiburg - Die Dreiecksburg im Dunkeln / 03. Bleiburg - Jugendklang / 04. Bleiburg featuring Harvest Rain - Cekam Te / 05. Bleiburg - (TRI) SRCA Junacka / 06. Bleiburg featuring Crna Legija - Poglavnik / 07. Bleiburg - Totaler Krieg / 08. Bleiburg - Ach Dann (...) / 09. Bleiburg - Batschka / 10. Bleiburg - 23-05-44 / 11. Bleiburg - Wacht An De Drina / 12. Bleiburg - Kampf und Sturm / 13. Bleiburg - By The Grace Of God... & Occidentem Appello (arrangement Les Joyaux De La Princesse)
    CD 3: 01. Bleiburg featuring Gregorio Bardini - Nuovo Europa / 02. Bleiburg featuring Nocturne - Iza Kulisa / 03. Bleiburg featuring Von Thronstahl & Werkraum - Herdfeuer / 04. Bleiburg featuring Von Thronstahl & Leger Des Heils - Operation Slaughterhouse / 05. Bleiburg - Kama / 06. Bleiburg - Operation Rãsselsprung / 07. Bleiburg - Goldene Zeiten / 08. Bleiburg - Thaglasz / 09. Bleiburg featuring Werkraum - Notwende / 10. Bleiburg - Bleiburg / 11. Bleiburg - Richtfunk Gen Osten
    CD 4 (mpeg 1 - video CD): Slikopis N.D.H. (ca. 50 min.)
    Pre order:
  • Chaos.Pro
    First Release from Chinese Label - Chaos.Pro: Various Artists "Penumbra over Beauty" CD(CP001)
    This compilation is a first release from Chinese underground label - Chaos.Pro.The artists from the Europe,USA and Asia featuring the scene of dark folk / ambient / industry.The CD comes in a beautiful digifile with 8pages booklet presenting exclusive and mostly unreleased material.
    Upcoming release: Leger des Heils "Sub Specie Aeternitatis" compilation of rare tracks from 2000-2002
    CP002 available in Sept 2004
    The Well of Sadness - First full CD from Italian dark-folk project CP003
    More information:
  • Death In June
    "Abandon Tracks" will be a double CD containing in total 21 tracks. The vynil version will be a double LP plus a 5 track CD.
  • Dawn & Dusk Entwined
    A Harvest of Winds - EP 10" on Athanor, release the 4th of september 2004
    The long awaited and delayed new 10" on Athanor is finally out. Six tracks, rare or unreleased recorded mainly during the "Remergence" sessions amounting to a 31 minutes length, that can legitimally be considered as the companion disc to the CD.
    An edition limited to 350 copies, track listing: She came from the east - Sacrifice for purity (First voice) - False Mercury - The awaker - Along the plains - When my breath turns to haze
    Still available : Special edition CDR with 10 rare tracks (check the website)
  • FDH
    The As All Die / FDH split album will be released by Ultima Comparation Productions (USA) in late 2004 or early 2005 in an edition of 1000 copies.
    More info: -
  • Scott Ferry / C.O.T.A.
    Exhibition Witch World by Scott Ferry in Santa Monica
    Mixed medias
    September 15 to October 15, 2004
    Opening Reception : Wednesday September 15, 2004, 6 to 9 pm
    Musical performance by C.O.T.A.
    Santa Monica, CA - The Roberts Art Gallery, at Santa Monica High School, is proud to present Witch World of artist Scott Ferry from September 15 to October 15, 2004. For this exhibit, the artist presents a series of digital mixed media work.
    More info:
  • Menschenfeind Productions
    "Luftwaffe / Eugenics Council split 7" record now available.
    This record was pressed on clear vinyl, and comes packaged in custom welded barbwire/steel case. Lyric sheet and additional propaganda included.
    This release is limited and will not be reissued.
    The Eugenics Council track is an audio representation of Rosemary Maligns "I am the Hate" .The lyrics for which can be found in the Feral House Publication "Apocalypse Culture II"
    Luftwaffe contributes the track "Ascension of Indignation", a blend of dark folk and Industrial with Solipsist lyrics. Previously Luftwaffe has supported and collaborated with Death In June, Boyd Rice, Panicsville, among others." (press release)
    The record is $9 in the U.S. postage paid. $14 if outside the U.S.
    Paypal accepted with the address sales at menschenfeind dot com
    Check or money order also accepted. Make payable to Menschenfeind Productions
    Menschenfeind Productions - 807 Locust - Columbia mo - 65201
  • Punch Records
    Punch Productions proudly annouce: Out now! PP07 - Luftwaffe - "Solipsistica Nihilisti"
    10" blue vinyl + poster (63x63)
    Limited ed. of 303 handnumbered copies.
    After their recent full lenght CD "Trephanus UHR" , here is the new 10" by this great american Band !
    Heavy military percussions, industrial/noise sounds, uncompromising lyrics. Pure hot blood for right hearts!!! ET NIHIL!!!! With collaborative efforts by Ostara, Valence and Gnomonclast. Includes "Fields" (cover song of Soil Invictus) and 5 exclusive tracks!!!
    Tracks: The 36 Faces Of Adam Qadmon / Solipsistica Nihilisti / A Terror Compaign Without Higher Authority / Order of Operations / Dogs / Nebuchadnezzar Division / Correcting the Human Model / Satan and the Sun / Fields / Zain
    Price : 17.oo eur
  • Stateart
    New release: the long-awaited, much-anticipated new work from Genitor Lvminis
    Genitor Lvminis "Virgae" 3inch MCD (AVANT008)
    With "Virgae" a veteran of the Stateart artist family finally returns after almost five years. Although not being a musician who releases much and frequently, Genitor Lvminis stands as a solid entity of careful composition. This new MCD contains two long songs and shifts Genitor Lvminis' characteristic sound into a more meditative state. His epic and somber foundations release fragile string arrangements, increasingly weaving into a mantra-like sheet and suddenly appearing as bells to the listener's imagination, underlined by lyre elements. "Virgae" appears lighter than his previous release "Deam Adessa" - drawn into a more introverted spiritual context by focussing on development of inner strength, inspiring the Olympic character of achievement. A release that makes us look forward to Genitor Lvminis' first full length album. This 3" MCD comes in a special size packaging as double-postcard sleeve.
    This title will be available from the coming week.
    Pre-orders: or
29th August 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Coil
    Some news posted by Jhon Balance on the Coil mailing list:
    "There are two copies of the special version "The Wheal/Keelhawler" with the signed anf thumb-printed chandmade covers up on ebay at the moment. These are from our private archive and are mine and Peter's own copies. There are no more. we don't have copies anymore. it has been a really incredibly bad month for us financially. We are forced into selling our house and debts are threatened our safety, our sanity and the future of CoiI. We have to start abandoning the past so that we can breathe and move into the future. We are trying to not think about these problems as we want to start recording "Black Antlers (Proper)" and need a clear vision and unencumbered start to this potentially intense and wonderful new project.I'm also starting tomorrow on a new Coil project with my 'boyfriend' (inadequate word alert !!) Ian Johnstone, which will be an album to be released on Beta-Lactam Ring records in October.No titles as yet as they are deliberately archaic and I can't remember the intracasies off my head. Notebook in London, head in west country." (20th August 2004)
    And some news from the Thresholdhouse site:
    "We are VERY close to going live with a new site design, NEW download facilities, NEW fulfillment system, and even ... ANS!!!! The new site will be up in the next few days, and we have been promised delivery of the ANS boxes by the end of the month. Wow! New stuff!
    * The first two digital downloads available on our redesigned and revamped thresholdhouse site will be Black Antlers and The Remote Viewer (both first released as limited tour cdrs). You will be able to purchase these as a complete package including files of all the songs plus cover art for £10.
    * Due to overwhelming demand we are a making a second pressing available of the Black Antlers cdrs for sale by regular mail order, at £12 plus postage. Realistically these will probably just be available through the month of September. Please remember that September will see Coil recording the album "Black Antlers Proper".
    Following the collapse of World Serpent we find ourselves completely fucked regarding money (lets be honest about it). This coupled with the fact that we are having to sell our house, has led us to reconsider the importance and sanctity of our Coil archive. Hence the box marked "DO NOT SELL EVER" is going to be sold now. Unless we get rid of the past we can't move into the future, and anyway until those fish-net clad special WaxTrax boxes turn up in the post our archive is incomplete.
    * ".....With this fish-net chink we split the treasure chest assunder...."
    Watch ebay for further details... Those Anarcocks have got their work cut out today, and tomorrow, and the next day..." (19th August 2004)
  • Cold Spring
    * New releases August 2004:
    Merzbow / Nordvargr - 'Partikel' Cold Spring CSR55CD - collaboration between the noise giants! Officially released 23rd August
    * Delays....
    Von Thronstahl - 'E Pluribus Unum' CSR37CD - repressed due to demand!
    Von Thronstahl - 'Imperium Internum' CSR32CD - repressed due to demand!
    Both Von Thronstahl are delayed for 3 weeks due to artwork problems - will be out mid-September!
    * Next planned releases in Autumn 2004:
    Kreigsfall - U CD
    John Watermann - 'Calcutta Gas Chamber' CD
    Necropolis - 'Necrosphere' CD
    Laibach - 'Neu Konservatiw' CSR38CD - repress due to demand!
    More news:
  • Death In June / Boyd Rice
    The release of the Death In June & Boyd Rice album "Alarm Agents" is now imminent and orders are being accepted. Here is the definite track listing for the LP version which is a limited run of 1,600 copies, half of which will be on coloured vinyl. We plan that all of NER mail order's stock will be on coloured vinyl. The record sleeve will be foil-blocked.
    Side 1: Untouchable / Black Sun Rising / Tears Of The Hunted / You Love The Sun, Don't You? / Storm On The Sea (out beyond land) / Summer Is Gone.
    Side 2: Deeper Than Love / Are You Out There? / Sunwheels Of Your Mind / Get Used To Saying No! / Symbols In Souls / An Ancient Tale Is Told / Boyd's Gift.
    The LP of "Alarm Agents" features the only complete versions of the songs "You Love The Sun, Don't You?" and "An Ancient Tale Is Told". These are otherwise used in cut up form to segue tracks together on the CD. The LP also features completely different mixes, perhaps more nasty and psychedelic in nature, of "Tears Of The Hunted", "Are You Out There?" and "Symbols In Souls".
    Besides the CD version containing these segues and different mixes it also contains the exclusive track "The Man Who Laughs" and the full track order is as follows:
    Untouchable / Black Sun Rising / You Love The Sun / Tears Of The Hunted / You Love The Sun, Don't You? / Storm On The Sea (out beyond land) / You Love The Sun And The Moon / Summer Is Gone / Deeper Than Love / An Ancient Tale Is Told / Are You Out There (Dornier 17 mix) / Sunwheels Of Your Mind / Get Used To Saying No! / Symbols In Souls / An Ancient Tale Is Told Again / The Man Who Laughs / We're All A Little Afraid / Boyd's Gift.
    The CD will, as usual come in a deluxe, foil-blocked, debossed digi-pak.
    Price: UK/Europa -CD/LP 10 GBPs/15 EUROS - The Rest Of The World -$20 U.S. - including postage.
    All International Money Orders/Cheques/Postal Orders/Giros in Great British Pounds Sterling to the Usual please.
    Cash in all of the above mentioned major currencies accepted but no responsibility taken unless sent by Registered Post to:
    B.M. June
    London WC1N 3XX
  • Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter
    * Release of "The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory" by Sweet Farewell. This 500-copy CD tells the story of a common man who gets accidentally hit by a nuclear blast, thus developing uncanny, unusual, useless powers... in collaboration with "Lendormin", Marco Deplano et al.
    * TROMPOZMO CD: a collection of DBPIT's early works and tracks previously released on the vynil album Total Lack Of Vital Energy. out soon on Butcher's House/Gattoalieno recs.
    * DBPIT t-shirt also available!
  • Durtro
    Many events occurring, some good, some bad, as usual in this world. This is the 93 o'clock news.
    * World Serpent: The Carnival is Over
    The past and the future
    * THE PAST (bad trip): As many of you may have heard by now, World Serpent Distribution have ceased trading.
    Current 93 and Nurse With Wound, as well as many other groups, have worked with them almost exclusively since 1989. We felt a great closeness with all three of them: Alison Webster, David Gibson and Alan Trench, and they were both our colleagues and our friends. We are very proud of all the work we did together and the beautiful material and editions we issued with and through them. We would like to thank them for all that they have done on our behalf and wish them the best of luck with their futures, and hope we shall all keep in touch remembering the halcyon days and not the unsettled end.
    This is, understandably, causing Tibet and Stapleton financial and cashflow problems, and it has certainly made it very difficult for us to continue recording as were previously accustomed to. We have many projects which have been held back, and which are still being held back, by the financial uncertainty of our situations for the past couple of years as WS's situation declined. Our payments, like those of other groups, became increasingly erratic, and this had predictable effects.
    One of the results of this sad state of affairs is that my wife Dri and I will be selling our house and leaving London (see below) as we can no longer afford to keep our situation in London viable. Another result is that I will be digging still deeper into my archives and selling my own copies of many C93 items, as I have decided that I no longer wish to keep vinyl copies of most of my recordings or groups with which I was associated.
    At the height of WS's success, they were perhaps the most important small distributor around, and home to artists such as Tiny Tim, Shirley Collins, Nature & Organisation, Coil, Antony and the Johnsons, Baby Dee, Pantaleimon, Sand, Xhol, Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson, CR Lama Rinpoche, Sol Invictus, Cyclobe, Coil, Chris & Cosey, Carter Tutti, Backworld, Death In June, Boyd Rice/Non, Thee Majesty, and many others, unfortunately also including the Aryan Aquarians.
    Some Durtro casualties along the way of the worsening WS situation were: the non-release of CDs by Billy Basinski, Little Annie Anxiety and Mirror, though the Basinski 2CD set is now to be released on Durtro/Die Stadt this autumn/fall; the non-release of Antony's 'I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy' 7" and the non-release of his self-titled first album as a double 12" LP with the 'Dead Boy' as the extra 12" in the package--all of these Antony titles got to test pressing stage, but were then abandoned. And it all ended in tears! As a result now we see Steven Stapleton rushing headlong into the abyss of hip-hop mania and fussing over succulents, whilst David Tibet becomes rabidly fundamentalist in his quaintly dated and dogmatic (though heretical) Christian worldview.
    Another increasing problem has been the wide availability of pirate CD and CD-ROMs from Eastern Europe reproducing all the catalogues of NWW and C93, as well as the perennial downloading situation, which has impacted especially badly on smaller groups who depend on their sales to fund future recording. I wish we were back in the days before the www/666 and when vinyl was all there was. Well, adaptability is all.
    Anyhow, and consequently, ALL material that was issued through WS on Durtro, United Dairies and United Durtro is now deleted and out of print, with the exception of small amounts of the remaining stock which will be made available on in the very near future. All of these CDs and LPs are available in very limited quantities.
    I will be selling my house, signed and numbered 1 of 1 copy, on eBay in the near future, with bids starting at £93,939.93 pence. Internal circular plaques will point out where I sat, defecated and talked to myself whilst wildly gesturing at the sunset and unicorns; an inverted triangular plaque will mark where Steven and I fell out so badly we will never work again or speak to each other again. Furthermore, I will be leaving a copy of an unreleased C93 double album from 1995, 'Black Ships Ate the Sky', in a cavity in the house with a plan hidden in the garden to both find it and to give the successful house buyer full rights to release it.
    * THE FUTURE (good trip): C93 and NWW material will now be released in several ways, primarily through Revolver (USA), with whose owner, Gary Held, we have become friends. Revolver will be manufacturing and distributing our material worldwide. We have not yet decided whether to keep the old Durtro and United Dairies names for our labels or whether to move on to another nameland. The first release through Revolver will be the 2CD retrospectives by each group which I mentioned a short time ago in a news update. will continue to be the main source of information for our activities.
    We plan to bring all material by C93 and NWW back into print through our new labels on Revolver, as so much of it has been unavailable for such a long time. One item I am particularly looking forward to bringing out is 'The Inmost Light' trilogy as it was originally envisaged, with all 3 components ('Where the Long Shadows Fall', 'All the Pretty Little Horses' and 'The Stars are Marching Sadly Home') living together as they were always intended to.
    Both NWW and C93 are continuing to work on new material, and once the initial teething problems of our setting up in these new working relationships are over, we will be announcing the relevant details. Work continues on the new C93 and NWW albums at this moment. We hope to announce a release date very soon for them both.
    We will also be working with our friend Mark Logan at Durtro/Jnana in Canada (with whom we have already released 6 items: two CDs by Simon Finn, a CD by C93, and three 7"s by NWW, C93 and Six Organs of Admittance/Stephanie Volkmar). We also have releases planned through Chris McBeth at Beta-Lactam Ring, and Rob and Kelly Fisk of Free Porcupine Society.
    The first release through Durtro/Jnana will be a 3CD set of all of the material done by Steven Stapleton & David Tibet: 'The Sadness of Things'; 'Musical Pumpkin Cottage'; and 'Musikalische Kürbis-Hütte', 'The Fire of the Mind', and 'I Left Her for a Cartoon Octopus' (which all appeared on the 'Octopus' CD) in autumn/fall. At the same time Durtro/Jnana will also be rereleasing the 'Halo' live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall CD by Current 93, which came out very briefly in an edition of 1000 copies through WS and was never repressed due to their financial difficulties, although the entire run sold out immediately. This has consequently made it one of the rarer C93 releases. It is certainly the live album with which I am the happiest.
    The first release for C93 through Beta-Lactam Ring will be, as previously announced, a 2LP set, in two separate editions, of 'How I Loved the Moon', comprising three previously unreleased, and one previously released, mixes by Steven Stapleton of the C93 album 'In Menstrual Night'.
    The first release for C93 through Free Porcupine Society will be a special screenprinted edition of 'Earth Covers Earth', with a cover design by David Tibet and with previously unseen shots from the 'Earth Covers Earth' photo sessions.
    And now on to things unconnected with World Serpent and distribution et cetera et cetera.
    * Current 93: All the Pretty Little Horses--edition with a profile drawing of a cat and title of album and tracks handwritten by David Tibet
    Whilst going through my archives recently I found 70 copies of the very limited amber vinyl edition of this record, but without the sleeves. Consequently I have made a numbered edition of 70 copies of this album available with a profiled cat drawing by myself, and the album title and track titles written in my handwriting, all in white ink on a black LP sleeve. The cost for each record is £39 plus postage. Please note: as they are hand-drawn and inscribed, they will all differ.
    * Baby Dee: 'A Book of Songs for Anne Marie' + CD of songs for Anne Marie
    I am delighted to announce that this item is now available to buy in the shop, and will be released next week. Limited to only 150 numbered copies signed by Baby Dee, with a colour frontispiece photograph of Dee and Pepper, this is another beautiful book hand-printed for Baby Dee, David Tibet and Durtro by Alan Anderson at the Tragara Press. This book comprises a cycle of songs for Anne Marie, and is accompanied by a CD with Baby Dee performing the songs on voice and piano. The songs include: 'Love's Small Song'; 'Anne Marie'; 'Lilacs'; 'Black But Comely'; 'Unheard of Hope'; 'And Anne Marie Does Love to Sing'; 'An Endless Night'; 'Set Me as a Seal on Your Arm'. The book/CD costs £17 plus postage.
    Baby Dee is truly one of my favourite artists ever and this small collection of songs is as heartbreaking as anything she has ever done.
    * The passing of Tim Belbe of Xhol Caravan: We are very sad to announce the passing of Tim Belbe of Xhol Caravan. He went to GOD on 18 August. After Xhol he played with Edgar Türk in MT Wizzard from 1984 to 2004. His last CD, 'We Will Meet Again' was released in June 2004. REST IN PEACE.
    * Another book by Tibet +++ 'an almost autobiography': I have also started writing my own personal history of my work, and those with whom I have been involved, and my ideas on everything. I will update you when the book is finished and ready for publication.
    * Bill Fay Group: 'Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow': Durtro/Jnana will also be releasing the third unreleased album by Bill Fay Group, 'Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow (DURTRO/JNANA 1976CD), in autumn/fall 2004. We have received all the artwork and the master tape, and are presently putting the cover together. This Bill Fay Group CD is in a digipak with an 8 page booklet consisting of previously unseen photos of the group. The album contains 20 tracks and is a few seconds short of 55 minutes long. Bill Fay is also discussing with Tibet his recording a new album for release on Durtro.
    The first Durtro/Jnana release, Simon Finn's 'Pass the Distance', has done exceptionally well through Revolver in the USA and Disc Union in Japan, and we would like to thank both companies for their help and enthusiasm. Jnana Records is at (site still being built)
    * Octopus: I lack copies of a couple of items from my back catalogue. One of them is 'Octopus' by Tibet & Stapleton, so if anyone has a spare copy they would be willing to sell me or trade with me, please contact me at The name of the other item I forget, but will let you know on the next update. Thank you.
    * Yip much better but skinny and wary: Thanks so much to all of you who sent prayers and kind words for my beloved cat YIP. She is now much better, though very skinny and mistrustful. Thank you all!
    * Hafler Trio release featuring the voice of David Tibet:
    I have been told that several people have asked about my exact connection to this forthcoming release. So this is how it is as I see it:
    I have not been consulted about it (in either its standard or special edition) by either the artist or the record company involved. I have not heard rough mixes or the finished mixes, nor seen any art/designs for the finished item--and so cannot comment on how it sounds or looks. Nor do I recall the nature of any of the spoken word material that I recorded, more than 20 years ago, that is used on it, though it is certainly true that Andrew and I were planning to work together, though this never really happened due to his being in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and my being in London, and a subsequent ending of our friendship. However I should also say that I am absolutely sure that all the vocal recordings used on this release will indeed be by myself, as at one point Andrew and I were pretty close friends, though (again!) I cannot remember what I said or sang.
    So let me emphasise again: I have no connection with this release at all apart from the fact that my voice has been used without any consultation with me or informing me that this release was planned. For all I know it may be a wonderful album; maybe one day I might actually hear it. But more than this I cannot say as I really have not got the slightest idea about this release apart from what I have just said.
    * 'Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods' by David Tibet
    It is now unavoidable, due to my moving house and country, and the above situation with WS, that my lyric book will be delayed yet again. I now plan to publish it on my 45th birthday on 5 March, 2005, with a small event held to commemorate its publication. My apologies to all of those who have waited for so long. Sorry. It will be a beautiful volume when it appears. Hooray.
    * Current 93/Six Organs/Simon Finn/Baby Dee in Lisbon 10 and 11 September
    There are about 5 returns per night for these now otherwise sold out shows. If anyone wishes to come, please email José Pacheco at or telephone him on +351 96 644 9076.
    * Six Organs of Admittance featuring David Tibet: 'The Manifestation'
    I am honoured and proud to announce that I have just received a copy of the marvellous 6 Organs' expanded reissue, through Strange Attractor, of their long out of print one-sided 12", 'The Manifestation'. This has 20 minutes of extra music on it including a track featuring Tibet specially recorded for this release. The album is officially released on 7 September. I am currently planning more recording with Ben Chasny who is (and has) 6 Organs.
    Go to for more details about this beautiful release and how to obtain it.
    * Soft Black Stars in Toronto, Canada
    I enjoyed my time in Toronto so much that Mark Logan and myself are planning two performances by Current 93 of 'Soft Black Stars', by myself, Maja Elliott and John Contreras, in its entirety (as well as other songs) at the Music Gallery in Toronto, where we recently played, towards the end of April 2005. We will be making a very small edition of a picture disc of the 'Soft Black Stars' album which will be for sale at these shows. Details to follow very soon.
    I am Alone in the Sky Four four almost finite When I look inside I do not see chalice or grail God is not there The darkness The curtain tearn I have already seen Black ships ate the sky The dirt dusk breaks open And I scream out bluebottles and whilst The trees fall and we all hear their collapse But smile and nod and watch the dim sunset Whilst the cocktails clash Their bleak glass domes making Shivers in my peacock eye I am all Thumbelina She died for us all And if I take the time When I take your time You sleep this time all the way home And watch the egg-timer cook our throats With a face behind a face behind a face And I see No-One chuckling there The matinee is showing in town sunset And we tumble into the cardboard sunset Dim Birdsong Teethless Sunset
    Thank you from the heart of the wood and I hope all times go for you who read this at the ending of 2004 easier than they go for us. Generally things have been very odd for me this year, with emotional and psychological imbalances which are, Godwilling, almost over. I do realise how far I have strayed from myself and how easily one can betray one's soul and pour burning flames on corpses. I should have let the dead bury their dead. I sometimes face my confusion and I am aware of how misguided and stupid and unkind I have been at many times in my life. Possibly I rented my soul. Anyway. I have learned to forget that which I have hated, and to forgive that which I hated and perhaps also to love that which I have hated. So much hate and anger; what a waste of time and soul and life. Anyway. Anyway. I have hated too much and loved not enough. Anyway: goodbye to all that. And on and on we go.
    Both myself and Steven Stapleton have a great deal planned and look forward to a very creative time now that we finally know our relationship with WS is over.
    I would especially like to Mark Logan, Michael Lawrence, Simon Finn, Ayse Tuzlak and José Pacheco for all their support for DRI and I at this strange and useless time; their consistency and friendship has meant a very very great deal to us. And to all those other friends known and unknown whose kindness is so treasured by us.
    Most of all I would like to praise my beloved wife DRI who has supported me through everything with kindness and courage and love. When I felt often ready to just torch everything I have done and become a hermit in my mind and body and house DRI stopped me from giving up totally. Thank you! My love for you is deeper than I can write. I also thank my CATS for their affection; both those living and those now in CATLAND with GOD. Thank you all of you. I pray to the spirits in HEAVEN of my father, grandmother and other PASSED FRIENDS to intercede for us all and dispel the darkness.
    May all be happy, may all be peaceful.
    David Tibet, London, 26 VIII 2004
  • Eis & Licht
    Preview Autumn/Winter 2004
    Forthcoming releases on EisLicht - apocalytic music for adults:
    Eis037 Sonne Hagal "-" 7inch with Ian Read. Hopefully out in Dec. 2004 but maybe...
    Eis038 While Angels Watch "Treasures of Treachery" CD (12/04) WAW with Matt Howden and Patrick O'Kill (Sixth Comm).
    Eis041 Scivias "the hill" lte. EP (09/04) Two long pieces. The new Scivias will be a surprise...
    Eis042 Backworld "All that remains" lte. EP (09/04) Five brand news tracks. The best Backworld ever.
    Eis043 Leger Des Heils "Himmlische Feuer" CD (11/04) New full time album.
    Eis044 Actus "mandala" CD (01/05) After 8 years of silence the new masterpiece by this famous project from Budapest
    Note: This is only a preview. No preorders, no reservations!
  • Post Romantic Empire / Precordings
    About to be released soon is the Post Romantic Empire (PRecordings 001) first release: a CD EP called 'Writ In Water' featuring a track by Sol Invictus, two by HaWthorn, and one from Sieben. The HaWthorn tracks are 'When the Lamp is Shattered' and' Degenerate Leander' - a bastardised a Byron poem to form part of the lyrics for this song. Writ In Water will be available soon.
    Find details at
  • Rose Rovine E Amanti
    "It's out the new relese of Rose Rovine E Amanti - a single/mcd titled 'Noi Vi Odiamo'. 6 tracks of cold/dark- neofolk produced by :Skuld:
    It comes in a cardboard envelope plus a 4 pages booklet inside. Some copies available directly from (here find mp3) in a very very special price! Or buy your copy from Skuld or somewhere." (band info)
  • Tesco
    Information about what is going on at tesco and related labels:
    our homepage is updated in all sections and we like to keep the up to date standart as much as possible.
    visit our review section for related concert-reports with pictures and announcements of related performances.
    now Dogpop mp3 can be listened as well as the latest releases on WKN/Hauruck.
    Soundfiles of the Land:Fire CD will be added soon.
    Just out is the wonderful Land:Fire - physical:mental:psychological CD which I can not only recommend !
    soon to follow Genocide Organ - :In - Konflikt: CD/LP
    our next plans: Isomer - Zero lounge CD / Sturmovik mLP
    lot more stuff in the oven! you might get all this through Tesco Germany,Tesco USA or your local dealer.
    currently we are waiting for Der Blutharsch - Moment of truth/Der Gott der Eisen wachsen lies CD WKN and Death in June /Boyd Rice - Alarm Agents CD/LP NER. both should be latest available by middle of september.
  • Tursa / HaWthorn / Sol Invictus
    * HaWthorn The Murky Brine - The new album from "HaWthorn" once known as "Howden/Wakeford" will be available from us in a day or two. It can be ordered here.
    Price is £10.00 plus postage. All copies from the site will be signed by Tony and Matt.
    The Murky Brine is released by Trisol/Iceflower.
    MP3 available on the Matt Howden website.
    * The next Sol Invictus album provisionally titled "The Devil's Steed" is nearing completion and should be available in November. We hope to have live dates to coincide with its release.
    * Tursa will be releasing another archive CD entitled "The Angel" in September. Like the others in the series it will be in an edition of 1,000. and in a card sleeve. Unlike the past releases this will not be a live recording but a selection of un-released studio tracks and mixes built up over the years. It is priced at £10.50 including postage and can be pre-ordered at the Tursa web site. All those pre-ordering will get a signed and numbered copy.
    Link to "The Angel" CD. * Also available via the web site is a 10 inch single by Andrew King entitled "The Harbinger of the Decaying Mind". We have 75 of this rarity available and all copies via the site will be signed by Andrew.
    Link to Andrew King 10 inch single.
    More info and on line shop:
  • World Serpent Distribution (R.I.P.)
    World Serpent Distribution have ceased operations.
16th August 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Dominion Newsletter 10
    * New Dominion release available now:
    Hans Bellmer's "Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconscious, or The Anatomy of the Image":
    Now available and in stock, the second book from Dominion Press: "Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconscious, or The Anatomy of the Image" by Hans Bellmer
    Translated and introduced by Jon Graham; Foreword by Joe Coleman
    88 pages with 10 illustrations by Bellmer.
    Deluxe hardbound edition printed on heavy vellum paper with sewn signatures, textured endpapers, gold-stamped textured cover with cloth spine, and two-color dustjacket. Limited numbered edition of 1,000 copies.
    From the dustjacket:
    "With his Little Anatomy, Hans Bellmer has given us the instruction manual for the first seismograph of desire." -- Annie LeBrun, author of "Sade: A Sudden Abyss"
    The drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures of Hans Bellmer (1902-1975) stand as some of the most important erotic artwork from the last century. An expert draftsman with a razor-sharp capacity for detail and an obsessive, unfettered imagination, Bellmer was able to powerfully render the imagery he saw in his mind's eye. Bellmer first gained recognition in the mid-1930s--coming to the attention of André Breton and the Surrealists--with his seductive and disturbing photographs of the articulated female dolls he had constructed and modified in his private studio in Berlin. Some of these photographs were collected in Bellmer's small volume Die Puppe (The Doll, 1934), which was reissued in French as La Poupée (1936) and expanded with poetic contributions from Paul Eluard. Bellmer formed long-term friendships with a number of key Dadaists and Surrealists, and occasionally took part in Surrealist exhibitions, but the nature of his intensely personal activity, as well as his long sojourns outside of Paris, often kept him on the peripheries of group activities.
    In the 1950s Hans Bellmer composed a small book in which he elucidated upon the psychosexual forces that provided the impetus for his artistic works. He described the project as "a kind of little anatomy of the (physical) unconscious with text and drawings. But it will also be a rather 'dry' work, by which I mean something tending to be exceedingly objective and avoiding, in the interests of clarity, whims of a verbal nature. It is the natural sequel to the experiments with the Doll, but should therefore encompass everything that Surrealism has brought to light. But there is also a certain necessity in setting down this story, a necessity that is even quite enthralling."
    In 1957 the original French edition appeared of Bellmer's "Little Anatomy of the Physical Unconscious, or The Anatomy of the Image," with ten original illustrations by the artist. The book met with a positive reception from poets and literary figures such as André Breton and Jöe Bousquet, as well as a number of psychologists. Particularly impressed by the selection of poetic anagrams in the book, Man Ray telegrammed Bellmer the following anagram in response: "IMAGE = MAGIE" (Image = Magic). Although Bellmer may have striven to take an almost clinical "scientific" approach to his analysis of the physical unconscious, the work is nevertheless informed by a hyperdriven sensual awareness and a distinctly "magical" view of life. This is the first translation of Bellmer's text to appear in English. After nearly half a century, a new audience of readers can experience his illumination of the "purely subjective" subconscious realm of our bodies which "finds nourishment in feverish, often psycho-pathological states, including that of sexual desire."
    Ordering information:
    Bellmer's "Little Anatomy" is available for $26 postpaid in the U.S.A., or $34 airmail postpaid to anywhere else in the world. Checks, money orders, cash (well-hidden and at your own risk) may be sent to:
    PO Box 129
    Waterbury Center, VT 05677
    Payments via Paypal may also be made to our email address:
    At present the Bellmer book is only available direct from Dominion. There will also be a very small limited edition of leatherbound copies available in early 2005.
    * Recent acclaim for Sangre Cavallum's CD "Barbara Carmina" from Germany and Australia. Below are three reviews of this new release on the Storm Records label:
    In the heated discussion concerning Neofolk music over the last few years it has often been stressed that this music is reactionary and ethnocentric, or at least unoriginal. And that is doubtlessly valid for some of the exponents of the genre. Recently, however, a hitherto largely overlooked aspect has taken shape: neofolkloristic Music does not always have to embrace nordic-martial heathenism, nor does it have to cultivate a quasi-Christian air of apocalypse. In fact there is meanwhile a whole range of southern and eastern European bands who in a wholly unique way concern themselves with their cultural roots and traditions. The CD Barbara Carmina now presents the multifaceted folk music of a Portuguese band who, utilizing texts in their mother tongue, embrace the pre-Christian past of their land. Resounding along with this are sometimes filigreed or sometimes sweeping guitar chords, medieval wind instruments, flutes, male and female voices, and the shrieks of children. Occasionally an atmospheric sample fades into the acoustically dominated sound imagery. A southern temperament stirs melancholy and tragedy, and the touching clarity of this CD will not elude even those for whom the texts are inaccessible. Neofolk is becoming more and more "folkloristic," and more and more deeply reflects upon the historical roots of the music. In this respect, this sonically and graphically outstanding CD is recommend to all devotees of the acoustic musical realm.
    --Ikonen magazine, Germany
    When this CD reached me and I listened to it, it became immediately clear that this release is and will become something special. The project is from northern Portugal and sets to music old, traditional music from a territory which will once more be called Gallaecia. The musicians strive to retain the music and oral/literary traditions of this area, as various customs and traditions were not able to be destroyed by the invasion of Christianity.
    Now comes the question: how is that transposed into music? Using many instruments (bagpipes, Iberian flute, tin whistle, mandolin, lyre, acoustic guitar, accordion, but also electric bass and electronic effects, etc.) a impressive, dense sound is created that carries us to ancient times, but which also is directly aware of the future. The sound does not remain stuck in folk music, but instead integrates new, raw methods of a grandiose type as well. Toss new folkloristic, traditional, and avant-garde sounds together into a pot, and this is the result. As is evident, describing this is difficult for me, but I hope the most varied sorts of people will take the opportunity to listen to it, since in every respect (graphics, photos, atmosphere) this release corresponds to all that can be termed "conservative avant-garde"., Germany
    Released on Michael Moynihan's (of Blood Axis) label, Sangre Cavallum are a dark folk collective from Portugal who have produced an album of their own compositions and versions of traditional songs. Being "inspired by the ethnological heritage of the traditional world", a range of instrumentation has been utilised, including: bagpipes, flute, mandolin, lute, acoustic guitars, drums, piano, accordion etc. With the album's theme steeped in pre-Christian heathenism and pagan mysticism, such inspiration permeates all aspects of the music. Although some music of this ilk can come across as quite cheesy, there is a level of sincerity that has allowed Sangre Cavallum to steer clear of this pitfall. The rustic and somewhat under-produced recording quality adds to the overall charm, constituting a worthwhile listen if you have a penchant for traditionally inspired dark folk music.
    --Fiend magazine, issue 4, Australia
    Sangre Cavallum's "Barbara Carmina" CD is available for $16 postpaid in the USA from:
    PO BOX 523
    EASTON, PA 18044-0523
    In Europe order from:
    c/o Klaus Hilger
    P.O.Box 410118
    68275 Mannheim
  • Durtro
    * Current 93 Glasgow concert Saturday 16 October 2004:
    Current 93 will headline a concert on Saturday 16 October as part of the Instal Festival at The Arches, Glasgow. This will be our only show in the UK this year; we are especially delighted that our friends and idols Ben Chasny of 6 Organs and Charlemagne Palestine will be there on Saturday. Tickets will be available for sale online and from the box office from 17 August. I would also like to recommend that people take advantage of the weekend pass option to see the marvellous groups performing on the Sunday too. Please note: Tickets will not be available from Durtro.
    Brave New Music
    16-17 October 2004
    The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland [live from 17 August]
    Day pass: £15 (£12 concession price for students/unemployed etc)
    Festival pass for both days: £22 (£18 concession price for students/unemployed etc)
    on sale as of 17 August
    Box office: +44 (0)870 240 7528 or online at
    Saturday 16 October: Current 93 * Six Organs of Admittance * Charlemagne Palestine * Chie Mukai * Richard Youngs * [another act to be confirmed]
    Sunday 17 October: Vajra (Keiji Haino, Kan Mikami, Toshi Ishizuka) * Derek Bailey & Ingar Zach * Steffen Basho-Junghans * EXIAS-J * Masayoshi Urabe * Kan Mikami solo
    * Baby Dee: A Book of Songs for Anne Marie:
    I am very, very happy to announce that my heroine Baby Dee is once again recording, after taking a long break to work on her tree cutting business business in Ohio. The first fruit of her return to music will be a hand-printed edition of her new lyrics called 'A Book of Songs for Anne Marie'. It will be limited to 150 numbered copies signed by Baby Dee, and has a sepia frontispiece of her and her sweetheart. Each copy of this beautiful little book comes with a CD of Dee performing the beautiful cycle of songs for Anne Marie.
    I hope to have this in the Durtro online shop in the next three weeks with details of exact release date and price.
    * Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods Editions 1 & 2:
    I am moving house and leaving England in the next three to four months Godwilling. I am trying very hard to ensure that this book is published for December 2004 as I have previously mentioned. I have to say that there is a chance it may not be ready then, and I may have to delay its release so it is out on my birthday on 5 March 2005. I do acknowledge how the publication of this book has been delayed, and I am sorry. If it does end up being published on my birthday, and this delay is too long for some people, please remember I am always happy to refund any money immediately. I hope to have a better idea of its publication date in September when I know when and if I am moving. I do hope and pray that it will be worth the wait.
    * Thomas Ligotti: Death Poems:
    Hopefully all those who ordered this book have now received it. The accompanying CARPE DIEM badge was taped to the bubblewrap around the book. Hopefully you all found it before the dustbin ate it. This book is now SOLD OUT.
    * Current 93 & Nurse With Wound vinyl and CDs:
    We will soon be adding some more vinyl and CD titles by C93 and NWW to the Durtro online shop as requested; these should be available from the end of next week.
    * Yip ill please pray:
    And finally, please keep my beloved cat YIP in your thoughts. She had 160ml of fluid drained from her lung yesterday and is still poorly. This beautiful black cat was originally christened LIQUORICE LEGS by us due to her willowy nature, but as she grew more portly and lost the ability to make any sound apart from a high-pitched 'yip', her name was changed. I love her very much.
    Thanks and all best wishes to all
    David Tibet 4 August 2004
  • Eternal Soul
    out middle september 2004:
    ES15 Karnnos - The Stone of Destiny - 7inch - ltd. 366
    (4 new songs of dark-folk, ritual/ambient)
    ES16 TRIARII - Triumph - 7inch - lim. 333
    (amazing new projekt from germany in the way of Arditi, Puissance or some good CMI-acts)
    DSR03 Genevieve Pasquier - Pulse - 7inch - ltd. 400
    (3 new songs in the way of the great debut on her own label UMB)
  • Judas Kiss
    Issue 10 of the Judas kiss is finally available to order.
    The magazine is 72 A5 page in length and is accompanied by a 48-page review supplement including an Old Europa Café special.
    The magazine includes interviews with: Dawn and Dusk Entwined, The Caretaker, Aesthetic Meat Front, Old Europa Café, Freya Aswynn, Waldteufel, Nordvargr, Whitehouse, Derniere Volonte, Plus an article on the history of probably one the most important and influential industrial groups of all time SPK.
    And media reviews
    The review supplement contains 48 pages of music reviews spanning the whole post-industrial spectrum.
    Both magazines are bagged up together in a stickered clear PVC bag.
    The cost per issue is: UK: £3.00 / Europe: £4, €6, $8 / Rest of world £5, $9 / Please note that all prices include postage.
    Payment details:
    UK: Cash, cheque or postal order
    Rest of world: Cash in either UK£, € or US$, an IMO in UK£ sterling or a cheque drawn from a UK bank.
    Judas Kiss magazine
    PO Box 44
    GL4 5ZA
    For more information on ordering the Judas kiss, please visit our website:
  • Klanggalerie
    "Release of the new full length Rapoon album called "My life as a Ghost". The first edition will be limited to 500 copies with artwork by Robin Storey. The music is a mixture of all Rapoon styles - from upbeat techno tracks to quiet droney ambient pieces you´ll find everything you´ve ever loved about this band. Possibly the best ever Rapoon album so far!" (press release)
    More information:
  • Leisur Hive
    3 Ton Edition: The new album has finally been mastered so we will know a definite release date next week. It will be released through our own label, Actual Size with help from Pro Sonic / Ravensbourne Records. In the meantime, we will be pressing a small number of 3-track CD demo/ep's featuring a few songs which didn't make it onto the album. These should be ready before the 25th and will be available at the Cambridge gig.
    More info: -
  • Shayo
    Here finally some news from the small swiss-quality label Shayo! The CD of Neither Neither World - "Rewound" will be officialy released on Monday 23th of August 2004 - much of delay, not only because of our great usual slowness..., but more 'cause the visual has been relooked and will take the form of a superb digipack containing 15 titles composed by the malicious Wendy Van Dusen - somewhere between the sulfurous neofolk of Current 93 and the ethereal pop of Mazzy Star, with some beautiful acoustic covers of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets and Jesus & The Mary Chain!
    The Cd will be presented at the time of the evening of August 27th, where we will also have the privilege to sell to you beautiful Tshirts of In Gowan Ring. It is as good to remind you too that this evening will see the public performances of the German group In My Rosary and the violonist Matt Howden with his own project: Sieben!! The whole at the Usine, Friday 27th of August, from 21h00, Geneva, Switzerland.
    For french reader, here is an excellent overview about the coming concerts in Geneva:
    And our exclusive distribition in Switzerland:
    The list of our european-partners and distribution will be soon available on our webpage.
    A bientôt (the 27th of August I hope!!),
    Yann for SHAYO
3rd August 2004
  • We've added an interview with Tairy from AIT! and some new reviews. We've also updated the Concerts page and added some new links.
  • Antony and the Johnsons
    Secretly Canadian have now reissued Antony and the Johnsons' debut album.
    An EP which includes the Lou Reed/ Antony collaboration "Fistful of Love" will be released this October. The new album "I Am a Bird Now" will be released in January 2005.
  • Athanor
    * Blood Axis / Les Joyaux de la Princesse : Absinthia Taetra CD out now!
    "To prevent from the russian infamous and ugly bootlegs, the two 10" from the absinthe boxset presented here in a single CD digipack elegantly designed with remastered sound. No extra material or graphicks but all the music from the original release. Includes some powerfull studio tracks along with the complete live in Sintra, the only time Blood Axis and LJDLP ever presented Absinthe in concert... Beware, l'absinthe rend fou... 17 tracks, 61mn. Act fast before it's sold out like the first CD."
    * In production :
    Dawn and dusk entwined : A Harvest of Winds 10" mid August
    6 rare versions and unreleased tracks from the era 2001/2002 of this french militari-pop project after their succesfull 3rd CD released on Athanor (finally repressed !). This is the ideal complement to the CD with glorious tracks like "She came from the East" or "Along the Plains". Long play 10" Ltd to 350 copies only.
    * La Grande Illusion:
    Les Sentiers Conflictuels: Variations post Traumatiques 7" mid August
    The follow up to the acclaimed 10" released of this enigmatic french project. Deals like the first part with the first world war diseases. Very powerfull and limited to only 2** numbered copies.
    Site updated :
    * Mimikaki:
    Perverse Teens / Pravda : Domptages2 7" EP mid August
    After the Spacemen 3 tribute and the french touch 10", Mimikaki comes back with a battle covers by two new french bands. Perverse teens is the side projects of famous french post industrial outfit PPF, they cover two tracks from legendary punk french band Metal Urbain. Pravda is a parisian electro punk duo with both female and male singers, they cover two tracks from the english punk band the Buzzcocks.
  • Death In June & Boyd Rice
    New LP/CD "Alarm Agents" planned for the end of August.
  • Durtro
    * Current 93 live in Glasgow, Scotland:
    In the next week we are hoping to announce a major and very different show by Current 93 with some wonderful other bands and artists in Glasgow on Saturday, 16 October 2004. Details will be posted as soon as the show is confirmed. This will be our only show in the UK this year.
    * Lisbon shows: special guests
    We are delighted to announce the special guests for the Current 93 shows in Lisbon in September: Baby Dee, Simon Finn and Six Organs of Admittance will all be joining us there.
    * Turin shows: special guest
    We are delighted to announce the special guest at the Current 93 shows in Turin in September will be Simon Finn.
    * Current 93: United States of Durtro
    Current 93 will be releasing a 2CD retrospective compilation album in the USA entitled 'Judas as Black Moth' on our new United States of Durtro label. There will also be a simultaneous release of a yet-to-be-titled US 2CD Nurse With Wound retrospective. We hope these albums will be available in December 2004. To celebrate their release, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound will play San Francisco in January 2005; we are just waiting for final confirmation of venue and dates. I also hope to release news of the forthcoming new Current 93 album very soon. The website for the US label will be and will be active soon.
    * 'How I Loved the Moon' by Current 93:
    Double LP on Beta-Lactam Records will be released fall/winter 2004. It consists of new mixes of the 'In Menstrual Night' album done by Steven Stapleton and produced by David Tibet; only one of the mixes has been previously released (on the Anomalous 'A Little Menstrual Night Music' CD in 2003). This 2LP set comes in a beautiful full-colour gatefold sleeve with insert. There will also be a special edition of 200 numbered copies on coloured vinyl with a 7" picture disc single of a single edit of the mixes. This special edition will be packaged in a blood red cloth bag with the C93 logo silk screened on the front to hold all the records. More details will be posted soon on and on Durtro.
    * Records and CDs signed by David Tibet:
    Due to the proliferation of signed records, CDs and so on that are appearing on eBay and in other record shops which have originated from people for whom I have signed these items freely, I am from this time onwards no longer signing anything connected with myself and my work apart from paintings.
    * Thomas Ligotti: Death Poems:
    The Thomas Ligotti volume 'Death Poems', we have been told by the printers, will be delivered to Durtro on 22 July when we shall immediately commence mailing out.
    Those who have received 'Death Poems' may have noticed that there are only two book-ribbons in the book, as against the three book-ribbons advertised on This is NOT an error! This late change to the book's specifications occurred as I was advised by the printer and binder of the book that three ribbons would be too many to fit neatly into the spine. I was unable to announce this on as my webmaster is on holiday, though the site will be updated with this information as soon as he returns.
    * Thomas Ligotti: Death Poems 3carpe Diem" pin/badge:
    Some people have asked where the free badge accompanying this book is to be found . The pin/badge was taped to the bubble-wrap packaging that the book was wrapped in--PLEASE don't throw the wrap away before checking for the badge!
    * Simon Finn: Pass the Distance
    This is also now available, for those who are unable/do not wish to buy it from Durtro, as a fixed price 'buy it now' item on eBay from Mark Logan, who co-runs Durtro/Jnana with David Tibet. Go here.
    * Antony and the Johnsons:
    I am delighted to say that Antony's wonderful first album, previously available on Durtro, has just been re-released on the American label Secretly Canadian. It can be obtained from Antony's website.
    Thank you all and godislove
    David Tibet 14 VII 2004 & 30 VII 2004
  • Matt Howden
    After some delay, the title 'Voyager' has now been released.
  • Steinklang
    * V/A - Holy Mother Russia out now
    LP lim.500 / CDR lim.100
    With Linja Mass, Lucisferrato, Reutoff, Sal Solaris, Bardoseneticcube, Stalnoy Pakt, Lunar Abyss Quartet and Hum.
    "This compilation features the most outstanding artists from the Russian Experimental-Electronic scene.
    The music shows you the typical Russian mood and understanding of sounds in a very spectacular and ritual way.
    Realized and produced with the kind help of our friends from Der Angriff".
    * Sturmpercht / Jägerblut split 7"
    lim.edt.352. heavy 7" in structure-cover with a 7"-inlay, 2 postcards and a small inlay
    "Jägerblut is well known from their famous concert in 1998 together with Blood Axis and Allerseelen.
    They started to make their first recordings in 1994 (!!!), but did not release anything until today.
    This split 7" is their ingenious debut-release, wich will be followed by a very limited split LP (again with Sturmpercht) on the mysterious American White Label (comes in autumn 2004)
    In winter 2004/05 Jägerblut will release their first longplayer as a double-LP on their home-label UMB.
    The split LP on White-Label will feature Jägerblut's early recordings from 1994-1999 and the double LP on UMB will consist of their later recordings from 2000-2004.
    Musically Jägerblut is the same style as Sturmpercht (what else :), sometimes a little more sacred, sometimes with a slight electronic touch, but of course 100% Bavarian Volksmusik!!!"
    * Applicator 120 - Neue Österreichische Postavantgarde
    LP lim.50 in transparent red/black sprinkled vinyl
    LP lim.250 in black vinyl.
    Austrian Cut-Up Avantgarde in the way of HNAS / People like us / Strafe für Rebellion.
6th July 2004
  • Updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Amplexus
    Amplexus label family present
    The Amplexus label has first become famous through it's limited MCD releases in the ambient field (Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Tuu...) in special packagings years ago. Since then, many sublabels (Weird Amplexus, Ars Benevola Mater, Arya, Aqua, Aurora and many others...) have been created for releases in all kind of musical genres that were united by only one common 'fil rouge': The quest for highest quality and originality both in music, but also in graphic design and extraordinary packaging solutions. After a very quiet period last year, Amplexus now returns with 9 all new releases, including a new album by Matt Howden (Sieben, Sol Invictus...), two special releases by The Mystery School (known from their Cynfeirdd releases), the return of Mynox Layh-mastermind Andrea Resch and many others! None of Amplexus' releases are shortliving trend-products - this is timeless music for the open-minded and guarantees top quality in outstanding graphics and packaging at fair prices!
    * Matt Howden - Voyager CD Digipak ltd.1077 label: Ars Benevola Mater
    Twenty-one neo-classical tracks that follow the progress of the Voyager space probe from Jupiter, past Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and out to The Heliopause, the outermost reaches of the Sun's rays. As the album progresses out through the Solar System, the time signatures, keys, and conventional sounds and phrases mutate - the music becomes wilder and manipulations of conventional sounds, and time elements become more pronounced. The last track, The Heliopause, brings together all the elements of the album in a seventeen minute finale, capturing the relentless journey of Voyager heading out of our Solar System. "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" T.S.Eliot
    * Wintersilence - Transmission Fields Double CD Digipak label: Weird Amplexus
    A surprising and ambitiuos trip from ambient to cosmic paths. This work has various influences, but all titles have something in common, they all seem to run after to an evocative attitude: all compositions could be referred to particular images and landscapes, and stimulate the listener's imagination to penetrate obscure dreams, at the edge between fear and tranquillity, where the soul feels unable to understand the substance of reality, and sometimes is got by a spyral of nightmares' fragments, over any rational rule. Ancient memories emerge from an apparently forgotten past, where fading visions try to get near to a real dimension, a sort of sweet and seducing disease. Some episodes recall well known experimental projects, but any note of this double cd expresses something original. Mysterious vocals coming from nowhere, keyboards chords materializing like figures in the fog, tribal percussions going on in a restless abbandon: epic musical structures free the fantasy, and any solution is possible when you penetrate the hard to define atmospheres of this unsane voyage. Acoustic sounds contrastate with distorted sparks of heavy iced guitars: it's a moving natural show where the mind is pushed the investigate the meaning of existence, in a sort of individual introspective examination. Oriental sounds collide with nordic sensations, fire and water, mountains and seas, ther's no limit to imagination in these precious musical gems. This immense product of very sensitive dedication could be described like an exhaustive soundtrack of an encyclopedical earth description, where the most deep human feelings are forced to reveal themselves to be classified and described with cynical and mercyless precision: and it's not easy to tell if the world here featured is the real one... . Some almost jazzy passages find spaces on a martial drum machines structure, noises transform themselves in sounds, and the limit of expression can't be fixed, moving in a sequences of unarrestable changes. Rythms and melodies cross themselves in a mixture of savage screams, primitive emotions and futuristic effects. Words sometimes can't explain the sense of musical expression, and this is surely the case in which listening is better than talking. Ther's no doubt that these tracks will shock anyone who think that it's not possible to create something new in musical universe. After all, it's not important to describe this work as a masterpiece, but it would be a great mistake to avoid it. There's something new to listening to, don't miss this chance!
    * Andrea Resch - Requiem CD ltd.500 label: Weird Amplexus
    Andrea Resch was one of the two members of legendary (Hyperium Records!) artist Mynox Layh. With 'Requiem', Andrea returns with a genuinely unusual sinister work of morbid atmospheres, an absolutely "must have" release. "Requiem" has a strongly obscure ambience, but cannot be compared to any ambient music, and it's surely an album to refer to endlessly with each listen giving something new to gain, disorienting as though wakening from a nightmare. Immense, striding, sumptuous string arrangements create a majestic and inspiring atmosphere. Andreas Resch is working in some potentially interesting areas of sound experimentation and this is a totally worthwhile and highly recommended opera. There are no other words which could possibly decribe the endless feeling of the album. Definitely recommended. In vein of In The Nursery and old Laibach.
    * Thorn-Agram - Au dievu 10" vinyl ltd.497 special package label: Ars Benevola Mater
    It's an outstanding release, subtle and insidious, demanding (and replaying) multiple listenings, a work dealing with war themes and epic remembrances. From the beginning to the very last breath, this disc exhibits glorious choral passages and powerful vocal effects. This blend of classicism and technology is quite unique, and drives the work beyond mere classification. Yet, there'se not a great deal of diversity, or contrast in quality, so isolating individual tracks would be rather unfair to the rest. Created from spiritual knowledge rather than pure technology, and impressively convincing.
    * The Mystery School - Triangle of the Sun CD ltd.300 handnumbered Special package label: Weird Amplexus
    "Triangle of the Sun" is an instrumental work that references the male/sun energy - the morning star. It is a land where drones and drum beats live in harmony while creating a vibratory trip through these energies. The three pieces represent the phases of the sun from morning to twilight. Through the use of specific musical frequencies the music allows the listener a meditative journey through the intellectual/logical with hints of South American mythology and magic.
    * The Mystery School - The Dawn of the Magicians CD ltd.300 handnumbered Special package label: Weird Amplexus
    Intended as an exercise in awareness and spiritual awakening, "The Dawn of the Magicians" carries with it the messages of hope and joy despite the many opposing forces we face while living in this reality. It is a guide, of sorts, intended to help the listener cast the scales from their eyes and heart. The rulers of the earth try to keep us, as humans, at a low vibrational frequency. This is a step in helping us to see them for who they are, what they represent, and how we can overcome the path they have set for us.
    * Nimh - The Impossible Days CD label: Weird Amplexus
    Point of arrival of a long cours of sonic research and experimentation, "The Impossible Days" sees Nimh (Giuseppe Verdicchio) summarizing a long time experience in combining obscure and static resonances, electronic plots, sound-effects, tensions, pulses, voices and real life ambiental recordings, acoustic and electric sound sources treatments, in a high emotional impact diversified alternation... An impressive utilization of articulate sonic stratifications, millesimal assemblages and mixings of electroacoustic material and samplings, original sounds and rumours of both analogic and digital printing, generated by electronic machines, collected through both traditionals and in contact microphones recordings, or got through a deep treatment of sounds from various common use objects, ethnical instruments used in a non conventional way,combining to build a work, unequalled for its elements abundance, for originality, for details' care, for recording quality and, obviously, for the music itself...
    * Nimh & Nefelheim - Whispers from the Ashes CD label: Weird Amplexus
    Ideally inspired by the Inquisition era, like some titles of the tracks may suggest, "Whispers from the Ashes" presents Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) and Nefelheim joined together for the production of a dark oriented CD that alternates obscure and haunting atmospheres with more gloomy and sometimes dramatic and highly evocative episodes... In a blend of low frequences, metallic sounds, echoes of distant voices and human screams, whispers, concrete noises, ritual processions, suddenly an acoustic guitar chord, some reverberate piano notes, the sound of falling rain, bits of thundering percussions emerge... Like in a disquieting voyage to a far away past, in a stakes and witches age, featuring persecutions of heretics and superstition... A wonderfull trip in vein of Raison D'Etre and Cold Meat sounds.
    * Hilter - Sexfilms CD ltd.500 handnumbered special package label: Ars Benevola Mater
    In this release the use of electronics in expecially wholesome and not used as a mere backdrop. This album has moments of sheer splendour and is more than just an enjoyable excursion, and really go beyond any of the sounds you'd find on a hundred other such albums of hard electronics. An endless stream of resonanting frequences, swinging to higher harmonics to lower pitches, reflective but totally alien music, a cohesive and enjoyable collection of explicit sadist episodes expressing industrial talent with lasting potential. A great album in all, with a variety of sounds to hold it away from monotony.
  • Art Konkret
    Tho-SO-AA - Minus
    Format: CD
    Edition: 500 copies
    Style: dark ambient
    Artwork: 17 x 17 cm artprint in plastic packing up
    Release Date: 04.07.2004
    "With "Minus" by THO-SO-AA the Art Konkret label presents the second release in the dark ambient series. The CD comes out with a 17 x 17 cm printed artwork in a plastic packing and is strictly limited to 500 copies.
    On "Minus" THO-SO-AA finds the way back to his roots. The new material is different to the "Absorb" release. It is very dark, like the early THO-SO-AA material, but with a lot of new influences. You find drones, pushing down bass sounds and ghostly voices. Song titles like "Introduction for a demon", "It's a nightmare", "Below peace & happiness", "A perfect collapse", "Darkness" speak their own language. The dark frequencies corrode slowly deep into the inner life and spread out their blackness.
    This release is the soundtrack for an intensive search for a physically noticeable zool sound, the "place where the black stars hang" as Brain Lustmord expressed it. For all who black is not dark enough." (press release)
  • Athanor / La Grande Illusion / Mimikaki
    In production!!!!!!!!!! Not out yet!
    * Athanor:
    - Blood Axis / Les Joyaux de la Princesse : Absinthia Taetra
    To prevent from the russian infamous and ugly bootlegs, the two 10" from the absinthe boxset presented here in a single CD digipack elegantly designed with remastered sound. No extra material or graphicks but all the music from the original release. Includes some powerfull studio tracks along with the complete live in Sintra, the only time BA and LJDLP ever presented Absinthe on stage… Beware, l'absinthe rend fou…17 tracks, 61mn. Act fast before it's sold out like the first CD
    - Dawn and dusk entwined : A Harvest of Winds 10"
    6 rare versions and unreleased tracks from the era 2001/2002 of this french militari-pop project after their succesfull 3rd CD released on Athanor (finally repressed !). This is the ideal complement to the CD with glorious tracks like "She came from the East" or "Along the Plains". Long play 10" Ltd to 350 copies only
    * La Grande Illusion:
    Les Sentiers Conflictuels : Variations post Traumatiques 7"
    The follow up to the acclaimed 10" released of this enigmatic french project. Deals like the first part with the first world war diseases. Very powerfull and limited to only 222 numbered copies
    * Mimikaki:
    Perverse Teens / Pravda : Domptages2 7" EP
    After the Spacemen 3 tribute and the french touch 10", Mimikaki comes back with a battle covers by two new french bands. Perverse teens is the side projects of famous french post industrial outfit PPF, they cover two tracks from legendary punk french band Metal Urbain. Pravda is a parisian electro punk duo with both female and male singers, they cover two tracks from the english punk band the Buzzcocks.
  • Der Feuerkreiner / Neuropa Records
    "La 'Nvidia" 12" on Neuropa Records.
    Side A: - Tanz - Mondendinge (I)
    Side B: - La 'Nvidia - Mondendinge (II)
    Ltd 69 copies on coloured vinyl
    Ltd 300 copies on black vinyl
  • Durtro
    Dear All: more news so soon after my last letter.
    * Disperal 93: The first 10 items from my personal collection and archive will go up on eBay on Tuesday 29 June 2004 starting at 18.30 BST (British Summer Time; GMT +1). They are mainly Arthur Machen books, and a couple of other hopefully interesting items. These, and ALL OTHER Dispersal93 items, will be found by looking under the Seller ID dispersal93 or by putting D93D in Item Search.
    Many other items will be going up in the near future as I clear out my past before moving on both geographically and personally, including books by Robert Aickman, HR Wakefield, Arthur Machen, Louis Wain, Algernon Blackwood, MR James. Also many rare C93, Durtro Press, Ghost Story Press and associated items.
    * Current 93/Nurse With Wound west coast USA dates: It is increasingly likely these will be in January 2005. We are waiting for venue and date confirmations and should have these within the next week or so.
    * Simon Finn documentary: Those who came to Toronto may have noticed--and perhaps been interviewed by--members of a Canadian film crew and their lovely director Anne, who are making a documentary on Simon Finn. I was honoured to be included in filming for this film; it will be a fascinating account of Simon's amazing life, which started in wealth and society and everything supposedly wonderful and descended rapidly to sleeping on park benches in London and living in absolute poverty after an astounding fall from his known world. SIMON FINN is a GENIUS and has been through the TRIALS OF JOB.
    * Missy Elliot disaster for Steven and not me I am immune: Steven Stapleton rushed back from Toronto to see this singer and phenomenon in Dublin but she cancelled. Steve said he knew she would anyway, but still rushed back for it and was delayed by President BUSH also at airport. This is was predictable news for Steven and I.
    * David Tibet/Steven Stapleton meet virtual queen through man: Henry Boxer, who represents artwork by myself and Steven, will meet HerRoyalHigness the Princess Royal ANNE for 10 minutes at an exhibition of Outsider Art he is curating in tiresome NorthernEnglishTown Harrogate (where I once went when my balls has descended into supernova state pointless) which will include some Louis Wain paintings from my collection. Our links to royalty grow closer and we will soon be meeting dragons from other dimensions under the Great Pyramid. I will be knighted and knothinged at allsametime.
    * Vinyl reissue of 'Earth Covers Earth' by Current 93 on Free Porcupine Society: One of the labels/projects I most admire at the moment is Free Porcupine Society, run by Rob Fisk and Kelly Goodefisk. They will be reissuing one of C93's early albums, originally released on United Dairies, as a 12" vinyl record. This will come with new screenprinted artwork by David Tibet and realised by Kelly Goodefisk and Rob Fisk. Release date Godwilling Autumn/Fall to Winter 2004. Please go to for more details of FPS and its work.
    * Comic book words book release from Free Porcupine Society: We are all cartoons, filled with visions of cartoon messiahs: Forthcoming in December 2004/January-February 2005: a book of words and drawings screenprinted by Rob and Kelly GoodeFisk at Free Porcupine Society. Featured artists will be some people I am honoured to appear alongside, and whose work I have admired for a long time in alphabetical order: Devendra Banhart, Mark Beyer, Rob Fisk and myself. Please go to for more details of FPS and its work.
    * Books and films and records I love at the moment
    Love Records: Badgerlore, Deerhoof, Taurpis Tula, Xiu Xiu, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Stephanie Volkmar 7" singleside. Also Simon Finn's PASS THE DISTANCE; Klaus Nomi also blessed by GOD for his martyrdom; JOBRIATH also blessed by GOD for his martyrdom. all of Ben Chasny's albums.
    Love Books: The Mountain People by Colin M. Turnbull given to me by Johan Kugelberg: God bless his kindness and awareness of what will touch me. THE IDIOT again by Dostoyevsky.
    Love Films: I love the idea of the film THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD which myself, Steven Stapleton, St.Epiphany Volkmar, and Binh Ja Minh almost went to see in Toronto but couldn't. I and Steven still constantly watch FAMILY GUY cartoons. And I also love early silent films about the PASSION of Christ.
    Loathe Films: The Day After Tomorrow which I went to see with Simon Finn. Words cannot explain how DISMAL this film is. Identical to the dire INDEPENDENCE DAY except Large Cloud Formations instead of Large Flying Saucer. ALSO: the end of the world comes when CHRIST appears in the skies on a HORSE, not with snow in Alabama or wherever. Beware of demonic subliminals in the film showing genitalia in ICECUBES and CLOUDS/FOOD. Watch for BIKINIS with badness building up in WORDS within them. Also SEX in food such as PIZZA and STEWS and other such juicy foods. Be aware. Little Shining Man Coming.
    * Cats all well/Mental emotional state of me tonight at sunset/Cats meowing at dusk/Listening to Simon Finn/I am judged
    My cats were all well on return. Thank you God of Cats.
    I am often low and scrabbling through prophecy and leaves. Hopefully upping soon. Loving walls. Saved some insects in countryside outside Montreal, reminding me of BUTTERFLIES that were found trapped in SPIDERWEBS in Kolk/Kolga whilst researching Count Stenbock in Estonia last year. Many ButterFlies held in webs trapped behind windows screaming for release; reminded me of Stenbock screaming in his heart in pain for so long desiring and wanting everything he cannot have. WHAT WE WANT WE CANNOT HAVE.
    * Soft Black Stars: Whilst going through my handwritten texts in my notebooks for the forthcoming book of lyrics and poems I found this section excised from the final album:
    And through the panes of Your glass
    You see the pain scattered on grass
    And the flat surface is slipping away
    And all of this is slipping away
    This was then developed into an unused song for the album:
    I saw the sun in splendour
    Triumphant tremendous
    Rushing to the heart
    Of your night
    And through the panes of the glass
    You glimpse the pain of the + aaaaaaa 7
    And you cannot catch people
    The face in the frame
    The voice in the car
    Whilst the frost crackles on the window
    And the wind howls in your eyes
    And the wind whispers in you:
    "It's here already--and not yet: you are not ready"
    Blink and die under hooves and teeth: cartoon/doll/bubble
    The flowers smile
    thank you all and goodnight and goodbye
    david 28.VI.2004
  • Monkeyhouse Recordings
    * New website: a full-length MP3 track is now available for download for each of the releases. Each download will be available in a high and lower quality format to try and cater for all connection speeds.
    * New release: Collecting the first two Leviathan releases on one CD, "Beyond the Mists" is a 14 track, 70+ minute collection of sheer ambient darkness. It comes in a DVD case with completely new artwork and has been fully remastered.
  • Obuh Records
    Obuh presents album of KSIEZYC.
    For the first time ever on CD re-mastered material originally released on 10" Obuh vinyl in 1996. Fundamental album from Polish outfit playing on acoustic instruments. Featuring incredible female vocals and subtle electronics. Fairy-tale like post minimal, poetic songs with surreal aura. Just an Eastern classic. Limited edition of numbered 530 copies, hand printed on a hand-made unique paper made specially for this project.
  • TenHornedBeast
    :from deep within the hinterlands of northern england the TenHornedBeast is rising:
    :best known for his work in the 1990's with english dark-ambient occultists ENDVRA, christopher walton has used guitar/bass/drums to set loose a malstrom of primitive proto-doom riffs and deep sub-sonic drones:
    :ebon walls of reverb close in revealing pin points of pallid starfire against the void: percussion detonates deep underground: guitars and bass divide, merge and divide again as harsh monochrome washes of feedback and dissonance soar and scream:
    :TenHornedBeast's debut release, "ten stars ten horns", contains 50 minutes and five tracks of heavy doom/drone sonics recorded between 27 10 03 and 20 04 04 at spennymoor electric studios:
    :Track listing:
    :- frostbite
    :- crown of horns
    :- lord heroin (has surely come)
    :- with the wings of god above you
    :- ten stars ten horns
    :- shrines I-III
    :powered by biblical prophecy and oppressive volume the TenHornedBeast stalks the neither-neither world between sound and subduction: behold a beast dreadful and terrible and strong exceedingly and it has ten horns:
    :from those already privvy - " Tony Iommi playing without hands..." "...sounds like a black mass in a forest..." " grimm as the reapers scythe..."
    UK - £5 inclusive of shipping
    Europa - e10 inclusive of shipping
    USA+world - $10 inclusive of shipping
  • Thighpaulsandra / Ochre Records
    We should be getting Thighpaulsandra's new Ochre CD 'Rape Scene' back from the manufacturers very very shortly. (see notes below) You can now order from us here at Ochre Records.
    Cost: £13 UK / £14 Rest Of World.
    Pay by Credit Card: Phone 01242-571572 (Badlands)
    Pay by Paypal to Ochre Paypal Account:
    Cheque / Postal order to: Ochre Records, PO Box 155, Cheltenham, Glos, GL51 0YS, UK.
    The third studio album from Thighpaulsandra who is also a full-time member of both Coil and Spiritualized. 'Rape Scene' follows on from the hugely succesfull 'I Thighpaulsandra' and 'Double Vulgar' albums that were released on Coil's own legendary Eskaton label. Thighpaulsandra is also a member of the Queen Elizabeth project with Julian Cope and is also a former member of Cope's group. 'Rape Scene' also features Spiritualized bassist Martin Schellard and Rocketgoldstar's Siôn Orgon. For years Thighpaulsandra has been an enigma. He's been Julian Cope's mohican haired keyboard player performing on most of the Arch Drude's output since Autogeddon. With Cope he formed the glambient supergroup Queen Elizabeth, filling their eponymous CD and subsequent Elizabeth Vagina CD with deep ambient drone. With Cope switching his attention to book writing Thighpaulsandra joined erstwhile Spacemen 3 member Jason Pierce, in his space rock group, Spiritualized, initially as a replacement but n!ow as a full-time member lending his keyboard wizardry to various Spiritualized releases including the Abbey Road EP and the Live at the Royal Albert Hall CD. He survived the Spiritualized schism and has contributed extensively to the recent Spiritualized releases with both his keyboard and orchestral scoring skills. In 1998 he contributed to Coil's (at the time) ultra-limited Astral Disaster vinyl release. He forged an immediate psychic kinship with John Balance and as a result was invited, and duly accepted, John Balance's invitation to join Coil as their permanent fifth member. "Pentagrammatical. Complete," commented Balance. He's since recorded with Coil on the two volumes of the Musick To Play In The Dark series. He debuted with Coil at their magnificent Time Machines performance at the Royal Festival Hall, London, as part of Julian Cope's Cornucopea event. The night before not one but three Thighpaulsandra's (work that one out) joined Queen Elizabeth to perform Temple! of Diana. NOTE: Thighpaulsandra will perform his stunning live show live at the Ochre 10 Festival at Gloucester Guildhall on October 30th.
  • Topheth Prophet
    Releases news: Barzel - a shield of defense and the word of the son of blood , the first ever zionist power electronics project is now available through a number of distibutors in Europe and USA.
30th June 2004
  • Updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Durtro
    * Merchandise from Toronto shows for sale: The remaining merchandise from the Toronto shows is available on eBay at a fixed price to give those who were unable to attend a chance to purchase them without paying an inflated price! Simply head here.
    Payment may be made by PayPal or money order. Anyone who would prefer to pay by credit card should email Mark Logan at or telephone +1 519-744-1370. These items will NOT be available from the Durtro shop.
    Items available:
    - Current 93: Time of the Last Persecution/Black Flowers Please. Blue vinyl 7"; 500 copies.
    - Current 93: In the Courtyard/Jerusalem. CDS; 500 copies. Features Simon Finn on guitar and David Tibet on vocals.
    - Nurse With Wound: Penis Fruit Loop (Deambulation Mix)/A Perfectly Natural Expectation. Red vinyl 7"; 500 copies.
    - Six Organs of Admittance. It Was Written/On Distance. Clear vinyl 7"; 500 copies.
    - Simon Finn: Silent City Creep. CDS; 5 new tracks; 500 copies.
    - A special poster commemorating the event. Full colour. 280 x 432mm (11" x 17"); 300 copies.
    - Current 93: T-shirt. Purple S/M/L features an alpha and omega smile; 200 printed.
    - Simon Finn: T-shirt. With 'Pass the Distance' cover art on the front. S/M/L/XL. 100 printed.
    * Current 93 & Nurse With Wound concerts in the United States:
    To celebrate the American release, at an American domestic price, of two double CD retrospectives by C93 and NWW respectively, both groups will be playing two concerts on a Friday and Saturday in November/December 2004 on the west coast of the USA. Special guests will also be appearing. These will be NWW's first shows since our concerts in Holland and Belgium in 1984 or 1985 (I can't remember the year), when NWW performed as Steven Stapleton, Chrystall Belle Scrodd, David Tibet and Tim Spy. Full details will follow very soon.
    * Current 93 Turin shows: both of the Turin shows are now SOLD OUT.
    * Current 93 Lisbon shows: tickets are nearly sold out for the Saturday, and approximately 40 remain for the Friday show.
    * Thomas Ligotti Death Poems book: This book is now available from the shop. This is the most beautiful volume Durtro have yet done; I am so happy with it.
    * Current 93 alpha & omega label pins: These items are back in stock at the shop.
    * Some comments after my return from the Toronto shows
    Sometimes I see this world as such brightness and sometimes as such pain it is unbearable and I think I should kill myself when the colours start pouring into my head. I must look in my heart in the dark. I believe all the armies are being to amass for the countdown. I see Satan and Christ everywhere preparing for the final battles which will sweep all of this and us away. We are living in bitter times, and the trees are waving both farewell to our pasts and greeting what is to rain over us in blood and bright before the stars and sun are switched out. I am watching every single sign and every single smile for symbols of the end. The signs in the stars will be evident to us all. Love one another as God has loved us: 1 JOHN 4: 12
    * HIV/AIDS compilation: as you may have heard, Mark Logan and I are putting together a benefit compilation triple CD album with all profits to go to the wonderful work done by Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) amongst people with HIV+ status and AIDS in Africa. We are hoping for a late autumn/fall to December release for this CD, which will come out on Durtro/Jnana.
    Amongst artists confirmed are: David Toop * BMX Bandits * Paul Burch (Lambchop) * Cyclobe * William Basinski * Brett Smiley * Bill Fay * Humanimmunodeficiencyvirus * Stephanie Volkmar * Richard Buckner * Simon Finn * Six Organs of Admittance * Michael Gira * Antony * Baby Dee * Thighpaulsandra * Jarboe * Devendra Banhart * Pantaleimon * Faun Fables * Nurse With Wound * Sundial * Current 93 * Little Annie Anxiety * Jim O'Rourke * Backworld * Matmos * Peter Stormare * Michael Yonkers * Michael Masley * Christoph Heemann * Andrew Chalk * Mirror * The Pastels * Jad Fair * Linda Perhacs * Rose McDowall/Sorrow * Ka-Spel/Legendary Pink Dots * Einar Örn/Ghostdigital * (ext.) * Tarpis Taula
    With love and thankyous to you all always
    godislove: watch and pray
    David Tibet: London 25 June 2004
23rd June 2004
  • Updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • C.O.T.A./Sonick Sorcery
    News Summer 2004: C.O.T.A. "Ta'wil" Sonick Sorcery.o4 Digipak CD
    A ritual and tribal masterpiece. This acclaimed 1997 release finally available again! Dark ritual spaces and wild open places are the inspiration that gave birth to this document! A real Must! Comes in a very nice textured & debossed 6 panel Digipak." (press release)
  • Drone Records
    Four new Drone-EPs out this June 2004!
    DR-65 * Soleilkraast - Choresonic Preludes To A Dark Cycle
    This is the very first release of this new exciting French one-man-project from Nantes who is dealing his music with an existentialist and metaphysical approach. The first piece 'Zoyd Kraast' is felt like this dark overwhelming dense ocean of monumentalised drones; a real droning explosive storm in which 'something alien' must be existing; whereas the second piece is based on the works of flickering piano-dots, drowning into this surrealistic atmosphere.
    ~ Filed under: metaphysic / monumental drones ~
    Black vinyl with orange & yellow speckles. Plain black covers with handmade inlay by the artist.
    DR-66 * Cisfinitum - VS (Curve / Curse)
    From the strong post-industrial scene of Moscow, the duo Cisfinitum is a well known name since many years but unfortunately had very few releases so far...
    We are proud to offer 'VS' which presents them at their most refined & intense point of their career. Two thunderous & emotionally stirring tracks; post-apocalyptic landscapes of sounds like watching an eerie painting consisting of earthquakes cracking out fierce drones. Disoriented even more with background voices, metal-banging and more concrete mechanical sounds of unknown origin. Absolutely intense and mind-blowing! This EP is one of the most impressive handmade cover-artwork ever seen in the Drone-series: a nearly 2 inch thick hand-sewed black & grey stripped wool-cover; each one is numbered and comes with a Cisfinitum cardboard-sign on it.
    ~ Filed under: post-apocalyptic drones ~
    Black vinyl with white & grey stripes. Ultra-handmade wool-covers, numbered.
    DR-67 * Herbst9 - : Enenylyn :
    Probably the most well-known band of the new Drone Records 7"EPs. This is the first non-Loki release by the German dark/transcendental ambient-duo from Leipzig, who already gained cult-status. The two pieces on this EP are filled with roaring feedbacks & amorphic sounds. Deep reverberations evoke impressions of endless vaults, halls & tunnels way down deep below this Earth. In addition to this music whereabouts, there's an intense emotional imprinting, like being in the middle of a sacrificial or shamanic ritual. This music has the psychedelic drug power to evoke ancient gods.
    ~ Filed under: sacrificial / shamanic drones ~
    White vinyl. Black covers with hand-printed banderole.
    DR-68 * Aidan Baker - Same River Twice
    We never find enough artist where the phenomena of being writers as well musicians intersect but the Canadian Aidan Baker is one of them. Since he began to release music (solo or with his band-project ARC) he has shown poetic sensibility and many emotional levels while creating this elegant & beautiful guitarish-drone-harmonics. The two pieces here on his very first vinyl-release are thus inspired by literature titles plunged us into the sound-waves of some of the most mysterious shimmering daydreaming episodes. Dare diving in these warm-colourful travelling fluids... Each cover comes with an handwritten piece of poetry by the artist.
    ~ Filed under: Poetic & trancy day-dream-drones ~
    Clear water-coloured vinyl with yellow spots blue & green handpainted covers.
    Each copy has a unique handwritten poetry by the artist.
    All these 7" EPs (33 rpm) are the First Pressing of a Limited Edition of 300 Copies for each title
  • Monkeyhouse Recordings
    New release - Leviathan & Grimbergen
    "After a fair period of silence, Monkeyhouse Recordings announce the release of their latest CD: "*...Of Revisionism and Relinquishment*", a split release between *Leviathan* and fellow Edinburgh dark ambient project *Grimbergen*.
    This 40+ min, 6 track CD features 2 exclusive tracks from each project accompanied by one Grimbergen track reworked by Leviathan and one Leviathan track getting the same treatment from Grimbergen.
    "...Of Revisionism and Relinquishment" is the sound of Edinburgh's darkest secrets, her blackest places, and is a must for all fans of the dark ambient/black industrial genres." (press release)
    The CD is available direct from Monkeyhouse Recordings. Contact us or visit our website for further details (a sample will soon be available for free download).
    Coming soon:
    Sigillum Dei - self titled : A new sample-heavy slab of hypnotic drone from Leviathan's Gaendaal.
  • Novy Svet
    * A newslist dealing with everything from/by/with/around Novy Svet, their label Nekofutschata, related artists like O Paradis, Mushroom's Patience, His Divine Grace, Wermut, etc.
    * New Novy Svet album - Out now!
    'fin. finito. infinito', the long awaited new album by Novy Svet, has finally been released in an edition of 77 copies only (12", black vinyl, embossed & foiled sleeve, no label, no initially this album was planned to end up on digital format, but j. weber decided to pre-release an alternative version on vinyl. we are right now discussing about releasing this album on CD during the next months, but can assure you that at least 3 tracks would be kicked out and replaced by others, if this was the case. yet nothing is always. featured on this album is also the subject of some running gossip: the magnificent title track, a collaboration between Novy Svet / Wermut / His Divine Grace.
    * New Neko: His Divine Grace - out now!
    Nekofutschata is proud to announce the release of 'Leviathan 5' by the spooky outfit His Divine Grace. this is a condensed live-version of the formerly available 4-CD-set 'Leviathan 1 - 4'. comes in a heavy cardboard sleeve, embossed, with inlay and on clear vinyl (neko13, lim. 88 ). two copies of the original pressing were destroyed by the group themselves during their crushing appaerance at 'Hau Ruck! II' festival in vienna, which cuts the available records to a number of 86. gossip-time: no, not even we ourselves know, who is the person behind Moonchild Erik! yes, it is rather unlikely that His Divine Grace themselves showed up in vienna - it seems as if they paid some people from germany to do their non-live performance! yes, His Divine Grace performed a secret concert in vienna two days before the festival! and it is true: nobody did see them! don't think that we are not going crazy about all these topics. want more? visit
    * Novy Svet / O Paradis / Circe - Live!
    all three groups will perform exclusive live-sets in Barcelona, July 3rd MMIV, at 'Mephisto' club. Novy Svet are going to present a completely new set built around new material. j. weber mentioned plans to record another collaboration with O Paradis this summer.
    * Last Month's releases / Upcoming stuff
    Novy Svet have released quite a bunch of new stuff. a complete discography should already be found somewhere in the list of posted messages. this will be checked by the group as soon as possible to make sure that it is correct. forthcoming productions include: a compilation through Punch Productions (new tracks), a lim. ed. MCD for summer, a lim. ed. 7" compiling solo-tracks by all current members of Mushroom's Patience (Klanggalerie) and more. have a look at the label's webpages!
    * Related artists
    Mushroom's Patience 'L'Ultimo Bagno Del Primate' has been re-released on 12" format by HR!. according to j. weber this is one of the best albums ever and among his all-time-faves. by the way: the same goes for me! Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter (DBPIT) aka Flavio Rivabella has released a new CD through a canadian label. details will be posted as soon as available. The Tiny Men are currently recording a new album. O Paradis will release a new 7" through Klanggalerie in a couple of weeks. the two featured tracks - of which one is dedicated to Novy Svet - are just superb. Wermut's debut-10" is finally available through Old Europa Cafe (feat. j. weber on two tracks).
    * Distribution
    Novy Svet does no longer run a mailing-list and does not sell items privately. we have decided to put left over copies of the current releases on eBay (at a fixed price) to give everybody the chance to grap them. as always some were simply too slow. we are sorry for them. we are now discussing to use this method of distribution also in the future. anyway, ALL Novy Svet / Nekofutschata stuff is widely distributed by Tesco. so, have a look into their newslist!
    * Rumours
    yes, Novy Svet have left HR! last summer and others have followed. the reasons for this decision are obvious.
  • Ô Paradis
    'Desterrado' 7" single limited to 200 numbered copies is out now on Klanggalerie.
    A 10" compilation with AIT!, Novy Svet, Totenlieder and Ô Paradis will be released soon on Punch Productions.
    Novy Svet and Ô Paradis are conspiring with new material...
    More info:
14th June 2004
  • Updated the Concerts page.
  • Antony and the Johnsons
    Antony has signed with Secretly Canadian, an independent label based in Indiana.
    Secretly Canadian are reissuing Antony and the Johnsons' debut album in July.
    The official release date for Antony and the Johnsons' new album "I Am a Bird Now" is October 5th 2004.
    The album includes guest appearances by Lou Reed, Devendra Banhart, Rufus Wainwright and Boy George. Antony has several performances scheduled for June: he is doing a opening set for Devendra Banhart (also with Joanna Newsome and Vetiver) at Bowery Ballroom on June 21st; Antony is singing behind Lou Reed at Carnegie Hall on June 23rd as a part of the JVC Jazz Festival ; and he is appearing in Hal Willner's Neil Young Project (Cat Power, Ron Sexsmith) at the Prospect Park bandshell on June 26th.
    Antony is planning a tour of the US for the fall, as well as a short tour of Italy; more details will be posted soon. Lou Reed's live album "Animal Serenade" which includes Antony singing "Candy Says" has been released by SIRE/REPRISE.
  • Punch Productions
    Punch Productions presents: Erik Ursich - "Kanashii" PP06 Out now!!!
    12" grey vinyl ltd.ed of 300 copies hand numbered.
    "Revelation artist! Erik Ursich is a polyhedric electronic musician. He plays mainly vintage instruments like moog, synthesizers, theremin ..... Cold, melancholic, minimalist .... this first official vinyl is completely dedicated to sadness......
    "Sometimes I get overwhelmed by a sudden groundless languor, and I can't stop it, or maybe I don't want to...because in those moments the boundless pity I feel for myself is also source of a mysterious, unavowable pleasure: the pleasure of sadness". (press release)
    Contact :
  • World Serpent / Carter Tutti
    Carter Tutti: Cabal: CD
    "Release of 'Cabal', the debut album by Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti in their new guise as Carter Tutti.
    With these songs already going down a storm in their recent European live performances the new material on 'Cabal' showcases the exhilarating breadth and scope of the combined musical talents of electro-industrial pioneers Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti and features 11 brand new outstanding original compositions.
    'Cabal' combines Chris Carter's instrumentation and Cosey Fanni Tutti's unique vocal, guitar and cornet techniques with music styles encompassing dense electronic soundscapes, dub influenced rhythms, extreme vocal manipulations, trancey electro patterns and finished off with outstanding production values. 'Cabal' is a 'must have' album for all discerning fans of electronica, EBM and of course electro-industrial." (press release)
8th June 2004
  • Updated the Concerts page.
  • The playlist for last Friday's radio show is now available. For those who missed the show, you can download it as two mp3 files on our Radio page. This download will only be available until the end of the month.
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    * Release Updates- Greetings all! Hope this short update finds you all doing well. We finally received our Ka-Spel mt082 Art Cd tins from our printer and we are currently doing finishing touches and will have this out around July 8th. The Nurse With Wound silk bags have all been shipped out to you and should be arriving in your mail box soon. There are some exciting tour dates below so check them out! We are currently behind on shipping orders out as we have been working on getting our office space organized after the big move. That is it for now but thanks to you all for the continued label/artist support! You rock. -chris
    * Projects Forthcoming: We have new albums in the works and ready for release soon from: La STPO, Current 93, Coil, Nurse With Wound, Beequeen, Felix Kubin, Friday Group, Christus and the Cosmonaughts, Brunnen,, Waldteufel, Whitelodge, Armchair Migraine Journey, Romulus/Remus, Earthmonkey, Edward Ka-Spel, Legendary Pink Dots,........... and more. Stay tuned for details.
  • Durtro
    * Current 93: Live in Turin, Italy, Friday 24 & Saturday 25 September 2004:
    Tickets are now available for these two appearances, and cost €32 for each night, plus a small extra charge, depending on where you live, for shipping, tax and handling.
    Tickets are available from
    Please note: tickets are not available from We look forward to seeing you there.
    * David Tibet: Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods:
    I have recently found several files of handwritten and typewritten lyrics and texts, that I believed were lost, in my archive.
    Consequently, I have decided to delay the publication of this book until November 2004, so it will be arriving with people for Christmas 2004. I am aware that people were expecting this book to be published in August, but I want to make it as comprehensive as possible.
    Due to this delay, I have also decided to extend the deadline for ordering the book in order to receive the free Current 93 CD until 1 September 2004.
    Many of the orders that people have made for EDITION ONE have not yet been processed as we wish to process them as close as to publication date as possible.
    As always, if anyone is unhappy with this delay and wishes to have their payment refunded, please let us know and we will arrange this.
    * C93 'SickSickSick' & Simon Finn: 'Pass the Distance' CDs:
    We are expecting the SickSickSick CD to arrive at Durtro in London early next week. This CD will be sent out as soon as it is here. The Simon Finn CD will be sent out by Durtro from Canada to everyone who has ordered it, as Durtro will be in Canada for 2 weeks due to the Toronto shows, and the Finn CDs are being both manufactured and delivered to Durtro in Canada.
    Please remember Durtro will not be able to process orders or answer mail from 5 June until we return at the end of June.
    * Nurse With Wound in Norway:
    Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter are currently making music from whatever they can find around them in the extreme north of Norway (cod, pebbles, rocks, ice, water, cold etc etc). The music is broadcast three times a week on a local radio station. The station's site is You need Windows Media Player to hear the streams (and it works better on PCs). Once you get to the site you have to click "Nettradio" on the top right hand corner of the site. The website's design is somewhat idiosyncratic and entirely in Norwegian. It works best in Explorer.
    Transmission times are between 1800-1900 European time (1700-1800 UK time) on Saturdays, Tuesdays 1700-1715 (UK time 1600-1615) , Thursdays 1300-1315 (UK time 1200-1215) from now until 25 July. More on the project is at the website of the sponsors, Art in Nordland. Some of the audio will be uploaded on this site after 24 July and an edited version of this will most likely end up on on a CD later on.
    * Steven Stapleton hip-hop wants list:
    Steven thanks all those who have been sending CDs. He is presently in Norway, and will then be flying to Canada with Current 93. He should be back home in Ireland by the end of June, when he will start sending out the special thankyou gifts mentioned on this website.
    David Tibet 2 VI 2004
2nd June 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • The next radio broadcast is planned for Friday 4th June between 20.30 and 22.00 (French Local Time). The broadcast can be followed online via a streamcast. More information on the Radio page.
  • Coil
    * The Clash Of Royal Black Antlers!
    On each of the live dates we will be selling CDR copies of our new album-in-progress Black Antlers. At each venue we will be selling a limited amount of CDRs each uniquely marked and sometimes numbered. The remainder of these will be made available for sale via this website at the end of the tour. A version of this material will be available as a download around the same time.
    A new different version of The Remote Viewer will also be available as part of our initial 'download catalogue'. Keep an eye our for lynx on this site in the near future. We will be creating a special Digital Store selling all kinds of digital artifacts, including but not limited to musick, soon.
    * Record release plans: "I'm Waiting For The Crunch Of Another Naked Lunch"
    As well as the current Black Antlers work-in-progress CDR we intend to release a finalised, definitive 'studio' version of the album. This will available on the Eskaton label here in Europe and plans are underway for an American domestic release of the album on the Beta Lactam label. This will include LP. CD and special limited art editions on both sides of the Atlantic. See Beta-Lactam's website for more information and Coil related surprises.
    A 12" promo-only pressing of the title track Black Antlers will be distributed to clubs soon. We will be selling a black handful of these as soon as we have them. Please do not ask us about these! They'll be shown on the website when they are available.
    * Coil at the 'Tate Modern'(
    This weekend sees the opening of a Coil-related Drek Jarman installation at the Tate Modern, in London. James MacKay, the executor and keeper of Derek's Super 8 film legacy, has overseen the restoration of a new print and DVD of an early documentary home movie Bankside Studio. Coil as old friends of Derek and James were approached to provide a musick soundtrack for this important piece of ephemera (when Michael Nyman fucked up). This installation will be in place for three months. This commission marks and reminds us that we will be recording a whole load more soundtracks to accompany further examples of Derek's Super 8 work, as and when the process of cataloging and restoration proceeds.
    Incidentally the film that Derek made for Coil The Angelic Conversation has just come out on DVD in Italy, without crediting Coil properly, much to our extreme annoyance and straining at the legal leash. Woof! all of the beasts, each and every one of them, worship at the shrine of the thylacine...
    Jhonn Balance & Peter Christopherson
  • Eis & Licht / Lux Interna / Forseti
    * Lux Interna "Ignis Mutat Res" CD Eis040
    "Ignis Mutat Res" - "Fire transmutes everything" is an alchemistic maxim that the North American Dark Folk band Lux Interna have chosen as title for their second album. Indeed, their evolution (transformation) is tangible: in contrast to their very introspective and silent debut "absence and plenum", many of their new songs have a 'flaming' aspect to them - dynamic folk hymns such as "Horizon" or the angry "Weep Not For This World" are bursting with energy. The rich arrangements with acoustic and electric guitars, violin, cello, and Turkish psaltery make for a multi-layered, profound and strong album. Yet there is plenty of room for gentle tones - for example "Distance", a wonderful song with female vocals (as delicate as early This Mortal Coil), and a Rilke adaptation, "Lange mußt du leiden" ("Long must thou suffer"). In seeming contrast (musically and content-wise) there are stunningly life-celebrating tracks such as "Europe's Green Remnants" or "Daybreak II" which stir up a yearning for spring.
    To sum it up: with "Ignis Mutat Res", the 'young' band Lux Interna present a mature and grown album. At the same time their sound remains fresh and crisp. With only two albums they have reached heights that many other Dark Folk bands can only dream of - without ever walking the dead-ends of clichés and copycats. A demanding, enchanting, and perfect concept album with a lot of potential hits for grown-up music lovers." (press release)
    Out in June 2004. Find one fulltime track as Mp3-file on the website.
    * Forseti new album "erde" available on CD from the 2nd June.
  • Evolved As One
    [evol01] v/a . evolved as one - a collection of emotional ambient-drones . CD
    "This is the first cd by the new label 'evolved as one', and features a collection of emotional ambient-drones. The compilation features 9 tracks by 7 artists from the international 'drone' scene. All the tracks have been created using traditional instrumentation such as guitar, voice, harmonica and flute, as well as digital effects and electronic processing. The tracks represent a wide range of emotional states, ranging from the depression of suppressed fear to the yearning of pure melancholy. The CD comes in a beautiful cardboard cover. Edition of 500 copies.
    With Moljebka Pvlse, Dual, Ure Thrall, Ultrasound, Srmeixner, Cats of Tel Aviv and Troum.
    total time: 68.55 minutes" (press release)
    Upcoming: [evol02] Moljebka Pvlse . CD (august 2004)
    [evol03] Asianova . CD (august 2004)
23rd May 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Cynfeirdd / E4E
    * Cynfeirdd n°18, Summer 2004, 56 pages + CD, 555 numbered copies
    With interviews and articles about : Omne Datum Optimum, Dream Into Dust, Regard Extrême, Baroque Bordello, A Sparrow Grass Hunt, Leipzig 2003-04, The Blizzard Sow, Le Crobard, Irrelevant, Dirk Polak, tens of CD and DVD reviews and a 9 track sampler CD "Le neuvième printemps" with Omne Datum Optimum, The Blizzard Sow, Iconae, Kinovia, Albireon, Regard Extrême, Irrelevant, Baroque Bordello and Neutral.
    * E4E Volume 8 : 47 Ashes "My bivouacs in your bunkers"
    New release for the iconoclast French band, this time helped by many and valorous friends: DBPIT, Claudedi, Melek-tha, Skin Crime, "Big Jim" The Egg and Vinci. It isn't low-fi, it isn't hi-fi, it's simply "sancti-fy" - hu!
    More infos and mail order on
  • Durtro
    * Current 93 with special guests, Lisbon, Portugal, 10 and 11 September:
    We are delighted to announce that Current 93 will again be playing the beautiful Teatro Ibérico in Lisbon, Portugal, on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 September, 2004. The special guests will be announced in July after the Durtro holidays. Here are details of the shows and how to obtain tickets. For all enquiries please contact José Pacheco, the organiser, and not Durtro, as we will just forward your messages to José. Tickets are NOT available from Durtro:
    Teatro Ibérico, Rua de Xabregas, n 54, 1900-440 Lisboa, Portugal
    Lisbon buses which go to the theatre: 18, 25, 25a, 28, 39, 39a, 42, 59, 82, 104, 105, 203, 207, 210
    150 tickets are available for each night at ¤35 (for one night) or ¤60 (for both nights).
    Payments must be made by International Money Order, Western Union or PayPal (to, adding ¤4 for each ticket for processing costs) or in cash (at your own risk) sent to:
    José Daniel Pacheco
    Pct. Quinta da Figueira, 9-8 Dto
    2700-692 Amadora
    Please don't send any money before confirming the ticket reservation.
    If you want your invitations to be posted please add ¤3 for postage expenses. Otherwise the invitations will be collected at the venue on the day of the event before the doors open at 21.00.
    Contacts: Email: - Phone: (+351) 96 644 90 76
    * Current 93 shows in Turin, 24 & 25 September 2004:
    Some people have said that they were unable to send mail to the email address that we gave. Could any people so affected please try again?
    * Thomas Ligotti: Death Poems:
    This beautiful and tragic new masterpiece from Thomas Ligotti is published on 1 July, when it will be added to the shop. The book is 80 pages long, and is printed as a cloth-bound deluxe hardback with marbled endpapers and with blocked spine and front and back covers. All page-edges are gilt, and the book has head- and tail-bands and a marker ribbon. This is Durtro's most beautiful publication yet. Each copy of the book comes with a free CARPE DIEM enamel badge made especially for this book. The book is limited to 333 copies and will be priced £33. As with all items in the shop, copies cannot be reserved.
    * David Lindsay: The Haunted Woman:
    One of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors has been reissued by Tartarus Press in a classic edition. The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay is as beautiful and as disturbing a book as I have read. Lindsay was the author of A Voyage to Arcturus, and a picture of him can be found at the top of David Keenan's book England's Hidden Reverse where he wears a moustache and has downcast eyes. I recommend everyone to buy this book; I have read my copy many times. The Tartarus volume also includes a wonderful essay by fantasy scholar Douglas A Anderson on Lindsay and his work.
    For further details go to
    * Richard Moult:
    I have commenced working with the extraordinary artist and composer Richard Moult. Below are details of his new website and forthcoming exhibition.
    The Dreaming
    An exhibition of recent paintings by Richard Moult at the Silk Top Hat Gallery, Quality Square, Ludlow, Shropshire
    1 June-19 June 2004
    The title of the exhibition was inspired by both a wonderful song by Gustav Holst entitled 'The Dream City'--one of my favourite examples of English song from the last century--and the haunting works of a great living artist of English song: Kate Bush. And since this exhibition is also part of Ludlow's renowned 'English Song Weekend', I decided to take the opportunity to draw attention to those living songwriters who deserve greater recognition as serious exponents of 'English Song', as that form is classically understood.
    Whilst preparing for this exhibition, I became re-acquainted after a gap of ten years with the works of David Tibet and Current 93. I increasingly found myself so overwhelmed by the beauty of their poetry and music that I could do nothing else but pay constant homage through my painting. Current 93 thus became the focal point for this exhibition, and each painting is a personal response to an extraordinary body of work which has provided so many landmarks for all those who view their life as a spiritual voyage.
    The Silk Top Hat gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm; admission free. Tel. +44 (0)1584 875363. Quality Square is situated just off Castle Square in the centre of Ludlow.
    Ludlow British Rail station lies on the Manchester to Cardiff line; there is a direct line from London on Saturdays only, otherwise change at Newport, Gwent.
    Richard Moult website: featuring paintings from 2000 AD onwards (including a large selection from the forthcoming 'The Dreaming' exhibition), and details of musical compositions. Designed by Paul Jackson at Othila:
    * Steven Stapleton hip-hop wants list:
    You will all have been as horrified as I was to learn that Steven is completely obsessed by female hip-hop. Please help him to sate his obsession by finding these CDs for him so he can stop harassing me to find them. In return for each CD on his list he receives he will send the sender a signed NWW CD of his choice. Please send them to Steven Stapleton, BM WOUND, London WC1N 3XX, England. '(?)' after the album title means that Steven does not know the record label that released it.
    Each person who sends a CD on the list to Steve will get a personalised Steven Stapleton present in return, so remember to include your address!
    Click here to see Steven's wants list:
  • Forseti
    The new album 'Erde' will be presented on the 31.05.2004 at the WGT in Leipzig.
    11 songs with participation of Ian Read (Fire&Ice), Kim Larsen (:Of The Wand And The Moon:), Uwe Nolte (Orplid), B'eirth (In Gowan Ring) and Sonne Hagal.
  • Loki
    Available From 10th June 2004:
    * First Law 'Beyond IO' CD + 12inch Set
    First Law's potency of sound increases with each release in atmosphere and recounting interaction. "Beyond IO" casts a large shade and proves once more the inimitable profile of this artist. Twanging sculptures manifested by an immense power of frequencies are falling like a tempest into a sensational and pulsating world always stored by multilayered levels. The CD/12inch set contains 90 minutes of musical reconnaissances enmeshed in a homogeneous resonance and represents the equilibrium of modulated sound research, electronic songwriting and an not-ending innovative stream of ideas. Close your eyes and open your ears and dig deep into a galaxy generated by tonal and artistical visions. Enter the plateau of ultimate sound design and enjoy the view from the observation tower over all categorical perception! Gatefold LP sleeve, limited 525 copies. - Loki 37 -
    * Ionosphere 'Angular Momentum' CD
    With the first full length work of this German project another remarkable release in dark and space ambient has earthed that accompanies with the classic works of this genre. The ten tracks on this album following their previous 10inch release on Avatar Records, creating a giant sphere full of thick and brooding soundscapes with thunderous eruptions, imploding stars, ghostly voices, powerful machine noises and pulsing rhythms. On "Angular Momentum" Ionosphere probing the darkness until it´s deepest core! Digipack CD. - Loki/PAS 19 -
  • Throbbing Gristle Tribute 7"EP
    Since the Re~TG Festival in may has been cancelled we have a very limited amount of a special Throbbing Gristle tribute 7" single for sale:
    à;GRUMH... 'Unclean/Discipline' 3-Track-7"EP
    This special tribute 7"ep was originally conceived and released to coincide with Throbbing Gristle reforming for a one off show: aka the RE~TG festival of 14-16 May 2004. Unfortunately for fans and fanatics the festival was cancelled due to unforeseen financial complications.
    Nevertheless, in the face of such disappointment this special edition vinyl is a positive tribute to two classic and cult industrial projects, namely Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Released as a double A sided single, à;GRUMH... and Ironflame have given a fine commemoration to these pioneering acts.
    Although à;GRUMH... ceased to exist in 1991, during the 1980's they were an important part of the international industrial underground. Known for their aggressive rhythmic industrial style in the vein of early Front 242 and The Klinik, heavily influenced by DAF, TG and SPK, à;GRUMH...'s notoriety soon spread, culminating in a world tour in 1990-91 before their ultimate demise. Harking back to this period, the two tribute cover versions of this 7" were recorded live in 1990 during à;GRUMH...'s swansong tour of the US. Yet to avoid the common pitfalls with the sound quality of live recordings, the tracks have been professionally studio mastered and pressed in Germany to ensure the highest quality sound reproduction for the vinyl.
    Side A of the 7" offers up for the listener an extremely raw and guttural version of Psychic TV's "Unclean". Against a backing of sparse guitars and swirling industrial noise, sadistic vocal wails certainly give a fitting tribute to Genesis P-Orridge. Side AA alternately pays tribute to Throbbing Gristle's track "Discipline".
    Here junk styled percussion pounds out an incessant industrial beat alongside a screeching guitar, whilst the almost banshee like vocals chant the track's lyrics. Certainly a suitably aggressive version!
    To further enhance the overall tribute concept, the images of the full colour sleeve have been reconstructed and digitally manipulated from the original cover designs of two 12" singles from Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Yet if this is not enough, there is one extra surprise to be found on the 7" and what may it be? While it can be revealed that it is another great à;GRUMH... live cover of a classic track, you will need to obtain this special limited edition (and check the inner circle etching) to discover exactly what it is!
    Released in a mere 333 copies (with 111 in each of three different colours: black, camouflage white & translucent blue), each copy comes hand numbered and contains two signed postcard inserts. In passing, this special limited vinyl release was born out of genuine fanaticism & sincerity to the T~G mission, making this release essential for Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV fans and fanatics alike.
    Price: 8 euros plus p&p, please contact:
  • Zinnober-Magazin
    Zinnober # 7 out now
    Interviews with: Boyd Rice, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson Interview (current 93, sigur ros, allhersjagodi from Iceland), Steindor Andersen (Sigur Ros, Rimur Singer), Kirlian Camera, Zetazeroalfa (ska/punk from Italy, the interview conducted Albin Julius/der blutharsch), Alain De Benoist, Dr. Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg/Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, Ostara, Waltari, Steinklang Records.
    Articles on Kenneth Anger (by Carl Abrahamsson - Psychic TV), Gottfried Benn, J.M. Hauer (12th Tone Music Composer by Martin A. Schwarz/Kshatriya)... Reviews... All in all 88 pages, written in german.
    The Magazine features (if interested) a 78 Minutes Industrial CD from Steinklang Records all exclusive tracks from f.e. Allerseelen, Challenge Of Honour, Rasthof Dachau, Sektion B etc.
    Please note the CD is only available with Zinnober!
    without CD: 4 Euro + postage (3,00 Euro outside Germany)
    with CD: 7 Euro + postage
    order via or
19th May 2004
  • Once A Barge
    New release 'Wigrid' CD out now on Holzrûna.
  • SDC 12 - "A Final Testimony"
    Last SDC edition.
    The Seküencias de Culto compilation is the final document, which marks the end of the most veteran Spanish magazine. Originally conceived as a ten-year anniversary edition, it ultimately developed into something different, due to its long postponed release. SDCzine was founded in 1.992, with the main purpose of providing a distinctive forum of music information.
    "A Final Testimony" is a double CD compilation with exclusive tracks or, in a few cases, with remixes or live recordings of already published compositions by Tore H. Boe, Propergol, Operation Cleansweep, Thorofon, ICK, IRM, Svartsinn, Inade, Raison D'être, Herbst9, Wolfskin, Tribe Of Circle, Toroidh, In Gowan Ring, Karnnos, Hekate, Sieben, Novy Svet, Camerata Mediolanense, Turbund Sturmwerk, Instincts.
    Compiled and designed by Seküencias de Culto magazine
    Manufactured by Hau RucK!
    Distributed by Tesco Distribution
    Release date: Mid-June
9th May 2004
  • We've added the playlist for last Friday's radio show, which includes all the details of the fifth Heimdallr Session with FDH. For those who missed the show, you can now download it as two mp3 files on our Radio page. This download will only be available until the end of the month.
    Our next broadcast is planned for Friday 4th June 2004.
  • The FDH radio session is now available for download as a CD quality mp3. Check the Sessions page for more details.
  • Cyclic Law / Karjalan Sissit
    Out Now: Karjalan Sissit "Karjalasta kajahtaa" CD
    "3rd full lenght from Markus Pesonen who now dove deeper into total Melancholy, Anti socialism, Bitterness, Disintegration and Alcoholism. Filled with what has defined Karjalan Sissit's sound thus far; Bombastic outbursts of Neo classical arrangements entwined in traditional Finnish Humppa and deep industrial sonorities.
    The songs were this time fiercly enhanced with some added vocals giving the whole album a much more agressive touch. Again produced by Peter Bjärgö at Erebus Odora, this new album definitely stands above it's predecessors. Edition of 1000 copies in amazing A5 textured book." (press release)
  • Cynfeirdd
    Spring releases :
    * Omne Datum Optimum "Missa XXI" Cyn 027 CD
    After some sampler participations and two 7", here is at least the Omne Datum Optimum full album. Eleven tracks in a middle-age, mystic, martial way for a passionate evocation of the love loss. Presented in a 8 pages digipack illustrated by Gaë Bolg cover designer AM 1118.
    "THE album I wished I could have done" would have say Gaë Bolg before disappearing!
    * While Angels Watch "Still the star shines" Cyn 026 MCD
    Four track MCD limited edition of 288 handnumbered copies.
    Tracklisting : Crossing the tide of time, Moonchild (redroom mix), Eye for eye (2004) et The waiting ground (2004).
    More news and info on
  • The Lunar Minstrels
    The Lunar Minstrels is a new project composed of S. Leduc of Totenlieder and Demian of Ô Paradis. It unites the musical influences of both bands into one entity unique in itself. Soon, the website will be updated with audio excerpts.
    They have recently finished to record their debut album, which is a 7 inches. It will be released by Sweet Farewell, on July the 2nd of 2004, limited to 400 copies.
    Select "The Lunar Minstrels" section at
  • Punch Records
    Opening of the new website! Punch is growing to include Punch Records, not only to promote the Punch! productions, but also to support many other international labels and artists through their own distribution and mailorder. They'll make every effort to keep it constantly updated with new releases and re-stocks.
  • Steinklang
    Out now:
    * Simon Schall - Mit Ach und Krach
    Steinklang SK28 LP lim.500 / CDR lim.100
    Simon Schall is a new Electro-Industrial project from Vienna. The sound varies from perfect oldschool Rhythm-Industrial to fantastic retro Minimal songs with a touch of typical Austrian humour and sarcasm. Each track a total industrial-floor attack !!!
    * Zyklus 2: The first three 7"es out now!
    Painslut - This is my war 7" lim.180 Pure Power-Electronics from Munich! Nihils very best song ever!!!
    Dresden 45 - Breath on me 7" lim.180 Screaming Cold-Electronics from the abyss of human cruelty mixed with soundtrack-like Ritual-Electronic and german sampels. Simply Great!!!
    DVT - No vital signs 7" lim.180 Fantastic Power-Electronics from Australia! After their great debut Album on the australian Cranial Fracture label, here is the new masterpiece from the labelboss himself. the sound is near to best Con-Dom/Grey Wolves recordings!!!
    * AgitProp news!
    Due to many requests, AgitProp has now released lim.100 high-quality CDR editions of A.R.S. LP and Fall Weiss double 7" the CDRs come in original artwork, but in CD size!!! A.R.S. will be a CDR in a small poster and FALL WEISS will be a CDR screwed between 2 small metal plates, both like their big vinyl brothers.
  • Troum
    * Out soon: Autopoiesis pic-LP on Small Voices, with artwork by Seldon Hunt. - -
    * Troum has a track on the "Records of Shadows Infinite" CD-Compilation, dedicated to the eternal hum
  • World Serpent
    New releases May 2004:
    * Chris & Cosey: Musik Fantastique!: CD:
    Originally released in 1992 this much sought after but long deleted album has been digitally remastered and now includes a bonus track: 'Rise' (12" Mix) and new cover artwork. 'Musik Fantastique!' features over 58 minutes of classic Chris & Cosey songs from 1992, probably their most dynamic and melodic period during their illustrious career. 'Musik Fantastique!' is limited to 1000 copies.
    * Chris & Cosey/Various: Core: CD:
    After years of building a near mythical status, here is the limited CD rerelease of 'Core'.
    'Core' features some of the finest collaborations you'll hear between: Chris & Cosey, Robert Wyatt, Coil, Boyd Rice, Monte Cazazza, John Duncan, Joe Potts and Lustmord. This legendary 1988 compilation has been digitally remastered and features enhanced cover artwork and extensive sleeve notes by the artists. 'Core' is limited to 1000 copies.
    * EAR 4 (Cosey Fanni Tutti) * Selflessness * CD *
    This is the fourth in the EAR series and is a new solo ambient sound work by Cosey Fanni Tutti.
    Originally broadcast live by Resonance FM (London), EAR 4 forms part of Cosey's 'Selflessness' covert art action, which took place in Disneyland in 2002. The music of EAR 4 aims to evoke the sensations experienced during the 'Selflessness' performance. EAR 4 contains more than 78 minutes of an extraordinary range of ambient music, textures and emotions. The cover includes sleeve notes and photos of the Disneyland 'action'.
    EAR 4 'Selflessness' is limited to 1000 copies.
2nd May 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • The next radio broadcast is planned for Friday 7th May between 20.30 and 22.00 (French Local Time). This show will feature a live session from the Canadian dark ambient project FDH that was specially recorded for the occasion. The broadcast can be followed online via a streamcast. More information on the Radio page.
  • Death In June
    * On tour:
    Friday, 21st May - London, England (vegetarian buffet included in the price of the ticket)
    Sunday, 30th May - Zagreb, Croatia (Fire + Ice's Ian Read will be supporting DIJ performing a cappella versions of his songs. Douglas P., too, will be performing alone without any percussion. Full details will be available from Planet Music and other usual sources.)
    Saturday, 5th June - Germany (SOLD OUT. forseti will be the support)
    Saturday, 12th June - Vienna, Austria
    Friday, 18th June - Tel Aviv, Israel
    Thursday, 24th June - Los Angeles, U.S.A.
    Sunday, 27th June - San Francisco, U.S.A.
    (The Kandy Kolored Klown they call the NON Man will be performing at the American dates).
    * According to the news posted on the DIJ Yahoo group "the artwork for Death In June's and Boyd Rice's "Alarm Agents" album is proving problematic, hence causing some delay, but they hope to have it out by the end of June/early July. The same also applies to the rarities Death In June album "Abandon Tracks!" which Douglas P. finished mastering just over a week ago. However, a late July release would seem more likely for that one. Perhaps even later? DVD releases are still scheduled for late 2004 which will hopefully see a flood of material being issued."
  • Durtro
    * Toronto shows 17/18/19 June by Current 93/Six Organs/Simon Finn:
    People have been asking us whether they will be any special items produced exclusively for the show. There will be several. The following releases are definite for these Toronto dates. If copies remain after the shows we hope to make some of the Current 93 recordings available through after the shows.
    - 2 track CD EP of new material by Current 93
    - 2 track CD EP of new material by Simon Finn
    - 2 track 7" of archive material by Current 93
    - 2 track 7" of new material by Six Organs of Admittance
    - Simon Finn T-shirt
    - Current 93 concert T-shirt
    - Full colour concert poster featuring all 3 bands
    The Durtro/Jnana release of Simon Finn's heartbreakingly hallucinatory 'Pass the Distance' will also be released on the Thursday 17 June at the concert. We are happy to confirm that Steven Stapleton will now also be accompanying Current 93 to the shows. Some Nurse With Wound material will also be available, we hope, at the shows.
    * Current 93 concerts in Lisbon, Portugal, September 10/11 2004:
    Current 93 will be playing at the beautiful Teatro Ibérico, Lisbon (where they performed last year) on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 September 2004. Special guests will also be appearing, who will be announced soon. Tickets go on sale in late May. Full details will be announced in a forthcoming update. People can email the organiser, Jose Pacheco, at
    * Current 93: SixSixSix: SickSickSick:
    This beautiful digipak CD reissues some long-deleted and sought-after Current 93 material. It includes the 2 studio tracks from the 'Looney Runes' EP ('Panzer Ruin (In the Hands of Gillespie)'; 'That's All Folks'); all the 3 tracks from the 'Lucifer Over London' EP ('Lucifer Over London'; 'Sad-Go-Round'; 'The Seven Seals Are Revealed at the End of Time as Seven Bows: The Bloodbow, The Pissbow, The Painbow, The Faminebow, The Deathbow, The Angerbow, The Hohohobow') and the 2 tracks from the very limited 'Tamlin' EP ('Tamlin'; 'How the Great Satanic Glory Faded'). As an extra, the music hall cover of 'Misery Farm', originally released in a tiny edition of just over 600 for some shows in New York, is appended to the end of the CD. All the original releases are long out of print. Full colour gatefold digipak with new artwork incorporating much of the original artwork. Full lyrics and notes by David Tibet included in the comprehensive 16 page booklet.
    Please note: this will be released in mid-late May 2004; advance orders now being taken from the Durtro Shop.
    * Dispersal 93:
    Some time ago I mentioned Dispersal 93 in connection to my sickness as to being museum, mausoleum and archive to myself.
    I am now concentrating on finishing off three albums by C93. I then intend to devote myself to a project that is of great importance to me. Consequently, to free myself of my past and to bring in funds for the many publishing and recording projects I am working on, I have decided to sell my various archives of material by Current 93, Ghost Story Press, Durtro, other projects I have been involved in, and many other items from my personal collection of books, records and ephemera, as well as some artwork, including paintings. All the books and records are unplayed/unread and mint.
    More details will follow in the next Durtro update.
    Thank you and best wishes
    David Tibet and Durtro
  • Werkraum
    "Unsere Feuer brennen !" CD (Cold Spring) out now!
  • Zhelezobeton
    New release: Grismannen - "Absolute Bajs" - 2CD-R
    "This is the anthology release of Grismannen, the oldest project of Peter Andersson - Swedish musician known mainly for his Raison d'Etre project. It covers the 10-year period from 1991 to 2001, and includes tracks from early self-released tapes, from the tape released on Old Europa Cafe, self-released CD-R and various little known compilations. Mock electronics of Pigman (as Grismannen is translated from Swedish) tells us about pervertions and jeer, moronity and space illusions, dirt and surgical operations. A wide range of bajs is represented on this album ('bajs' means shit in Swedish): holy bajs, intestine bajs, raspberry bajs and even space bajs! That's why we strongly recommend to take necessary precautions before listening. To avoid bajs-intoxication use included means of personal hygiene: medical face mask and rubber gloves. And then... a wonderful world of disordered stomachs and urinating cows is waiting for you!" (press release)
    Photos, info, mp3s:
  • 3patttes
    New release : Anatomy of a maniac
    "Brand new couble cd compilation at 3patttes, 26 crazy artists for some nasty braindamaged schizophreniax totally wonderful experimental music. And also a terrific video clip." (official news)
25th April 2004
  • We've added a review of the Cyclotimia vcd 'One Day In Wasteland' and we've updated the Concerts page.
  • Antony and the Johnsons
    A new song by Antony and the Johnsons, 'Find the Rhythm of your Love', can be downloaded on the website of the Bonn Biennal.
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    * Release Updates: Greetings all! Well, finally after months and months of delays all copies of mt038b Earthmonkey 'Audiosapien' 3LP set have shipped out! Please visit our website to order any of these releases below.
    Now, we naked apes live in a world where the term "psych" is thrown around with such frequency that it seems to mean little more than "weird guitars," which is everything nowadays, and could well mean Cher for that matter. Vinyl is now shipping out. CD also available.
    MP3's available on the site.
    * Green Milk from the Planet Orange 'He's crying "Look" CD/DLP
    DLP ready to ship on April 28, 2004 - the pressing plant 'forgot' the gatefold sleeves. CD also available. Don't cry over spilled milk. Soak yourself to the marrow. GMFTPO is proof positive that the milk is always greener on the other side. Check out the June issue of the Wire. GMFTPO will be featured on the Wire Tapper CD series.
    MP3's available on the site.
    * Edward Ka-Spel 'Pieces of 8' CD/DLP
    Pieces of 8 is not only better than Styx's album of similar name; it is most certainly one of Ka-Spel's strongest musical statements ever! So there! A journey through a body! A masterpiece! CD is now shipping as of April 20th, 2004. Art CD will ship out May 4, 2004. DLP ed. of 333 copies available early July 2004.
    MP3's available on the site.
    * V/A Label Sampler: Death's Last Life's Breath CD
    Spring/Summer 2004 label CD sampler. Contains a new Nurse With Wound track exclusive to this release called 'A Wasted Life Of Phagocyte Foot Fetishism'. Tracks from new albums by: Edward Ka-Spel, Nurse With Wound, Earthmonkey, Whitelodge, La STPO, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Beequeen, La STPO, Friday Group, and irr. app. (ext.). CD now available.
    * Legendary Pink Dots 'Poppy Variations' CD
    PV is absolutely one of LPD's finest, most inspired constructions. Not a day in the life should go by without a tiptoe through the poppies... CD available May 6, 2004.
    MP3's available on the site.
    * Nurse With Wound 'She and Me Fall Together In Free Death' CD
    Our most beloved resident Nurse has finally worked his way up to a Doctorate Of Madness (DOM). All those years of musical dissection have paid off and have revealed a sonic surgeon skilled at sewing sounds into solid sentience. Due to an Irish postal strike we are missing a critical part for the release. Current ship date is April 28, 2004. Regular ed. digipack CD available July 2004.
    MP3's available on the site.
    * Whitelodge Lp
    The Lodge skirt borderlands between the mysticism of seething "post rock" and the dark textures of latter day "apocalyptic folk," managing in the end to sovereign a musical nation of their own. Ah, more issues our pressing plant. Test pressings sounded great and currently planned for a May 10, 2004 release.
    MP3's available on the site.
  • Darklife
    Issue IX of the Darklife fanzine is out now.
    64 glossy A5 pages, offset B/W print featuring: Spiritual Front - Louisa John Krol - G.O.R. - Libitina - Synthetik - Front 242 - BAK XIII - Scream Silence - Alien Sex Fiend - Collection D'Arnell-Andréa - Soil Bleeds Black - Lady Morphia - Matt Howden - Experiment Nnord - Das Präparat - Ex Nihilo - Keltia - Y-luk-O
    Live: Death in June (London) - The Mission - Scream Silence - Anne Clark - Louisa John Krol - G.O.R. - Keltia
    Special reports from festivals: Wave-Gotik Treffen, Leipzig (D) - Herbstnächte, Burg Raben (D) - Belgian Independent Music Festival, Antwerpen (B)
    Specials: Russian Gothic Scene - Dark fashion: Rose Mortem - Swiss underground: Urgence Disk - Death in June Scandinavian tour
    Plus news, info, close to 150 CD, vinyl, zine reviews...
    Preview and additional details:
  • Durtro
    Current 93/Six Organs of Admittance/Simon Finn: Extra date in Toronto due to God: Thursday 17 June 2004.
    We are adding an extra night to our shows in Toronto. This Thursday show will be a more intimate evening than the following two nights. Current 93 will be playing a short set, featuring some material they will not be playing in the Friday and Saturday shows. Different sets are planned by Simon Finn and Six Organs of Admittance.
    This is our way of relaxing into CanadianCandyLand, and of meeting some of the people who will be at the shows on Friday and Saturday. Thank you for coming.
    The concert is at the same venue as the (sold out) shows on Friday and Saturday. Doors open at 7pm and the performances begin at around 8pm.
    St George the Martyr Church
    197 John Street
    Toronto (Canada)
    Tel: +1 416-204-1080
    Tickets are CAN $45 and are available ONLY from Mark Logan:
    Tel: +1 519-221-0884
  • Klanggalerie
    Release of three new 7" singles on may 5th:
    * gg63 Omenya, Transitions 7"
    Ltd. ed 100 copies with hand-made sleeves and labels
    Omenya´s vinyl debut presents their unique ambient style, but also some unexpected beats....a fantastic record!
    * gg71 Anam Care feat Mathias Grassow, Dunmore 7"
    Ltd. ed. 100 copies
    A new side to the ritual ambient composer, more aggressive, harsher industrial. Even some heavy guitars included!
    * gg85 Bass Communion, Vajrayana 7"
    Ltd. ed. 200 copies
    Two exclusive tracks by Steve Wilson (also frontman in Porcupine Tree), ambient drones with heavy basses!
    More info:
  • Once A Barge
    10th May 2004, Holzrûna 002, Once A Barge - "Wigrid" new album...
    .a question of regard or contempt for humanity.
    More bombastic and hymnic but also more intimate and even darker than before...
    Tracklist: Wigrid/Arma Cano/Enemy of light/Northward/Revelations/Homo homini lupus/Hildolf/No sun, no god/Menacing purgatory/Dämmerung/Winternacht/...wie schlafend
    Contact: or
  • Prophecy Neofolk Book
    Neofolk-damned by press and critics as a harbinger of a Fourth Reich, while defended by the fans as a peaceful subculture between pagan nature-romanticism and Nietzschean individualism. What's behind the cult of controversial symbolism, uniforms, and melancholic music?
    A comprehensive reference work is currently in the making, featuring detailed portraits of around 50 artists-from Scott Walker to Death In June, from Kirlian Camera to Hagalaz' Runedance-and interviews with important international scene figures and critics. This will be the first in-depth, open-minded portrayal of the subculture, without prejudices. The book doesn't attempt to end the discussions about Neofolk, it wants to start them for real.
    The release will be accompanied by a compilation CD to highlight the artists portrayed in the book.
    To complete the book and CD, we would like to get in touch with people who are willing to provide extraordinary photo materials, especially-but not exclusively-from the early days of Neofolk/Apocalyptic Folk.
    Please write to
  • Punch Productions
    Out now: PP05 - Totenlieder "Mi muerte para su Amor"
    7"gatefold- Ltd ed. of 404 copies hand numbered.
    Great weird folk project from Canada, well known for his 7" as Soergeist by Hauruck!, his split with Reutoff and the forthcoming collaboration with O Paradis.
    Forthcoming releases:
    PP06 - Erik Ursich - "Kanashii - (il piacere della tristezza)"
    12" grey vinyl ltd.ed of 300 copies hand numbered. Release-date: May
    Download MP3 samples here:
    in morte veritas.mp3
    ripetizione non attiva di moduli di agitazione.mp3
    synthetic sadness.mp3
    PP07 - Luftwaffe - "Solipsistica Nihilisti"
    10" blue vinyl + poster. Ltd.ed of 303 copies hand numbered. Release-date: May/June
    download MP3 samples here:
    correcting the human model.mp3
    solipsistica nihilisti.mp3
    the 36 faces of Adam Qadmon.mp3
    PP08 - Drinking to better days
    12" EP heavy vinyl 220g- gatefold. Ltd.ed of 432 copies hand numbered. Maxi alcoholic collaboration/split between Novy Svet, O Paradis AIT! & Totenlieder. Release-date : June/July
  • Peter Sotos Reading in London
    To mark the publication of Selfish, Little: The Annotated Lesley Ann Downey by Void Books, Peter Sotos will be reading from and discussing the book at event in London in April 2004.
    The London reading will be held on Thursday, April 29th, 2004 at 7:30 p.m. at The Horse Hospital located at Colonnade, Bloomsbury. For directions and more information about the venue please visit:
    Copies of Selfish, Little will be available for sale at this event and at
  • TH26 / SmallVoices
    TH 26 Intruder 7" picture disc limited to 150 hand numbered copies.
    "Another picture single in the series! This single include three exclusive tracks from italian band TH26. Their music propose an electronic and industrial sound, with links ranging from Maurizio Bianchi (the true father of power-noise) to Klinik, and from Throbbing Gristle to Adi Newton's Antigroup. TH26 offer a cerebral and aggressive synthetic music with hypnotic hard rhythms, strange and original trumpet inserts, filtered voices and incursions in a isolationist ambient-noise soundscapes that creates a sort of uncompromising Ballardian atmosphere...! Don't miss this collector items!" (press release)
    Contact & info:
18th April 2004
  • Argine
    "Le Luci Di Hessdalen", new Argine studio album, is finally available.
    "12 songs of impact for an electrical and carried away album. The new post-punk vein enrichs their own sound.
    The energy of electric guitar and the pulsation of drum join the liquid violin sound for an unique and marvellous mixture." (press release)
  • Durtro
    Some updates and comments:
    * Thomas Ligotti: Death Poems: July 2004 sees the publication of this new volume by Thomas Ligotti. Ligotti describes it thus: "38 bleak, sardonic and crepuscular reflections on final matters in a world that, to say the least, does not save the best for last". Published by David Tibet and Durtro Press. This is a beautiful small format hardback with blocked covers, coloured end-papers, head- and tail-bands, book-ribbon and gilt edging. We envisage the edition will run to about 400 copies. It will be added to the Durtro online shop as soon as know the exact publication date and price.
    * Shirley Collins: America Across the Water: This book has now been added to the Durtro shop at £20 plus postage and packing. It is an absolutely fascinating volume. The book is a 230 page hardback with full colour dust-jacket; it contains many photographs, several appendices and an index. It features a foreword by myself. The publication date is May 2004.
    All copies purchased from Durtro before the publication date will be signed by Shirley Collins. If after purchasing the book you wish it to be dedicated to a particular person, please email Durtro at stating your order number and the phrase 'Shirley Collins personal dedication at the top of your message'. If a personal dedication is NOT specified, the book will just be signed 'Shirley Collins'.
    * Simon Finn: Pass the Distance + extra material CD: I am so happy to let you know that we have now obtained the master tapes to both sides of the album, which sound absolutely incredible; much richer and stranger than the sound on the original Mushroom LP and on the recently available CD bootleg, which was itself taken from a vinyl copy.
    It seems that considerable compression was used on the original vinyl, and there is a great deal of stereo-panning on the original tapes not noticeable on the Mushroom vinyl, making it truly, for me, the greatest acid folk album ever made - an album of incredible depth, power and hallucinatory unease.
    The Durtro CD will reproduce the original LP cover and insert. The accompanying booklet will feature all the lyrics; extensive notes by Simon Finn, David Tibet, David Toop and Vic Keary (who ran Mushroom) and previously unseen photographs.
    I want to again thank my good friend Diego Zaitegui of Almeria, Spain (where the photographs of Steven and myself in 'Octopus' were taken) who sent me a CDR of this album in the first place, leading to a close friendship between Simon Finn and myself and to the re-release of this matchless album on Durtro.
    The CD has now been added to the shop, and will be launched, and available for purchase, at our concerts in Toronto.
    * All faces start mimicking Heaven now: Counting down stars, now that wishing on them is too late, all faces start mimicking HEAVEN now.
    * Angry Eelectric Finger by Nurse With Wound: Durtro are delighted to announce that this CD is now in stock, and we will commence sending out copies immediately.
    * Steven Stapleton: King of Cardboard: It now seems likely that Steven will be accompanying myself and Current 93 to Toronto, where he will be our NAKED GO-GO DANCER. We also need to avoid sign of melting boy.
    * Abner Jay: Sings and Plays Stephen Foster Favorites: Durtro will be releasing a very limited vinyl reissue of this, the rarest of Abner's albums, in the near future. Abner Jay described himself as: "Champion of THE HAMBONE; world's champion cotton picker and pea picker; world's fastest tobacco crapper; world's greatest Jaw bone player; world's fastest mule skinner; the world's worst business man". He is one of my heroes, a musical visionary and outsider, a one-man-band repository of some of America's greatest songs and banjo player extraordinaire. The album will also include a reproduction of a very scarce 2-sided promotional leaflet that Abner put out.
    * Count Stenbock: Forthcoming material: I am presently working on a monograph detailing a dinner between Count Stenbock and the Irish mystic and poet, WB Yeats. The monograph will feature Yeats' own account of this brief and sad occasion, as well as a long Introduction by myself discussing how and why I became obsessed by Stenbock, and various other related topics. It will be published in a hand-printed edition by Alan Anderson at the Tragara Press, though probably in a smaller format than the usual Stenbock publications by Durtro and Tragara.
    * Concerts by Current 93: 2 concerts in Turin, Italy: 24 & 25 September 2004
    Current 93 will be playing two shows in Turin at the Teatro Juvarra. We expect tickets to go on sale in June 2004. More details will be posted soon; until then, people wanting more information can email one of the organisers, the delightful Fabrizio at
    * American dates: I am still hoping to announce dates for a small skip across the USA sometime in early 2005. We were all disappointed that the 2004 Summer dates didn't work out (primarily due to some health problems within my immediate family), especially as we had the venues and dates tentatively booked.
    * Concerts in Lisbon, Portugal: Durtro are hoping to announce these very soon; we hope they will take place in September 2004.
    * Tickets for Toronto shows: These have now been designed by myself, Simon Finn and Ben Chasny; we expect them to be printed and sent out to purchasers by Mark Logan, the organiser, in the near future.
    * The eucalyptus tree: There is a huge eucalyptus tree in our garden, which I always look at when writing, as it is outside my study window. It grew so tall that we had to have some of the height taken down. This happened the day before I went into hospital a couple of years back. Now 2 branches are getting ill on this TREE. We buried Ikan Belis under the tree last week. Her body lies there. She gambols in HEAVEN now. Her eyes were seagreen to the last sight of the sun. She has an arched wicker temple on her grave, and Humpty Dumpty sits on a wall nearby.
    Thank you to you all for the many kindnesses and support you have given me over the years
    I am so happy to have heard from so many interesting, kind and generous-hearted people since I started. It has meant more to me than I can possibly say. I have severe backpain and my spine looks like a collapsing snake. So we are all increasingly dusty. I have been particularly enjoying provoking conversations recently with JAMES HUNT of Arizona on evangelical Christianity, as well as Kiss and Chick comics, and the Satanic forces surrounding us. And with RICHARD MOULT of Shropshire, a quite remarkable artist and musician. And with Professor AYSE TUZLAK of Canada on the meaning of Easter, and the movement from Anglo-Catholicism to Roman Catholicism. And with HYMENAEUS BETA, OTO, on all sorts of topics, as well as lunch on his generosity whilst we talked about the Tower of Moab and were given some references to him by our dining neighbour: I KINGS 11:7 & 2 KINGS 1:1. She did not mention MOAB IS MY WASHPOT (PSALMS 60:8 & 108:9).
    * Favourite albums of the moment: The first four albums by Soeur Marie Keyrouz on the Harmonia Mundi label. 'It'll All Work Out in Boomland' by T2. 'Touchy' by Luie Luie. 'Glass Top Coffin' by Ramases. 'The Magician's Birthday' by Uriah Heep. 'Field Recordings from the Sun' by Comets On Fire. 'A Farewell to Kings' and "Hemispheres" by Rush. The 'Fursaxa' album by her on Eclipse Records.
    Also the dismal Toto-penned soundtrack to the dismal film 'Dune' that Ben Chasny sent me, pretending it had been signed to me by Toto and Brian Eno, which I believed initially as I am often gullible and stupid.
    * Favourite film of the moment for David and Andria Tibet and Steven Stapleton: 'Funnybones' with Oliver Platt, Jerry Lewis and Lee Evans.
    * Favourite books of the moment: 'Firewall' by Henning Mankell. 'More About Mark' by John Fenton. 'The Historical Figure of Jesus' by EP Sanders. 'The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ' by Anne Catherine Emmerich.
    * 666 Watch: I regularly look at this controversial site. Within its admitted parameters, an objective discussion of some of the material that I find important, and with salient points mixed in with other material I do not find remotely convincing.
    This area of theological speculation has informed some recent recordings by Current 93, notably 'Antichrist and Barcodes' from Soft Black Stars.
    Thank You All and Goodbye: GOD IS LOVE: +++ david tibet +++: 15 April 2004
  • Hermetique / Gazoline
    2 trailers / 4 wallpapers - Sea-green series - chapter 4 & 5.
    #Sea-green series - "Chapter IV" by Jerome Nougaillon.
    Download the trailer* S-GS 4 here
    Download 2 wallpapers S-GS 4 (1024x768) here
    Download 2 wallpapers S-GS 4 (800x600) here
    #Sea-green series - "Chapter V" by Post Scriptvm (USA / Brooklyn).
    Download the trailer* S-GS 5 here
    Download 2 wallpapers S-GS 5 (1024x768) here
    Download 2 wallpapers S-GS 5 (800x600) here
    * With pictures and music. To quit the trailer, press "esc" or "echap". Enjoy!
  • Matt Howden
    New release: Voyager
    Due for release in April/May 2004 is my 'Voyager' project. 'Voyager' follows the flight path of the Voyager space probe, out past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. As the music progresses past the planets, I drop the conventions of time signatures, keys, and the music becomes wilder, more free, and definitely more bizarre. The heliopause brings all the elements in the music back together, along with the sounds and music that Voyager itself transmits: ape, whale, fire, water sounds, 'hello from the children of planet earth' in over sixty languages, Mozart's 'Queen of the Night' aria, Chuck Berry and The Mariachi Band...
    For more information, an MP3 of one track, tracklisting, cover art and ordering instructions, please see
  • Kultura Industrialna
    Totenhaus & Insane Asylum "On Obedience And Insanity" split released in March 2004.
    66 minutes of antimusic escapade in sonic exultation homaging of sexual obedience and obsession. Split of two Polish artists contains music from industrial/noise genre.
    Edition is limited to 96 copies with 4-pages booklet in special envelope.
    You can get more information by e-mail: or by visiting site: [section: Label].
  • Noosfera / Soulcode Records
    Noosfera has now his own record label Soulcode Records. The first two releases are reprints of early production.
    Info and new 'balloon' video available on the site:
  • Old Evropa Cafe
    Now available:
    * Incinerator Intl. - Head On CD OECD 067
    Collaborative project between US noisemaster John Balistreri (Slogun) and Swedish multi-musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ. 412, Folkstorm, HH9, etc).
    * Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte - Black Rubber Exotica CD OECD 066
    second official cd after the debut album on OEC in 2002 ... new snuff-noise & cold-crime-jazz-samples for serial-killers...
    * VA - Audacia Imperat 2xCD OECD 065
    the long on Oktagon announced 2nd Audacia Imperat compilation will be finally produced by OEC after Oktagon was closing his activities. Exclusive tracks by 30 different projects (about 140 minutes of music):
    4th of The Apoclypse / A Challenge of Honour / Ain Soph / Argine / Cadaverous Condition / Camerata Mediolanense / Darkwood / Dawn and Dusk Entwined / Dies Natalis / Dream Into Dust / Excipio / Folkvang (ex : Invisible Empire) / Foresta di Ferro / Furvus / Harmony Garden / Inner Glory / Kirlian Kamera / Knifeladder / Lady Morphia / Naevus / Northgate / Of the Wand and the Moon / Regard Extreme / Shining Vril / Sonne Hagal / Spiritual Front / The Days of the Trumpet Call / The Sword Volcano Complex / Tribe of a Circle / Von Thronstahl .
    Special large 30 pages booklet cover with single full-colour art-works by all groups.
    * VA - Manifesto Industriale Italiano 4xCDR Box OECDR 001
    Featuring : Sshe Retina Stimulants / Iugula-Thor / Atrax Morgue / Dead Body Love / Lvnvs / Murder Corporation / Bad Sector / Apocalypse Fanfare .
    Re-edition of the 4xC60 tapes box released in 1996, all sounds are exclusive for this albums.
    Special box in limited edition of 150 copies plus booklet & inserts, professionaly produced CD's with printed disc surface.
    * Wermut - Les Cinq-à-sept Post-Neoistes 10" OEMP 007
    new project arround "His Divine Grace" + "Novy Svet" & many other "Post-Neoist" artists...
    Limited edition of 500 copies, on white vinyl.
    * Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte / Wertham 7" picture disc OESR 003
    Split release, a mix of terrifing Italian crime & harsh industrial with the usual snuff touch by MMM ...
    limited edition of 300 copies.
    * VA - Scrinivm Vitae (Survival Box) CDR-Box OECDR 002
    Featuring unreleased tracks by: Atrax Morgue / Bad Sector / El Funerla De Kocis / Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte / S. Biasin Trio / Northgate / Wertham.
    Special wooden box. Strictly limited & numbered edition of 60 copies, only 50 are for sale.
  • Perun
    Two new releases from Polish label Perun:
    - American neofolk/neoclassical act The Blue Hour second album
    - 5th album of American wyrd-folk legend Stone Breath
    * The Blue Hour "The Windless Path" Perun (RUN 0403)
    "The Windless Path" is a meditation on solitude and memory. It is about finding peace and tranquility in the realm of suspended consciousness-a moment of memory or imagination allowed to exist despite the confines of reality. It is about extant ghosts and spirits that haunt our every moment.
    For the most part, the songs for "The Windless Path" were recorded live with guitar and vocals. After which, the Blue Hour sought the collaborative efforts of Isaac Aubrey (the Arid Sea), Gydja, Christoph Gladis (Black Atmosphere), and the inimitable Matt Howden (Sieben) to fill out the songs.
    "The Windless Path" marks almost two years of recording and mixing. The album ranges from ambient to neo classical to folk to ethereal. Like "Evensong", "TheWindless Path" has an intimate quality with its subtle acoustic atmospheres and delicate sound collages. This album is a soundtrack for long evenings with a fine bottle of wine. Also available limited edition (70 copies) version with additional CDR (4 tracks, over 20 minutes of music) "A Murderer's Heart". (press release)
    * Stone Breath 'The Long Lost Friend: a patchwork' Perun (RUN 0404)
    Stone Breath's history leads one through a overgrown and sometimes difficult forest path. From the Syd Barrett-meets-Donovan acid delicacy of the first album, "Songs of Moonlight and Rain;" to the shaded leaves of the second album, "A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons;" through the mystical folk of the third, "Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis;" to the COB-like Middle Eastern-meets-Appalachia darkness of their fourth, "The Silver Skein Unwound." Sometimes quiet and sparse, sometimes with earthen, thick, tangled drones, Stone Breath has been singing their songs to God and the Green Wood since 1995. Besides their four albums, they have also recorded a number of eps, unreleased songs, compilation tracks, live appearances, and cover songs. The best of this non-album material from the years 1995-2002 is compiled here.
    "The Long Lost Friend: a patchwork" is divided into three parts. The first, 'Stones Breathed,' are original songs which never made it onto albums. These include an unreleased track from a deleted 1995 cassette; songs from vinyl eps; and songs from compilations. The second part, 'Stones Gathered,' are all cover songs including pieces written by Syd Barrett, Clive Palmer, Donovan, Pailhead and more. The third part, 'Stones Cast,' is a live-on-air broadcast recorded in 2002 at WMBR in Boston capturing the band in performing 2 originals and the traditional favorite, "House Carpenter." (press release)
    Full info:
12th April 2004
  • We've added a review of the FDH debut album 'Disseminare' and we've updated the Concerts and Links pages.
  • Cyclic Law / Karjalan Sissit
    Upcomming release, available in Mid April: Karjalan Sissit "Karjalasta Kajahtaa" CD (8th Cycle)
    "The Finnish pioneer is back from the degenerated and alcoholized Swedish ghetto of Eskilstuna.
    3rd full length from Markus Pesonen who now dove deeper into total Melancholy, Anti socialism, Bitterness, Disintegration and Alcoholism. Filled with what has defined Karjalan Sissit's sound thus far; Bombastic outbursts of Neo classical arrangements entwined in traditional Finnish Humppa and deep industrial sonorities.
    The songs were this time fiercly enhanced with some added vocals giving the whole album a much more agressive touch. Again produced by Peter Bjärgö at Erebus Odora, this new album definitely stands above it's predecessors. Edition of 1000 copies in A5 book." (press release)
    Audio excerpts are available from the Audio page.
  • Cynfeirdd
    Omne Datum Optimum presents Missa XXI:
    Waiting for the third part of the Antiphonaire trilogy, here is the long awaited Omne Datum Optimum album "Missa XXI". Eleven bombastic tracks nicely housed in a 8 pages digipack limited to 936 hand numbered copies. Once more this member of the Church of Fand helped by Karin from les Secrets de Morphée and Gérard from Am'Ganesha'n will lead you within the torments of passion and damnation!
    Released on 21st of April.
    More info:
  • Death In June
    According to the news posted on the DIJ Yahoo group, the mastering of the CD and LP versions of 'Alarm Agents' is finished and the work on the artwork is in progress. A realistic release date will be now sometime in late June. At all forthcoming live performances presently being planned for May/June, 2004 this album will be played between groups etc. as the soundtrack to the disco.
    The same also applies to the Death In June rarities album 'Abandon Tracks!' which Douglas P. has finally put into track order only a few days ago. Due to the surfeit of material that was a task and a half. The CD version of this album will be a double and the shorter LP version will be a picture disc. This must now be mastered and artwork finalised. Release date will be about the same time as 'Alarm Agents'. Perhaps a little later? The 5th July could be appropriate? If Boyd and Douglas P. perform together - and this is in the pipeline for America - they will be performing live material from 'Alarm Agents'.
    Douglas P. will also try to make very early footage of Death In June available later this year in combination with the reissue of 'The Guilty...' CD.
  • Kirlian Camera / SmallVoices
    "SmallVoices proudly presents a very limited picture disc single 7" of Kirlian Camera with two exclusive tracks: "Berliner Messe pt. 1" & "Berliner Messe pt. 2". This single surely will be a must for all record collectors! So please hurry up..., more copies are already sold! Kirlian Camera don't need any presentation: two exceptional songs with cold atmospheres, abstract distant voices, hard hypnotic rhythms and plus Angelo's voice...! Another classic from this great band!" (press release)
    contact & info:
  • LVN02 / LJDLP BOXSET "In Memoriam"
    Finally, LJDLP LVN02 is available, 20 years after Aux Petits Enfants de France. One of the most aesthetic LJDLP release ever done (not like the ugly russian bootlegs, we know who you are, we'll spread the disease and the masks will fall).
    Shipment has began and will continue mid next week, thank you for your patience and please wait a little bit more for the delivery.
  • Steinklang
    Out now:
    * Sturmpercht - Stürm ins Leben wild hinein! Percht 02
    180g high-fidelity vinyl-LP with foldout inlay housed in a original Salzburger Jagazaun box made of wood from the mysterious Untersberg. lim.edt.375
    Wild and weird Alpine-Folk with traditional lyrics taken from tales around the Austrian and south Bavarian mythology. The musical style and the lyrics vary from sad folky fairy-tales to rough martial battle hymns and from crazy rural drinking songs to ancient tales about strange animals and people living in the Austrian mountains and woods.
    * Riharc Smiles - The last green days of summer Ahnstern 11
    LP with full colour inlay lim.500. Brilliant middle-ages orientated progressive Folk! Riharc Smiles are well known artists on middle-ages events all over this planet for more than 13 years now and Ahnstern is very proud to introduce their ingenious vinyl debut! The music is perfectly recorded and produced, with a large variety of uncommon instruments and a fantastic male voice.
    * Code 243 - Urban Guerilla Steinklang SK33
    LP lim.500 / CDR lim.100
    Code 243 is the Industrial side of Peter S., the frontman and mastermind from A Challenge Of Honour. This new project is a smashing mixture of good old Rhythm-Industrial, as Steinklang customers know from our earlier releases, with a strong touch of modern Power-Electronics and several fine samples, crowned by Peter's psychedelic voice. This is 100% analogue agressive-guerilla-electronics with industrial-dancefloor guarantee! For Steinklang customers only: the artist will make a very limited special edition of this LP, wich will be exclusively available from us. No details are available at this moment, but be sure: you have to reserve now or never!
    * AgitProp news!
    Due to many requests, AgitProp will also make lim. 100 high-quality CDR editions of all releases in past and future.
    A.R.S. LP and Fall Weiss double 7" will come soon as lim.100 CDR in original artwork, but in CD size!
    A.R.S. will be a CDR in a small poster and Fall Weiss will be a CDR screwed between 2 small metal plates, both like their big vinyl brothers. Preorder now!
    * Next releases:
    SK28 Simon Schall - mit Ach und Krach LP / CDR
    Due to the fantastic new material that the artist gave us, we decided to make a LP and not as planed a 10".
    Last weekend we mastered the LP at the Steinklang Studios.... puh! this piece of vinyl is revolutionary oldschool Rhythm-Industrial at it's very best! Each track a total dancefloor attack!
    Zyklus 2: the second Zyklus of very limited 7"es on Steinklang-7 will start with:
    SK7-11 Painslut - this is my war
    SK7-12 Dresden 45 - breath on me
    SK-13 DVT - crisis-zone:no vital signs
    Painslut is modern Power-Noise, Dresden 45 is electro-noise, both are absolute disco killers! DVT is brilliant oldschool Power-Electronic from Australia!
    All 7"es are lim.150 copies. There is also a subscription-boxset for the second Zyklus lim.90 copies. only 4 copies free!
4th April 2004
  • We've added a review of the Decadence album 'Something to love, something to spend' and we've updated the Concerts page.
  • We've added the playlist for last Friday's radio show, which includes all the details of the special feature on the French label Cynfeirdd and the fourth Heimdallr Session with the Russian neofolk act Neutral. For those who missed the show, you can now download it as two mp3 files on our Radio page. This download will only be available until the end of the month.
    Our next broadcast is planned for Friday 7th May 2004.
  • Durtro / The first of occasional letters
    I went to see Mel Gibson's film, THE PASSION OF JESUS THE CHRIST. I found it very moving, though the scenes involving the appearance of SATAN and some slow-motion episodes, such as the throwing of the PURSE to Judas, seemed staged and ineffective. But this is nonetheless one of my favourite films alongside Spinal Tap, Jesus Christ Superstar, Withnail And I, Colour Me Turquoise, Pictured Billi, Ivans XTC, Zoolander, Bartleby, The Innocents, Night of the Demon (USA: Curse of the Demon), Abigail's Party, She Dares Twilight and so on. Endlessly.
    The films I watched most recently were Zoolander and Monsters Inc.
    I beg you all to preserve slugs and snails wherever you see them. I hear of so much cruelty to these beautiful creatures: slugs ESPECIALLY despised, despite their BEAUTY. Also Moths: all created by God to spell the alphabet in slime and time. Please treasure snails or slugs; guard NAKED flames as they are Temptations to Moths and Wings.
    I wish to recommend the new album by Ben Chasny/Six Organs Of Admittance, entitled COMPATHIA. I have been listening to Ben's work almost continuously for many months now. I love it. Love. I have recently recorded a text that Ben asked me to write and read for a forthcoming album by Six Organs. Thank you, Ben Ja Minh.
    One of our beloved CATS, Ikan Belis (named after the Malay words for the tiny FISH in my absolute favourite meal, Nasi Lemak) is taken to God on Saturday 3 April. Please remember her in your prayers. She was rescued in Ireland having been dumped by her owners in a field near Cooloorta. Such evil and cruelty in the world INCREASING.
    Antony has sent me a copy of the rough mixes of his new album. It is breathtakingly beautiful and powerful, and features some wonderful guest artists. It should be released soon.
    David Tibet is trying to find a vinyl copy of this double album released in England in 1972: 'Distances Between Us' by Don Bradshaw-Leather. He would be delighted to exchange or pay or whatever if anyone has a copy they wish to part with.
    He is also looking for the Spanish edition of the 'Space Hymns' album by Ramases. It is entitled HIMNOS DEL ESPACIO and is on Vertigo, catalogue number 63 60 046. An image of the cover can be seen here.
    The next release from Durtro via World Serpent will be a CD digipak release bringing together several deleted items: the studio recordings from LOONEY RUNES EP; all the material from the TAMLIN EP; all the material from the LUCIFER OVER LONDON EP, and the MISERY FARM concert-only CDS. The booklet features all the lyrics and information as well as some brief new notes by myself. This will be released in April 2004.
    I have read that Steven Stapleton and myself have fallen out. This is news to both of us, since we speak every day to each other, and Steven was over recently staying with us in London. I appear on the full-length version of the forthcoming NWW album, ANGRY EELECTRIC FINGER, and Steven is mixing the new C93 albums as usual. We also have new collaborative projects that will be announced soon. Perhaps we will fall out after that if we have nothing else to do.
    At this moment I listen to Ethiopian music a lot and am very confused by the immense subtlety of Coptic verbs; I realise how ignorant I am. I keep hearing a massive roar in my ears that wakes me up at 4/5 in the morning. Sometimes it erases birdlight. I can't hear the songs the birds are singing. Two nights ago I thought through sound that a helicopter was hovering outside my window for about 3 hours lightless. But when I open windows there is nothing there. Everything is running together and I seem unable to see the seams anymore.
    Thank you to you all for your kindnesses. I am looking forward very much to seeing some of you in Toronto in June.
    God is Love.
    davidtibet 3.4.2004
  • Klanggalerie
    Release of Gal - Hinaus:: in den, Wald cd
    "In 1986, SPK's Graeme Revell released an album entitled "Necropolis, Amphibians and Reptiles". The recordings were based on the work of Swiss art brut artist and mental patient Adolf Wölfli. Some 15 years later, Austrian classically trained composer Bernhard Gal used Wöfli's poems as the basis for a sound installation at modern art museum Essl near Vienna. Now, in 2004, Klanggalerie are proud to present you a CD version of this outstanding composition. There are male and female voices bordering between meaning and non-meaning, footsteps and field recordings. Headphone listening highly recommended! If you need comparison think Robert Ashley, Paul De Marinis or Trevor Wishart." (press release)
    Stock of the lately released Cyclobe 7" is now getting extremely low, as well as the Morgan Fisher 7" and Konstruktivist CD, "Psykho Genetika 2".
28th March 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • The next radio broadcast is planned for Friday 2nd April between 20.30 and 22.00 (French Local Time).
    A special show this month. The second part of the program will be a Cynfeirdd special. In the company of Alex, we will play a selection of records released by this excellent French label before concluding the show with a live session from the label's new signature, the Russian neofolk act Neutral.
    The broadcast can be followed online via a streamcast. More information on the Radio page.
  • Dawn & Dusk Entwined / Eternal Soul
    New 7" "Scherzo" out now.
    Two new songs, in the way of the forthcoming 10" The Hikimori Songs, a solemn dark piano soundtrack expressing the oppressiveness of the modern and senseless world we live in .
    A limited 333 copies in black vynil with a postcard on the german label Eternal Soul .
    Extra limited edition of 66 copies in coloured vynil.
    Release the 20th of march 2004 .
    Secial limited edition cdr for fans still available on the website.
  • Dies Natalis
    Dies Natalis and the Chamber Choir sing "Harvest Rain".
    The sound sample is available for download at:
  • Durtro
    * Count Stenbock: The King's Bastard:
    This book has now arrived at Durtro. We will start sending copies out this weekend.
    * David Tibet: Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods Edition One (small paper edition; £40)
    This book will be printed in an edition of 500 copies.
    As mentioned previously, orders pre-paid before 1 July 2004 will receive a CD of unreleased Current 93 archive material. After 1 July 2004, if the edition has not sold out, the book will be supplied without this CD.
  • Eis & Licht
    Now available:
    Changes / Cadaverous Condition "time" 10"
    Sonne Hagal "Helfahrt" (reissue) CD
  • Eternal Soul
    V/A "Eternal Soul" out now.
    With Werkraum, Karjalan Sissit, Arditi, Combative Alignment, Northaunt vs Svartsinn, Shadow Magnet, Stahlwerk 9, Sal Solaris, Le Testament De La Lumieres, Sorgeist, Thoroid.
    Boxset with 2x 10" & 1x 7" available in black an red vinyl + very rare postcards, lim. 300, insert.
  • Live Reports + photos:
    * Flammenzauber 4 (Lichttaufe)
    * Sonne Hagal & Sieben in Delft (Netherlands) (Funprox)
    * Congresso Post Industriale (Retaliation)
14th March 2004
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    * Release Updates: Greetings all! Well, we finally have approved test pressings for the Earthmonkey 'Audiosapien' and bonus LP Hanu@basecloud. Apologies for the delay in this one. First our pressing plant lost the masters and we hade to resend them. Our sales rep. at the pressing plant left and a new rep. took over who had no clue what was going on. Those who have preordered it will receive a very special bonus item from Earthmonkey. We finally received test pressings after waiting for 3 months and we should have them in about 2 weeks. Green Milk from the Planet Orange 'He's crying Look' DLP test pressings sounded great and will be out at the same time as Audiosapien. Available early April will be a new Beta-beat CD sampler with an exclusive 15 minute Nurse With Wound track. More details soon for this release. We have Nurse With Wound panties, shirt, poster & Earthmonkey shirts and posters available in the catalogue section on our site. till soon all -chris
    Earthmonkey 'Drum Machine' CDep'
    Each cover was hand printed by Peat Bog. Earth "Scratch" Monkey? Pete Bog's studio may not exactly be a Black Ark, but it is certainly a Grey Henge. Just when we thought we had the guy pegged, he adds a drum machine, eshewing his class of '72 psych ministrations for a more tranced out electro-dub. You all like LSD, right? Well, the first part of Drum Machine is rather like a post script to Coil's "Love's Secret Domain" album. Thereafter, Monsieur Le Bog retrofits his rockets with Kraut engines and even coughs up a hummus flavoured punker. Even more surprises in store as Earthmonkey really puts the E in EP. You'll hear what we mean, or will you?
    Earthmonkey 'Drum Machine' MP3's available on the site.
    * Projects Forthcoming: Between now and July 2004 here are our release plans:
    °mt038b/mt083 Earthmonkey 'Audiosapien' DLP + bonus LP
    °mt046b Green Milk from the Planet Orange 'He's crying Look' DLP
    °mt040c Nurse With Wound 'She and Me Fall Together In Free Death' CD
    °mt067 Whitelodge LP
    °bb08 Label CD sampler with Nurse With Wound, Edward Ka-Spel, Whitelodge, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, La STPO, Beequeen, Friday Group, & Earthmonkey
    °mt082 Edward Ka-Spel 'Pieces of ¥' CD/DLP
    °mt000 ***^%^ %^& $%^& CD/DLP*
    °mt047 La STPO 'Le Combat Occulté' CD/LP
    °mt071 Beequeen 'Aughton-The Patient Books' LP
    °mt042 Maeror Tri 'Ambient Dreams' CD
    °mt091 Friday Group CD/LP+12"
    °mt072 ^&*(% @#^% #(*%$ 3LP
    °mt092 La STPO 'Slices of Throw Time' CD/LP+12"
    * Tour Dates: Please visit website for updated tours.
  • Butcher's House Prod.
    ** New release! "Snuff Electronics" is ready!
    Hi to all the friends of the meat!
    After a long silence we are back with a new terrible noise/industrial assault!!! Our new release is the CD compilation "Snuff Electronics" featuring: Formal Logic Decay, Audax Italiano, Morder Machine, DBPIT, Wertham, K.Z.9, P.O.S.K., Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte, Stalkerinc, Novecentostaube, No Light For Tomorrow, Deison, Profile, Toby Dammit, Digital Noise Distorsion and Gerstein.
    It comes in a A4 format with a lot of inserts! Ones for each artist!
    ** Previous releases still available:
    * Death Factories - 4xMC BOX [BHP007]
    Gerstein (old industrial school!!!), Cold Cluster (he's back with a wonderful work), Adriano Vincenti (Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte side project), Acherontia Stix (wonderful work from our great band!), Malato (is a solo project of the great Clau Dedi from Ain Soph!!!), No Light For Tomorrow (the new industrial / noise work after his debut on Butcher's House Prod.!), Toby Dammit (From the Slauther Prod. To the Butcher's House Prod.!!!), Novecentostaube (a new project, great voices and very violent sounds!)
    Each box includes:
    - 4 Crome MC x 8 Artists! A Total of 160 minutes of great "music".
    - One different picture for each box from old and decadents death factories!!!
    - 8 insert for each artist in coloured paper!!!
    - Each box will be given with your name signed on the box as a personal unique copy!!!
    Only 10 copies still available!!!
    * MMM / Cronaca Nera - Compagni Di Sangue CD-R [BHP002] Only 5 copies still available!!!
    * No Light For Tomorrow - Raped Mind CD-R [BHP003] The first work by one of the leader of the BHP! A few copies are still avaible.
    * Cronaca Nera - Maniac #1 CD-R [BHP004] Side project of Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, more violent!
    * Profile - The Overkilling E.P. CD-R [BHP006] This EP was pressed with a bad number of catalogue... The original should be BHP008. It will be repressed soon with a new graphic.
    ** Future releases still available:
    * Bizzare Experiments Presents: Tokarev + E.I.A.E. - Tape
    A split album for two different project from the same artist! Tokarev is an heavy industrial power noise assault, in the Slogun's style!!! E.I.A.E. is a deep and dark ambient project, very near to Raison D'Etre! The split will be released in a wonderful A4 tape format, with 3 inserts! To be relesed in the next month!
    * Novecentostaube - "Endzeit Automatic Cabaret" - CD
    * DBPIT - CD
    * No Light For Tomorrow - CD
    Our web site has been updated with pictures of our last performance, check it!
    Contact us at:
  • Durtro
    ** David Tibet: Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods: Lyrics, prose and drawings 1981-2004:
    We are pleased to announce Durtro's forthcoming publication of these two beautiful editions of David Tibet's lyrics and prose.
    Projected publication date: 1 August 2004
    Containing lyrics by Tibet, unpublished writings, and the complete original pre-edited texts of 'Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre' and 'The Inmost Light' trilogy, as well as facsimile reproductions of the original handwritten lyrics and drawings by Tibet. Introduction by Thomas Ligotti.
    This book is available in two separate editions. All orders taken for Edition One and/or Edition Two and paid for before 1 July 2004 come with a CD of previously unreleased archive material by Tibet and Current 93. The CD material will not be released at any time in the future in any form whatsoever. Edition One and Edition Two both contain the same text.
    * Edition One: Small Paper Edition: £40
    Hardback cloth bound book with blocked boards and spine. Page size 175 x 115mm (approximately 7" x 4 1/2"). Photographic frontispiece of the author printed on art paper. Printed endpapers with reproductions of artwork/calligraphy by Tibet. Head- and tail-bands. Book ribbon.
    Accompanying CD of previously unreleased archive material for orders pre-paid before 1 July 2004.
    * Edition Two: Large Paper Edition with 1 piece of original artwork by David Tibet. £300
    Large Paper Edition of only 39 numbered copies signed by David Tibet.
    Hardback cloth bound book with blocked boards and spine. Page size 234 x 146mm (approximately 9 1/4" x 5 3/4"). Photographic frontispiece of the author printed on art paper. Printed endpapers with reproductions of artwork/calligraphy by Tibet. Head- and tail-bands. Book ribbon.
    This edition features a different photographic frontispiece to that printed in Edition One. The artwork on the printed endpapers, the colour of both book-ribbons and head- and tail-bands, and the blocked images on the boards also differ from those in Edition One.
    Each copy comes with a signed original piece of artwork measuring approximately 230 x 110mm (9" x 4 1/4") by David Tibet inserted into the book. Each copy numbered and signed by Tibet.
    Accompanying CD of previously unreleased archive material with each pre-paid copy ordered.
    Please note: when Edition Two is ordered via, a high postage cost is automatically added due to the price of the book. However: this postage rate will be manually altered by Durtro when we process the order. The correct postage rates that will be charged are as follows: £8 for the UK; £10 for the rest of Europe; £12 for countries outside of Europe and the UK, including the USA and Japan. Airmail insured delivery is included within this postage cost.
    Pre-orders for both Editions are now being accepted at the Durtro shop.
    ** American tour dates in August 2004:
    Unfortunately these are being temporarily postponed until early 2005. The Toronto dates are still on.
    Count Stenbock: The King's Bastard
    This book is presently being sewn together by the printer Alan Anderson. We will have them very soon. Thank you for your patience.
  • Galerie Schallschutz / Eternal Soul
    "Teddybear" - the new and long overdue release on Eternal Soul is out now !
    Unfortunately several pressing plants were not able to press the 10inch due to the frequency range and sound characteristics ! Galerie Schallschutz and Eternal Soul decided to publish the originally planned 10inch as a MCD !! We think that this decision is the best solution, because the sound quality was definitively not acceptable and besides the "Teddybear" release is a very important supplement to the "HAARP" album.
    This 5 track MCD is limited on 349 copies (300 of them appears in regular editions and 49 in a very special handmade edition) and on this record you will find again a lot of information about the madness near by you...
  • HauRuck! S.P.Q.R.
    Ain Soph-Prima dell´Aurora-Pic disc ltd 122 - only 100 for sale: This item is in production!!!! For pre-orders please send payement now to ensure to receive your copies. Actually only 20 copies are left for mailorder and 30 will be available only at HR! Festival in Wien.
14th March 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • Bunkier Productions
    presents: V/A "Songs From The Bunker"
    format: CDr I genre: dark folk-martial music-experimental / lenght: 78:37sec / BIICDr
    featuring: Koavt, Ritual Front, The Arid Sea, Alien Levi, Necropropagand, The Blue Hour, Storm Of Capricorn, Westwind, Weihan, Der Krieg, Cold Fusion, Der Feuerkreiner, One For Jude, The Well Of Sadness, Ghosts Of Breslau and Morpheus.
    email: or
  • Cyclic Law
    2 new releases:
    -Gustaf Hildebrand "Starscape" CD (7th Cycle)
    "Known from his project Lithium (CMI) and his collaboration with Karjalan Sissit, Gustaf Hildebrand, on his first release under his own name, explores the sonic confines of space with his own vision of how a space journey might aurally be experienced. First pressing of 500 copies comes in a textured trifold sleeve. 6 Tracks. Running time; 44:25" (press release)
    -Invercauld "Tiamhaidh" CD (6th Cycle)
    Omnious sonorities inspired by the rain and fog ridden landscapes and history of his Gaelic ancestors. This is Invercauld's first official release after a few cd-rs. Limited to 500 copies, comes in a textured trifold sleeve.
    7 Tracks, Running time; 43:46 (press release)
    -Up comming:
    Karjalan Sissit "Karjalasta Kajahtaa" CD (8th Cycle) April '04
    Sophia "Deconstruction of the world" Enhanced CD (9th Cycle) May '04
    Distributed in Europe through Tesco Distribution.
  • Genocide Organ / Tesco
    Tesco announces the start of the :Tesco Document Serie:!!
    The document serie will feature selected live appearances of Genocide Organ in the best possible quality.
    All available recordings of the mentioned concerts have been searched and reworked to get the best results.
    You´ll get the powerful live events and some only live played songs by Genocide Organ.
    The first release will be "Live in Augsburg 22.11.2003 Industrial Culture Festival". This amazing event was recorded and will now be brought to the general public.
    So far the following live events are scheduled for release:
    Live in Augsburg/Germany
    Live in St.Petersburg/Live in Russia
    Live in Erlangen/Germany
    Live in Kiel/Germany
    Live in Tokyo/Japan - a DVD/CD boxset in collaboration with Teito.
    Tesco is currently working on finishing the mastering and artwork, we will keep you updated about a possible release date. The intention is to make these recordings available for a "nice" price only through the mailorder.
  • Harvest Rain / OPN
    Harvest Rain (USA): "Evening and devotion" 7"EP April 2004.
    "Following their amazing debut MCD out in 2002, Harvest Rain returns with a four-songs 7"EP called "Evening and devotion". Featuring a couple of old tunes like "Evening and devotion" and "A song for morning" as well as two brandnew recordings, this EP is something you must not miss as it will be released as a limited edition of 300 copies." (press release)
  • Sixth Comm
    New Sixth Comm CD release 'Headless' in 2004. For further information email or
    CD reviewed 'Headless' at
    The MD site at is out of date and a new site should be launched though Patrick Leagas is now devoting his time to further Sixth Comm work, and has also been working on some tracks with While Angels Watch. There will be a full interview with Patrick in the next 'Judas Kiss'. The focus will be on Patrick's activity since leaving Death In June in 1985.
  • Throbbing Gristle
    A message from TG:
    "Despite the current rash of unfounded and malicious internet rumors, presumably intended to confuse and fuck things up for other people, we want to make the following quite clear: The forthcoming performance by THROBBING GRISTLE at RETG on the Industrial Weekend at Cambers Sands, May 14-16th 2004 will be a ONE TIME ONLY DEAL. TG will NOT be playing ANY other shows - NOT in Europe, NOT in the US, NOT ANYWHERE!!!
    At their recent sessions at Mute Studios in London, TG demonstrated (somewhat to their own surprise) that they were able to get on, and to play both old and new material with the same passion and intensity as before, HOWEVER the four members' agendas, schedules, living arrangements, and personal projects make it impossible that this event will be repeated.
    If you are interested in witnessing TG in action, this show will be your ONE and ONLY opportunity. DO NOT MISS IT."
  • V/A
    Flesh gets wasted and dogs get angry - open pre-order (MCL - Musica di un Certo Livello)
    Price: 10 euro standard version 12 euro deluxe version
    Postage: 3 euro all over the world
    featuring Novo homo, Der bekannte post industrielle trompeter, Chiara Pagani, Varunna, In vitro test, Thulesehnsucht, Clockwork death, Space vampires, E.V.A., Ben prestos Selbstbefriedigung, Ain Soph, Pusio, Foresta di ferro and Der Feuerkreiner.
    56:42 minutes. Compilation comes in a DVD black case.
    Deluxe edition contains a 3" mcd with 5 songs by DBPIT+Lendormin
7th March 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • The playlist for last Friday's radio show is now available. For those who missed the show, you can download it as two mp3 files on our Radio page. This download will only be available until the end of the month.
    The next broadcast is planned for Friday 2nd April 2004.
  • Aghiatrias / Epidemie Records
    New album of Czech Integrated Music project Aghiatrias 'Regions Of Limen'
    Style: Dark Noise Neoclassicism
    Format: CD album
    'Third album of Czech artists Vladimir Hirsch and Tom Saivon project Aghiatrias. Amorphous, dark-ambient neoclassicism, surrounded by evasive noise structures and invasive rhytmical tectonic eruptions. Album contents "aghiatrized" versions of Vladimir Hirsch's orchestral suite "De regionibus liminis", op.68. This duel of introspective and more meditative nature is of genuine complexity, following the succes of second release Epidaemia Vanitatis on Intergrated Music Records. A true collectors gem with an amazing digipacked artwork!
    Limited to 500 copies only.' (press release)
    More information :
  • Darkwood
    The new Darkwood studio album 'Herbstgewölk' will be released in March this year.
  • Durtro
    * Shirley Collins launch party for her book 'England over the Water': A launch party will be held for Shirley Collins' new book at 6pm on Tuesday, 25 May 2004 at Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London NW1 7AY (nearest tube station: Camden Town).
    Shirley will be reading from the book and will be signing copies of it, which can be purchased at the venue.
    Please note: entry is by ticket only and there are a very limited number of tickets available.
    These are free, but must be reserved by emailing the organiser of the event, Malcolm Taylor, at
    * Simon Finn: Simon Finn has been added to the Durtro Artists section on the website. He has written a brief biography and a recent photograph of him is also shown there.
  • L.White Records
    From now on the following L.White Records publications are available:
    * LW018 C.O.Caspar / Fun am schrillen Lauschen / CD lim. 300 / special package
    Very interesting live recording from a concert in Arnstadt 2001
    * LW026 V.A. Noise Battle Royale with Hentai, M.S.B.R, Seed Mouth, Sickness
    CDR lim. 300 / special package 4-way split as a sonic tribute to the japanese film maker Kinji Fukasaku (R.I.P.)
    Also on our website: some reviews about L. White Records products...
    The following L.White Records publications should be ready for sale on April 10th 2004 direct to the Consumer Electronics 5 festival:
    * LW017 Consumer Electronics 4 Festival / 2LP lim. 350 / at the Garage Pankow Berlin 19.04.2003 with Survival Unit / Legion Condor (RD) / Painslut / Irikarah / Axon Neuron/Vagwa
    * LW V03 Consumer Electronics 4 Festival / video (double DVDR) lim. 150 / at the Garage Pankow Berlin 19.04.2003 with Survival Unit / Legion Condor (RD) / Painslut / Irikarah / Axon Neuron/Vagwa plus a little special from Sektion B and the industrial allstars (born to be...)
    * LW T05 V.A. Consumer Electronics 5 Festival T-shirt / T-shirt with Consumer Electronics 5 motive on chest and band listing at back, black premium quality (180g), available in size M, L, XL
    * LW028 Steel Hook Prostheses / Torturous Anxiety / CDR lim. 200 / special package
    A new texan power-electronics project will conquer the world of this genre / 10 powerful tracks with a lenght of 55 minutes screaming and very distorted voices / like Con-Dom and Control
    The following releases are scheduled for the year 2004, as further L. White Records publications:
    * LW025 Green Army Fraction / Conservative And Full Of Hate / CDR lim. 300 / special package
    After a long delay a new fulltime release by this great scandinavian industrial artist
    * LW027 Free Speech Series with The Grey Wolves, Grunt, Irikarah, Rasthof Dachau, Sektion B, Slogun, Strom.Ec, Survival Unit and Con-Dom / 9x3inch CD lim. 300 / special package (small glassframe with a nice layout) each band contribute one full 3inch CD
    * LW023 Richard Ramirez / Neuropathic Force Feedback / LP lim. 350
    A very interesting noise collaboration between the master of american harsh-noise and a new german noise project
    * LW T03 Don't hunt, what you can't kill / logo (front) / premium quality (180g), available in size M, L, XL
    * LW T04 L. White Records / logo (back) / it's ok to be... (front) / black premium quality (180g), available in size M, L, XL
    * LW T06 Sektion B born to be... / T-shirt with printing on chest and at back / black premium quality (180g), available in size M, L, XL
  • Nurse With Wound / World Serpent
    New release available at the end of March 2004: Nurse With Wound: Angry Eelectric Finger (Spitch' Cock One) CD.
    'Angry Eelectric Finger (Spitch' Cock One)' is the first instalment of Nurse With Wound's most ambitious project to date. It's a remarkable mixture of industrial and avant garde pop styles featuring Sonic Youth's Jim O'Rourke, ex-Coil sound twisters Cyclobe, krautrock legends Xhol Caravan and San Francisco's weirdest pop combo Irr App (ext).
    Each artist has collaborated with Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton to create a four part suite of alarming freshness and originality. As always, Babs Santini supplies cover art.
    Limited edition of 2000.
  • Stateart
    New releases:
    * Grundik+Slava "...for Electronics and Birds" CD
    This CD is for lovers of pure music - a strong breeze of freshness and originality from two of the most interesting young composers of our day.
    * Ultra "Stain" CD
    Decadent, outrageous, repulsive... fascinating! "Stain" will leave the listener effectively paralyzed and eager to get back for more!
    Get the details: description, images, MP3s and further information at the new Stateart website:
  • Tesco
    Our homepage was out of date for quite some months, now we caught up with all the work there and updated the the following sections: News, Distribution, Industrial review board, Links, Katalog & Tesco/Functional.
    Soon we´ll add soundfiles of our latest releases and restructure some of the pages plus adding more information.
    From now on it makes more sense to visit the page ...if you want to know more
1st March 2004
  • The next radio broadcast is planned for Friday 5th March between 20.30 and 22.00 (French Local Time). The broadcast can be followed online via a streamcast. More information on the Radio page.
  • Angle.Rec.
    Angle.Rec. Presents: 7inch single by Montreal's Nos Royaumes, limited to 222 copies. The first 40 copies come in a special black fabric bag.
    More infos:
    .A.R.10.01: Vromb - "Locomotive" 10"
    .A.R.07.01: Nos Royaumes: "L'Antichambre" 7"
    Upcoming: .A.R.05.01: Aidan Baker: "An Intricate Course Of Deception" CD
  • Axon Neuron/Vagwa
    "We added some mp3 files in the discography section. The first ones can be found under 'Thorn' (pre-Axon Neuron), 'The Wolf Age' and 'Sond'. From time to time we will add more files to make some rare pre-Axon Neuron/Vagwa material available. Maybe these stuffs are of interest to somebody... Please note that the quality can differ because some of these tracks are nearly 10 years old." (official news)
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    * "We are proud to announce the CD release of Green Milk from the Planet Orange 'He's crying "Look"'. CD now available in a full color 8 panel digipack. DLP available mid March 2004 in an ed. of 225 copies in a full color gatefold sleeve and 220 gram vinyl. Green is the colour of my true love's milk. The Planet Orange (Japan, of course) has at last offered up some of her precious Green Milk. And rather than being a rancid earthbound batch of lactose, this freshly squeezed life's elixir is vitamin enriched with pure psychedelic electricity (and iron). Where Acid Mothers Temple's jammy wanderings sometimes lead them astray, lost in a fog of their own screeching residue, GMFTPO's controlled madness leaves behind a resin that won't give you a headache and will have you feeling fresh in the morning. Their music, while loosely played, is steady and deliberate and its Eastern flavouring early on reminds a lot of Erkin Koray's best moments as well as churning up a little subdued Can of butter (circa Damo, where the bass plays a forward melodic role with whispered vocals, ala "Mothe! r Sky")." (official news)
    Mp3s extracts on the website.
    * The Earthmonkey DLP + LP is now due out mid-late March 2004. It is coming out much more late than we had planned on due to some pressing issues with our plant.
    Earthmonkey record release party: Saturday March 06th, 2004 Cobalt Lounge 32 NW 3rd Ave Portland, Oregon -8PM till - ?- Audiosapien CD release party *Free! *Free! with a live performance by Earthmonkey with special guests Bill Horist. Also available will be a Earthmonkey 'Drum Machine' CD ep, shirts and stickers. Sneak Peak Live performance at Jackpot Records 203 SW 9th Ave, Portland, OR @ 3PM
  • Cynfeirdd / E4E
    E4E February release: Ainulindale "The Lay of Leithian". Available now!
    More infos and MP3 on the website.
    Latest releases :
    Regard Extrême "Utopia" CD
    Weihan "Galder" CD
  • Death In June
    Der Tod im Juni
    Death In June in concert! (1 single show)
    A special acoustic night.
    Date: June 5th, 2004.
    Tickets ldt. 250!
    This is a private event.
    All further relevant information and details only at:
  • Dominion Newsletter 8 (2004)
    * This is the eighth newsletter from Dominion, providing details on recent releases in areas both of publishing (Dominion Press, and other print projects by Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee, as well as their record label Storm) and music (Blood Axis, Alraune, and related recordings of interest), etc.
    These newsletters are issued sporadically, when we have accumulated a number of items worth reporting on. If you wish to receive a copy of the previous newsletter(s) by email, simply inform us. If you would also like to receive an email list of music-related items available by mail-order, we would be happy to forward this. If you wish to be removed from this recipient list, or change the email address to which it is sent, please inform us.
    * The new Aorta compilation "Wir rufen deine Wölfe" (We Call Your Wolves) is now out, and features a new track by Blood Axis recorded at the end of 2003. All songs on the compilation are interpretations of the poem of the same name by the German religious philosopher Friedrich Hielscher. This is beautifully realized and recommended release!
    Exclusive US distribution by Ajna/Tyler Davis.
    Webpage with information on the release:
    * Forthcoming on the Los Angeles-based Magus label is the definitive edition of the soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's film "Lucifer Rising", recorded by Bobby Beausoleil in prison in the mid-70s. This classic work of dark psychedelia will be issued in a newly remastered version done by Beausoleil and Robert Ferbrache, and the release will also include a second disc with recently discovered vintage recordings of Beausoleil's earlier band The Orkustra, as well as the only existing tape of the legendary act The Magick Powerhouse of Oz. The two-disc set will be packaged in a digipack with an extensive booklet that includes historical liner notes by Michael Moynihan. More information to follow soon.
    Beausoleil's beautiful and unique handmade double-necked guitar that was used to record the soundtrack is also now being offered for auction on Ebay.
    * Out March 15th: TYR II
    Edited by Joshua Buckley and Michael Moynihan
    Volume 2, 2003-2004
    ISSN 1538-9413
    ISBN 0-9720292-1-4
    6" x 9" perfectbound, illustrated, 430 pages
    Cover price: $22.00 (USA)
    In the second volume:
    Julius Evola on "The Doctrine of Battle and Victory", Charles Champetier's interview with Alain de Benoist, Alain de Benoist on "Thoughts on God", Collin Cleary on "Summoning the Gods", Stephen McNallen on the "Ásatrú Revival", Nigel Pennick on "Heathen Holy Places", John Matthews on "The Guardians of Albion", Steve Pollington on "The Germanic Warband", Michael Moynihan on "Disparate Myths of Divine Sacrifice", Christian Rätsch on "The Sacred Plants of our Ancestors", Joscelyn Godwin on Herman Wirth, Peter Bahn on "The Friedrich Hielscher Legend", Markus Wolff on Ludwig Fahrenkrog, Stephen Flowers on "The Northern Renaissance", Joshua Buckley's interview with "technosophical" musicians Allerseelen, and an extensive book and music review section, featuring sidebar interviews with Coil and P. D. Brown.
    Bonus CD music sampler featuring: Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Coil, Fire + Ice, In Gowan Ring, Primordial, 16 Horsepower, Waldteufel, and many other innovative, contemporary music artists inspired by tradition.
    To order, please send $22 ppd in the USA or $30 foreign (airmail).
    Orders should be made payable to:
    Dominion, P.O. Box 129, Waterbury Center, VT 05677 U.S.A.
    PayPal payments also accepted.
    Volume One of TYR is still available from Dominion for $16 postpaid in the USA, $25 airmail elsewhere.
    * "Witchcraft Medicine", written by the eminent ethnobotanist and anthropologist Christian Rätsch Ph.D., the art historian Claudia Müller-Ebeling Ph.D., and the poet-gardener-herbalist Wolf Dieter Storl Ph.D., has been recently published in English by Inner Traditions. The translation was done by Annabel Lee.
    Quote from the back cover from Daniel Pinchbeck: "Witchcraft Medicine is a work of brilliant and passionate scholarship, fabulously illustrated, that recovers the lost knowledge of the European shamanic tradition. It is both a guide and an enthusiastic ode to the visionary edge of the botanical realm."
    The book is lavishly illustrated throughout. It divided into three distinct sections, the first is an overview on the history of Europeans, their medicines, and their relations with plants and the worlds beyond. It begins in the Stone Age and ends in contemporary Southern Germany with organic farmers in the Black Forest influenced by Rudolph Steiner. He discusses the symbolism and ritual use of the most important and popular plants of Central Europe and how they were/are used in midwifery, for births and deaths, for medicine, for protection, for animals, fertility, and for pleasure. The second part, by Rätsch, examines places in texts-about Hecate's and Medea's activities in antiquity through the three witches in Macbeth-where transformations, rituals, healing, medicine, and spells are mentioned and ponders which plants might have played a role. Contrary to popular modern scholarship, Rätsch believes that shamanism, religious experience, and heathen rituals were inseparable from the sacred "plants of the gods" and he seeks to establish which plants were being referred to based on decades of personal experience and scholarship. He also discusses, and provides speculative (but certainly useable and potent) recipes for, many different traditional European shamanic blends, in particular the notorious "witches' salves" and "flying ointments" along with the "elixirs of youth". The third section considers the different ways in which witches and the Virgin Mary are depicted in northern European art of the renaissance and which plants were associated with both. Müller-Ebeling shows how all that was wild, natural, uncivilized is depicted in the realm of the witch and all that is chaste and cultured in that of Mary. She discusses how the church demonized nature's healing powers and how artists were able to address the otherwise forbidden ideas of the natural forces in paintings of witches. The transformation from the goddess of fate into the disease-bringing witch is an underlying theme throughout this section. The last section, "From the Inquisition to the Drug Laws" by Rätsch is rather a rant on one of his pet peeves-the demonization (initiated by Christianity) of the traditional sacred plants of Europe, in particular hemp and poppies, which, as he points out, could be easily grown in anyone's window box, providing people with a near complete medicine chest made up of plants he considers to be the birthright of the Europeans. He questions who profits from the drug laws. "The outstanding characteristic of the plants and substances that are banned by the drug laws is their powerful effectiveness. They are some of the best medicines discovered by humans. They are not junk, like the medicines that are shoved over the counter at the pharmacy for a lot of money. They are potent... Opium is the best pain medication in the world. Hemp is probably the best anti-depressive... But who makes money from the healthy people-off the underlings who heal themselves with plants from their backyard or balcony gardens...? Ineffective medicine is a more certain source of income..."
    This book is available through or your local book dealer.
    * Rûna magazine, a respected UK journal of "Northern European Myth, Mystery and Magic" edited by Ian Read, Michael Deacon Jr. and Michael Moynihan, is now available from Dominion. The following issues are in stock:
    Issue 9 features Stephen Flowers on Odian Philosophy, Zeke Mazur on the Pythagoreans, Ian Read's translation of a Til Eulenspiegel episode, Glenn Magee on "The Well of Urth", and Michael Moynihan on "Wodan, anno 1775."
    Issue 10 features Walter Baetke's "The Germanic Idea of the Holy", Brian Regan on "Asatru, Life and Afterlife", Annabel Lee on "Guardians of Hierarchy" and more.
    Issue 11 features Peter Beliath's "Envoys of the Æsir", Collin Cleary on "The Missing Man in Norse Cosmology", Valgard on "The Valknutr Working" and "The Duodecimal System", Didrik Søderlind on "The Allure of the Lur" and more.
    Issue 12 features Thomas Karlsson on "Gothicism and the Dark Tradition, Annabel Lee's "Our Intoxicated Heritage", Michael Kelly's "Rûna in the Faustian Worldview", Alice Karlsdottir's "Theater and Magic, and more.
    Issue 13 features Ian Read on "Bare-knuckle England", Alice Karlsdottir's "Loki, Father of Strife", Michael Sangster on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Walter Baetke on "The Nordic Belief in Fate", and more.
    Single issues are available for $8 postpaid in the USA/Can, two issues for $15 postpaid, or three issues for $21 postpaid. Four issues are $28 postpaid, and five issues are $35 postpaid.
    (Europeans should order direct from the publisher: Rûna c/o BM: Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX, England.)
    To order Tyr or Rûna from Dominion: Please send check or money order payable to Dominion. Cash may be sent at your own risk -- please hide it well or use registered mail. Prices are postpaid as noted. Send orders to
    Dominion, PO Box 129, Waterbury Center, VT 05677 USA.
  • Durtro
    * Current 93/Simon Finn/Six Organs of Admittance in Toronto June 2004: Both the Friday and Saturday night shows are now sold out.
    * Current 93/Simon Finn: American Tour 2004: In the next fortnight we hope to be announcing dates by Current 93, with special guest Simon Finn, in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We expect these to take place in August 2004. More details to follow soon.
    * Halo by Current 93: We are delighted to announce that 'Halo' is now in stock and that copies have now been mailed out.
    * The King's Bastard (The Triumph of Evil) by Count Stenbock: As usual, a slight delay, due to a typesetting error being discovered. We now expect this book to be with us by the middle of March. Our apologies to all of those awaiting the volume. We hope you will be happy when it finally arrives.
    * Crampton by Thomas Ligotti and Brandon Trenz: There are now 10 copies remaining of this volume. Once they have gone, this title will then be deleted.
    * Shirley Collins: America Over the Water: Durtro will be selling copies of this book on its publication. It will be added to the online store as soon as the book is in stock at Durtro in May 2004.
    For further information, please see the News page of the Durtro website.
  • Steinklang
    Out now:
    * Fall Weiss AgitProp 02 double 7" screwed between 2 metal plates lim. 346
    (collaboration from Stahlwerk 9 + Radio Murmansk + Rasthof Dachau / aggressive power-noise!)
    * Allerseelen - Archaische Arbeiten Ahnstern 2 double LP lim. 600
    Ancient recordings of archaic chamber music, originally published on early Allerseelen cassettes in 1989. Very rough and hypnotic shaman music, compareable to best Zero Kama and Orchestra of Skin and Bone. digitally remastered from the original master tapes!
    * Compilation - Wir rufen deine wölfe LP version still available. Ahnstern 12 / lim. 600
    double LP with large foldout inlay in wolfskin-coloured wooden box
    Next Steinklang + Co. releases:
    * Ahnstern 11 Riharc Smiles - Last green days of summer LP lim. 500
    brilliant middle-ages orientated progressive Folk
    * SK33 Code 243 - Urban Guerilla LP lim. 500 / CDR lim. 100
    Fantastic rhythm-noise LP from A Challenge Of Honour
    * Percht 02 Sturmpercht - Stürm ins Leben wild hinein! LP lim. 400
    Wild and rough Alpine-Folk with a strong touch of Austrian mythology. Comes in original Salzburger Jagazaun cover.
    * Ahnstern 2 Allerseelen - Heimliche Welt DoLP lim. 600
    The second part of remastered early tape recordings.
    * SK-IN 02 V/A - Holy Mother Russia LP lim. 500 / CDR lim. 100
    Linija Mass / Lucisferrato / Reutoff / Sal Solaris / Bardoseneticcube / Stalnoy Pakt / Lunar Abyss Quartett / Hum
    * Zyklus 2
    The second Zyklus of very limited 7"es on Steinklang - 7 will start beginning of April with:
    SK7-11 Painslut - this is my war
    SK7-12 Dresden 45 - breath on me
    SK-13 DVT - crisis-zone:no vital signs
    Painslut is modern Power-Noise, Dresden 45 is electro-noise, both are absolute disco killers! DVT is brilliant oldschool Power-Electronic from Australia!
    All 7"es are lim. 150 copies. There is also a subscription-boxset for the second Zyklus lim 90 copies.
    77 copies are already sold, so be fast! Subscription price: 99,00 eur.
22nd February 2004
  • 3patttes
    3patttes just made available online Finalcut's 'à l'inverse des autres tombes' clip. The pictures have been captured by Gorellaume, and the movie directed by Plan9.
  • Ataraxia
    New album 'Saphir' available from March 2004 by Cruel Moon Int. / CMI
    "Two years after the release of our last full-lenght Cd we are proud to announce 'Saphir' the new concept album foreseen for March 2004 by Cruel Moon International - CMI. As announced it will be a concept album inspired by the magical, symbolic and mystic nature of gardens. Gardens of all ages and culturally linked to different geographic areas (as the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Arabian gardens, The medieval hortus conclusum, the zen garden and the English romantic gardens) have been the starting point of our musical research. Gardens have been often represented as an universal door to cross this dimension to enter the one of myth and dream. The harmony governing the elements composing a garden is the same governing the elements composing music and all of this creates beauty, the aesthetic taste for life. In 'Saphir', nature and art are mixed together to contrast an environment and life-style mainly based on what is functional and productive; we focus our attention on the most precious gift the human being should never be obliged to renounce to, i.e. the freedom to dream.
    Music will be rich and nuanced. Classic and flamenco guitars, romantic pianos, pads of atmospheric keyboards, noble sonatas, choirs and somptuous back vocals, Francesca's vocal broderies and a great use of eastern and classic percussions from darbouka, to bendhir, frame-drums, timpani, udu, cymbals and bells.
    The album will feature 10 new songs and the presence of Ataraxia's welcome and talented percussionist Riccardo Spaggiari. The booklet will contain numerous exclusive photos, all the lyrics and some interesting writings about Gardens." (official news)
  • Athanor / La Grande Illusion
    In april will come for Athanor an 8 track 10" by Dawn and Dusk Entwined "An Harvest of Winds" and for La Grande Illusion ( a ltd edition 7" of Les Sentiers Conflictuels wich follows and close the thematic of the 10". A first CD of LSC is also due to be released this year. Before summer should come also for Athanor the alchemical inspired CD of Artefactum entitled "Chaos Elements".
  • Kaos Kontrol
    The material for the next Kaos Kontrol release, the first CD release from the Finnish I.corax will be finished soon and sent to the pressing plant as soon as possible. More details will follow in the next few weeks.
  • Klanggalerie
    New item:
    konstruktivist - psykho genetika II CD-R
    the follow-up to konstruktivist´s best album including alternative versions, remixes and left over tracks. beautiful special tray like all others in the series, digitally remastered by ex-member mark crumby. limited edition 50 numbered copies only.
  • Soleil Noir
    New pictures & reports:
    - Dernière Volonté + Allerseelen + DJ Albin J, Venezia, 20.12.03
    - Tribe of Circle + Dernière Volonté, Lyon, 11.10.03
    - Laibach, Geneva, 04.10.03
15th February 2004
  • Durtro
    * Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93:
    I am sick of carrying a coffin on my back and being an archivist to myself. More details to follow in the next month.
    Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93 Dispersal 93
    * Simon Finn: Pass the Distance:
    After a wonderful month recording one of the new Current 93 albums with Simon Finn in London, as well as Simon's second album and material which will be available in limited editions at our shows in Toronto, I am delighted to announce that Simon's seminal 'Pass the Distance' album, originally released on the UK Mushroom label in 1970, will be reissued as a CD on Durtro/World Serpent this spring/summer. The album will include extra tracks, as well as photos and sleevenotes by Simon and other people involved with the album. This is one my favourite albums of all time.
    david tibet +++, London, 12.II.2004
  • Bilingual Edition of I Have a Special Plan in Greece
    [message from the C93 Yahoo group]
    Hello to all,
    My name is Katerina Golemi and I have been lurking to both the tlo and c93 lists for almost 6 years now. I have followed every single conversation with great interest, since Ligotti and Tibet are my most favorite persons in this world, but I have been too shy to contribute any comments. However, after all this time, I have to make an important announcement: A bilingual edition (in English and tranlated in Greek by me) of Thomas Ligotti's nihilistic poems "I have a Special Plan for This World" just got published in Greece. It also includes an epilogue that I wrote about Ligotti. This should be of interest to C93 fans too, since these are the excerpts Tibet recites on the same titled CD recordings. (The C93 project is pretty much covered as well on the epilogue I wrote about Ligotti)
    The way this bilingual edition came about is pretty interesting: I owe copy number 108 of the original I Have a Special Plan For this World Durtro edition and a few months ago I wanted to see how the poems sound (and even look) in Greek. The translation incidentally got into the hands of a friend who works for a publishing company in Greece and the firm immediately offered to publish them since the beauty and power of these poems was hard to go unnoticed.
    The publishing company is called "Typotheto" and it belongs to a wider publishing family that mostly publishes academic books and occasionally texts by Melville, Hawthorne, Poe etc. Thomas Ligotti is the first non-Greek writer that has ever been published by the firm (although this is the second time Ligotti has been translated in Greek; a firm called "Oxy" published a translated edition of Nightmare Factory). The book costs 5 euros (6-7 US Dollars) and you can place your orders at
    You can find a relevant link at which is of no use since it's in Greek but you can get an idea.
    Finally I would like to clarify that I am not a translator nor do I have any connection with the field (I actually work as a computer programmer). I did not get paid for this project nor do I get any commision for the sales of the book and this is why I feel comfortable "advertising" to these lists.
    I am just a Ligotti fanatic like the rest of you and try to collect everything that has to do with him. Since the original Durtro edition of I Have a Special Plan is too rare to collect, some of you will benefit from this bilingual edition (the English text lies on the left and the Greek on the right).
    I will gladly translate the epilogue about Ligotti in English for any of you, so if you are interested you may contact me off-list.
    Best Regards,
    Katerina Golemi
  • Klanggalerie
    New items:
    * 7" Monohm - Inia Cassic
    Two very atmospheric tracks with mellow beats - Monohm have already remixed Pablo's Eye on our Danza de la Muerte compilation. An anonymous project but there might be an ex-member of a classic industrial band involved! Limited edition 200 numbered copies.
    * 7" Joe Colley (Crawl Unit) - Fragments, Phenomena and Process Pieces
    Seven rough sketches in the tradition of Chris Watson's field recordings but less new age and much rougher. Excellent dark ambient by the musician who also runs the Povertech label. Limited edition 100 numbered copies.
  • Schloss Tegal
    Newsletter February 2004:
    Neoterrik Research "The hidden history of Schloss Tegal" CD will be out onCold Spring Records UK next week. A few performances have been scheduled in Germany for the release of this new CD. Neoterrik Research is a collection of tracks from various vinyl and CD compilation over the years alive or dead. 80 percent of the CD is from material never heard before from Schloss Tegal. It also contains one track from the Unreal 2 "The Awakening" video game soundtrack composed by ST. The new CD Schloss Tegal "Terminated by Script" is in the final stages and will be released soon. Many more recordings are in the works for this summer.
    Copies of Neoterrik Research "The hidden history of Schloss Tegal" will be available soon direct from:
  • Topheth Prophet
    The news , releases and distribution sections at the Topheth Prophet website are finally updated:
    A new release is in print:
    Barzel - a shield of defense and the word of the son of blood
    Barzel is a new power electronics project. Barzel brings us their views of Zionism as an aesthetic \ Political avant garde. the story of the heroic journey of the exiled and persecuted from the Diaspora to their ancinet homeland. a story of strength and honor, based on the teaching of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the poetry of Uri Zvi Grinberg and the historical events of the previous century. This is the first chapter in the audio-assault that is the Word of the Sons of Blood!!!!!!
9th February 2004
  • We've written some new reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • The playlist for last Friday's radio show is now available. For those who missed the show, you can download it as two mp3 files on our Radio page. This download will only be available until the end of the month.
    The next broadcast is planned for Friday 5th March 2004.
  • Art Konkret / Nerthus
    Nerthus - s/t
    Format: CD/ 54.29 min
    Style: dark ambient
    Artwork: 17 x 17 cm artprint in plastic packing up
    Edition: 300 copies
    Release date: 12.02.2004
    With Nerthus Art Konkret start a series of dark ambient releases "called dark ambient sieries". Every release comes in an 17 x 17 cm printed artwork in a plastik packing up and is strictly limited to 300 copies.
    Nerthus is well known from his great split LP with Sonne Hagal and a live concert with Vidna Obmana. This project exists sincs 4 years, but the person behind Nerthus makes music since 8 years. His influences are the early dark ambient and industrial bands.
    The release brings very athmosperic dark ambient creations. Dark dronings are combined with echoing soundwalls. Dreamscapes dissolve into nightmares from which you can't awaken, perhaps because you really don't wish to. Exceptionally well conceived sonicscapes culled from the wastelands of the netherworld.
    You will discover on the CD also some ritual influences. This is a very good release in the field of ambient music. The aim of the mastermind behind Nerthus is that his soundcreations always have affects to the limbic system.
  • Axon Neuron/Vagwa
    The new Axon Neuron/Vagwa 10" :LOHE: will see the light of day as planned on 14th February 2004 at the official record release party at 'Osthafen', Rostock, Germany.
    To get your copy you can place your order now. The limited edition boxset of 49 copies is officially sold out. You can´t get it wether from us nor from the Eternal Soul mailorder service. All who have placed an pre-order for the boxset edition were already contacted.
    The standard 10" set is limited to 300 copies and includes: black vinyl 10" record + gatefold sleeve + postcard + insert.
    There is also the possibilty to buy the record directly at the concert/party on 14th February... -
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    * Release Updates:
    The Volcano the Bear 'all the paint I can breathe' 10"+7" is finally ready to ship out. We had some pressing plant issues which delayed the project. The vinyl and gatefold both came out brilliant. The Earthmonkey DLP + LP is due out early March 2004 with a record release party planned for March 06, 2004 here in Portland, Oregon.
    In addition, the first 3 Lacetate LP's are finally ready so please see the Lacetate page on our site for more details:
    Lac01 Armchair Migraine Journey 'My Dixie Wrecked' LP
    Lac02 Rick Reed 'Auroral Curtains' LP
    Lac03 Shifts 'Vertronen 13' 12"
    mt059 Volcano the Bear 10"+7" - Gatefold sleeve, full color insert, audiophile vinyl and limited to 500 copies. All the tracks were culled from the earliest VTB tapes of 1996, recorded on 4 tracks and less. The 7" features 'Yak Folk's Y'are' the very first VTB song recorded in 1995.
    * Projects Forthcoming:
    - mt046 Green Milk From the Planet Orange 'He's crying "Look"' CD / DLP
    CD packed in a full color 8 panel Digipack. DLP packed in full color gatefold sleeve with 2 - 220 gram LP's and limited to 225 copies.
    Green is the colour of my true love's milk. The Planet Orange (Japan, of course) has at last offered up some of her precious Green Milk. And rather than being a rancid earthbound batch of lactose, this freshly squeezed life's elixir is vitamin enriched with pure psychedelic electricity (and iron). Where Acid Mothers Temple's jammy wanderings sometimes lead them astray, lost in a fog of their own screeching residue, GMFTPO's controlled madness leaves behind a resin that won't give you a headache and will have you feeling fresh in the morning. Their music, while loosely played, is steady and deliberate and its Eastern flavouring early on reminds a lot of Erkin Koray's best moments as well as churning up a little subdued Can of butter (circa Damo, where the bass plays a forward melodic role with whispered vocals, ala "Mother Sky"). The album curdles, in places, to White Heaven-like outbursts and ferments into a couple extended excursions toward the great space udder. Overall, a! n excellent modern psych album best suited for those who enjoy chilling out while taking their glaucoma medicine. Don't cry over spilled milk. Soak yourself to the marrow. GMFTPO is proof positive that the milk is always greener on the other side.
    - mt038b Earthmonkey 'Audiosapien' DLP + LP
    Full color gatefold sleeve, 2 - 220 gram audiophile LP's, color insert and bonus 4th side of music. The bonus LP has an introduction by Jimmy Carl Black. Who, you say? Jimmy Carl Black: legendary Mothers Of Invention alumnus who has collaborated with Arthur Brown, Eugene Chadbourne and numerous others for the past 30+ years, and, most importantly, he's the Indian in the band. First and foremost, Earthmonkey has the word "monkey" in its name, and everyone loves monkeys! It sounds like a bunch of stoned marmosets got together and actually managed to type the complete works of Shakespeare. So don't delay, bring a gibbon or two into your home. Earthmonkey is dark, droney, deep and , dare we say, groovy.
    - mt067 Whitelodge 's/t' LP
    Follow up to the 'Stream of Dreams' 10" but recorded before the Stream sessions. A great billowy poltergeist, Whitelodge is a musical revelation. The Lodge skirt borderlands between the mysticism of seething "post rock" and the dark textures of latter day "apocalyptic folk", managing in the end to sovereign a musical nation of their own. Somber musical expressions exude surprisingly powerful punch and often carve modest stones into towering columns of sound, which, while not actually loud, seem to imply loud. Constructed somewhat like a This Mortal Coil record, the quietly crafted combination of acoustic guitars, electric piano, bass and electronics effuse scents of Sol Invictus ("Against The Modern World"), Gastr Del Sol, Sea And Cake, Insides, late late period Swans, Roseclouds era Death In June with a little "Another Green World" style Eno plastering the cracks...but none of these really captures the true essence of the Lodge what is White. Where apocalyptic folk often drowns in its own cheesiness, Whitelodge rise above and avoid trying to force any sort of posturing or false celticisms into their music. Whispered vocals reincarnate a host of spirits from Red House Painters to Coil, driving the compositions home by inference rather than the obvious. This music is unbelievably tangible in its etherealness. A deep beauty resides within and repeated listens open endless blossoms. This album is also guilty of having at least a couple downright infectious tracks that are so brilliantly cooked as to be virtual tonal crack. The Grand Poobah beckons: become one with the Whitelodge!
    - Nurse With Wound 'She and Me Fall Together in Free Death' special ed. cd
    A special CD edition of the LP released in May 2003. Each CD is packed in a hand sewn silk bag with silk screened art, original artwork and autograph on each by Steven Stapleton. The CD will contain the original tracks plus several bonus tracks exclusive to this release. Our most beloved resident Nurse has finally worked his way up to a Doctorate Of Madness (DOM). All those years of musical dissection have paid off and have revealed a sonic surgeon skilled at sewing sounds into solid sentience. NWW isn't afraid to bring the pain and play that beat as his krautrock konstruktions kontinue to klimb. NWW also brings the paean as some of his concret hardens into something of a Homotopy to a Homotopy.
  • Cyclotimia
    News Block [February]
    'One Day In Wasteland' is out.
    A documentary about New York tragic events of September 11th. VCDr and VHS editions limited to only 111 copies. Features soundtrack by Cyclotimia. Available in Merchandise section.
    Also, you can download Same Place video (a special bonus to the movie) directly from News page. It's 29MB. DivX. If you don't have one - please, go here (
    Big update in MP3 section. 14 fulltime compositions in [128/44] quality rate are available for download. Both new, old, rare... Absolutely free!
    Trivial Pleasures was announced 'The Album Of The Month' on leaving behind Linkin Park and Sugababes! More here.
  • Durtro
    * William Basinski: London show in February 2004: The Horse Hospital is honoured to present a concert by William Basinski at: The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1HX (nearest tube stations: Russell Square and Holborn) Wednesday 18 February. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tel: +44 (0)20 7833 3644
    * Current 93 June Canadian shows: For those intending to go to these concerts, but who have not yet obtained tickets, there are presently 65 tickets left remaining for sale for Friday 18 June and 23 tickets left for Saturday 19 June.
    * Nurse With Wound in 'Record Collector': There is a two page article on Nurse With Wound in the new February 2004 edition of the British music magazine 'Record Collector'.
    * Count Stenbock: The King's Bastard: We have been told by the publisher to expect this book to be delivered to Durtro at the very beginning of March.
    * Current 93: Halo (Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall): We now expect to have these CDs delivered to us on 24 February, after which we will start sending them out immediately.
  • E4E / Cynfeirdd
    January release : Albireon "Le Stanze Del Sole Nero"
    Latest releases :
    Regard Extrême "Utopia" CD
    Weihan "Galder" CD
  • Freya Aswynn
    The tracks from the CD 'Shades of Yggdrasil' are now free to download from the site, just follow the 'door'.
  • Reynols "Holidays"
    "... In the past few days, we have received an overwhelming amount of messages from institutions, fans & friends from all over the world expressing their sorrow for our announcement of cycle-ending. That's why, in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding, we would like to explain some points.
    First of all, we would like to make clear that we are still together as a human group and we are in our best condition, both personally and artistically. After many years working with Reynols, the thing was growing really big. In then years we have made over one hundred records, gigs, works on TV, long tours in US and Europe, benefit shows, workshops, etc. This proved very intense for us, and hence our decision to take a some time "off". Our "holiday" will give us enough time to evaluate past experiences and gather strength for our coming cycle. In this context, using a name or not using it is but a detail. In a sense, the whole process can be conceived of more as a transmutation than as a dissolution. In fact, we will keep on working together, now firstly with Sol Mayor, a project integrating more special musicians that gives benefit concerts for schools and other institutions related to disability. And will also continue developing new projects that will be announced and released in due time. However we don't discard the possibility of using the name Reynols again for any particular activity we embark on after our "holiday". Your reaction to our announcement made us realize what our music means for many people, specially for all those related to the field of disability. We really value the importance you people attribute to our work, and would like to thank everyone for all the support and the kindness received.
    Buenos Aires, February 1st 2004"
  • SonickSorcery
    News Winter 2004:
    - C.O.T.A. "TA'WIL" CD SonickSorcery.o4
    This acclaimed 1997 release is soon to be available again. Dark ritual spaces and wild open places are the inspiration that gave birth to this document. A hand stitched, and branded leather case make up an edition of 222. Some still available.
    - "Visions From The Garden" CD SonickSorcery.o5
    Special thanks and raised glasses to those who sent in submissions for the Comp. project. We received so many amazing contributions that assure this will be a CD imprinted and branded into memory. The following is a line-up of artists that make up this inspired 2xCD listening experience.
    Artists: Belborn, C.O.T.A., Gydja, Hybryds, Magnetic Lucifer, Natural Order, Nequaquam Vacuum, Not Breathing, Phaul, Planetaldol, Sacrificial Totem, Satyr, Sikhara, Sleighted, The Master Musicans of Hop-Frog, Xeno Volcano.
    Cover Art by Scott Ferry.
  • Stateart
    * The Stateart SA Series Package
    Available through February only, at a very special price. Package will include several SA Series selections, plus your choice between 2 DELETED titles, available as CD-R with original packaging. Official announcement with complete information will follow in the next days.
    * Upcoming February STATEART releases
    GRUNDIK + SLAVA "...For Electronics & Birds" CD (AVANT006)
    ULTRA "Stain" CD (AVANT007/DOM US CD12) European Issue
    * Upcoming February HORCH! release
    Henrik N. Björkk "I End Forever" CD (HORCH!003) Enhanced CD with Video Clip
    * This month's 20/20 Q&A
    "A Fistful of Vicki!!!" VICKI BENNETT of People Like Us
  • Tosom
    * Tscheljabinsk65 & Nullkommajosefh - Der Baum der Wünsche erfüllt
    Audio-cdr, 2 tracks with 50 minutes running time. Limited and numbered edition of 200 copies. Comes in a dvd box.
    Tosom is proudly to present another great work of Tscheljabinsk65, this time in collaboration with Nullkommajosefh, also a german project. 2 very long tracks, they show the variety of both projects.
    This are not only Dark Ambient Soundscapes... On this release the influences of Neo Folk are gone, but experimental moments flows in this work.
    Still hot: Kadef - Wir Leben Zwischen Fremden Gesichtern, Neuen Bildern Und Unerhörten Klängen CD
    * audio-cdr, 4 tracks with 69 minutes running time. Limited and numbered edition of 250 copies. Comes in a dvd box.
    Germanys well known and always active Kadef, in collaboration with suchlike colleagues -under his regie- from the D.I.Y. Network: K2 from Japan, Âmes Sanglantes from Canada, Richard Ramirez from USA and Armenia from Ecuador. 4 long, different and intense Industrial-Noise tracks, in Kadef's harsh and analogue lo-fi style, with a playing time of 69 minutes. Cover graphic like usual from Kalojan Witanski himself." (official news)
  • Tursa
    "HaWthorn have just returned from an excellent concert in Geneva. Thanks to all those who made our trip such an enjoyable one. This does not include the Gods and EasyJet who conspired to trap us in the bar at Geneva airport for six (count them) hours.
    Matt and I will be starting work on a new HaWthorn album in Febuary and are arranging some more concerts for 2004. (HaWthorn, for those who haven't heard yet, is the new name for Howden/Wakeford.)
    I am doing some concerts under the name Trio Noir that will see me working for the first time live with Gary Parsons who can actually play guitar.
    We will play many old tunes plus the title track "Twa Corbies" of a new album I hope to start work on."
  • Tyr II
    Edited by Joshua Buckley and Michael Moynihan
    Volume 2, 2003-2004
    ISSN 1538-9413
    ISBN 0-9720292-1-4
    6" x 9" perfectbound, illustrated, 430 pages
    Cover price: $22.00 (USA)
    In the second volume:
    Julius Evola on "The Doctrine of Battle and Victory", Charles Champetier's interview with Alain de Benoist, Alain de Benoist on "Thoughts on God", Collin Cleary on "Summoning the Gods", Stephen McNallen on the "Ásatrú Revival", Nigel Pennick on "Heathen Holy Places", John Matthews on "The Guardians of Albion", Steve Pollington on "The Germanic Warband", Michael Moynihan on "Disparate Myths of Divine Sacrifice", Christian Rätsch on "The Sacred Plants of our Ancestors", Joscelyn Godwin on Herman Wirth, Peter Bahn on "The Friedrich Hielscher Legend", Markus Wolff on Ludwig Fahrenkrog, Stephen Flowers on "The Northern Renaissance", Joshua Buckley's interview with "technosophical" musicians Allerseelen, and an extensive book and music review section, featuring sidebar interviews with Coil and P. D. Brown.
    Bonus CD music sampler featuring: Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Coil, Fire + Ice, In Gowan Ring, Primordial, 16 Horsepower, Waldteufel, and many other innovative, contemporary music artists inspired by tradition.
    To order, please send $22 ppd in the USA or $30 foreign (airmail).
    Orders should be made payable to:
    Dominion, P. O. Box 129, Waterbury Center, VT 05677 U.S.A.
    PayPal payments also accepted.
  • Were Di!
    Out in february:
    WD!001 - Herr - debut CD Lim. 500 copies in digipak.
    WD!002 - Puissance - Let us lead. Unlim. re-release CD comes in digipak. Remastered version of this long sold out release, with a bonus track and new artwork.
  • Christian Wolz - Vocalart
    Two new cd's: "Rátarr" and "StimmUngen-ST1"
    Further information at -
27th January 2004
  • Added a live report of the Fire + Ice, Sonne Hagal and Sonnentau concerts in Halle (Germany).
    We've also added a few reviews, updated the Concerts page and added a few links.
  • 3patttes records
    New 3" release: Final Cut 'Denorme'
    Still available:
    Finaldoll 'Prolifere' (3patttes001)
    Planetaldol 'Grand Bois' (3patttes002)
  • Durtro
    News Part One:
    * 'Halo': Current 93 live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, October 2003: Durtro 0903 CD
    CD release in full colour digipak of Current 93's most recent concert. The lineup was: David Tibet, Michael Cashmore, Joe Budenholzer, Maja Elliott, Graham Jeffery, Joolie Wood and John Contreras. Available from 14 February. Available from the Durtro Online Store. Price £10 plus postage and packing.
    * Current 93 live performances in Toronto (18 & 19 June 2004): see details on the Concerts page.
    Tickets ($60 Canadian dollars) are available from Monday, 26 January onwards. They may be ordered by phone by calling Encore Records in Ontario at +1 519-744-1370 or by faxing them at +1 519-745-0840 or by emailing the organiser Mark Logan at Capacity is strictly limited to 150 people per night.
    * Late April, Lisbon, Portugal: Current 93 and Baby Dee
    We are presently planning two shows on Friday and Saturday in late April in Lisbon. Details will be posted very soon. We are delighted to inform you that the exquisite Baby Dee will be our special guest for the Lisbon shows.
    There are still no details at all on our forthcoming shows in Russia and the USA.
    * Forthcoming Current 93 and related projects for the first half of 2004:
    - Digipak CD release collecting the material from the Tamlin/Lucifer Over London/Looney Runes/Misery Farm CDs.
    - Facsimile vinyl reissue of the Nature Unveiled LP, with the C93/NWW 7" and replica of the original promotional poster for the album.
    - CD box set collecting the four albums by David Tibet and Steven Stapleton (The Sadness of Things/Musical Pumpkin Cottage/Musikalische Kürbis-Hütte/Octopus) plus previously unreleased material.
    - 2CD digipak release of the material from the 2 sister albums Swastikas for Noddy and Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God.
    - LP and CD versions of the recent London/San Francisco re-recordings of Hypnagogue, the mini-album prologue to the forthcoming album by Current 93.
    - Mirror: Under the Sun. Digipak release of the extraordinarily beautiful new album by Christoph Heemann and Andrew Chalk.
    - Bill Fay: 'Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow'. At last almost! The previously unreleased third album from Bill Fay, whose previous two masterpieces 'Bill Fay' and 'The Time of the Last Persecution' led Tibet to praise Fay as 'Britain's greatest singer-songwriter' and Michael Cashmore to call him 'an undiscovered genius'. His previous albums are unbearably poignant and powerful and this new album is their equal in every way. With extensive photographs and liner notes. Tibet covered Fay's track 'The Time of the Last Persecution' as their first song in Current 93's brief appearance at the October Gallery, London, in December 2003.
    - Baby Dee: 'A Book of Songs for Anne Marie' book/CD. Hand-printed Durtro edition of Baby Dee's texts for the songs which she performs on the accompanying CD. This will be an edition of about 200/250 copies. I am so happy and that Baby Dee has decided to start, once again, recording and performing live. Her work has meant so much to me.
    * Cyclobe: Current 93 and Nurse With Wound friends and associates Cyclobe have worked with Nurse With Wound on their forthcoming album, 'Angry Electric Finger'.
    News Part Two: Forthcoming album/connected releases:
    * David Tibet and Michael Cashmore are currently completing the forthcoming C93 album, which also features Marc Almond, Antony, Cosey Fanni Tutti and many other friends. The album is planned for summer/autumn 2004 release.
    * David Tibet is also recording another Current 93 album with Simon Finn, the artist behind the 1970 classic 'Pass the Distance' and one of Tibet's favourite artists.
    * David Tibet is also about to start recording with one of the contemporary artists he most admires, Ben Chasny, of Six Organs of Admittance. If you haven't heard his work, you will be amazed by its beauty when you do listen. His website is here:
    * Two other new albums are presently also in progress.
    * Work continues on Tibet's lyric book, as well as his complete edition of Count Stenbock's works. Shows will be held on publication of the lyric book.
    * William Basinski: 2CD set on Durtro/Die Stadt:
    Durtro will be co-releasing, in association with the wonderful German label Die Stadt, the new 2 CD album by William Basinki, 'Variations: A Movement in Chrome Primitive' (Durtro/Die Stadt 071CD), in Spring 2004. Die Stadt can be accessed at
    * Bill Fay: From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock
    For those interested in Bill Fay's work and unable to obtain his previous 'both original albums on 1 CD' release on See For Miles, which is now deleted, Tibet would like to recommend the CD 'From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock', which has just been issued on the English Wooden Hill/Tenth Planet label. This 25 track album brings together demos and unreleased songs from around the period of Bill's first album for Decca in 1970. This really is a beautiful release. From order details, please email the label's manager David Wells at
  • LVN02 / LJDLP BOXSET "In Memoriam"
    Only a few unpaid remains available till the 31/01, after this date if there are any copies left they'll be available on the Athanor mailorder after the release date.
    LVN presents Les Joyaux de la Princesse
    "In Memoriam P.H. 1889-1944"
    Special deluxe boxset like the Absinthe box, printed inside and outside the box with some mat varnish
    One grey color 10"
    One picture 10"
    Printed material
    Limited edition 350 copies. Don't ask for more details, it should be in stock in February.
    From what we heard the music is a kind of 20 years later answer to "Aux Petits Enfants de France" with nowadays sound technology.
    Price is 55 euros. Only paid boxes will be reserved.
  • Reynols 1993-2004
    "...We would like to let you know that Reynols' life-cycle has come to its natural end.
    Anyway, there are still some forthcoming records under that name, with stuff we recorded in 2003 and before. And we have around 100 or 200 hours of recorded stuff that will appear sooner or later: enough for anybody not to miss the band too much in the coming years.
    This is not a traumatic decision, we are all still friends and we feel that to end a project in the right moment is the best way to keep its spirit alive... We will go on playing with Miguel Tomasin on the Sol Mayor Project, playing classic rock covers only in benefit gigs for schools and disability institutions. And we will probably develop some other different projects in the future.
    We want to thank all the people that supported us over the past years: labels, magazines, bands, journalists, musicians, venues, festivals, radios, TV shows, web-sites, foundations, universities, sound technicians, producers, photographers, record shops, distributors, audiences, and friends in general. We also want to thank our detractors because they were also part of this meaningful learning experience.
    And mind we are talking about Reynols' terrestrial death: the band will always be alive in Minecxio. So head that way whenever you feel like paying them a visit.
    Buenos Aires, January 2004"
18th January 2004
  • Dawn & Dusk Entwined
    2004 Releases:
    Already out: A special edition cdr, 99 copies numbered in a special packaging. Available only from the website, check it for more.
    March / April: A Harvest of Winds EP: new 10" on Athanor. Six tracks recorded during the Remergence sessions.
    Scherzo: a two tracks 7" on Eternal soul records. Brand new stuff!
    Later this year: The Hikimori Songs: 10" to be released probably after summer. Five new tracks in the way of the Scherzo 7".
  • Death In June
    The new Death In June/Boyd Rice album 'Alarm Agents' was completed on Mid-Winter/Summer's Day 21st December, 2003 at Absinthe Studios Denver Colorado.
    Release date - late April, 2004.
    Tracks include: Untouchable, Black Sunrise, Tears Of The Hunted, You Love The Sun (Don't You?), Storm On The Sea (Out beyond Land), Summer Is Gone, Deeper Than Love, Are You Out There?, Sunwheels Of Your Mind, Get Used To Saying No!, Symbols In Souls, An Ancient Tale Is Told, The Man Who Laughs.
  • DVT
    DVT will have a an upcoming new release on Steinklang Records as part of the Steinklang Singles series. All SK7 singles are limited and numbered to 150 copies. Each 10th release is a CD compilation with selected tracks from the nine 7"es before. There is also a subscription box set for 9 singles + CD named Zyklus. The complete Zyklus 1 was released in 2003 (SK7-01 - SK7-10)
    Production for Zyklus 2 will start in February and should be available early March.
    Release information:
    DVT 'No Vital Signs' 7" lp (Steinklang Records)
    "First part assaults with structured and modern razorsharp electronics shredded on a bed of pounding heavy percussion. Second part with bludgeoning death industrial crushing the mind and inevitable demise..(strictly limited 150 copies)."
    For pre-orders and reservations: -
  • Lux Interna
    "Things in the Lux Interna camp have been busy indeed, and we are looking forward to the spring release of an all new full length CD on the always excellent Eis und Licht label entitled; Ignis Mutat Res. Also, in support of this forthcoming release we are in the midst of organizing a series of shows in europa this summer.
    Anyone interested in working with us on this endeavor is strongly encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. Show organizers, venue owners, promoters, and even general well-wishers please get in touch at:" (official news)
  • Mnem
    Mnem have been working on a new full length album entitled 'Golyma' which will hopefully be released during spring 2004 in 12" format via the Swedish Segerhuva label.
11th January 2004
  • We've added the playlist for last Friday's radio show, which includes all the details of the third Heimdallr Session with Totenlieder. For those who missed the show, you can now download it as two mp3 files on our Radio page. This download will only be available until the end of the month.
    Our next broadcast is planned for Friday 6th February 2004.
  • The Totenlieder radio session is now available for download as a CD quality mp3. Check the Sessions page for more details.
  • Cyclobe
    Website news: We're very pleased to say that the new Cyclobe website is now up and running. Our special thanks and gratitude go to James Mannox for his invaluable help with the design. Thanks to him, we now have a wonderful new space to play with...
    The main aim of the site is to make available all Cyclobe/Phantomcode releases directly from us, including limited website-only CDs and Artworks plus other related projects of interest to us.
    We are offering a very limited number of copies of our new vinyl 7" single Pathfinder, recently released by Klanggalerie, plus we've also decided to include a Limited Edition CDR of the title music we composed for the film Death Bed. This piece is only available to accompany the signed DVD from our website. The Gallery section is still a work-in-progress but as soon as it takes form we'll post out a new mailer to let you know. We intend to add to to the site as we go along, expanding it with new information and visuals, secret labyrinths and hidden chambers.
    The new Cyclobe website address is:
    Our Brainwashed site is still active too:
  • Durtro
    "Forthcoming new releases:
    - Digipak CD release of Current 93 live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 2003.
    - Double vinyl edition of all four of Steven Stapleton's new remixes of the 'In Menstrual Night' album. 500 copies.
    Forthcoming concerts in Toronto, Canada in June 2004. (see the Concerts page)
    Count Stenbock: The King's Bastard (The Triumph of Evil):
    We have been told by the printers to expect the publication of Count Stenbock's 'The King's Bastard' to be in February as previously announced." (official news)
  • Fire+Ice
    'Gilded by the Sun', initially released on Fremdheit, will be reissued by Tesco in the spring.
  • Leisur Hive
    Leisur Hive website completely rebuilt:
    T-Shirts available: Skinny-fit shirts with white hand-printed text and regular-fit shirts with white & light grey hand-printed text. Pic's of the shirts are on the website.
    Gigs: At The Buffalo Bar (with Living With Eating Disorders) and at The Hope & Anchor (with Epicene). Details are to be confirmed... More news on these very soon.
    MP3s: The two tracks from the forthcoming new CD (On Sectional Pad & Try To Be Still) are now also available to stream or download from Soundclick (as well as IC-Music Media):
  • Navicon Torture Technologies / Immanence Records
    Navicon Torture Technologies 'Dripping with the power of her flesh' CD digipak will be released on the 19th January, but can be pre-ordered now by e-mailing
    Previously released in an intimately limited edition CDR, Immanence Records are now proud to announce the CD re-release of Navicon Torture Technologies' "Dripping with the power of her flesh".
    A seminal work of unbridled brutality and passion, ::Dripping with the power of her flesh:: picks up the tattered remains of emotion left by NTT's previous opus, The Church of Dead Girls, and forges them into an embittered concretion of the darkest byways of the heart, mind and soul.
    At the core of the album, as with any NTT release, lie the broken, anguished cerebrations of sole-producer, Leech. His twisted, darkly Romantic lyrics lead us through the abject terror of existence and further taint his already scorched sonic landscape. Outburn magazine described NTT as "a Frankenstein's monster of unrelenting sonic abuse" and never has the symbolic repression of humanity's failings found a companion more simpatico.
    On ::Dripping with the power of her flesh::, NTT demonstrates an aural evolution of both maturity and cruelty - a rich, malevolent blend of feedback, distorted textures and thunderous orchestral majesty. On this release, he offers his most confessional, seductive work and throws before our eyes, full of confusion: soiled clothing, open wounds and the bloody apparatus of destruction - 100% Power Romance.
    This new CD release also features the track I want to worship at your altar, which was included on a bonus 3" with only 10 copies of the original, and a new, exclusive remix from Detritus that brings grinding experimentalism one step closer to the clubs. Glorious digipak artwork comes courtesy of French designer Hiero and American photographer, Paula Kaiser.
    Sound samples available here:
    Further information:
    Paula Kaiser:
  • Punch Production
    * PP03 - AIT ! "Fiori di Carne" out now.
    12" picture-disc ltd ed. of 333 copies hand numbered
    "AIT! comes back with a new full album!
    A new caleidoscopic voyage; black-lounge, sixties'sick beat, post-industrial, space-age, sex- a-delic, morbid ambience and....hard lyrics, of course! Pictures taken from two wondeful paintings by the famous italian painter Saturno Buttò......simply fantastic!" (press release)
    * PP04 - Terroritmo "A°F"
    12" heavy vinyl 220 g. extra deluxe waterproof paper. complete embossed cover. Ltd.ed of 444 copies hand numbered.
    "After the excellent 10" Serpenta (produced by HauRuck!) here 's the new full lenght album by this great italian project! A= Aqua (water) and F= Foco (fire). At the opposite ends of the natural axis, these two elements are inseparable in Magic: they fight and they flow into each other dinamically. Deep, dark and slow exoterical-ambient waves pulse and boil until beating industrial rushes set afire, in a spiral of emotions penetrating the mind and body. And transcending..." (press release)
    Forthcoming releases:
    * PP05 - Totenlieder - "Mi muerte para su amor"
    7" gatefold ltd.ed 404 copies hand numbered.
    "Great weird folk project from Canada, well known for his 7" as Sorgeist by Hauruck!, his split with Reutoff and the forthcoming split with O Paradis." (press release)
    * PP06 - Erik Ursich - "Kanashii - il piacere della tristezza"
    12" grey vinyl ltd.ed of 204 copies hand numbered.
    "Revelation artist! Erik Ursich is a polyhedric electronic musician. He plays only vintage instruments like moog, synthesizers,teheramin etc. This first official vinyl is completly dedicated to the sadness...the pleasure of sadness." (press release)
    * Drinking on better days
    12" EP heavy vinyl 220g gatefold. ltd.ed of 432 copies hand numbered.
    "Maxi alcoholic collaboration/split between four original bands: Novy Svet - O Paradis - AIT! - Totenlieder!
    You need to know more?" (press release)
    * Luftwaffe - "Solipsistica Nihilisti"
    10" colored vinyl + poster. ltd.ed of 303 copies hand numbered
    "Punch will have the honour to produce this great and famous american band (sure you remember their collaborations with Boyd Rice and their live shows together Death In June-NON-Ostara!). Heavy martial percussions, industrial/noise sounds, uncompromising lyrics! pure hot blood for right hearts! ET Nihil!" (press release)
  • Regard Extrême / Cynfeirdd
    The new CD Utopia will be out on 16th of January.
    Samples are avalaible on the official site:
6th January 2004
  • The next radio broadcast is planned for Friday 9th January between 20.30 and 22.00 (French Local Time). This show will feature a live session from the Canadian project Totenlieder, that was specially recorded for the occasion. The broadcast can be followed online via a streamcast. More information on the Radio page.
  • Eye 4 Eye / Kinovia
    The new Eye 4 Eye release is now available : Kinovia "Basilico".
    "Discover the Serbian folk spirit in its whole beauty, heady melodies and angelic voices, a true Winter tale."
  • Shayo
    "The CD of Neither Neither World will be ready for the end January, or perhaps the mid-February... the titles-list and the sleeve are available right now on our homepage.
    The CD of In My Rosary will be available to spring 2004." (official news)
  • While Angels Watch
    "The last eight months have been spent writing and recording new material for a second album, 'Treasures of Treachery' (Eis038) - as with 'Dark Age' before; Matt Howden produces and bows with my attendance at redroom. The album also features Patrick Leagas: the respected ex Death In June, Sixth Comm and Mother Destruction member, in a variety of roles. At this stage the album remains a work in progress. It will be released by another of my favourite labels, Eis & Licht, in June.
    In April 'Still the Star Shines' an E.P. (in CD format) consisting of 4 tracks will be released on the new German label, Agalasta. It will enjoy a very limited pressing and could be seen as a bridge between the two albums.
    In the meantime, several compilations should appear with the participation of While Angels Watch, the first of which - 'Lust from the Underworld' (HCD02-2) - is released at the end of January.
    While Angels Watch intend to undertake a mini-tour of Europe during the summer, which will finally allow an audience to witness the band live.
    Finally, during January the official website, will be updated." (official news)