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Welcome to Heimdallr, a web-zine dedicated to folk noir and weird musick...
On these pages, you will find information (record reviews, interviews, concert reports...) relating to the music we like.
Have a good read...

All good things must come to an end... After more than six years of activity, we've decided it's time to stop our activities.
We'd like to thank all our friends, contributors, collaborators, artists, labels, structures and, of course, our readers who supported us over the years. It was a great adventure...

The roles within the webzine were :
Nathalie and Ian (French office) : news, reviews and interviews
Stéphane (Swiss office) : reviews

'Europa Aeterna' compilation

As a testimony to six years of activity we have released the 'Europa Aeterna' compilation LP.
It presents on vinyl exclusive tracks from Camerata Sforzesca, Darkwood, Decadence, Dies Natalis, Karnnos, Lady Morphia, Reutoff, Sonne Hagal and While Angels Watch.
Presented in a sumptuous cover featuring an exclusive new photo from the Danish artist Peter Bengtsen, 'Europa Aeterna' comes on heavy black audiophile vinyl and is limited to 500 copies.


The compilation will now be distributed by Nathalie's label Autre Que.
All inquiries: info[@]autreque.fr
More info on the Europa Aeterna page or on www.autreque.fr.
(updated 15/04/2012)

Autre Que

Nathalie has decided to reactivate the Autre Que label.
More information : www.autreque.fr
(updated 15/04/2012)


26th April 2006
14th April 2006


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