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14th April 2006
3rd April 2006
  • Allerseelen / Ô Paradis
    Allerseelen and Ô Paradis are currently writing some songs together for forthcoming releases.
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    Forthcoming release: Orbit Service - 'Songs of Eta Carinae' CD
    Description: CD available May 1, 2006. DLP available mid Summer 06 with a bonus LP and ed. of 200 copies in a hand printed gatefold sleeve. A few limited CDs are being offered in a custom made wood box. The first 1000 are in a 5 color gatefold boardstock sleeve.
    What if the star baby at the end of '2001: A Space Odyssey' was the product of Thom York and Roger Waters?. Orbit Service at your service. Wish you were here... An altruistic dark side of the moon proposition, Eta Carinae is a star 120-150 times the size of our own sun that lies a mere 7000+ light years from this island Earth. Discovered by no less than Edmond Halley his bad self in the late 17th century, Eta Carinae has been observed to fluctuate between telescopic and naked eye proportions over the past 3 centuries. Eta Carinae is in the last throes of its long life, with only about another 100,000 or so years to go before a likely supernova. It seems fitting that one of the most majestic and awesome of the celestial bodies should be serenaded by someone. Orbit Service have certainly taken space, the atom mother, to heart in this progressive ode. And like the star in their eyes the album expands and contracts from white hot to blue cool. The resultant cosmic astro-d irge howls in a bubbly flurry of electro-buzz and slowly pulsing drumbeats. Vocal whispers rise into muted wails, pushing against the very fabric of firmament itself before being drawn back into the gaseous miasma of the star-field. Violence and silence interlaced, as in the life of a sun. Or in the life of a son. The lyrics cast shadows on the stuff of terra firma and of the heart as well, making this just as much about inner space. Orbit Service's cris de coeur is a shaded psychedelic parallectrogram that almost answers the question: what if the star baby at the end of '2001: A Space Odyssey' was the product of Thom York and Roger Waters?. Orbit Service at your service. Wish! you were here...
  • Coil tribute CD "X-Rated: The DARK Files"
    Coil tribute CD "X-Rated: The DARK Files" is dedicated to the late Jhonn Balance of Coil and contains new, exclusive and rare tracks by Coil, Scanner, Black Sun Productions, Nurse With Wound, Markant, Raison d'être, Monoton, KaH, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir under the direction of Peter Christopherson, Aural Rage, Legendary Pink Dots
    AlienNews From DBPIT
    New release announced on Old Evropa Cafe
    OECDR 016 The Growing Crystals Lab - Science Discoveries 3" Mini CDR Box The Growing Crystals Lab" was/is the line-up for the latest DBPIT live sets, including : Flavio DBPIT - winds, trumpet, noise Annaconsuelo - vocals, percussions Mario F.O.B. of Circus Joy - guitar Steve Stroll of Ain Soph & Circus Joy - drums The tracks on this album are 4 live-in-studio free improvisations choosen as the best tracks from a longer session recorded at Gatto Alieno Studios ! The title of this album shows that this is a real pioneeristic experiment as the 4 members of the band had never played together before this session ... The final result is a series of very elegant & jazzy post-industrial, scientific & alien discoveries ! Profesionally printed 3" mini CDR numbered on CD label and limited to 150 copies, special large cardboard box including insert + test-tubes with very dangerous "alien" substances for your own "alien" experiments .... "attenti al gatto alieno !"
  • Death In June
    "... with the reissue of Burial soon due on CD there are discussions to release this also on a picture disc LP and a version in the much talked of blue vinyl...." (Douglas P. 21/03/06)
  • Durtro
    22 March 2006
    Dear All:
    This update is so long it is written in 3 sections:
    Part 1: News on Black Ships Ate The Sky and related releases.
    Part 2: Current 93 European mini-tour.
    Part 3: Details of forthcoming releases by Thomas Ligotti, Little Annie Anxiety Bandez, a tiny artist's edition LP from Steven Stapleton, an update on the overdue Tibet lyric book, and UK tour dates for Baby Dee.
    Love from David +++
    Part 1:
    * Black Ships Ate the Sky subscribers list online for final correction:
    We have now added a final list of the subscribers to Black Ships Ate the Sky on, having altered the names according to the information sent to us. Please check the list if you have subscribed and let us know about any omissions or any corrections. This will be the final time the list is posted, and thus is the final chance to make alterations. The list will be online until the 29th March. After this date corrections cannot be made.
    View the list at (Please note that the HTML page contaning the subscribers' names is around 400k in size so may take a short while to load, especially on slower dial-up internet connections. Please be patient.)
    Those with corrections to make to their names, please email us.
    * Black Ships Ate the Sky CD CD UK/European and USA versions added to the shop:
    The standard edition of Black Ships Ate the Sky has now been added to the online shop.
    There are two standard editions of the album: one made in Canada for North American sales, and one made in England for UK and European sales.
    The North American edition is the first edition and is the one that will be sent to Subscribers. All those who subscribed in advance will also receive "I Am Black Ship", the free CD of alternate versions, as well as a badge stating "I Am Black Ship" in Coptic. The "I Am Black Ship" CD and badge are not available for purchase, but are for those advance subscribers whose names are noted on the online advance subscribers list.
    Both the North American and UK editions consist of the album in a full colour digipak as well as a 56 page colour booklet containing an introductory note on the writing of the album by David, all the lyrics, details of those who created the album, colour photographs of all the Current 93 family on the album, website details for everyone, Hallucinatory Patripassianist colour illustrations and BlackShipText on each page, and the names of all those who supported the recording, and the release, of this album by subscribing to it in advance. Both of the CD editions cost £12, and can be ordered from our shop.
    The CD and booklet are inserted into a shrinkwrapped slipcase. Sound files of excerpts from some of the tracks are now online in our shop.
    * The music on both editions is exactly the same. The only differences between the 2 editions are as follows:
    · The background colour of the cover is purple on the American edition, and scarlet on the UK/European edition.
    · Several of the images and their arrangement on the front cover differ between editions.
    · The image on the back covers differ between the USA and UK editions.
    · The design on the disc differs between the USA and UK editions.
    · The placement of internal images in the booklet differs between the USA and UK editions.
    · The North American slipcase is different to the UK slipcase.
    Thank You All once more for your support and faith of what I believe to be Current 93's most ambitious statement to date, and certainly the album that represents what I now believe and feel.
    Please note: although we are now taking advance orders, CDs will be shipped out upon release in mid- May.
    * Om/Current 93: Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder):
    The current release date for this split 10" by Current 93 and Om on Neurot Records (NR 043) is May 17--the same as Black Ships Ate The Sky. 'Inerrant Infallible (Black Ships At Nineveh and Edom)' is the title of the C93 track, and 'Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder' that of the Om track. We should have details of the different colours the vinyl will come in soon; at the moment it seems there will be 2 different types of translucent blue--bottle-blue and night-blue-- for the US edition, and a translucent purple for the UK/EU edition. We do expect to have the vinyl available from Durtro.
    * "I am Black Ship" T-shirts added to the shop:
    We have added a new design for a T-shirt to the shop.
    As we have always found it difficult to judge how many shirts we should make for each size and sex, we have decided to take pre-orders for the shirt. In one month's time we will add up all the orders and then print up that number of T-shirts.
    The Coptic text above the image of a Black Ship reads "Current 93" & "I Am Black Ship".
    Female T-shirts are copper text and image on pink shirt. Male T-shirts are copper text and image on black shirt. T-shirts cost £12 each plus VAT (where applicable) and postage and are now available to order from the shop.
    * Coptic badges back in the shop:
    We have re-ordered the circular Coptic badges which were in the shop some time ago. Those who have not yet had their orders filled for this item will receive them as soon as we get them from the manufacturers. The badge is black enamel with copper Coptic text on it, the translation of which is CURRENT 93/ALPHA Ý OMEGA. The badge costs £3.00 plus VAT (where applicable) and postage, and should be back in stock in 3 weeks and is now available to order from the shop.
    Part 2:
    * Current 93 mini-tour in Europe:
    Current 93 have decided to go on their first ever (and, no doubt, last ever) small tour through several European countries to celebrate the release of Black Ships Ate The Sky. This is how the tour looks presently. Please email our booking agent Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo at for more details. When we have more information on the ticket prices, concert times, and names of the guests, we will send out another email. We look forward to meeting you there and then.
    19 May - C93 + Guest
    Luchtbal Theatrehall, Antwerp
    20 May - C93 + Guest
    Luchtbal Theatrehall, Antwerp
    24 May - Larsen + 6 Organs of Admittance + Baby Dee
    (venue tbc), Barcelona. (Lineup also to be confirmed)
    Please note: Current 93 will not be playing on this evening
    25 May - C93 + Guest
    La Paloma, Barcelona
    27 May - C93 + Guest
    Gorlice Subterranean Hall (Vysehrad Casemates), Prague
    28 May - C93 + Guest
    Die Volksbühne, Berlin
    29 May - C93 + Guest
    Die Volksbühne, Berlin
    1 June - C93 + Maja Elliot
    Dimitris Horn Theatre, Athens
    (website details to follow)
    2 June - C93 + Simon Finn + Baby Dee
    Dimitris Horn Theatre, Athens
    (website details to follow)
    3 June - C93 + Guest
    Teatro Rasi, Ravenna
    4 June - C93 + Guest
    Teatro Rasi, Ravenna
    Part 3:
    * Thomas Ligotti: "Teatro Grottesco":
    The long awaited Durtro Press volume by Thomas Ligotti, "Teatro Grottesco", is imminent. The book will be published in late April/early May, and is presently with the printers. As all readers of these updates and this website know, I consider Ligotti to be the greatest author presently writing, and one of the true masters of the short story. His imagination is the most disturbing and powerful that I know of; for sheer unease and threnodic horror, he is unequalled.
    "Teatro Grottesco" is primarily a compilation of stories collected between hardcovers for the first time. Each story has been newly revised, often extensively, by the author for this edition. In addition to the contents listed below, the Durtro edition also includes hitherto rare texts by Ligotti which will not be included in any future trade edition of this volume.
    The book contains the following stories and is 344 pages long. The book is a quality hardback, bound in maroon cloth with blocked calligraphic titles by Geoffrey Cox-Dorée, page-signatures sewn to the spine, head- and tail-bands, coloured end-papers and ribbon-bookmark. The book has been designed by David Tibet and Kat Cormie, layout design by Kat Cormie, and Internal Omegas by Cox-Dorée. Thankfully, there is no VAT (European Sales Tax) on this item as books are not liable for this tax in the UK. 500 copies are being printed. We will be adding this book to the shop next week as soon as we know what it will cost.
    Table of Contents:
    Purity * The Town Manager * Sideshow, and Other Stories * The Clown Puppet * The Red Tower
    My Case for Retributive Action * Our Temporary Supervisor * In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land
    The Damaged and the Diseased:
    Teatro Grottesco * Gas Station Carnivals * The Bungalow House * Severini * The Shadow, the Darkness
    Dead Dreams:
    Things They Will Never Tell You * This Degenerate Little Town * Envoi
    * Baby Dee UK tour with Pantaleimon also appearing on one date:
    15 April
    The Tin Angel, Coventry
    17 April
    The Yorkshire House, Lancaster
    18 April
    The Buffalo Bar, Cardiff (opening for Akron Family)
    19 April
    The Cube Microplex, Bristol
    20 April
    Slak, Cheltenham (with Pantaleimon and James William Hindle)
    22 April
    The Britons Protection, Manchester
    23 April
    The Bistroteque, London
    24 April
    The Bistroteque, London
    * Little Annie Anxiety album added to the shop:
    Little Annie Anxiety has long been one of the artists I most admire, as a musician, a writer and a visual artist. We lived in the same squat many years ago, and it was through her that I got to know Crass, Flux of Pink Indians, and Einar Örn & Björk of what was then known as Kukl. Her new album on Durtro Jnana, "Songs from the Coal Mine Canary", is, for me, without any doubt her most poignant and wonderful so far. Produced and mixed by Antony and Joe Budenholzer (of Backworld). Some of the songs are co-written by Annie with Antony, as well as with Joe. The album is released towards the end of April, and is now available for advance orders from the Durtro shop at £10. The tracklisting is as follows: Freddy and Me * Derma * Lullaby * The Good Ship Nasty Queen * Absynthtee-ism * If I Were a Man * Diamonds Made of Glassine * Strange Love * Sit on Down * End is Near
    * Tiny "Automatic Drawing" artist's edition with hand-drawn cover by Steven Stapleton
    Steven has made a small edition of some original first pressings of the long-deleted United Dairies compilation "An Afflicted Man's Musica Box" available. The mint album comes in a plain black sleeve on which Steven has drawn a numbered Automatic Drawing, which he has then signed, with the original insert attached to the other side of the sleeve, There are 20 copies in the edition, of which Steven has so far completed 13, of which 6 have been already bought by friends of Steven, leaving 7 for sale as on eBay's "buy-it-now" item for US $194.99 each plus postage. These are being sold from Mark Logan's eBay site in Canada, and hence there is no VAT/sales tax for any European purchasers. The remaining 7 will be put up on the same site when Steven completes them--and when this happens there will be a Durtro update. The Jnana eBay store is here:
    * Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods David Tibet lyric book update:
    As Black Ships has occupied me for a couple of years longer than I thought it would, I have still not completed the work I have to do on Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods. I want this book to be absolutely perfect. I will continue working on it as soon as Black Ships is out. I once again thank you all for your patience and I know this book will be worth the wait. Anyone may cancel their order at any time for this item and receive a refund. In the meanwhile: Thank You!
    Thank you all again for your long and kind support.
    OUEIREENEE NaMMEETaN: Peace be with you all
    PMEPE PNOUTE: God is Love
    David Tibet, Sussex, 22 March 2006
  • Enfant terrible
    Press release 2-04-2006. Out soon: LP Various artists 'Electronic Renaissance' (enfant04)
    The future looks bright...
    A new light is shinning. Enfant Terrible shows the world that not all that is good about elektro is from the past or retro. 'Electronic Renaissance' features twelve contemporary artists with different styles and flavors in electronic music. All the sounds on this new release are within the tradition of the 80's new wave, but are still very clear a product of today's world.
    You will not find disco or other deformed elektro sounds on 'Electronic Renaissance'. Only the true authentic and independent artists were asked to collaborate. The result doesn't need any further explanation, the sounds are all you need. Enjoy!
    Tracklisting Enfant04: V/A Electronic Renaissance
    A1 Porn.Darsteller - L'Ingénue
    A2 Jeunesse Fantôme - Ksiezyc
    A3 Wermut - Media In Vita In Morte Sumus
    A4 Solitairen Effekten - Zeitgeist Overkill
    A5 After The Snow - Oktober
    A6 Echo West - Luck To come
    B1 Konform - Nachts
    B2 The Soft Rider - The Pool
    B3 It & My Computer feat. Rollinka - La Danse Des Âmes
    B4 La Comtesse Morte - No No Never
    B5 Black Spider Clan - Far Behind
    B6 Kompleta - Theme Of The Insecure Sailor
    Soundclips of all tracks:
    Release date: april 2006
    Cat. nr: Enfant04
    Format: LP (limited edition of 500 copies + booket)
    File under: elektro / wave / minimal
  • Hagal 3 'Neofolk'
    Hagal 3 "Neofolk - Dekadent-nihilistische Subkultur oder neue Avantgarde?"
    Interviews with Josef Klumb (Von Thronstahl), Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis), Lonsai Maikov, Gregorio Bardini, Forresta Di Ferro, Parzival.
    Euro 3,00 Euro + Porto
  • The Joy of Nature
    The second edition of "The Fog That Life Is Haunted By" is now available through the polish label Bunkier Productions ( The new edition has three new tracks, a new package and artwork, and it is limited to 213 numbered copies. Some are available through The Joy of Nature's shop at
    The Joy of Nature is now on myspace. The URL is One of the tracks included in the second edition of "The Fog That Life Is Haunted By" - "As the river flows" - can be listened there.
    In the meantime, new tracks are being composed and recorded, using mostly acoustic instruments: acoustic guitar, recorder, indian flute and tin whistle.
  • Punch Records
    Punch is glad to announce out soon!
    1997EV - "dead.ends.sinful"- Digipak CD (PUNCH 014)
    "A visionary ritualist and psychedelic post-atomic voyage among the ruins of technology , an exploration journey-report in the frost of existential sand .
    Subliminal melodies and thorny distortions, spread over hammering cadenzas and iridescent drones, wave hypnotical within the out-of-time heart-rending and lashed outer limits of the desert .
    Futurist premonitions and turmoils of abstract noises, instrumental trances guided by galley rythms over a claustrophobic non-oxygen soundscape filtered by surrealist lyrics thrown-wards about a cathatonic void .
    Fresco-mosaic of a degenerated waste land... haze more than landscape." (press release)
    1. wetSun 7
    2. lucifile eins
    3. g-rays violet
    4. eerie
    5. a dark sides miracle
    6. alder sides epsylons part I
    Running time: 47:08
    soundclips available on our web-page!
    Release Date: Mid-April
    Dustmuffin & The Aluminum Cans - "Essential Recordings 1984-2001" - Digipak CD-EXTRA (PUNCH 015)
    "Somewhere around the end of the 1990's, I was forced against my will to listen to a second generation mix-tape of a group called Dustmuffin & the Aluminum Cans. For some reason, I expected very little with such a name, but what I heard changed my life. The swirling Moogs, the prepubescent choir boys, the gothic accordion waltzes - they touched me in ways I had never thought possible... ways I've yet to be touched since. Dance floor sensations such as the undeniable 'Feelings' and 'Diagnostics' stood alongside the cabaret hit 'Beat Me' and the cosmic epic 'Symbiote 4774'. No genre was safe! Later hits such as the mournful folk-rock 'Mr. Revere' or the perverse hip-hop of 'Niceboy' show this to be the case.
    The group's mystique, often shrouded in myth or intentional misrepresentation, included the irritable lead singer Dustmuffin and his ever changing backing band of mad scientists, robots and female vocalists/witches. The recurring lyrical subplot of an extraterrestrial, predatory race of 'crumbs' did little to clarify the situation. I could only listen on and hope to decipher the truth from the lie. To this day, I have not.
    It was with all of this in mind that I found myself with the incredible honor of not only directing their videos, but also joining the group on the power duet 'U.S.A.', a new national anthem oddly recorded on September 9th, 2001. Even if by only 48 hours, Dustmuffin & the Aluminum Cans stand ahead of their time.
    This group stands as one of a scant handful of my favorites to date. With this indispensable collection of truly 'Essential Recordings', they will soon be one of yours as well!
    - Thomas Nöla" (press release)
    1. Feelings
    2. Hate is a Shape
    3. Beat Me
    4. Mr. Greedy Chef
    5. We'll See Santa
    6. Mr. Revere
    7. The Crumbs Are the Cure
    8. Diagnostics
    9. Mr. Crumb
    10. I Don't Care, Witch
    11. Just An Old Fashioned Hate Song
    12. Knock on Wood
    13. Accordion Song
    14. Mr. Crumb (reprise)
    15. U.S.A.
    16. Untitled
    17. Niceboy
    18. Take the Cake
    19. Symbiote 4774
    1. Hate is a Shape
    2. U.S.A.
    3. Feelings
    4. Mr. Revere
    5. We'll See Santa
    Sound & Video clips available on our web-page !
    Release-Date: Mid-April
19th March 2006
  • We've added a review of Ianva "Disobbedisco!".
  • Allerseelen
    Allerseelen 2006 Releases:
    * CD Walking on the Rain on the Ostrow Tumski (Ars Benevola Mater)
    This CD compilation features the apokalyptic krautfolk song MIT DER SONNE by Allerseelen. Contributiors: Leiche Rustikal, Oxyd, Troum, Job Karma, Sol Invictus, Lagowski, Tabor Radosti, Herbst9, Hati vs. Z´ev.
    * Allerseelen/Changes Split CD Men among the Ruins (Indiestate):
    Allerseelen and Changes are preparing exclusive songs for a split cd on the Russian label Indiestate. The Allerseelen song Tropfen schöner Zeit (Drops of Beautiful Time), based on words from a novel by Yukio Mishima, was recorded on 13.1.2006. The Allerseelen song Svyatoe Vino (Sacred Wine) was recorded on 5.3.2006. This is the first Allerseelen song with female Russian vocals by Drynwhyl, a close associate of the groups Svarrogh and Katatonia. Allerseelen are currently recording the third song which very probably will also have Russian vocals by Drynwhyl.
    * Allerseelen/Sangre Cavallum Split CD Barco do Vinho (Ahnstern):
    Allerseelen and Sangre Cavallum of Callaecia/Portugal are preparing exclusive songs for a split cd on the Austrian label Ahnstern. A very limited edition will be released in a wooden box with two wine-bottles. The Allerseelen recordings have already been finished.
    * Sturmpercht LP Geister im Waldgebirg:
    The forthcoming Sturmpercht LP will feature a song recorded by Gerhard in his Upper Austrian idiom: i bin da woid.
    * Allerseelen DoLP Cruor:
    Allerseelen and Ahnstern will work on the artwork for this DoLP. It should come out at summer solstice. This DoLP contains not only the music of the sold out Allerseelen CD Cruor but also one LP side with ancient recordings from 1989.
    * Allerseelen DoLP Neuschwabenland:
    Allerseelen and Ahnstern will work on a completely new artwork for this DoLP. This DoLP contains not only the music of the Allerseelen CD Neuschwabenland but also one lp side with exclusive unreleased songs recorded in 2006.
    * Allerseelen Digipack Neuschwabenland:
    The third edition of the Allerseelen CD Neuschwabenland will be published with completely new artwork. It won´t contain the exclusive unreleased songs which will be on the Allerseelen DoLP Neuschwabenland.
  • Ataraxia
    Hello to everybody,
    here are some info about Ataraxia's forthcoming projects. In the coming days/weeks, much more will be added in the 'news' and 'discography' sections of our website. Stay tuned!
    At the end of March 2006 Ataraxia will start touring with the new performances 'Kremasta Nera' (tribal, ritual and mantric music) and 'Paris Spleen' ( a crazy cabaret show).
    'Arcana Eco' book + CD is out and available since August 2005.
    Chivalrous regards
    * 'K r e m a s t a N e r a'
    In a far past where both the olympic and monotheistic religions were not flourishing yet, a primordial cult, inspired by the White Goddess's power, was practised. In the island of Samothrace, the triple Goddess devoted to the earth, night and everflowing cycle of nature was reigning. In order to be initiated into her mysteries, men and women, Greeks and foreigners, free people and slaves had to submit to nine rituals. The last ritual had no name, the ninth ritual couldn't be revealed. Fascinated by the mistery surrounding the island and feeling the urge to portray in music an age and a place where the balance between the feminine and manly powers and their deep link with the nature rhythms were as natural as life itself, we started the adventurous creation of this album. The music will be made by archaic mantras, ritual movements, tribal rhythms, eastern litanies and gloomy tunes inspired by Samothrace's full of energies sites. A mix of electronic and acoustic sounds (classic, and electric guitars, drum-pads, keyboards and eastern percussions like manjira, daf, caxixi, darabouka, zills, ghaval) and deep evocative vocals will become the door to enter the purple reign of the Goddess. "My cassock is red all over, a million of angels stand on the point of my knife".
    * Ataraxia + Madame Bistouri + CircuZ KumP proudly present: 'P a r i s S p l e e n'
    At the end of November 2005, Madame Joséphine Corelli, a medium from Toulon, got in touch with Ataraxia after having been persecuted night and day by a group of cabaret artists disappeared at the beginning of the XXth century. They wanted Ataraxia to bring back to life, take part and record the unique performance they gave at the Cabaret de L'Enfer at the very beginning of 1906. The odd ensemble was headed by a gloomy, enigmatic figure owning several identities all leading to the name of Madame Bistouri. Ataraxia accepted both to play and record the music belonging to "Paris Spleen" and narrate the history of that peculiar company known as CircuZ KumP. "Paris Spleen" album will be the testimony of that bloody forgotten evening in far January 1906, "Paris Spleen" is the first concert recorded by alive and dead musicians, "Paris Spleen" is a crazy music show featuring Ataraxia & CircuZ KumP with the extraordinary participation of Madame Bistouri. In the eccentric frame of the Cabaret of Hell you can enjoy airs played by accordéon, guitar, trombone, big drum and cymbals, bandonéon, bass-guitar, glockenspiel, violin, percussions + several recited acts.
    Buon diverrrrrrrrrtimento!
    'Paris Spleen' will be also a peculiar live show!
    * Concerts dates: see the Concert pages.
  • Black Sun Productions
    * the impossibility of silence
    black sun productions' new studio album. produced by massimo & pierce.
    23 tracks proudly & unsilently featuring
    massimo & pierce
    lydia lunch
    val denham
    sudden infant
    sonne hagal
    testing vault
    and widely illustrated by val denham's enchanted visions
    the impossibility of silence incorporates reworked versions of material originally featured in the toilet chant and once in a full moon CD EPs (both now out of print) as well as new and unreleased material. scheduled for release as a limited edition double CD in fall 2006
    Subscriber's edition:
    through this website only we offer a subscriber's edition for those purchasing the album in advance. on the release of the album, everyone who has subscribed will receive:
    a limited art edition package containing
    - the impossibility of silence standard double CD album;
    - a bonus CD featuring the 33 minutes full length remastered version of once in a full moon;
    - a signed unique element from still, in dreams: a dismembered polaroid artifact by massimo & pierce (only available to subscribers of this edition).
    price: 69.- Euro (incl. S&H worldwide)
    please, contact ariot f. to subscribe
    * Black Sun Productions - Live in Amsterdam
    On Saturday 1 April as part of Sugar Factory's one-year anniversary weekend Electronation in co-operation with KinkFM proudly presents: "Darkness Is Enlightening" - An evening dedicated to your other side. The evening will be separated into two parts. The first part of the evening is a 'Tribute To Balance', and incorporates a release party of the latest edition of the CD 'X rated: The dark files', released by SteamSounds and dedicated to and inspired by the late Balance.
    * Massimo & Pierce
    musick for porn volume 2 ANACDR02 out now
    second and final installation of the musick for the soundtrack of the pirate tapes. edition of 100 copies numbered on disc housed in a hardpaper wallet. commercially manufactured CDRs with printed disc and artwork.
    1. baby got a mohawk part 2
    2. boot boys
    3. the hole
    4. sweat and smoke
    5. a ride
    6. loaded
    7. another ride
    8. the bathtub
    9. final coum / another mohawk
    "What really comes across is that no matter how extreme the practice or how peripheral it is to many people, there is no denying the potency of the male sexual urge expressed between two men. Within the musick there is an obvious, strong current of near tantric fucking but more than that there is a celebration of the sacred, the touching of the holy within while getting deep down and dirty.
    It's musick for the Church Of Body. There is a powerful technotic, entrancing pulse that runs through the session dancing between the sacred and the profane. Sometimes there is a strong tribalistic rhythm, at others a granular flicker of the taste of electrickery."
    Darius Akashic, Crooked Stylus
    reviews of musick for porn volume 1:
    Scott McKeating for
    Amadeo for [In_tensioN] (in french)
    * Black Sun Productions
    Im Gegenteil
    4 tracks CD EP
    1. a well hung monk
    2. clear skies & dark skies
    3. god?
    4. das gegenteil
    composed, performed & recorded by draZen, Pierce & Massimo
    sheela moon cd1 (P) by Sheela-Na-Gig Sha-Na Penisring Ning 2006
    release date: april 1st 2006
  • Cyclic Law / Northaunt
    At last the long awaited Northaunt "Horizons" Enhanced CD is now available!
    "3rd full lenght album from one of Norway's most renowned Ambient Atmospheric act. Horizons is a collection of 7 long ambient landscapes, lonely sceneries on the verge of night, places we long for, places we have been, sanctuaries from mankind, devoid of human elements. This is desolation made audible, carefully constructed and layered with deep drones, melancholic tonalities and outdoor field recordings which makes this Northaunt's most haunting release so far. Includes a bonus Video file with an alternate version of the track "The Wilderness". First 2000 copies in a 6 panel Digipack 7 Tracks + Video. Running time; 60.00 Track list: Until Dawn Do Us Part / Night Came To Us / Horizons / The Autumn Sky / Night Alone With The Stars As Witness / The Wilderness. Bonus Video File: The Wilderness (Alternate Version)" (press release)
    Upcoming: Karjalan Sissit "Tanssit On Loppu Nyt" CD (17th Cycle) May '06
  • Durtro
    5 March 2006
    Dear All:
    A very brief update.
    * Black Ships subscribers' name list now online:
    The list of all those who have ordered the Subscribers' Edition of Black Ships Ate The Sky is now online at We would be grateful if those who have subscribed could check this as soon as possible as the artwork for the booklet needs to be finished in 2 weeks in order for us to make the release deadline of 17 May.
    (Please note that the HTML page contaning the subscribers' names is around 400k in size so may take a short while to load, especially on slower dial-up internet connections. Please be patient.)
    Those with corrections to make to their names, please email us here. The corrections will not appear on the online list, but an email to confirm that we have corrected your entry will be sent to you.
    Thank you all again for your patience and, even more, for your support. We hope you will find the album worth the wait.
    * Directions to reach the C93/Om/Six Organs show at Nantes on 9 April:
    Nantes has its own international airport: There are direct flights from Gatwick on the Thursday 6 and Friday 7. There are also flights from Heathrow or London City airports to Nantes, changing at Paris Charles de Gaulle. There are also numerous daily flights to Nantes from Amsterdam via Paris, and several daily flights from Berlin Tegel via Paris. It may be cheaper to take the plane to Paris then take a city train into the centre of Paris and then a train to Nantes (the train from Paris to Nantes takes 3 hours) rather than take a flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Nantes. There are buses (¤6) from the airport of Nantes to the centre of town (Le Lieu Unique is close to the railway station).
    Many thanks to Gilles Lesventes for sending us this information.
    Thank you and love to all.
    Happy Birthday to me.
    David Tibet, 5 March, 2006
  • :Of The Wand And The Moon:
    * Live:
    :Of The Wand & The Moon: will not be playing at the Sunna Festival in Göteborg Sweden as previously announced!
    April 2006:
    13.04.2006 Leipzig - BPM Club - Germany with Seelenthron
    doors open 08:30 the concert is going to start at 9pm, because it must be finished at midnight
    tickets: 14,- Euro
    15.04.2006 Bochum - Zwiscenfall - Germany
    + Neonwelt meets Krankpop-party
    16.04.2006 Triumvirat Festival - Switzerland
    info: - -
    29.04.2006 Rüsselsheim - Germany
    (cancelled due to personal circumstances of the organizers, gig is postponed to a later date)
    * New Available Items:
    - Valknutr Pin (Knot of the chosen/fallen). Limited 50 copies (...very few left...) 10.- EU + postage
    - Valknutr T-Shirt
    13.- EU + postage
    Comes in S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL
    Colour : Black w/grey logo
    Check the website for view:
    Please contact for ordering:
  • Shayo
    * Neither/Neither World - 'Invisible Angel' (Shayo 007) out on March 17th.
    * In Gowan Ring (+Carole (cello alto) and a percussionist) tour in May/June:
    Fr 05.05 Italy - somewhere in / around Milano (tbc)
    Sa 06.05 Greece - Athens (Small Music Theatre) confirmed !
    Su 07.05 Greece - Athens (Small Music Theatre) confirmed !
    Th 11.05 Austria - Wien (Monastery) confirmed !
    Fr 12.05 Germany - Leipzig (Old Theatre) confirmed !
    Sa 13.05 Germany - Rosenheim (tbc)
    Su 14.05 Italy - Torino confirmed !
    We 17.05 France - Paris (Le Klubb + Esthesie) confirmed !
    Fr 19.05 Scotland - Edinburgh confirmed !
    Sa 20.05 UK - London (Slimelight +Allerseelen & Sieben) confirmed !
    Su 21.05 Belgium - Bruxelles (tbc)
    We 24.05 Belgium - Gent confirmed !
    Sa 27.05 Poland - Wroclaw (with Sieben) confirmed !
    Fr 02.06 Suisse - Geneve (l'Usine, festival with The Evpatoria Report + Esthesie + Julia Kent) confirmed !
    Su 04.06 Russia - Moscow tbc
  • Steven Stapleton / Kinkfm
    This Sunday March 19th, there will be an interview with Steven Stapleton on X-rated, radio Kinkfm. The program is broadcasted from 21:00 to 0:00 Dutch time (CET). It is uncertain whether he will be live in the studio, or just being interviewed by phone. You can hear the live broadcast via, and from Monday or Tuesday the broadcast should be downloadable for podcast. The interview may mainly be about the new X-rated CD on which he also contributes.
  • Stigmata
    To all our readers, buddies, fans, partners, friends, enemies and victims: after a year of silence we introduce the new issue of the leading Russian-written publication about industrial music - Stigmata magazine. The new issue includes exclusive in-depth interviews with Grendel, Lahka Muza, Sektion B, Changes, Necro Stellar, Assemblage 23, Cawatana, Salt/Ant-Zen, Skyforger, Der Blutharsch, Wumpscut, Slogun, Actus, First Law, Gaë Bolg, Sephiroth, Derniere Volonte, Vishudha Kali, Shadowplay label. 96 professionally printed pages, full-color cover. The issue equipped with a limited edition CD Vishudha Kali One not with U.S.
    More info about our activities and new reviews on
    English versions of the interviews come in a month.
    ... more news:
    Stigmata magazine presents an ethno and neo-folk festival Crivia Aeterna.
    Date - March 29, the day of solar eclipse. Place: Belarus, Minsk, Molodezhny
    teatr estrady (Moskovskaya 18). Price - 7 Euros. Live: Moon Far Away (Ru), Vishudha Kali (Ru), Osimira vs Pragnavit (By), Essa (By), Guda (By). Doors open - 19.00.
  • Tor Lundvall
    Strange Fortune
    "strange & exquisite sounds"
    New England USA
    Tor Lundvall's Empty City
    March 2006
    file under: ghost ambient
    "In 2005, New York based painter & musician Tor Lundvall (ex-World Serpent UK) unveiled Last Light, his latest album of curiously listenable, ghostly ambient music, and his first to feature proper "songs" with vocals. Last Light proved to be Tor's best seller, and has accumulated critical praise from e/i to Gothic Beauty to Terrorizer.
    This month, Strange Fortune opens the gates to what we believe to be the first essential release of 2006, Tor Lundvall's Empty City.
    Every Tor Lundvall release is distinct, and while Empty City may in some ways be considered a companion to Last Light, sharing its deep resonating sonic character, in other ways it's an opposite release. Where Last Light was about looking inward, Empty City ventures out to a fantastic, frightening new world, a decayed urban setting much different than anything Tor ever explored in the past. Where Last Light was centered around words, on Empty City the music takes over once again. There are vocals but used exclusively in an instrumental manner, no lyrics needed this time.
    While countless electronic music makers regularly deliver new recordings to fit in the ambient music category, with Tor Lundvall what you get is a new category to discover. The subtle underlying melodic structure of this music means it may be the most listenable "ambient" music you've ever heard, while it's all drenched in a singularly moody, haunted atmosphere that is Tor's real trademark. We believe what Tor is doing is the best and most exciting thing happening in the ambient electronic music world. File under: "ghost ambient."
    For maximum listener enjoyment, the music of Tor Lundvall is best taken together with Tor's phantasmagoric visuals (see the online gallery at, for a total aesthetic experience so striking you'll never forget it.
    Hear a one minute preview of Tor Lundvall's Empty City at Strange Fortune:
    More info:
  • Visions / .Angle Rec.
    Visions - 'Celestial Sphere' 10" vinyl/2 tracks/250 copies/gatefold sleeve/design and mastering by Frédéric Arbour/to be released on .Angle REc. towards the end of March, at the pressing plant right now!
    "Frédéric Arbour, with his Visions project, released the "Lapse" cd in 2005 on his own label Cyclic Law, and this album stands out as one of our faves of that year in terms of ambient music. So it's not surprising that we were enchanted by the 2 unreleased tracks Visions submitted to us towards the end of that same year, and that we decided to make a 10" maxi with those tracks. The sound themes and perspectives proposed within the 2 tracks are numerous, and they harmonize in a sublimely complex and thoughtful way. The main backdrop is composed of dark synthetic layers which stretch towards the infinite, and which welcome gradually, among others, sound motifs that are acoustically generated and that echo each other, reinforcing the effect of sound vortex into which the listener is dragged. Ethereal melodies accentuate the epic character of this odyssey into the unfathomable interstellar immensity. A release which will appeal to fans of dark-ambient, of course, but which will also delight fans of atmospheric music in general!!" (press release)
    More info, mp3 excerpts:
  • War Office Propaganda
    WOP XXVII Stahlwerk IX / Cold Fusion / Rukkanor - "Triumvire" CD MMVI
    "Beware the Ides of March!
    Dark and poetical musical vision of stormy times of ancient Roman Republic, civil wars, Triumviratus and Empire. Triumvire is an alliance of three martial industrial projects - Stahlwerk 9, Cold Fusion and Rukkanor. Beautiful wooden box with gold embroidered velour, gold printings and golden CD - 660 copies in three colors (black, red and grey) - only 220 of each! Full handmade, hand numbered unique limited release. Almost 1/3 of the issue has been sold in pre-orders !!!" (press release)
    WOP 24 Belborn & Rose Rovine e Amanti - "Grain" - digipack CD 2oo6.
    WOP 26 Mushroom's Patience & Out Of Sight - digipack CD 2oo6.
5th March 2006
  • We've added a review of Corde Oblique "Respiri".
    ACTUS will present the platinum version of 'The Essence of Mandala', a two-hour audiovisual performance, on Friday 24th of March in Artus Theatre, Budapest. This is an exclusive performance, the only one chance to see and hear ACTUS this season. Unfortunately the other concerts planned in Leipzig, Nurnberg and Antwerpen are cancelled.
    Presale tickets for foreign visitors are now available from Autre Que for 10 euros.
  • Bunkier Productions
    The Joy Of Nature And Discipline ' The Fog that Life is Haunted By' available now.
    The Joy of Nature And Discipline Is a musical project from Azores (Portugal), exploring musically its own concept of purity. Musically The Joy of Nature and Discipline is like a live force, like a serpent always renewing itself - never resting on one shape, changing the form but keeping the same essence... Sometimes folk, others ambiental, traditional and experimental. Musically it draws inspiration from Ethnic, Dark/Folk and Industrial music. Thirteen tracks, over 40 min of music. Limited, hand numbered edition. 213 copies. Real powerfull music! Professional printing." (press release)
    Info, mp3 samples: -
  • Der Blutharsch
    Available now: Der Blutharsch: Der Sieg des Lichtes.... WKN 3 LP - rerelease of this classic album on 12" vinyl.
    WKN / HauRuck!
    WKN 3 LP - re-release of the clasic album by DB - Der Sieg des Lichtes... will be delivered at WKN HQ early next week - so we can send out all orders then.
    The tour increases.....we are working on the final dates to be confirmed - I put them online with all information in a couple of days, till now we seam to have 11 dates fixed, which is not too bad. We are rehearsing every day to get a real rock N`roll monster show together.
    HauRucK! will see a few new releases as well soon. Graumahd - Cheru CD is in the pipe and will be ready for the tour, as will be Bain Wolfkinds new EP (which is, as expected - mindblowing) - we will bring both of these titles onto tour together with WKN 26 which will be the compulsive tour 7".
    New HauRucK! releases to be expected for this year are the new album by Tribe of Circle, which nearly is recorded, a new album by Derniere Volonte (which is in the process of beeing recorded - but as you know that Geoffroy is a perfectionist - it can take a few months longer than expected..=), a vinyl of a side project of DV - which I by myself haven`t heard yet, but IF Geoffroy goes "electro" expect something really groovy. Forresta di Ferro told me he is working on a new album as well, which could see daylight this year as well, and besides I am sure there will be a few little things happening unexpected either. Maybe we even manage to get more songs recorded on the common project of Geoffroy and Albin Julius - two songs since 3 years are finished..and they are not too bad, belief me..but we want to do a few more to get an album together. But you know...Time is thee enemy! - and as Geoffroy now is father and I bought a big house Time is even more kind of an enemy! Somehow.
    Nevertheless - maybe see a few of you from this list in April when we tour, if - do not hesitate to come and say Hello! - or even better buy me a drink!
    Albin Julius
  • Eibon Records
    To all friends, partners & supporters out there....
    time for a new dose of the Eibon medicines...... This time in the form of Canaan and Beyond Dawn so you've nothing to complain about..... good tasting medicines..... rare and precious.......
    * Canaan "The unsaid words" cd Jewel box (Can060) 16 tracks - Length: 71'19
    Release date: 10/02/2006
    "4 long years have passed since "A calling to weakness". But finally Canaan are back...... stronger than ever....... If ACTW was a moan of pain, "The unsaid words" is a chant of knowledge. Of the knowledge of an unstoppable physical and psychical withering. Dark, profound, sinister music. No other bands sounds like this........" (press release)
    * Beyond Dawn "In reverie" cd Jewel box (Byd011/Duplo011) 10 tracks - Length: 54'
    Release date: 10/02/2006
    "Much needed & longed for repressing of the band's acoustic masterpiece "In reverie" - originally issued in 1999. 10 pieces of magic music from Norway's best kept "secret". Melancholy under a brand new sun...... Contains 2 previously unreleased tracks and comes with re-designed artwork." (press release)
    Orders, info, mp3s:
  • Reue Um Reue / His Divine Grace
    Out now: His Divine Grace - "Le Grand Secret"
    CD in 3-panel-digipak. lim. edition of 500 copies
    "Inspired by the works of the Traditionalists and the lives and deaths of Sekens Murdock and Leontin V. Abilgaard, Moonchild Erik's fourth CD album "Le Grand Secret" (The Great Secret) takes the shape of a metaphysical reflection on the deceptions of human language, in which Murdock and Abilgaard saw the main cause for the world of confusion we live in.
    Musically more accessible than "Eurydice" or "Reverse Aleph", this very diverse new opus is the worthy successor of "Die Schlangenkönigin", hovering from emotional soundscapes and spacey dub rhythms into gloomy, awe-inspiring drones with even noisy elements. An initiation through pure sound." (press release)
    More information and soundclips on the label-page:
  • Sol Invictus / Tursa - Dark Vinyl
    Sol Invictus 'Sol Veritas Lux' CD
    This re-release comes in deluxe Digipak with 16 page booklet plus Bonusmaterial (new versions of Angels Fall, Against the modern world and Summer ends).
    All songs were digitally re-mastered by Denis Blackham. Sol Veritas Lux was released for the first time in 1990 and is a CD that combines the first Sol Invictus release, the mini-LP 'Against the Modern World' (1987) with the second release, the live-album 'In the Jaws of the Serpent' (1989), assembled onto one CD. At that time, Sol Invictus were Tony Wakeford (formerly of Death in June) with Karl Blake and Ian Read (formerly of Current 93, then to become the sole permanent member of FIRE & ICE).
    Release date: 10.April 2006
  • Zhelezobeton
    Creative group "Sixth Sun" and Space of Joy Community invite friends to meet the spring and celebrate the Shrovetide in the territory of an old Factory located in Ilyin Pogost (Moscow region, Egoryevsk direction). 3-stage festival will last from March 3 to 5 and between others there will perform: Architheatre, Eae, Gz, Gora, Neizvestnost, Cisfinitum, Tanuki, Bardoseneticcube, Maroon, Hladna, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Ritualnaya Bioingeneria, Id Molotov, 1G0G. Full list of participants and all the necessary information (only in Russian) can be found on this website -
26th February 2006
    ACTUS will present the 'platinum version' of the 'Essence of Mandala' performance in a special location in Budapest on 24th March. The performance will include the complete 'Mandala' and many remade versions of tracks from previous albums since 1990. ACTUS encourage all fans from abroad to come to Budapest and celebrate together the Day of the Light on this bright Spring day.
    Presale tickets for foreign visitors are now available from Autre Que for 10 euros.
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    Volcano the Bear "Classic Erasmus Fusion" 2CD set now available!
    "2CD set in a gatefold boardstock 5 color sleeve. The CD and Vinyl have slightly different mixes. VTB have crafted a strange geometry in their musique concrete between celestial duck honks and what sounds like a flood in the living room, there are more than a few occasions of heads cocked at the speaker in mundus caninus. Of course, this bodes well for humans, too. Augmented by all the dog friendly moments is a double album of sprawling musical invention. Record one births gently into a lo-fi-adelic Comus-like saline that even might even win over the Devendra crowd, if the Devendra crowd had ingested just a little too much mushroom tea on that day and left their ironic trucker hats at the door. Song becomes fever dream and then pitches into a barren place of low estate and low chanting whose Residents might well be Eskimos. With typical minimalist pageantry, VTB mutate from piece to piece, punctuating along the way with surprise sounds that the aforementioned dogs love so well; the kinds of quirks that make Nurse With Wound and P16.D4 records such fun listens. VTB spin some very melodious tales, which are subliminally hooky, after a fashion. Spiritual and surreal are sisters. Quiet ritualism queues with dadaistic and with progressive harmonies, together on the same fractured, out world, sing-along journey. And that's just record one. Record two crawls slowly from the echoey ooze, grows legs and then presents as a different and, in many ways, more dramatic creature. A long, shifting organ drone becomes a deeply psychedelic statement that bleats loud and strong like an acid bleached Spiral Insana or a sneaky This Heat." (press release)
  • Cold Spring
    New releases for 2006. Out late February. Available for pre-order now, all at special pre-release prices!
    * Laibach | Neu Konservatiw (CSR38CD)
    "Repress due to demand! The official release of the semi-official, legendary 1000 only vinyl from 1985, now a highly sought-after collectors piece! Lovingly remastered, with an 8 page book of new text about Laibach and NSK of the time by Alexei Monroe (commissioned exclusively for this release by Laibach), plus never before seen images from the NSK archive. This album finds Laibach at their most powerful, orchestral and anthemic!!" (press release)
    ***We are extremely pleased to announce that 'Neu Konservatiw' is available right now! We are extending the special pre-order price until the release of Goatvargr at the end of the month.***
    * Goatvargr | Goatvargr (CSR65CD)
    "A harsh journey of sound structures summoned from the deepest caverns of Hell by the scene's most prolific madmen, Nordvargr (SE) and Goat (USA). Working with each other's source material, they offer up a brutal and violent masterpiece. Not just a head on noise album, but a refined symphony of bestial lust, worship and violence. Goatvargr is an assault on the senses, appealing to both the metal and noise scenes (for fans of MZ.412). Ltd x 1000 in gloss digipak." (press release)
  • Durtro
    21 February 2006
    * Current 93, Six Organs of Admittance, Om live in Nantes, France, 9 April 2006:
    C93, Om and Six Organs play on Sunday 9 April at Le Lieu Unique Festival in Nantes. We are the only three acts that will play on the 9th. Other acts playing the festival on other days include the wonderful Mark Stewart and the Maffia, Jayne County, Alexander Hacke and Pan Sonic. This really will be an amazing event.
    Please notice that the 9 April show starts in the late afternoon at 17:00 to enable people to get back to Paris on the last train. Paris airports are also, we are told, the closest for Nantes.
    For more details go to:
    The programme is downloadable at:
    And tickets can be bought here:
    * Scribble Seven play Preston, Lancashire, UK on 3 March 2006: Intergration 5
    Scribble Seven are for this one-off performance:
    Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound)
    Andrew Liles
    Matt Waldron (
    Maja Elliott (Current 93)
    Colin Potter
    Freida Abtan
    There will also be the first ever appearance by Monos (Darren Tate, Paul Bradley & Colin Potter)
    Visuals by Transience, video screenings and installations by John Lacy and live video manipulation & projections by Hollowsphere.
    20.00 at St. Peter's Arts Centre, University of Central Lancashire, Preston on 3 March.
    Entrance £8, or £5 with student ID.
    Further details and tickets are available from
    * Pitchfork website error:
    On our last update we mentioned a Pitchfork notice on Black Ships we found amusing. But we gave the wrong website. It is
    * Sleep Has His House:
    This has just arrived at our base and will be sent out next week. Thank you for your patience.
    * Without Borders compilation:
    This has just arrived at our base and has been sent out over the last week. Thank you for your patience.
    * The Passing to Christ of Squiggy:
    Thank you to all of you who sent such beautiful and kind words about our beloved Squoo. It means more than we can say.
    In the love of Christ to you all,
    David Michael Tibet
  • Elitpop
    Out soon will be the first release on the new label Elitepop. Pop02 is a 7", which consist of 3 tracks, with library music tracks reinterpreted by Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte (side project of Wermut). This thematic piece of work will be entitled Musique au mètre: A tribute to the electronic library music of the early 80's. Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte uses the form of library music, which originally was intended for mere consumption, and turns it into something special, something totally opposed to mainstream entertainment. The artist appropriates this originally empty art form (which by many is even denied the name of art) and infuses it with meaning and purpose and turns it into an elitist form of expression. Musically this release is where minimal wave and krautrock come together and are brought to you with a dark folk mood. Tracklisting: Höher als die Wolken, Sternenrechteck, Des Traumes Sanfte Tasten. This piece of Elitist Popculture will be available as a 7" limited to 158 copies. The record comes in hand printed (silk screen printed) and hand numbered sleeves.
    Upcoming releases:
    Pop01: The Perils of Paradise by Vektor, Echo West, ICK and Terroritmo (powerful and minimal industrial 12").
    Pop03: Lokasenna (debut 12" by new post-industrial project).
    For pre-orders, information on wholesale prices or other questions contact us at
  • Klanggalerie
    we have finally received a decent pressing of the Sand Tangled Women 7" and are shipping all pre-ordered copies this week. Apologies again for all the hassle and thanks for your patience with this item.
    Kind regards
    Walter / Klanggalerie
  • Reue Um Reue
    * Out soon: His Divine Grace - "Le Grand Secret"
    CD in 3-panel-digipak. lim. edition of 500 copies
    "Inspired by the works of the Traditionalists and the lives and deaths of Sekens Murdock and Leontin V. Abilgaard, Moonchild Erik's fourth CD album "Le Grand Secret" (The Great Secret) takes the shape of a metaphysical reflection on the deceptions of human language, in which Murdock and Abilgaard saw the main cause for the world of confusion we live in.
    Musically more accessible than "Eurydice" or "Reverse Aleph", this very diverse new opus is the worthy successor of "Die Schlangenkönigin", hovering from emotional soundscapes and spacey dub rhythms into gloomy, awe-inspiring drones with even noisy elements. An initiation through pure sound." (press release)
    More information and soundclips on the label-page:
    Pre-order now!
    * Out soon on Gigabrosaurus Recs:
    Due to the success of the Gigabrother Collection, we have decided to turn from home-made to high-quality professional CDRs for the re-edition of the complete series. The first 12 re-editions will be out shortly (in a new packaging) and available through the TuT/RuR Shop - including all of HDG's early works and other popular titles.
    More details soon on the shop-page!
  • War Office Propaganda
    WOP XXVII Stahlwerk IX / Cold Fusion / Rukkanor - "Triumvire" CD MMVI
    "Beware the Ides of March!
    On the Ides of March ( March, 15th ), 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated, at the foot of a statue of Pompey where the senate was meeting. The phrase "Beware the ides of March!" is one of the most remembered lines of Shakespeare's play "Jules Caesar". We hope "Triumvire" - dark and poetical musical vision of stormy times of ancient Roman Republic, civil wars, Triumviratus and Empire will be remembered as well. Triumvire is an alliance of three martial industrial projects - Stahlwerk 9, Cold Fusion and Rukkanor. Beautiful wooden box with gold embroidered velour, gold printings and golden CD - 660 copies in three colors (black, red and grey) - only 220 of each! This handmade, hand numbered unique limited issue comes 15th of March - Ides of March. The day. Don't miss it..." (press release)
    WOP 24 Belborn & Rose Rovine e Amanti - "Grain" - digipack CD 2oo6.
    WOP 26 Mushroom's Patience & Out Of Sight - digipack CD 2oo6.
19th February 2006
  • We've added a review of AmberAsylum "GardenofLoveAutonomySuiteStillPoint".
    Our friends from FilthForge have just put online an interesting interview in English of the cult Hungarian project ACTUS.
  • Aghiatrias
    New (4th) Aghiatrias Album "Ethos" will be released next month by Czech label Epidemie Records Contact:
    Album contains 9 compositions (total time 54 min.).
    1 Cognitive Trap. 2 Situs Inversus. 3 Les Coeurs Du Mal. 4 Autodivine. 5 Hedonist Hymn. 6 Strict Observance. 7 Poison Of God. 8 Le Sang Des Autres. 9 Translucidum
    Vladimír Hirsch - composition, all instruments, samplers, vocals, mix, mastering
    Tom Saivon - ideological concept, samples, mix
    Recording participation: Martina Sanollová-vocals
    Production: Ars Morta Universum
    Cover artwork: Vladimír Hirsch
  • Death In June
    I have been told that the appeal against the decision to put the Death In June album 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' on the German 'Index' of banned music, literature etc. has recently been filed with the appropriate German law court by the manufacturer and distributer of this work, Tesco Organisation, Germany.
    As part of the appeal I was asked to elaborate on my previous statement which has already appeared on this and other internet groups/newslists. As an artist whose work is publically available world-wide and whose work is now becoming censored by a German government agency, thus effecting that availability, I feel that this new additional statement is now also made public:
    "Dear Sir,
    As I have said in my previous statement I believe that any form of art worth it's salt is open to interpretation, reinterpretation and misinterpretation and should not necessarily be explained in any way, shape or form by the artist himself. Even if it could be!
    But, there are limits to being misinterpreted especially when the interpretors become accusers, stone throwers and are from a government agency!!
    "Holocaust" as a word is used often in the English language to describe something catatrophic and of a final nature. It is derived from the original Greek meaning "burnt offerings". As I have also previously stated the title of the song 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' was inspired by 2 trips to the volcanic island of Iceland in mid-Winter and mid-Summer 1989/1990 where I experienced a spiritual epiphany/revelation. In conversation with a close colleague of mine in the healing thermal waters of The Blue Lagoon situated near the town of Keflavik near the capital Rejkavik we spoke of Life and its disappointments. I realised as we swam in the naturally heated waters surrounded by a howling blizzard with temperatures 17 degrees below zero, that much of my adult Life had been led by lies about a particular relationship I had been in since 1980. It was a relationship that would also inspire the songs '13 Years Of Carrion' and 'Accidental Protege' which are also on the 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' album which is the work by my group in question. The steam rising from the heated waters of the Lagoon in the middle of this freezing cold landscape, coupled with the strange rose/purple colour of the sky gave the whole scenario a 'holocaustic' atmosphere. Most of the island in this area is afteral just moss-covered lava fields. 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' ably describes that scenario. At least in English!
    As in almost all of my writings the remainder of the text have many reference points;
    "Festivals End As Festivals Must" - an old newspaper heading commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death by suicide of one of my favourite gay authors Yukio Mishima.
    "From the Hooded Crows of Rome" - I used to live in Rome in the early 1990s and these were the first birds I would see upon arrival at the airport
    "To The Falcons Of Zagreb" - a city I have often visited and from my hotel window I have a good view of the family of falcons that live in and fly and hunt between the twin towers of the city's Cathedral
    "Mother Victim Of Jesus lie down in Sydney's dust" - a line on a tombstone I noticed while taking a walk in Rookwood Cemetary in Australia, the largest cemetary in the World.
    I do not write in a straight forward fashion. I pull a word from here or a line from there that I may have written today of several years ago. I only know it looks 'correct' when I place them together on paper. What it means after that,...????? I can only say where some were inspired from.
    The same applies to the song 'Lifebooks' which was based around a conversation I had with a very close colleague in a pub near Leicester Square, London about Magick and the Occult and how a mutual friend of ours, who subsequently died, was destroying himself with these dark arts. The colleague I had the conversation with also co-writes some of the text.
    "The Swirling Sound Of Swastikas
    Like Rotor-blades Of Thought
    Threshing The wheat
    Out from The Chaff -
    All this is a Dream,..."
    demonstrates a perfect use of alliteration ( "S,S,S....Th, Th, Th,...") as it symbolically refers to the fans in the pub ceiling turning as we spoke that long afternoon about the pros and cons of dabbling with the Occult. But, naturally I could have said;
    'The fans in the pub ceiling turned around like propellor blades as we spoke of the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with the Occult'
    For me I know what sounds better poetry in English!
    But, evidently others in Germany really know what these words mean! I am in awe at their expertise and talent. However, I am confused why this album which has sold 10s of thousands and has been freely available via different distributers Worldwide for 10 years without any problems, including in Israel where I recently performed, has only now become the subject of the scrutiny of censorship? For that I have no answers.
    In a nutshell, I do not deny the existence of The Holocaust. The Holocaust is and was a completely different experience to 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' as I'm sure any inmate of an extermination camp would testify. The people who claim the 2 are one and the same should be ashamed of their disgusting conceit.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Douglas P.
  • Durtro
    14 February 2006
    * Your prayers requested for our beloved cat Squiggy who has gone beyond the Blue Gates of Death:
    Please keep our beloved CAT Squiggy in your prayers as she has passed to God. She had lymphoma for many months and has struggled bravely with it and the resultant chemotherapy she continued to undergo, and then kidney failure set in. She has been a very very dear friend to muse for over 12 years, and was in many ways my drinking partner. She would sit on my desk licking the top of my beer bottle, so I would keep a small glass full of organic lager for her and a special bottle that I would constantly dip in for her. As almost all of you will know, it is heartbreaking for us when those we love approach the Blue Gates of Death in God's Sky. That Dri and I will meet her again, I have no doubt. We will all be reunited in the majesty and mystery of Christ, in those celestial paradisiacal worlds so luminously and ecstatically portrayed by Louis Wain, friend of Cats and Kindnesses. We will miss her always, her kindness and softness and humour. I don't know what else to say at this point as I feel so sad and broken by this, so forgive the peremptory tone of the rest of this update.
    * Current 93: Black Ships Ate the Sky (Durtro Jnana 2112):
    The tracklisting is hereby announced, and the 76 minute long album will be released on Durtro Jnana through Revolver in the USA and on Durtro Jnana through Southern in the UK and Europe. Any differences between the two editions will be announced later as we continue working on the artwork and mastering. The list of subscribers will be posted and emailed out later this week/early next week so everyone can check we have the details correct. Thank you to all for your patience.
    1 - Idumea (Vocals: Marc Almond)
    2 - Sunset (The Death Of Thumbelina)
    3 - Black Ships In The Sky
    4 - Then Kill Cæsar
    5 - Idumea (Vocals: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy)
    6 - This Autistic Imperium Is Nihil Reich
    7 - The Dissolution Of The Boat "Millions Of Years"
    8 - Idumea (Vocals: Baby Dee)
    9 - Bind Your Tortoise Mouth
    10 - Idumea (Vocals: Antony)
    11 - Black Ships Seen Last Year South Of Heaven
    12 - Abba Amma (Babylon Destroyer)
    13 - Idumea (Vocals: Clodagh Simonds)
    14 - Black Ships Were Sinking / Idumea (Vocals: Cosey Fanni Tutti)
    15 - The Beautiful Dancing Dust (Vocals: Antony)
    16 - Idumea (Vocals: Pantaleimon)
    17 - Vauvauvau (Black Ships In Their Harbour)
    18 - Idumea (Vocals: David Tibet)
    19 - Black Ships Ate The Sky
    20 - Why Cæsar Is Burning Part II
    21 - Idumea (Vocals: Shirley Collins)
    A very funny preview piece appears on Pitchfork at:
    * Nurse With Wound live in San Francisco 16 & 17 June 2006:
    Nurse With Wound play two shows at San Francisco's Great American Music (GAMH) Hall in June on Friday 16 and Saturday 17. One night will consist of a live performance of their classic album 'Salt Marie Celeste'; the other night will be a totally different event. Special guests/opening acts will be confirmed later.
    This will be NWW's debut show in the USA and the first time they have played since two shows in the mid-1980s.
    Tickets are on sale from this Sunday 12 February and cost $30. They are available online from and They are also available from the GAMH box office (+1 415 885 0750) and Slim's box offices (+1 415 255 0333).
    * Current 93 and Nurse With Wound on iTunes:
    C93 and NWW are now available as legitimate downloads from iTunes. However, as I haven't a clue as to how iTunes works, or even as to how I download a track from it, I will leave it to those interested in getting these legally from us as opposed to buying it in a mono 8-track cartridge download courtesy of the Russian Mafia to access iTunes and sort it out for themselves. Eventually all C93 & NWW will be available from iTunes. Many thanks to Gary Held and all those at Revolver for organising this for us.
    * Pantaleimon new recordings and live performances:
    Thursday 20th April (confirmed)
    Pantaleimon and Baby Dee play at Slak, Cheltenham, UK
    Go to: for details.
    Saturday 3rd June (tbc)
    Pantaleimon play at the Venn Festival, Bristol, UK
    Pantaleimon have completed recordings of some instrumental and vocal pieces for Susan Stenger's 'Soundtrack for an Exhibition'. Other artists who have made contributions are: Robert Poss (Band of Susans), Alan Vega (Suicide), Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), Will Oldham, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Warren Ellis (Dirty Three, The Bad Seeds) and Jim White (The Dirty Three). 'Soundtrack for an Exhibition' will be held at Musée d'art Contemporain de Lyon, France, from 8th March. Details can be found at:
    An unreleased and untitled new instrumental track by them can be heard at Pantaleimon/Andria Degens' MySpace at:
    * Current 93 and Nurse With Wound booking agents:
    Current 93 and Nurse With Wound now have exclusive booking agents for the USA and Europe. Those interested in arranging shows by C93 and/or NWW, please contact:
    For the USA:
    David T Viecelli at:
    833 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 101
    Chicago, IL 60622
    Tel: 312-997-9999 x8237
    Fax: 312-997-2287
    For Europe:
    Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo at:
    Thankyou all for your eyes and ears and hearts and the prayers that stream from them.
    Love from David.
  • Infrastition / Optical Sound / Godsandbeasts
    New DVD "RVB-Transfert" / French Independant Scene 1979-1991
    Infrastition, Optical Sound and Godsandbeasts presents "RVB-TRANSFERT", a huge DVD about the french independant scene of the eighties ; this DVD gathers for the first time a lot of archives mostly unseen or rare. Without falling into nostalgia or commercial revival, this project can be considered as a witness of this musical period in France ; between post-punk, cold-wave, avant-garde pop, industrial and experimental music.
    DVD PAL All Zones / More than 3h30 of video / 48 bands:
    Achwgha Ney Wodeï - Art & Technique - Asylum Party - Babel 17 - Bernard Szajner - Clair Obscur - Collection D'arnell Andrea - Complot Bronswick - Costes - Dazibao - Deficit Des Annees Anterieures - End Of Data - Etant Donnes - Exces Nocturne - In Aeternam Vale - Jad Wio - Kas Product - Kni Crik - La Nomenklatur - Le Syndicat - Lefdup & Lefdup - Les Maitres - Les Tetines Noires - Little Nemo - Lucrate Milk - Marquis De Sade - Martin Dupont - Mary Goes Round - Minamata - Mkb Fraction Provisoire - Neva - New Mixage - Nini Raviolette - Norma Loy - Nox - Opera Multi Steel - Pacific 231 - Passion Fodder - Palo Alto - Ptose - Resistance - Rosa Crux - The Grief - Un Departement - Visible - Vox Populi! - X Ray Pop
    "With this DVD, the re-discovery of the underground french scene takes a new turn. It¹s probably the most important view we have never seen, upon a specific musical scene during a specific period. With more than forty videos from the eighties, "RVB-TRANSFERT" allows remembering to the most interesting independant french groups, from the famous to the more obscur ones. Surely some images are dated, with a low-fi minimalism which smells good the first half of the eighties, between art video, experimental work or more classical stuffs. But the hugest interest of this DVD is probably not having established a hierarchy between the groups and the different musical styles ; this project is a great work on memory. " (D-SIDE magazine /
    DVD available for 19 euros, by french check or paypal.
    Shipping : France (2 euros) & Europe (3,50 euros)
    Contact : - -
  • Punch Records
    Severin Bestombes vom Horse Gore Club (J.Weber's solo project) - "Auszug & Abgesang" - out now!
    12" vinyl Glow In The Dark! Limited hand numbered edition of 333 copies 110 copies in Blue vinyl & 223 copies in Green vinyl. Silk-screened plastic sleeve.
    Severin Bestombes is said to be J. W. Eber who is said to be J. Weber, who the world claims to be Novy Svet, singer and brain appendix of Mushroom's Patience and god knows what else. might be true....well, seems to be true. And what's truth on diplomacy's smooth grounds? Was this guy ever known for being outstanding diplomatic? Definitely not...neither is this album. Bad memories melted into two long (each one LP-side long) tracks, that have their roots growing out of the sixties avantgarde's ass. In the end it is just fuckin' beau. special cover / on special vinyl / for sure special musick too." (press release)
  • Sol Invictus / Tursa
    Sol Veritas Lux: Tursa re-issue. Digipak with 16 page booklet. Digitally re-mastered by Denis Blackham. Available in April.
    Pre-orders through the Tursa shop will be signed.
    Available in Europe through Dark Vinyl. Available in North America through Strange Fortune
12th February 2006
  • Allerseelen
    The brand new Allerseelen Gotos=Kalanda T-Shirt is already available in the sizes M, L, XL. Print black/white on chestnut-brown cloth - Euro 10
    Aorta still have some copies of the Wir rufen Deine Wölfe T-Shirt in XL, L. There is only one in M left. Print black/white on black cloth - Euro 10
    Aorta still have some copies of the Allerseelen Edelweiss T-Shirt in L and 152cm. There is only one in M left. Print olive-green/white on black cloth - Euro 10
    Other sizes may still be available from the newly opened Steinklang online shop
    Other available releases:
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    Greetings all! A quick update on two new BlRR releases. BlRR is very excited to announce two new releases. La STPO "Slices of Thrown Time" and Ariel Kalma "Osmose". The new album by La STPO is the first all new studio album since 1999 and continues their prog-psych-avant rock journey. Highly recommended! In addition, we have rescued from obscurity one of the greatest drone-ambient records: Ariel Kalma's "Osmose". Originally released in a tiny ed. in 1977 it is now on CD with bonus tracks from the same sessions.
    The new albums by george&caplin "Things Past" and Soriah "Chao Organica in A minor" are now available and shipping. Tons of mp3s so please check out these albums.
    We also have two new great titles we are distributing. One of the weirdest gore movies of all time: "Nekromantik I & II" soundtrack now on LP featuring Hermann Kopp and John Boy Walton! A fantastic LP by Guaranteed Katch "in a sumptous brown gravy" -imagine if Zappa - Dr. Nerve and Cheetah Chrome Motherfukcers did an album together. Just insane - but insane in a good way! Listen to the mp3's.
    We have redone our website with a new design and added BlRR radio! Yes, hours and hours and days and months of streaming audio. We will be broadcasting BlRR releases and some label artists will be broadcasting their very own program.
    More info:
  • Black Sun Productions
    * 23 february 2006
    To celebrate the 4th birthday of black-sun- we'll be giving away two copies of Musick for Porn Volume 1 signed by Massimo & Pierce. To be in with a chance of winning, enter the contest here
    * musick for porn volume 2
    release date: 1st march 2006
    second and final installation of the musick for the soundtrack of the pirate tapes.
    limited edition of 100 copies numbered on disc housed in a hardpaper wallet. commercially manufactured CDRs with printed disc and artwork.
    now available for pre- order
    * Black Sun Productions - Live in Amsterdam
    On Saturday 1 April as part of Sugar Factory's one-year anniversary weekend Electronation in co-operation with KinkFM proudly presents: "Darkness Is Enlightening" - An evening dedicated to your other side. The evening will be separated into two parts. The first part of the evening is a 'Tribute To Balance', and incorporates a release party of the latest edition of the fabulous X-rated CD's. From the great collection of artists that are included in the X rated CD, "Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots" will perform live. Also performing will be the highly acclaimed children of darkness Black Sun Productions, best known for their collaboration with Coil in some of the band's most iconoclastic live installations and for their Plastic Spider Thing, a cycle of 23 extreme performances.
    * Full length samples from Musick for Porn Volumes 1 & 2 can be heard at
    Full length samples from operettAmorale can be heard at
    * A film by Black Sun Productions' friend, Canadian artist and filmaker Scott Treleaven, starring Massimo & Pierce and Ariot Fleischmann will be part of Scott's solo exhibition 'The Best Kind Of Friends Are Like Iron Sharpening Iron' opening on February 18th at the John Connelly Presents, 625 West 27th Street Ground Floor, NYC.
  • Cold Spring
    Available for pre-order now. All at special pre-release prices!
    * Laibach - Neu Konservatiw (CSR38CD)
    "Repress due to demand! The official release of the semi-official, legendary 1000 only vinyl from 1985, now a highly sought-after collectors piece! Lovingly remastered, with an 8 page book of new text about Laibach and NSK of the time by Alexei Monroe (commissioned exclusively for this release by Laibach), plus never before seen images from the NSK archive. This album finds Laibach at their most powerful, orchestral and anthemic!!" (press release)
    * Goatvargr - Goatvargr (CSR65CD)
    "A harsh journey of sound structures summoned from the deepest caverns of Hell by the scene's most prolific madmen, Nordvargr (SE) and Goat (USA). Working with each other's source material, they offer up a brutal and violent masterpiece. Not just a head on noise album, but a refined symphony of bestial lust, worship and violence. Goatvargr is an assault on the senses, appealing to both the metal and noise scenes (for fans of MZ.412). Ltd x 1000 in gloss digipak." (press release)
    More info, mp3s, pre-order:
  • Death In June / Tesco USA
    Tesco USA is pleased to finally announce pre-orders for Death In June: Live In New York DVD, scheduled for release on March 10, 2006!
    This beautiful and unique documentary piece, recorded at the Walker Stage in New York City on November 10, 2002, is a career-spanning collection of 30 tracks [29 if you live in ein Polizei Staat], each receiving definitive a live performance in DIJ's more recent stripped-down acoustic arrangements.
    88 minutes long - will be available in NTSC and PAL formats. Pre-order now for a ship date of 3/13-3/20 - the first 300 pre-orders will receive a limited edition poster.
    MP3 Samples: Come Before Christ And Murder Love
    Regular distribution via Tesco USA and Tesco Germany - other dealers/distributors please get in touch directly ASAP.
  • Der Blutharsch
    Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil!
    8 years after the release of this classic album the first time available as 12" LP.
    Mission fullfilled.
    12" LP - release date: March 15th
    Preorders are taken now!
  • Equilibrium Music
    Arditi (Sweden) "Destiny of Iron" 7"EP 2006, Equilibrium Music
    "Destiny of Iron" presents 2 new tracks by Arditi, exclusive to this release, in their unique brand of obscure and suffocating Militaristic ambiance. Limited edition of 500 copies, pressed in high-quality heavy vinyl.
    The title track brings sluggish humming horns and ominous strings, crushed under heavy pounding percussions, all building into an hypnotic orchestral march that serves as backdrop to obscure speeches and inflamed combat commands.
    "Struggle for Victory" on the other hand, draws into the music a hazier ambiance, as if spawned out of a waking dream filled with turgid battlefield memories haunted by orchestrations washing over faraway chants.
  • Fluttering Dragon
    Gale Grand Central 'The 1944 Samartian Manual' CD out now!
    'Harsh Swedish industrial with dirty rhythms techno massive bits and sad melodies'
    Tracklist: 1. Moonfloor / 2. Stealth Inside / 3. Confront Me / 4. Return My Soul / 5. Lovers / 6. You Made Your Point / 7. Don't You Care / 8. Vindictive / 9. Noone / 10. Until 4
  • HauRuck!
    HR!78 - Graumahd - Cheru CD
    Finally the debut album of Graumahd:Wolf L., Georg O. and Jörg B. created an album with ten anthems of psychoactive folklore. Fiery sounds merge into mellow moods. Folkloristic acoustic guitar music partly inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the 60ies/70ies.
    Assisted by Albin Julius (Harmonium), Martin T. (Drums), Iris F. (Cello), Christine K. (Clarinet), Karin St. (Flute) and Thomas R. (Piano, Guitar).
    Release date: Mid March
    HR!79 - Bain Wolfkind - Confidential Report 7"EP
    A new strike by the master of doom cocktail lounge music. 4 songs about lust and alcoho..and all the other dark little things in life
    Release date: April o6 - ready for the tour
    HR!8o Tribe of Circle - Children of a Weakened God CD
    After a long silence, Tribe of Circle is finaly back anger as never, with an emotional and powerfull third album, more percussive and stronger than before with disturbing soundscapes, personal texts and mystical voices. This 3rd act close the chapter started with "The Advent of Redemption", and speak about the place of God in the world of today (but where it is hidden ?)...The album include a track adapted from the french provocative singer Léo Ferré and some collaborations (Simone Salvatori from Spiritual Front, ...). A dual and evocative leap into mind, spirituality, and human nature !
    Release date: April/May o6
  • Institution D.O.L.
    * Steinklang Industries presents ... Institution D.O.L. DVD "This Is My Life"
    Here comes the long-awaited DVD! - Details here:
    On this professionally made DVD are all the brutal facts which never should have been released, ever. Bain Wolfkind (Novo Homo) breaks with secrets and beats M. the shit out of his bowels, Mr. Fuckhead analyzes subject and scene, a truely horrible horror clip (don´t watch it alone), M. totally drunk on stage, a studio session on how studio sessions should not be, live clips, video clips ... and much more! Order your copy/copies here:
    * Steinklang Ind. will release the coming Institution D.O.L. CD "Instructions For Modern Weakniks" on 1st of June 2006. This piece promises one of the harshest and at the same time most spherical tracks Institution D.O.L. ever did. With great vocals and additional sounds of M. Presch (Rasthof Dachau) it will take you with a journey through heaven and hell!
    * Institution D.O.L. website update! Now more mp3s, movies, pictures, reviews, etc. were added.
  • Klanggalerie
    we are now accepting orders for three new vinyl 7"s which are all highly recommended:
    * gg86 Sprung aus den Wolken vs Film 2 - Lion 7"
    Sprung aus den Wolken is the rhythmical and noisy project by Kiddy Citny. They released albums on Zick Zack and What's so Funny About and were (and are) often compared to Einstürzende Neubauten. On this 7", they present you a couple of brand new tracks that were recorded specifically for this project.
    * gg103 Noid - Ausflug ins Grüne 7"
    Noid is an Austrian cello player who is taking his instrument into regions it has never been taken to before. Both sides sound like anything but a cello, side one is a noisy almost rhythmic composition, side two a more mellow and ambient sounding piece. Music like 21st century musique concrete played by one of the masters of this wonderful instrument.
    * gg105 Non Toxique Lost - Lachen Eins 7"
    Non Toxique Lost is the legendary German band that released one impossible-to-find album in the 1980s and impressed everybody with their track on the QED compilation. Members include Achim Wollscheid and Sea Wanton. Their music is a stunning mix of noisy sounds and harsh rhythms. All their vinyl releases are very limited and sell out quickly.
    Prices are as usual - EUR 13,-/copy excl VAT-wholesale please ask.
    As for the Nurse With Wound 7" - Sand Tangled Women - please send back your copies if you are unhappy with the pressing. There was a huge pecentage badly pressed, the we asked for a second pressing but this came back as bad as the first one! We are now working on pressing no 3 and will send out your returned discs as soon as possible. Apologies again for the delay and hassle!
    Kind regards
  • David E. Williams
    D.E.W. contributes a Bauhausian Arabesque guitar solo (played on keyboard, of course) and a 5/4 rhythm track (run through distortion, so it's not progressive rock!) to "Mercer is My Name" on Strange Monasteries, the debut release of NAZI UFO COMMANDER on the world's greatest record label, Old Europa Café.
    If that's not enough to encourage your immediate online purchase, read on from the official press release:
    "Strange Monasteries is the initial communication to the fractured hive mind extant on this planet. This is Stage 1: Putrefaction. Only a small percentage of the population is capable of being hardlinked into the Greater Vision and Voice, because only they have had the Eruption of the Unconscious into the Sphere of Consciousness. Transmitting from Neuschwabenland South, Nazi UFO Commander is conjuring out of the chaos of space, radio waves and electronics a catalyst that will reunify the dissociated conscious by re-encoding imprints through sustained and attentive listening. In order to affect this reunification, the CD must be listened to in its entirety. To hear it is to know it. A very strange mix of space-industrial, UFO-radio-communication, beating & noisy alien soundtracks… Professionally printed CDR. Limited and on CD label numbered to 150 copies." For detailed track by track descriptions, go to
    More info:
7th February 2006
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    The new albums by george&caplin "Things Past" and Soriah "Chao Organica in A minor" are now available and shipping. Record release parties for george&caplin Feb. 3, 2006 in Denver, CO and Soriah Feb. 2, 2006 in Portland, OR.
    La STPO "Slices of Thrown Time" CD and Ariel Kalma "Osmose" CD will be available and shipping on Feb. 12, 2006. La STPO "Slices of Thrown Time" LP will be shipping Feb. 28, 2006.
    More info:
  • Death In June
    This was the reply sent several months ago in response to a variety of accusations from certain parties that eventually resulted in the Death In June album 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' being placed at the end of 2005 (10 years after its release) on Germany's 'Index' of forbidden fruit that must not be consumed by impressionable Deutsche Jugend! Perhaps some of you will find it of interest? I think my response is quite reasonable but obviously those who know better did not!
    Douglas P.
    "I have been told by my music distributer Tesco Organisation, Germany that I must provide a statement clarifying my work with my group Death In June to a German government agency responsible for censorship in Germany.
    In the 24 years of Death In June's existence I have never explained my work. I feel that would make my art ordinary and stillborn and panders to elements within society that seek to control freedom of expression and thought, abstract or otherwise. All art, whether it be in the form of music, literature, painting etc. worth a grain of salt should be open to interpretation. In turn, this also makes it open to misinterpretation; sometimes good, sometimes bad. It is in the nature of art that 'challenges' or 'confronts' the consumer, or potential consumer, to be misunderstood.
    But here are some facts:
    Death In June was named after I thought I heard a colleague say those words during our first recording session in 1981. It was an accident of mishearing. I have said this in countless interviews over the years since. It is merely post-rationalization to assume it refers to any one particular event, historic or otherwise. A common interpretation was that it referred to the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914. It didn't, and doesn't refer to anything else than 'Death In June!'
    Before becoming a musician I was a student of 20th century history, as is clearly stated in the whole interview with Zillo magazine in 1992. Apparently a small quote is taken out of context from this interview referring to my interest in Ernst Roehm. I cannot see how one cannot be interested in events and personalities that led directly, or indirectly, to the biggest tragedy of the 20th century - World War II. The fact that I am homosexual as was Ernst Roehm was another point of interest that led to a song 'Brown Book' written in 1986, before German unification, which uses the Horst Wessel Lied to create the atmosphere to a narration juxtaposing the homophobia of a Nazi stormtrooper to the suicidal fatalism of his sexual partner; a Jewish grandmother. The song evokes Germany, 1936. The title comes from the name of the book the Communist authorities of former East Germany kept listing ex-members of the N.S.D.A.P. and S.S. etc. and their positions held in government and other work places in West Germany. A thought provoking song with many contradictory themes which is typical of Death In June.
    This leads to the song 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' issued in 1995. This work was inspired by Mid-Winter and Mid-Summer visits to Iceland where the days during these times of year can be either almost totally dark or either almost totally light. Never completely one thing, nor the other. I experienced a spiritual epiphany during these visits in 1989/1990. The word "holocaust" is Greek for 'burnt offerings' (normally of a religious kind) and Iceland is full of extinct volcanoes as well as active ones. Its volcanic landscape is the holocaust in question symbolizing death and rebirth. It has nothing to do with the persecution and extermination of Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies etc. by Germany during the years of the IIIrd Reich.
    I am a musician and I do not involve myself in politics and I refuse to be forced into becoming involved in politics. When the German Goth group Das Ich suddenly attempted to politicize a Christmas Festival in Hamburg, Germany in 1992, Death In June, along with another English group and Projekt Pitchfork from Germany, decided to drop out and not to become involved in what was after all local politics. We wrote, signed and distributed a joint statement explaining our decision, abhorring all forms of violence directed at anyone regardless of race, religion or sexuality (apparently there had been some trouble in Hamburg?) and relocated our performances to a club in Bochum. This became a 3 night residency where anyone with tickets to the Festival who still wanted to celebrate Christmas could do so with Death In June etc. All 3 nights were sold out. The Dark Xmas Festival was not and fell to bits with the highest political arguments between the remaining Goth groups being as to who should headline! It has been a source of resentment from the Goth 'rock stars' of Das Ich ever since. The music business is filled with jealousy and envy and I attempt to keep my distance from it.
    Death In June has always been fascinated by symbols and their effects. There is even an album entitled 'But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?' The 'Totenkopf 6' is a simple one conveying Death In June (the 6th month!) but since 1984 a fist holding a whip and 6 has also been extensively used to symbolize Death In June. In English we have an expression "to hold the whiphand" which means to take control. In 1997 Death In June issued an album called 'Take Care And Control'. Everything is connected, everything is symbolic and everything that on a surface level is mutually contradictory is important in the world of Death In June.
    The 2 words "Rose clouds…" are beautifully juxtaposed to each other and with "…of holocaust" added the contradictory imagery is complete. The joy of sadness recognized and a life filled with lies abandoned. In 'Lifebooks' "The swirling sound of swastikas like rotor blades of thought…" brings this conversation piece between 2 close friends to an end. The Sanskrit word for sun-wheel brings perfect closure to a night filled with bad dreams. Dawn has arrived. And, surely if the word "swastika" in itself is justification for a German government investigation into any work of art then I hope the more famous Iggy Pop and David Bowie's 'China Girl" ("visions of swastikas in my head…") and Primal Scream's 'Swastikas Eyes' plus many others deserve equal investigation.
    In June, 2004 I was invited to perform in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Death In June did so to an enthusiastic audience of over 500 and there are even pictures of me on stage waving a 'Totenkopf 6' flag alongside an Israeli one. I did numerous interviews with both Israeli magazines and radio stations. Death In June LPs/CDs are freely available in Israel. T-shirts are even licensed for manufacture there.
    I find it ironic that I am so welcomed in Israel yet I am suspiciously viewed by the German authorities for censorship. But, I suppose that fits well with the contradictory nature of Death In June.
    I am also unsettled by the fact that in Germany, a modern Western democracy and civilization government censorship of the arts should even be entertained. That, along with the organizations or individuals that have brought me to your attention, smell more of Germany's past than any of Death In June's recordings. My father was a career officer in the British Royal Air Force, fought as a pilot against Hitler's Luftwaffe during World War II and was shot down twice but survived. His first wife was not so lucky and was killed in the London blitz. I have a step-sister as a result of that death. His 3 brothers, my uncles, were all front-line soldiers and the youngest was one of the first troops in the British Royal Artillery to enter Bergen-Belsen KZ and drove bulldozers shoveling the dead inmates into mass graves. All of them thought the only good German was a dead German.
    Coming from such an anti-German family background I have always considered myself part of a generation that was responsible for the reconciliation between our 2 countries. I feel that reconciliation has been achieved. We live in 2005 not 1945.
    I trust that any review of my work is based upon official releases all obtainable from but, not necessarily distributed by Tesco Organisation, Germany. I cannot be held responsible for unofficial releases which have nothing to do with Death In June but falsely claim to be.
    Douglas P. (Death In June)"
  • Der Blutharsch
    yes - for those who need it histrionic - indeed -it now should be official - this tour is the "farewell" tour....take it, or leave it...but never complain you missed it!
  • Eternal Soul
    Phelios "Images and Spheres" (ESCD04) CD, jewelcase, factory sealed
    7 tracks / 66 min / Dark Ambient / 5oo copies
    Release date: o1.o2.2oo6
    Tracklist: 1 Before the creation / 2 Through the mirror / 3 You cannot see the dragons eyes / 4 The funeral of the wizard / 5 Sleeping sphere / 6 Isle of the dead / 7 There is no light without you
  • HauRuck!
    HR!78 - Graumahd - Cheru : CD - out around early March
    HR!79 - Bain Wolfkind - Confidental Report 7" EP - out in April for the tour
    HR! 8o - Tribe of Circle - Children of a weakened god - CD - out April/May
  • Hermetique
    Various Artists 'A Reassuring Voice On The Television' (with Radiodrama, Post Scriptvm, Dusk Of Hope, Propergol, Sea-Green Series, Old Iron Fence, Negapadres.3.3.)
    More info:
  • Ianva
    New tracks in streaming:
    MySpace: - Last.Fm:
  • Kaos Kontrol
    After a several months' hiatus and slow activity after that, Kaos Kontrol will finally re-activate this spring. A few new releases are in the works, the website will go under complete reconstruction soon and hopefully some other projects will see the light of day this spring also.
    About future releases, Kaos Kontrol is proud to release Megaptera's "Staring Back at You" CD, compiling rare and hard-to-find tracks as well as previously unreleased tracks, unheard versions etc. This CD is next up in our release schedule and should be out around February-March if everything goes as planned. Next up will be a CD from another legend, Maurizio Bianchi's "The Industrious Tubal-Cain" which combines the old, harsh sound of M.B. to his newer, more experimental and often more minimal approach.
    There are already plans for other releases after these CDs, showing the new direction of Kaos Kontrol more clearly, but it's too early to reveal too much at this point. Stay tuned!
    Nihil Market will release a 3"CDr by Anon Plus around February-March. This release was completed months ago already, but has been delayed for several reasons. Nonetheless it will be out soon, containing two tracks of post-industrial sound with hints of power electronics.
    More info:
  • The Joy Of Nature
    The Joy of Nature has dropped the "and discipline" from the name: if it did make some sense by the time the project was created, now we feel that the concept doesn't really apply to the music.
    We have a new site (on, and mainly because of two of reasons:
    - First of all, the other one was specifically designed to promote the album "The Fog That Life Is Haunted By", and with its navigation structure we weren't able to add other records.
    - The second reason was because we wanted to move away from square shapes and give a brighter look to the site. The circle is the primordial form, infinite spirit that surrounds and permeates all forms; in the opposite side is the square, which is associated with the material world of forms. Also, the colors are brighter now: we don't want to make "dark" music, only profound music. Well, concerning the figures on the top of the menus... Hobgoblins represent certain forces of nature, a certain reality beyond what normally is visible. Hey, and who can say that we don't have a certain sense of humour?
    "The Fog That Life Is Haunted By" will be reissued, very soon, by the polish label Bunkier Productions, with two extra tracks and a new artwork. We'll have some to sale through the shop in our site.
    We sold our electric instruments and bought acoustic ones (acoustic guitar, tin whistle, recorder, kantele - finnish traditional instrument that sounds close to a harp), so the sound, from now on, will go through considerable changes. We expect to release some new works this year (some self-released with very special and unique packages); more info soon.
  • Prophecy Productions
    * Tenhi: The new album "Maaäet" will be available at February 10th, 2006.
    * Orplid's third album "Sterbender Satyr" is scheduled for release on March 24, 2006. The trademark of the band from Halle is a successful mosaic of language, music, and representing images. Apart from almost purely acoustic songs, however, the new album sees the artists increasingly aiming for more ethereal soundscapes.
  • Shayo
    * Website active again:
    * Martyn Bates 'Mystery Seas' out now.
    "Originaly released in 1995 and now remastered, it is the second of Martyn Bates' "Letters written" series. On this album he sets his songs into organ based backings, going right back to the drones of traditional song and more than this, to church music. It's an intensive sound which would appeal to fans of traditional folk and electronic music fans all at once, which has to be some achievement. There is a dream state built up from these songs of drifting minimal chords and layers of vocals. What could sound sparse, sounds full and balances. Songs like "Everywhere there's Rain" rang as amongst his best with his vocals particulary well delivered." (press release)
    * In Gowan Ring (+ guest musicians) will be playing around Europa in May and June.
    Th.11.05: Austria - Wien (Monastery)
    Fr.12.05: Germany - Leipzig
    Sa.13.05: ?
    Su.14.05: Italy - Torino
    Tu.16.05: ?
    We.17.05: France - Paris (+Esthesie)
    Th.18.05: ?
    Fr19.05: Scotland - Edinburgh
    Sa.20.05: England - London (+Allerseelen)
    Su.21.05: Belgium - Gent
    We.24.05: ?
    Th.25.05: ?
    Fr.26.05: Poland - Wroclaw (tbc)
    Sa.27.05: ?
    Su.28.05: Hungary - Budapest
    We.31.05: ?
    Tu.01.06: ?
    Fr.02.06: Switzerland - Geneve (L'Usine festival with The Evpatoria Report + Esthesie) ... tbc
    much more infos and dates will be added very soon!!!
  • War Office Propaganda
    WOP 21 Harvest Rain - "Night's Glow" digipack CD 2oo6.
    "Masters of American dark folk in theirs newest full lenght album. 11 beautiful songs, 42 minutes of haunting, atmospheric and melancholic music. No need to say more, as in case of Harvest Rain's music no special recommendation is needed! Simply great CD! Glossy varnished digipack with original cover designed by Michal Karcz and reproduction of Tor Lundvall's paintings inside." (press release)
    WOP 23 Lingua Fungi - "Flowery Dreams" digipack CD 2oo6.
    "Magical journey through the strange dreams in beautiful flowery scenery, drifting and melting. No sharp line between sorrow and joy, dark and bright moments. Lingua Fungi takes us along on the trip to the land of subconscious. Real instruments - flutes, guitars, bass, mandolin and different kind of ethnic percussions mixed with ambient soundscapes. Glossy varnished digipack designed by Michal Karcz. First 222 copies comes with additional handnumbered CDR EP "Spore Prints" which gives 25 minutes more of this amazing music. The price is the same as normal version, so hurry up and get your copy!" (press release)
    WOP 24 Belborn & Rose Rovine e Amanti - "Grain" - digipack CD 2oo6.
    WOP 26 Mushroom's Patience & Out Of Sight - digipack CD 2oo6.
    WOP 27 Stahlwerk 9 / Cold Fusion / Rukkanor - "Triumvire" CD - ltd. 660 special box
22nd January 2006
  • The 'Europa Aeterna' compilation is finally available. More info and orders:
    We have added a review of H.E.R.R. 'The Winter of Constantinople'.
  • D.B.P.I.T.
    New release on white rabbit records: d.b.p.i.t./f.t.b.p.d. "Toads And Bugs"
    double - 3" cd split in special packaging (7" size, foldable, special paper and print)
    Available through DBPIT, white rabbit and tesco.
  • Durtro
    20 January 2006
    * Current 93, Six Organs of Admittance, Om play Nantes, France, 9 April:
    C93 and my heroes Six Organs of Admittance and OM play Le Lieu Unique at Nantes on 9 April. More details on the next update.
    * Sleep Has His House CD released in two formats in February:
    Sleep Has His House, the last C93 album before Black Ships Ate The Sky, is released on CD in mid February and will be available from Durtro and Jnana Records. This is a reissue of the original CD album of 2000, with several corrections to the artwork. This will be generally available, both from Durtro Mail Order, Jnana Records and from regular shops and mail order outlets. The album comes in a digipak with full colour 12 page booklet featuring all lyrics, a photograph of David's father (whose "death" was the inspiration for the album), and a painting by David entitled "Death Overshadows My Father".
    Also available exclusively from and Jnana is a set comprising three separate items. Included in this set is:
    - The standard CD edition described above.
    - A CD reissue of the original double-vinyl version of the album, which featured several different mixes to the CD edition above. This comes in an identical digipak, but has a different coloured CD label (powder blue, as opposed to the paper-brown of the standard CD version of the album). A sticker on the CD cover makes clear which is the 'double-vinyl' version.
    - A 51 minute long CD of harmonium drones created by David Tibet whilst working on ideas and melodies and faces prior to recording Sleep Has His House. This CD comprises 5 pieces, which are all instrumental, except for an 11 minute 38 seconds alternate take of "The God Of Sleep Has Made His House", a song which features on Sleep Has His House. This comes in a black clam-shell case with a sticker on the front.
    This has always been one of my favourite C93 albums--and certainly the most personal lyrically. We have had many requests for its reissue since it went out of print some years ago.
    These have now been added to the shop and will be posted out when they come in mid-February. The standard CD costs £10; and the 3CD set £25 (plus postage and packing and VAT where applicable).
    * New Nurse With Wound album cover added to the site:
    Artwork by Johan Chiron for the forthcoming NWW album, BITCHIN' 'N' BITIN' 'N' PIMPIN' (Goatheard) (United Jnana Summer 2006) has been posted on the images page.
    * Black Ships subscription edition removed 23 January:
    The subscription edition of Black Ships Ate The Sky will be removed from the shop for good on 23 January. We will then post a list of all the subscribers' names so people can check they are present and make any corrections/notify us of any omissions. The album is released early May 2006.
    * Shop closure during our next house move:
    The shop will be closed from Monday 23 January until the middle of February, when we have finished our relocation. Mail will still be replied to, but may take some time due to our move.
    * Current 93 mailing address remains the same:
    Although we are moving, the SUITE 93 mailing address remains valid for the time being. This will be changing in a couple of months, but for the moment it is still valid. We will notify you when we have a new address.
    Thank you all and happiness and rest. Sleep Has His House. I am Black Ship.
    Love David to you all xxx
  • Scott Ferry
    Starting next Friday the 20th of January through the 28th of February, the Galerie Alternance with be presenting an exhibition of several selected Quebecois artists.
    Scott Ferry will be participating in this exhibition, come and see the latest creations from the series "Charnel Ground & Sickly Playthings".
    Each drawing is an original, hand created artwork using archival pigment ink, gel ink and Copic markers on Arches acid free paper. Frames are hand painted, antique finish, with little skeleton heads and other "playtime" symbols.
    Scott was born and raised in Los Angeles, growing up in the gothic and chaos orientated 80's. He has exhibited in solo and group shows in California, Arizona, Washington, and Quebec, Canada. His artwork traverses both the traditional drawing and also the digital realm.
    You Can visit his website at for more information on history, exhibitions, and current artwork.
    Galerie Alternance
    450 582-2709/514 576-0946
    Open : Monday to Saturday 1pm to 5pm and Sunday 2pm to 5pm.
    Opening Night : Sunday January 21, 2pm to 5pm.
  • Klanggalerie / Nurse With Wound
    Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you about the bad Nurse With Wound 7" pressing. We have finally received confirmation from the pressing plant that the singles will be redone; IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH THE QUALITY OF YOUR DISC(S), PLEASE SEND IT(THEM) BACK ***WITHOUT SLEEVE*** AND WE WILL SEND YOU A FREE REPLACEMENT. Distributors: Please send back all records without sleeves and we will send the new copies. If you haven´t received your copy yet, expect it around the beginning of February. Any more questions, please get in touch. Sorry about all the hassle, but we are glad that we'll be able to correct the first edition.
    Kind regards
    Walter / Klanggalerie
17th January 2006
  • We've added reviews of Angel Of Decay "Covered In Scars", Grundik + Slava "Frogs", V/A "Eisiges Licht 2" and Lovespell "short white shot".
    After 7 years of silence ACTUS returned with a new studio album on 14th of May 2005 at the Wave Gothic Treffen as a headliner of the neofolk stage. Many people purchased the album and all the pressed copies were sold out after three months but many people didn't see this performance because the organisers of WGT officialy communicated this news only three days before the concert.
    ACTUS have worked on a much longer and sophisticated multimedia performance which they plan to perform in several European cities in March. The planned concerts: 03.03.2006. Leipzig, 04.03.2006. Nurnberg, 05.03.2006. Antwerpen and 24.03.2006. Budapest. The latter is the only performance confirmed to date. ACTUS will present the 'platinum version' of the 'Essence of Mandala' performance only at this special event in Budapest. The performance will include the complete 'Mandala' and many remade versions of tracks from previous albums since 1990. ACTUS hope to meet the German and Benelux audience at the foreign concerts but encourage the others to come to Budapest and celebrate together the Day of the Light on this bright Spring day. Tickets will available online for EUR 12 soon.
  • Allerseelen
    * The first two beautiful Allerseelen pins/badges are available via Aorta and Steinklang. Some other pins/badges of an Allerseelen series are in preparation.
    Pin/Badge Euro 1.50 + postage
    Allerseelen Gotos=Kalanda Pin/Badge (chestnut-brown + white)
    Allerseelen Edelweiss Pin/Badge (chestnut-brown + white)
    * Aorta also have some copies available of: Looking for Europe book + Looking for Europe 4cdbox
    * Allerseelen are preparing some concerts for spring 2006. Allerseelen recently recorded the song Tropfen schöner Zeit (Drops of Beautiful Time), based on words by Yukio Mishima from his book Todesmale eines Engels (Tennin Gosui) for the Allerseelen-Changes split-CD Men among the Ruins which will be released in late spring/early summer 2006 on the Russian label Der Angriff which also published the Heilige Feuer IV CD and DVD.
  • Beta-lactam Ring Records
    13 January 2006
    New releases from Edward Ka-Spel, Silverman, irr. app. (ext.) Wander/Andrew Liles, Current 93, george&caplin available and now shipping out. A couple of the Ka-Spel "A Long Red Ladder..." 3LP set is available. Preorders available for new albums with: Andrew Liles, george&caplin, Volcano the Bear, La STPO, Soriah and Brunnen.
    * Andrew Liles - The Dying Submariner (Amalgamation, Codicil and Appendix) LP
    Preorder. Price: $30.00. Lp edition of 150 numbered and signed copies. Available April 2, 2006. This vinyl edition features a very different reworking of the CD edition with new artwork. Leviathan low end growls belch a hazy pitch into the sea, rendering daylight useless to...
    * Andrew Liles - The Dying Submariner (A Concerto for Piano and Reverberation in Four Movements) CD.
    Preorder. Price: $13.00. Available April 3, 2006. Leviathan low end growls belch a hazy pitch into the sea, rendering daylight useless to penetrate the unknown depths. Andrew's concerto for piano and reverb conjures many spirits, including that of...
    * Andrew Liles - The Dying Submariner (A Concerto for Piano and Reverberation in Four Movements) Deluxe. 2xCD
    Preorder. Price: $25.00. Available April 3, 2006. First 300 copies include a bonus CD (not a CDR) album entitled "The Dead Submariner (A Concerto for Bowed Guitar and Reverberation in Three Movements)" with a numbered and signed insert. Leviathan low...
    * Andrew Liles/Wander - The Astronomical Entomologist - 7" Picture Disk
    In stock. Price: $11.00. A gorgeous 7" picture disk ed. of 150 copies each with an original art insert. Side by Wander represents more ambient drones while the Wander/Liles B side goes all out...
    * Andrew Liles/Wander - The Astronomical Entomologist Boxset - 10"+7"
    In stock. Price: $100.00. A special boxed ed. of the 7" picture disk with a bonus 10", numbered insert and original artwork. Ed. of 23...
    * Ariel Kalma - Osmose - CD
    Preorder. Price: $15.00. This CD will be shipping January 25, 2006. Packaged in a 5 color heavy duty miniature gatefold sleeve replicating the original LP sleeve. Ariel Kalma's magical and weird Osmose originally released in 1978 masterfully matches Richard...
    * Brunnen - LP
    Preorder. Price: $16.00. Available Feb. 21, 2006. Brunnen reveals that part of Beequeen's Freek Kinkelaar which is the strange wandering minstrel/alchemist (half-orc cleric with a +2 mace). If only more records were so cogently perplexing. A slightly cinematically arranged...
    * Brunnen - CD
    Preorder. Price: $13.00. Available Feb. 21, 2006.
    * Current 93 - How He Loved the Moon (Moonsongs for Jhonn Balance) 2xCD
    In stock. Price: $16.00. Now available and shipping! It consists of new mixes of the 'In Menstrual Night' album by Steven Stapleton and produced by David Tibet. This 2CD set comes in a beautiful five colour deluxe gatefold sleeve with insert...
    * Edward Ka-Spel - A Long Red Ladder to the Moon CD
    In stock. Price: $15.00. Available! A resonance of weightless ascension? More like an old kit bag full of songs and ruminations made to be sung whilst climbing, hoping for a taste of green cheese. The first slithering modulations on "A Long Red Ladder to the Moon" declares...
    * Edward Ka-Spel - A Long Red Ladder to the Moon 3xLP
    In stock. Price: $30.00. Double vinyl with a bonus 4th side of music and the first 200 copies include a bonus album "Hey Rainman (first version)." A resonance of weightless ascension? More like an old kit bag full of songs and ruminations made to be sung whilst...
    * Edward Ka-Spel - A Long Red Ladder to the Moon CD 2xLP. In stock. Price: $20.00.
    * Edward Ka-Spel - Laugh China Doll CD
    In stock. Price: $15.00. Available! A 5 color gatefold wallet. Each CD will have a coupon to receive a bonus CD of new material once all the solo albums of Edward have been reissued. In 1984 when "Laugh China Doll" and "Dance, China Doll" first appeared, it was difficult...
    * george&caplin - Electronic Eulogy LP+7"
    In stock. Price: $15.00. LP and bonus 7". Ed. of 300 copies. Clearly one of the bright spots to rise up out of the so-called Electroclash debacle. Where groups like Chicks On Speed and Felix Da Housecat ultimately end up creating dance-floor anthems, G&C have been...
    * george&caplin - Things Past CD
    Preorder. Price: $13.00. Available Feb 7, 2006 in a deluxe 5 color gatefold sleeve. george&caplin are like that oddly gorgeous bush growing in the backyard. No sooner does it seem that its sweet bloom has died back for the season, when suddenly a new sprout opens with a...
    * george&caplin - Things Past LP
    Preorder. Price: $15.00. Ed. of 200 numbered copies. The first 50 include a signed photomount by the band. Available Feb. 28, 2006. Available Feb 7, 2006 in a deluxe 5 color gatefold sleeve. george&caplin are like that oddly gorgeous bush growing in the backyard...
    * irr. app. (ext.) - Perekluchenie CD
    In stock. Price: $13.00. Behind every ambiguously pronounced name lies an ambiguously pronounced sense of purpose. In other words: who can say what is really going on here? Whatever it is, it is delightfully dada. irr. app. (ext.) remain more concrete (i.e. musique) than a...
    * irr. app. (ext.) - Perekluchenie LP
    In stock. Price: $15.00. Vol. 2 Records are not for Baking. Available Oct. 3, 2005. Behind every ambiguously pronounced name lies an ambiguously pronounced sense of purpose. In other words: who can say what is really going on here? Whatever it is, it is delightfully dada...
    * La STPO - Slices of Thrown Time CD
    Preorder. Price: $13.00. This CD will start shipping Feb 07, 2006. 5 color 8 panel digipack with some of the most morbid artwork of all time. In the midst of the world's fascination with so-called Electroclash, leave it to the old school to really show what post-punk is really...
    * La STPO - Slices of Thrown Time LP
    Preorder. Price: $15.00. This item will start shipping Feb. 14, 2006. Ed. of 325 copies. Vol. 3 of 'Records are not for Baking'
    * Legendary Pink Dots - A Dream is a Dream is a Dream DVD
    In stock. Price: $18.00. Region free NTSC DVD recorded live at De Vrije Vloer in Utrecht, Holland,on January 21,1987 featuring the orginal 6 piece line up. First 1000 DVD's are in a 6 color gatefold wallet. Band Line-Up: Edward Ka-Spel - Vocals, Stret Majest - Guitar, Jason...
    * Silverman - Nature of Illusion 2xCD
    In stock. Price: $16.00. Available! A 5 color boardstock gatefold wallet. The first 700 copies include the bonus CD 'Woodland Calling'. Features Edward Ka-Spel on vocals. One of the truest indications of a good record is when it sounds like something is starting to go wrong...
    * Silverman - Nature of Illusion LP + bonus CD
    In stock. Price: $20.00. The first 200 copies include the bonus CD 'Woodland Calling'. Features Edward Ka-Spel on vocals. One of the truest indications of a good record is when it sounds like something is starting to go wrong with the car while listening to it...
    * Soriah - Chao Organica in A Minor CD
    Preorder. Price: $13.00. This CD will start shipping Feb. 7, 2006. A 5 color deluxe gatefold sleeve. The first 50 come with cardstock artwork, numbered and signed by Soriah and Markus Wolff (Waldteufel) who did the cover artwork. Like a bolt from the...
    * Volcano the Bear - Classic Erasmus Fusion 2xLP + 7"
    Preorder. Price: $25.00. Available March 7, 2006. Edition of 300 numbered copies. The CD and Vinyl have slightly different mixes. 2XLP and bonus mailorder only 7". VTB have crafted a strange geometry in their musique concrete between...
    * Volcano the Bear - Classic Erasmus Fusion 2xCD
    Preorder. Price: $15.00. Available Feb. 28, 2006 in a five color gatefold wallet. The CD and Vinyl have slightly different mixes. VTB have crafted a strange geometry in their musique concrete between celestial duck honks and what sounds like a...
    * Volcano the Bear - Classic Erasmus Fusion (deluxe) 3xLP+7"
    Preorder. Price: $150.00. Available March 7, 2006. A limited vinyl edition of 15 numbered copies with a bonus LP and original piece of art by the band. A deluxe 3LP set, bonus 7" and artwork. VTB have crafted a strange geometry in their musique concrete between...
    More info, mp3s:
  • Durtro
    13 January 2006
    * Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, Diana Rogerson, Andrew Liles: 'Salt Marie Celeste' show in Barcelona cancelled:
    Unfortunately the Barcelona live performance of Salt Marie Celeste has been cancelled due to ongoing recording commitments.
    * Om/Current 93 split 10": 'Inerrant Rays of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)':
    The split 10" featuring Current 93 and Om is entitled Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder). The track by C93 is titled 'Inerrant Infallible (Black Ships At Nineveh and Edom)' and is just under 9 minutes long, and that by Om 'Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder', which is 8 minutes long. The cover photographs have been taken by Andria Degens and Tina Gordon. It will be released early May 2006 on Neurot Records (catalogue number NR 043), around the same time as Black Ships Ate The Sky, and will be available in several different coloured vinyl editions throughout the USA and UK/EU.
    'Inerrant Infallible' was recorded during the endless Black Ships Ate The Sky sessions and is thematically linked with that album. The Om track is absolutely stunning, and was recorded during the recording of their magisterial new album Conference Of The Birds. Neurot Records are at
    * 'How He Loved the Moon' CD now almost in!
    We have been informed this CD has finally arrived at Beta-lactam Ring's offices in the USA and has been sent on to Durtro. We should be sending copies out in the next week or so. Apologies for the delay on this.
    * David Tibet on
    As I mentioned on my last update, I have joined But I have been inundated with messages and friend-requests. It just isn't possible for me, unfortunately, to be able to respond to letters personally.
    * 'Wild Tigers I Have Known': a film by Cam Archer:
    Cam Archer's first feature film, Wild Tigers I Have Known, co-produced by Gus van Sant, will be making its world premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. The trailer for the film has narration by David Tibet. The film itself has music from two tracks by C93, 'A Beginning' (from Thunder Perfect Mind) and 'A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing' (from C93/Thomas Ligotti collaboration In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land), and one song by Pantaleimon, 'Crater Full of Goldfish' (from Trees Hold Time). Andria Degens of Pantaleimon also contributes a voiceover in the film. More details, including the trailer itself, can be found on
    * 'Black Ships Ate the Sky':
    This will be released, as previously stated, in the first half of May. The Subscription Edition will be removed from the shop for good on Monday 23 January, in the morning UK time. I know we have said this before and previously set a date for removal, but this is the final date. Black Ships will only then be added once more to the shop when the album's release is imminent. When the album is finally released I will return to working on the lyric book, Under The Rain And Teeth Of Gods.
    * Pantaleimon news update:
    There have been several new developments with Pantaleimon. Go to for details.
    * 'Not Alone': 5CD benefit compilation with all profits to Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) for their work with HIV and AIDS in Africa:
    People have been writing in to Durtro asking for the full tracklisting and artist details of this release on Durtro Jnana curated by Mark Logan and myself, so it may be seen below.
    Please remember: This is not available from Durtro, but only from Jnana Records.
    Disc 1: - Fly Away and Then What? (4:12) * Damon and Naomi - A Song For You (4:09) * John Contreras - Brian (3:48) * Mirror - Forgotten Language of Light (4:58) * Fursaxa - In Lieu Of (2:33) * Baby Dee - When You Found Me (4:04) * Howie B - Yesterday I Was a Cow (4:24) * Tom Recchion - Sea World (3:09) * Matmos - A Song for the Appeal (3:39) * Blue Eyed Black - Sweet Shadow Heart (2:45) * Eric Lanzilotta - An Exploration of a Spacious Yet Enclosed Domain (excerpt) (7:04) * Little Annie - Freddy and Me (4:19) * Colin Potter - It's Coming (5:06) * Keiji Haino - fleeing panic-stricken shriveled equal temperament (6:04) * Allen Ginsberg - On Another's Sorrow (4:04) * Devendra Banhart - A Sight to Behold (3:02) * David Surkamp - With Out Borders (4:52)
    Disc 2: Jarboe - Mantra (7:10) * L - The First Flower People (6:51) * Richard Buckner - Do You Want to Go Somewhere (2:42) * Cyclobe - Indulge Yourselves With Our Delicious Monster (3:30) * Six Organs of Admittance - You Will Be the Sun (2:46) * Dolly Collins - Poor Sally Sits a Weeping (1:53) * William Basinski - Because (2:43) * Edward Ka-Spel - Sticks & Stones (version) (6:49) * Larsen - Il Sogno Di Momi (4:10) * Vashti Bunyan - The Same But Different (3:20) * Angels of Light - Song For My Father (3:43) * Thighpaulsandra - Star Malloy (6:11) * Suishou no Fune- In the Clouds (4:06) * Pantaleimon - Change My World (Alternative Mix) (5:12) * Aube - Movement (5:03) * Mr Durt - Denial (5:33) * Michael Yonkers - Somebody (3:20)
    Disc 3: Bevis Frond - Someone Always Talks (2:40) * Sarah Hallman - Snowballin' (3:04) * Faun Fables - The Transit Rider (4:21) * Luke Doucet - Unbelievable (3:39) * Jad Fair - Right on the Line (2:17) * Unveiled - Endless (3:19) * Antony - Hole In My Soul (6:38) * Charlemagne Palestine - Espoir Guerison (8:26) * Alex Neilson & Richard Youngs - House of Constant Song (3:42) * Anomoanon - Hit the Road (4:00) * James William Hindle - Back Home Again (3:52) * Isobel Campbell - The Beat Goes On (3:04) * The Bricoleur - Prah Pip Ta (5:01) * Sorrow - Long Dark Shadow (4:32) * Teenage Fanclub - I Need Direction (Alternative Version) (3:40) * Mary 5E - Therapy (4:59) * Sundial - Crazy Horses (2:56)
    Disc 4: Jeremy Reed - Helioqabalus (1:54) * NQ Arbuckle - Huntsville Affair (5:06) * Shannon Lyon - No Thing (1:40) * The Hafler Trio - The Work of Washing (5:04) * Marissa Nadler - Judgement Day (4:33) * Max Richter - Flowers for Yulia (6:29) * Bill Fay - It's the Small Things Now (2:52) * Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Song for Doctors Without Borders (3:17) * Lynn Jackson - Waiting for the Sky to Fall (4:32) * Nurse With Wound - Ubu Noir (3:59) * Clodagh Simonds - The Glacial Lake (3:48) * Shirley Collins - Come My Love (2:49) * 7 Year Rabbit Cycle - Pirates (3:47) * John Terrill - Stoney Mansion (3:39) * Brett Smiley - Our Lady of the Barren Tree (3:38) * Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms (4:35) * Current 93 - Sunset (3:34) * Pearls Before Swine - Our Lady (3:11) * Thurston Moore - Sex Addiction (5:17)
    Disc 5: Marc Almond - Our Love My Love (2:46) * Simon Finn - Crow Flies (2:01) * Stephanie Volkmar - The Gate of Polished Horn (3:23) * Small Creatures - City of Dreams (3:54) * Thee Majesty - Thee Seeding Ship (4:42) * Jim O'Rourke - Naoru (2:07) * Scott Stapleton - Shadow Makes a Snow Angel (2:43) * John Maslen - Everything Was Handed Down (3:44) * Jooel - Over the Sea (2:42) * Ghostigital - Bump (4:39) * Amy Curl - The Robin's Tiny Throat (6:57) * srmeixner - Wild Spaces (excerpt) (4:02) * Mount Vernon Arts Lab - (0:47) * Coil - Broccoli (6:54) * Shock Headed Peters - Aaron's Rod (Spared) (4:12) * Ghost - Daggma (8:28)
    * Steven Stapleton is looking for:
    - BUS 75: Any CDs/records/other music by this American hip-hop group.
    - APANI B. FLY MC: Any CDs/records/other music by this American rapper.
    If you have anything for trade/sale please email with details of your terms. Thank you from Steven.
    * David Tibet is looking for:
    ASBESTOS DEATH: Unclean (USA/7" single/self-released)
    If you have this for trade/sale please email with details of your terms. Thank you from David.
    Love to you all and peace and stars,
    David 12.I.2112
  • EE Tapes
    EE07: The Walls Are Whispering III ... (Various) CD-2005 (525 copies)
    "Final part of this compilation trilogy, and maybe the most adventurous one of the series, digging further into the experimental worlds of minimal | weird | field-recordings | drones | noise | whatever… Did anyone say "dark ambient" ? Again we managed to gather a superb international-artistic crew: Af Ursin (BE) - Oren Ambarchi (AUS - published by Touch Music) - Contagious Orgasm (JP) - Yannick Dauby (FR) - Fear Falls Burning (BE - aka vidnaObmana) - Felix Kubin (DE - aka Felix Knoth) - Eric Lanzillotta (USA - ex-Anomalous Records) - Mnortham (USA) - Seth Nehil (USA) - Shifts (NL - aka Frans de Waard) and absolute newcomers Acid_Soma (GR) and Azymbol (BE)
    Worth a very special mention is Yannick Dauby's track "Sanguine" that won the second price on an international festival for unpublished music in Taipei (Taiwan)!
    The full metallised CD comes housed in a heavy cardboard 7" cover (colour : shiste) with gold and black offset-print. Again it features the awesome photo art of Alan McClelland (
    Let art speak for itself !" (press release)
  • :Golgatha:
    News from German neofolk/martial-ritual newcomers :Golgatha:
    * Out January 2006:
    :GOLGATHA: - Icarus e.p.
    (:Ikonen: media 2006) featuring Herbst9 and Patrick Leagas (Ex-Death in June)
    As a companion piece to the recent CD "Kydos" (Athanor) :Ikonen: media will offer the "Icarus e.p." very soon. This CD contains 6 new and alternative ritual and folk tracks circling around the myth of Icarus running around 30 mins. and being sold at a special price.
    Soundsample from this e.p.:
    This CD will be available via Tesco Distribution and other industrial merchants.
  • Klanggalerie / Nurse With Wound
    after having excellent test pressings and after shipping out a lot of Nurse with Wound 7"s, we had to find out that quite some discs are pressed badly. They are noisy and sound like they´ve been played 200 times before. We apologize for this and are currently working out a solution. We will either re-press the whole edition and/or offer a refund if anyone is completely unhappy with his/her disc.
    Please watch this space for furhter news about the matter.
    Best wishes,
  • Treue Um Treue
    Out now: V.A. - "Todesblei salonfähig gemacht" (TuT003)
    "Featuring: A2 / Ad Absurdum / Ait! / Bastards of Love / Echo West / His Divine Grace / Taciturne / Tyrkisk Pebber / Unidad Sasao / Wermut.
    Ten heroes of contemporary electronic music pay tribute to the sounds which enchanted their tormented childhood: Death Metal anthems, Black Metal mayhem, Grindcore purulence and other riffs from Hell. Ten classics of the genre entirely revisited, between minimal electronic, wave, ambient and experimental. This time even Granny will like it!
    Regular edition: 12-inch LP, black vinyl + 5 inserts - lim. edition of 666 hand-numbered copies
    Thelema edition: first 93 copies on clear red vinyl + 5 inserts + stickers of the bands + poster (50x70) (The Thelema edition is sold out at TUT/RUR, please check our partner-shops)" (press release)
    Further details and sound clips:
8th January 2006
  • We've added reviews of Axon Neuron / Vagwa ":Documents 1995 - 2005:", Of The Wand & the Moon "Sonnenheim", Wermut "Anna" and Terroritmo "Premonitions".
  • After more than six years of activity, we've decided to put an end to Heimdallr.
    In the coming weeks we will add reviews of all the promos we have received lately and then the site will be turned into an archive. Please do not send us any more promotional material for review.
  • Ars Benevola Mater
    New releases:
    * Our God Weeps : Prodromus
    (ABM14) 2005 - 7 LTD. 479 numbered copies in deluxe package.
    "Melancholic black&white atmospheres accompanied by distant echoes of battles already forgotten. Epic neoclassic aria cross elegant musical ornaments of Mitteuropean source for an opera characterized by sounds which are marble-like in their form and brave in their spirit." (press release)
    * Oxyd meets Sumad : Mysterious Places Of Dead Souls
    (ABM16) 2005 - CD LTD. 545 numbered copies in deluxe package.
    "Dark soundscapes of onyric ambient, accompanied by the restless breath of drones and samples overwhelmed with typical scandinavian distressing atmospheres. Mysterious places of dead souls opens gloomy horizons upon dead landscapes where all the shades of grey are reflected into a magma of sombre uneasiness. The ideal soundtrack to open a passage upon new and unknown dimensions." (press release)
    * S. Biasin Trio : Untitled
    (ABM17) 2005 - CDr Ltd. 333 numbered copies in deluxe package.
    "Use and abuse of an obsessive electronic music tied to gloomy esoteric invectives for a cathartic sound assault which doesn't seem to want us for prisoners. The chronicles of the world's end are commented thorugh the magnifying glass of this historic project of violent-coloured electronic where the occult and sulphureous mark of the friends from Teatro Satanico is well alive." (press release)
    * Nostalgia : The House On The Borderland
    (ABM18) 2005 - CD Ltd. 535 numbered copies in a5 deluxe package.
    "Based on the fantasy tale (which bears the same title) written by the clever William Hope Hodgson, The House On The Borderland carries symbolically the listener through pages of real terror where it's told about the gloomy presences infesting an old house. Echoes of Lovecraft's style for a thrilling soundtrack precariously and perpetually poised between suggestive melancholy and abysmal fear of the unknown." (press release)
    * G.S. : Metafizyka
    (ABM19) 2005 - CD Ltd. 545 Numbered Copies In Deluxe Package.
    "GS's sound evokes the elemental completion of the symbol together with the mechanical and almost unconscious gesture of the ritual. This is the ideal place for a music which is obsessive in its forms, rarified and nebulous in its emanations. The six tracks which coldly paint the soundpath evoked by GS offer a series of industrial soundscapes in a sacred and tormented key, where the inviolable dark of an ancient nave meet the grieving silence of an abandoned industrial area." (press release)
    * Radio Kuolema : 10050 Cielo Drive
    (ABM20) 2005 - CD Ltd. 545 numbered copies in deluxe package.
    "With this new release Radio Kuolema attempts with closed eyes a real documentary, where the tragic events linked to the Manson family offer the black humus on which the music ideally sticks the obsessions of homicide mysticism which marked out an enduring trail of blood in the american collective unconscious. 10050 Cielo Drive is the sound, the image, the memory. In these atmospheres the innocence and the frenzy of a world already on the edge of the abyss find shelter: an abyss where the children stare silent at whole cities devoured by flames, while they are still holding tight long knives in their hands." (press release)
  • Gaë Bolg - Le 1er Chantier Musical
    Dear Friends and Supporters,
    Important news for this new year:
    * Music festival in Paris:
    Impossible to miss it!!!!!
    The nice people of the association "Le Chantier", with the help of Cynfeirdd as well as the Gaë Bolg crew, are happy to announce their first independent and friendly music festival called "Le 1er Chantier Musical". This festival will take place the 5-6-7-8th of may 2006 at the nice venue "Le Chantier", 24 rue Hénard, 75012 Paris, FRANCE.
    This festival will invite during 4 days many bands (for many of them, their first time in Paris!), players and music lovers and will mix a large variety of style, music and people.
    Friday the 5th of may will be a classical music day only with, amongst others (the complete program is to come later), the interpretation of the opera "Der Freischütz" of Carl Maria von Weber, with the ONCF orchestra conducted by... the maestro Gaë Bolg!
    For the Friday the 6th, Saturday the 7th and Monday the 8th, the bands invited are:
    - Gaë Bolg for 2 different sets on 2 different days!!! The first set will be a "normal" set (with video and dances, as usual!), the second one will be a completely different megalomaniac set interpreted by the band, soloists, choir and orchestra, around 100 people on stage!!!
    - Clair Obscur with orchestra!!! The famous French cult band is back with the orchestra of "Le Chantier"!!!
    - Von Magnet with a wind orchestra!!! A special creation for this occasion from this also famous French cult band!!!
    - Danielle Dax, the famous underground diva for the first time solo in France!!!
    - Shock Headed Peters, the return of this famous English cult band after some years of silence
    - Evil Twin (ftg Karl Blake!), for the first time in France
    - The Amal Gamal Ensemble, the new band of Steven Thrower of Coil!!!
    - Seven Pines, for a new acoustic set
    - Hekate, the great German live band (who play sometimes with Gaë Bolg), for the first time in France
    - Leisur Hive, the band of Maria Wellansz (who play violin in Sol Invictus)
    - Davaid Mellor, the return of this major English artist after many years of silence
    - Richard Moult, this multi-talented artist (he's also painter) have been discovered by David Tibet (Current 93) who consider him as one of the major artist of our time!
    - Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trumpeter, this project of Flavio Rivabella (Mushroom's Patience) is certainly one of the most excited post-industrial project from Italy
    - Arkkon, the solo project of David Knight (Lydia Lunch, Shock Headed Peters...), also for the first time in France
    - Hide And Seek, the French romantic pop-folk from Paris
    - Oraison, the neo-folk band form the south
    - Pilori, the well-known romantic neo-folk band from Germany
    - 2 Worlds Collide, the new and enthusiastic project of Clive Giblin (Alternative TV, Sol Invictus...)
    - Le Chiendent, the dance company who have accompanied the Gaë Bolg Live Band during our last dates. They will do 3 creations (1 each day!) with friends and guests!!!
    In addition to those bands, the chill out room will also received during the 3 days many chamber and vocal (classical) music recitals. And of course, good food, wine, and beer will be available during all the festival!!!
    The complete program with all the details will be edited soon (expect around 7 bands each day). Of course, we'll inform you.
    If you buy your ticket in advance, the price for the 4 days of the festival will be 58 Euros.
    (Or, if you prefer to come only 1 or 2 days, the prices will be:
    - Friday 5th of May: 10 Euros
    - Saturday 6th of May: 24 Euros
    - Sunday 7th of May: 24 Euros
    - Monday 8th of May: 24 Euros)
    Complete infos on the web soon.
    You can reserve your places now (just send me an email!). Payment on line through paypal will be possible when the website page will be operative.
    From around the 1st of February, for those who live in France, it'll be also possible to buy your tickets directly in all the Fnac and at Dysphorie shop in Paris.
    * And the new Gaë Bolg album...:
    The new Gaë Bolg album called "Requiem" will be released early may for the festival and of course, will be available there. Like for "Aucassin et Nicolette", it'll be released by Auerbach/Prophecy.
    Well, that's all for now!!! We wish you a happy new year, with a lot of joy and love!!!
    All the very best,
3rd January 2006
  • Happy New Year to all our readers.
    We've added reviews of Death In June "Abandon Tracks!", Der Blutharsch "When did wonderland end ?", Galerie Schallschutz "Montauk Project", Janitor "Qoumran 4-ever", Bain Wolfkind "Music for Lovers & Gangsters", Deadwood "8 19", Kostnice "Finsterfelden", Kutna Hora "Obsession Faith Perseverance" and Orso Nero "Parte Del Mio Gelo #1".
  • Cyclic Law
    Available now: Gustaf Hildebrand "Primordial Resonance" CD (15th Cycle)
    "Gustaf's second full lenght is a unique, evolved experience offering you to embark upon an odyssey through ancient and lifeless surroundings. Sweeping ambient soundscapes and delicate textures mingle with the distant shrieks of surreal machinery - conjuring up images of abandoned and forgotten places, clouded skies and dead cities where time has been standing still. A captured moment from a strange no man's land lit by a perpetual gloom, Primordial Resonance is a voyage only limited by the imagination of the listener." (press release)
    First 1000 copies come in an oversized fold out cover (A5). 6 Tracks. Running time; 45:19
    Track list: Omega Continuum / Post Oblivion Fields / The Hollow Structures / Omnivoid / Ruins of a Failed Utopia / Wanderer of Strange Spheres
  • Drone Records
    New Drones EPs out in December 2005.
    These 7" EPs (33 rpm) are the first pressing of a limited edition of 300 copies for each title
    DR-75 In Meditarium - Mare Internum
    "In Meditarium is maybe Ukraine's finest dark ambient-project at this time consisting of "Lord Gorgoroth" (who also runs the Ukrainian Dark Syndicate label and is also musically active under Filivs Macrocosm). Oleg Kolyada of First Human Ferrum (F.H.F) and Oda Relicta joins him for this project. Their first vinyl-release, Mare Internum, is a perfect example for "esoteric-organic-drones" that impresses the listener with the density and fullness found in their music. Gentle waving drones added with sub-bass pulses, all is in a suspension state while hidden harmonies appear in the background: soft ringing-tones giving the impression as if we were in this huge organic cathedral. Listening to In Meditarium might give you the impression of touching something "unknown". Something unclear or unconsciously forgotten in the length of us being slowly created in the warm walls of mother's womb. The cover art shows an interesting designed symbol representing a combination of Yantra (meditation), Rosa (woman) and OM (the absolute) showing us the way from the Uterus to the Universe. Filed under: inner-cosmic-drones. White Vinyl. Silkscreened Symbol-Covers." (press release)
    DR-76 Tho-So-Aa - Dying Reveal
    "This German one-man project has impressed many with his very few dark-cold-ambient albums over the last years and we are now very proud to present the very first vinyl release!
    Dying Reveal is a surprisingly enjoyable noisy EP including some mixing of voice-samples, from children and other voices, blended with distorted drony-synths, long-waving deep tone-pulsations and electronic bell-like sounds. Become embedded into a great nostalgic melody at the end of track B (The Undefined). A sombre, pulsating ambience with many repetitive audio patterns makes this EP an excellent soundtrack for a trip into the darkest realms. Filed under: dark hypnotic noise-drones. Red Vinyl. White Covers With Black/Red Stickers And Black Inlay." (press release)
    DR-77 Lunar Abyss Deus Organum - Brusnika
    "Lunar Abyss (ext.) is the child of Evgueny Savenko from St. Petersburg who did some excellent releases (Vinyl, CDR, CD) over the past years with his own peculiar touch of doing this hypnotic-ethno-ambient industrial music mostly under the name Lunar Abyss Quartet. This very first 7" EP for L.A.D.O. is a pure aural-shamanistic-journey where heard and felt are Earth's elements and life itself such as fire, voice-murmurs, strange animals noises, wind's force and whistles, the enchanting voice of a woman singing, various softly looped voices are perceptible throughout this sound journey. All these natural sound-ingredients are merged into a deeply etched vibrating rhythm of raw and deepest rumbling analogue sounds. These are the kind of electro-acoustic drone-pieces that breathes spiritual strength and build shamanistic atmospheres full of intensity. Each cover is hand-painted with very colourful Mandala-like forms!!! Filed under: ethno-organic otherworld-drones. Red Vinyl. Colourful Handpainted Covers, Each One Unique!" (press release)
  • Durtro
    A Happy, Peaceful, Joyous And Shining New Year To You All
    3 January 2006
    * Durtro/C93 on the move again; temporary shop closure:
    We are again moving house. The shop will be closed around the last week of January and the first two weeks of February, more or less, and we will then reopen with Sleep Has His House (see below). And we will see the sea.
    * Sleep Has His House CD reissue:
    What was, in effect, the last C93 album release before the forthcoming Black Ships Ate The Sky will be reissued on CD by Durtro Jnana in February 2006. This CD will be available when the shop reopens.
    Those ordering the CD directly from will obtain a special CD double pack edition of Sleep Has His House. The first, in full colour digipak, contains the original CD release of this album. The second CD, which will only be available from as part of the special pack, is a single CD containing the material used on the double vinyl version of Sleep Has His House, which featured several different mixes to the CD release. This comes in a black gatefold digipak with single page insert and stickered front. This special pack will be offered for a limited period only by Durtro, after which time only the standard 'CD version' CD will be available.
    We envisage that all future releases of Durtro material purchased by mail order will have bonus CDs of extra or rare material which will be available only from
    This title will also be available from Jnana Records:
    * Current 93/Om/Six Organs of Admittance live in Nantes, France, 9 April, 2006:
    Current 93, Six Organs of Admittance and Om are scheduled to play a concert in Nantes, France on 9 April. Tickets will not be available from Durtro. More details as soon as we receive them.
    * David Tibet on
    I have registered with and can be found there under the name David Tibet. I will occasionally be adding C93 tracks and making comments there. There are presently 3 songs up by Current 93: "Lucifer Over London", "Vau Vau Vau/Black Ship Time" (which was released as part of Dark Holler's 'Folklore of the Moon' series in an edition of 100 CDs under the group name Black Ships), and "At Sunset Black Ships Ate The Sky".
    There is also a C93 profile on which is not run by myself, but which is very sweet; I have been in touch with the woman who runs it.
    * Black Ships Ate the Sky:
    Steven and myself go to the studio for a week on Wednesday 4 January for the final mixing and sequencing of this album. It will be released on 1 May and will be followed by a tour of Europe in the second half of May.
    'Not Alone': 5CD benefit compilation with all profits to Médicins Sans Frontierès (Doctors Without Borders) for their work with HIV and AIDS in Africa
    Durtro Jnana is proud to announce the release of a very special set of music, 'Not Alone'.
    Curated by Mark Logan and David Late Tibet, this set features mainly previously unreleased material by 86 artists.
    All the proceeds from the sale of this project will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontierès (Doctors Without Borders) specifically to target their work on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. MSF/DWB have officially recognised and approved this project and their logo appears on the CD packaging.
    Pre-orders are now being taken by Jnana Records. The cost is US $24.99, with postage and packing charges being US $7.50 for North American orders and US $13.50 for international orders. (Due to this release comprising 5 CDs in a box with a large booklet, the weight is such that the postal rates are high. Jnana are charging the actual postage rate.)
    The discs are currently being pressed and Jnana hope to have orders in the mail by mid-January.
    Please note: this release is not available from Durtro, but only from Jnana Records.
    Please see for full tracklisting.
    * USA domestic releases of Current 93 'Judas as Black Moth' and Nurse With Wound 'Livin' Fear of James Last':
    Both the C93 and NWW compilations have now received domestic releases in the USA on Sanctuary. The respective catalogue numbers are as follows. They are not available from Durtro, but can be obtained from Sanctuary USA or ordered through US record shops:
    Current 93: Judas As Black Moth (02182-36227-2)
    Nurse With Wound: Livin' Fear Of James Last (02182-36228-2)
    * Nurse With Wound: absinthe box with NWW CD and label designed by Steven Stapleton:
    Steven has also now designed a label for a bottle of absinthe manufactured by Absinthvertrieb in Germany. As with the David Late Tibet/Current 93 edition, there is a special edition as well as a standard edition.
    The special edition box set is limited to 100 copies and contains 1 bottle of Absinthe Duplais 'blanche', two glasses, two spoons and an exclusive 2 track NWW CD. Price for the box is €100. The standard bottle with the Stapleton label is €29.
    These are not available from Durtro, but only from:
    Absinthvertrieb Lion
    Neudorfstrasse 6c
    D-79331 Teningen
    Telephone +49 7641 9359476
    Fax +49 7641 9359477
    * Richard Moult: The Secret Joy:
    My friend Richard Moult, who has worked with me on the re-recorded orchestral version of Soft Black Stars, has had his first solo album released. It is available from the record label Cynfeirdd at:
    Further details are on Richard's site:
    * New images added:
    New images of David, C93 and pieces of David's original artwork which are for sale have been added to the images page of
    * Favourite records and films and books of the now:
    Lichens: The Psychic Nature Of Being (Holy Mountain)
    Om: Conference Of The Birds (Holy Mountain; released in March 2006)
    Grails: The Burden Of Hope (Neurot)
    Grails: Redlight (Neurot)
    Alice Cooper: Easy Action (Straight)
    Alice Cooper: Pretties For You (Straight)
    Nurse With Wound: Bitchin' 'N' Bitin' 'N' Pimpin' (GOATHEARD) (United Jnana; released Summer 2006)
    Sandy Posey: A Single Girl (RPM)
    William Basinski: The Garden Of Brokenness (2062)
    A Tale Of Two Sisters (director: Kim Jee-Woon)
    The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (director: Scott Derrickson)
    Hot Chick Stoner Bbq (director: Tina Tankdog)
    Hot Chick Hot Rod Stoner Bbq (director: Tina Tankdog)
    Me And You And Everyone We Know (director: Miranda July)
    John Irving: All his books, but especially "A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY"
    Count Stenbock: Collected Poems (Durtro)
    The Bhagavad Gita (translated by Juan Mascaró)
    Thank You All And I Hope To See And Meet Many Of You In 2006. Peace/Love/Joy To You All.
    +++ David Tibet +++
  • Karnnos
    Released in December on Cynfeirdd:
    Karnnos "Undercurrents and lost Horizons" - CD (Cyn 041)
  • Richard Moult
    Released in December on Cynfeirdd: Richard Moult "The Secret Joy" CD
  • Old Europa Cafe
    New releases:
    * Naevus / Spiritual Front - Bedtime / Badtime 10"
    "3 exclusive unreleased studio tracks by each band! Best neo pop'n'folk sounds, Spiritual Front is also going for a hit TANGO ! no needs to tell much more... picture-disc with very coloured & captivating design! limited & numbered edition of 500 copies..." (press release)
    * Dev. (Lvnvs) - Lvnsd Selbstmond CDR
    "Rumbling & beating subliminal & poisoned hell sounds by this deviated & primer italo-industrial mind! high tension beats with a cotineous terrorizing feeling & a touch of good old industrial! a mix of "no mercy" industrial-club muzac & real evil sounds... Professionally printed CDR. Limited and on CD label numbered to 113 copies." (press release)
    * Nazi Ufo Commander - Strange Monasteries CDR
    "Strange Monasteries is the initial communication to the fractured hive mind extant on this planet. This is Stage 1: Putrefaction. Only a small percentage of the population is capable of being hardlinked into the Greater Vision and Voice, because only they have had the Eruption of the Unconscious into the Sphere of Consciousness. Transmitting from Neuschwabenland South, Nazi UFO Commander is conjuring out of the chaos of space, radio waves and electronics a catalyst that will reunify the dissociated conscious by re-encoding imprints through sustained and attentive listening. In order to affect this reunification, the CD must be listened to in its entirety. To hear it is to know it. a very strange mix of space-industrial, UFO-radio-comunication, beating & noisy alien soundtracks.... Includes guest synthesizer by David E. Williams on one track. Professionally printed CDR. Limited and on CD label numbered to 150 copies." (press release)
    * ClauD.E.D.I - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Square shaped mcdr
    "Re-edition of a very limited & long time sold out tape! Legendary side project by ClauDeDi of Ain Soph dealing with magic & esoterism! close to the first Ain Soph age but more extreme! Real pre industrial-esoterims .... For purists & adepts only! Professionally printed CDR with special square shaped disc. Limited and on CD label numbered to 200 copies." (press release)
    * Aesthetic Meat Front - Embalmer CDR
    "a masterpiece by this extreme US artist known for his S/M blood & hooks exebitions... The sound sources was recorded during an embalming session, those sounds were dissected, sliced and reconstructed in 2000 with the help of R|A|A|N... rumbling & droning industrial sounds combined with strange melodies to form the perfect embalmer soundtrack, a real post-mortem sludge! "There is only hope in oblivion, oblivion, oblivion..." Professionally printed CDR with full color covers in standard Jewel-box. Limited and on CD label numbered to 171 copies." (press release)
    * Artefactum & Horologium - Sangreal Heart shaped print on oversized mcdr
    "Sangreal = Royalblood. Devoted to the "Holy Grail", the legendary chalice! A great and incessant inspiration for numerous artists and philosophers, a great mystery. This collaboration between two Polish projects is an effort to depict the mystery and magic that surround The Chalice. A mini album with many references to Le Mort d'Arthur by Thomas Malory, Rossetti painting, Wagner's Parsifal... Even the III Reich's tried to capture this treasure of all nations. Two very impressive tracks! Magical rythms & dark neo-classic athmospheres, very far matrial & ethnic sounds, acoustic & industrial... deep male & female voices, gregorian chants... Professionally printed CDR with special heart shaped print on oversized mini CD! Limited and on CD label numbered to 200 copies, comes in oversized 8 pannels full-color cover..." (press release)
    Foreseen for 2006:
    on CD format :
    Sleeping Pictures - Many Hands Should Throw Stones
    Panzar - Prototypen
    Negru Voda - Dark Territory 2
    Nocturne - Vertex
    Troum - new release in special metal box
    on vinyl :
    Folkstorm 10" Picture Disc
    Death Pact International - Siege 2X10" Box
    Grey Wolves / Wertham - Ramraiding the Abyss 2x12"
    on DVD-r :
    the re-edition of a legendary triloguy previously out only as VHS:
    VA - Macrocephalous Compost I
    VA - Macrocephalous Compost II
    VA - Macrocephalous Compost III
    and a very snuff / homo footage :
    Richard Ramirez - Nature Afterbirth
    plus some other very intriguing surprises!!!!
  • Prophecy Productions
    Upcoming release: Tenhi - Maaäet - Digipak CD out on 10.02.2006 as "Pro 081"
    "There have been comfortingly few changes in Tenhi since their last album "Väre"; this Finnish band is still performing its unique brand of nature music, music that is above all atmospheric and touching. But there's a lot more to it: for years now, the musicians have been stressing the meaning of the aesthetics beyond their compositions, as Tenhi is meant to be a reflection of their sensitive perception of nature, not only in sound, but also in lyrics and pictures. Maybe a pictorial comparison can help to understand Tenhi's development. "Our new songs are run through by our perception of the Earth," multi-instrumentalist Tyko Saarikko tells us. "Our gaze isn't directed towards the horizon anymore, but towards the soil beneath our feet and the nature in our immediate surroundings." Musically, vocals, piano, and violin are clearly mixed to the fore, giving "Maaäet" a more immediate expression. This picturesque character is mirrored in symbolic images that have been specifically created for the twelve new tracks, adding a fairy-tale quality to the whole work of art. "This album is much more personal, much darker than its predecessors," says the versatile musician who associates "Maaäet" with "the smell of a forest ground covered in autumn leaves". The band allows single melodies enough space to unfold a deep capacity for fascination, dismissing all superficial questions of styles or genres. The Finnish lyrics are also very profound, weaving around motifs such as retreat, vulnerability, esoteric moods, and nature mysticism. Whatever name you'd like to put on Tenhi's manifold creative undertakings -- the band members themselves describe it as Folk-influenced progressive music --, with "Maaäet", they succeeded in crafting a warm-hearted deepening of their music." (press release)
    Release schedule:
    * Of The Wand And The Moon - emptiness:emptiness:emptiness (re-release, new artwork, 3 bonus tracks) (Auerbach Tonträger - 24.2.2006)
    * Orplid - Sterbender Satyr (Auerbach Tonträger - 24.3.2006)
    * Sub-Audition - The Scope (Auerbach Tonträger - 21.4.2006)
    * Noekk - The Grimalkin (Prophecy Productions - 19.5.2006) -
  • Shayo
    The Shayo email addresses are no more working actually... and this since mid-December, so please : send your e-mail again to the provisory adress - thank you !
    Planned next years: re-issue and new CDs from In Gowan Ring, Martyn Bates, Neither Neither World, Esthesie, Sally Doherty.
    Re-issue of Martyn Bates will be in the shops very very soon.
    The Shayo website will probably be hosted by Geneva's
    Shayo Music
    C/o Courtiau Yann
    21, pl. du bourg-de-four
    1204 Geneva